Mixed reviews on Tebow's throwing motion

We’ve waited with baited bated breath for any word out of Florida’s Pro Day on Tim Tebow’s new and improved throwing motion. 

Now the first reports are trickling in, and we’re still not sure what to think.

Alex Marvez of FOXSports.com is on the scene and tweets that Tebow looked good: “Tebow threw and looked better. tighter spiral, good release point.”

However, Michael C. Wright of the Florida Times-Union tweets that Tebow’s throwing motion may be new, but it’s not necessarily improved: “Looks like Tebow worked out one kink and developed another. There’s still a small loop & now a bit of a pause in motion. Mechanical looking.”

The most honest assessment may have come from Ben Volin of the Palm Beach Post, who’s live blogging Florida’s Pro Day and wrote, “Delivery looks far from groundbreaking, but what do I know.”

Indeed.  What do any of us know?

65 responses to “Mixed reviews on Tebow's throwing motion

  1. Nobody is gonna draft him in the first round.
    Will he be a bust?
    Does he deserve to be picked in second round?
    Ultimately, you have to acknowledge that he won a lot in college. More than any other QB in recent memory.
    Could he be the next Alex Smith?
    Thats unfair, hes clearly much better than Urban Meyers previous QB.
    How did Alex smith get drafted no. 1 overall and rogers when 23?
    The answer is most scouts are highly overrated, and dont understand what it takes to win, all they can see is measureables.

  2. FLorio, You mean this fine establishment didn’t bother sending someone in person? You didn’t fire up the VW bus to go see this guy?

  3. I getting that he is trying hard to change the flaw. Which means that under fire he’ll go back to the looping wind-up. Tebow is a project at best.

  4. I think the Buffalo Bills are the only team that will want Tebow, Gailey will build his offense around Tebow, it will be very high school like but hey i’m sure they will sell his jersey.

  5. Is this not getting out of hand? Live blogging from the Florida Pro Day? Throwing motion aside; Tebow is not going to be highly drafted. Top 5 QB if he is lucky, he will not be starting on Sundays this fall. However, he is an extremely gifted athlete with the right attitude and better intangibles than any QB to come out in the last 6 or 7 years. I just pray he goes to a stable organization and gets groomed properly. He can play in the NFL, just gonna take some time

  6. Hard for Volin to be blogging live at Florida’s Pro Day…considering he is in Oklahoma City. That is a student newspaper writer who is filling in for him.

  7. What do any of us know???? We here at PFT are the most knowlegable when it comes to evaluating talent, and the needs of every franchise from the NFL to PEEWEE leagues.

  8. dogma1 says:
    March 17, 2010 1:35 PM
    I think the Buffalo Bills are the only team that will want Tebow, Gailey will build his offense around Tebow, it will be very high school like but hey i’m sure they will sell his jersey.
    It worked for the Dolphins.

  9. Mr. Smith, didn’t you get the memo? You’re supposed to mix a “blessed” joke in any article dealing with Tebow.

  10. Chilly will fix him.
    His mistake is that he thought he could fix T-Joke. Tebow has proven himself against the top competition the nation has to offer though.

  11. Patriots or Colts draft this kid and put him behind Peyton or Brady for 3 to 4 years.
    Best thing for him.

  12. Just blessed to be throwing….blessed to be working out today and blessed….to be blessed, I guess.

  13. Tebow’s throwing motion is better than Brady’s feminine motions in that Earth Hour video.

  14. @oa316ts
    Here is what ESPN wrote:
    “Things did not go as well for ILB Brandon Spikes, though. Spikes chose not to work out at the combine and instead put everything on his pro day workout and that might not have been a good decision. He seemed to tighten up over the last 10 yards of his 40 and ended up with a time of 5.04..”
    I guess his hammy got tight? I dunno. Very strange.

  15. to Lex Luger:
    NO, the reason Alex Smith was picked no.1 overall was because scouts werent sure how to rate a player like Smith yet coming out of Meyer’s QB firendly system. Its easy to sit back now and say the scouts have no idea—-but honestly, you had no idea about him either!!

  16. Why do people keep on talking about this guy… We should all talk about how Eli is going to muster up 13 wins in the tough NFC East and lead his team to a second superbowl…
    No one is god, but Eli Manning is pretty damn close!

  17. it would have been nice to hear from a scout or a qb coach.
    in the words of the famous Officer Brady, nothing to see here.

  18. If Tebow is able to throw consistent completes and TDs then I personally dont care if he is doing backflips right before he throws.

  19. Scouts are not overated at all. They do a good job. Thewy make mistakes like everyone else. Rogers changed his delivery a lot between 2005 and 2007.

  20. Big difference between McNabb and T-Joke. Chilly should have known.
    A proven star at Syracuse VS an Arkansas re-ject (Who couldn’t beat out MATT JONES at QB) who played at tiny Alabama State.

  21. I will repeat this from an earlier thread on Tebow and Florida’s pro day
    H-Back and Fullback will be his best options to get on the field and play, TE as a second option, third as a wild cat quarterback.
    Football comparison, to me at least, he reminds me of a bigger slower version of Mike Vick. A running back, playing quarterback.

  22. are you trying to tell me the man who hates all thing tebow did not bother to show up and watch his pro day?come on mr. I never played the game but am an expert on all things football to at least show up before you write another I

  23. having a JOURNALIST evaluate a throwing motion is like Toyota building a quality vehicle.
    Thanks but I will wait for the PRO Scouts reviews to come in.
    Journalist should stick to REPORTING and give up analyziing they no little to nothing about.

  24. you mean you did not show up in person before you write your next I don’t have anything personal against him but I hate hate everything about him coulmn?

  25. BKILBY13 says:
    March 17, 2010 1:49 PM
    Patriots or Colts draft this kid and put him behind Peyton or Brady for 3 to 4 years.
    Best thing for him.
    If you think Peyton or Brady will retire in 3 or 4 years…..your about 3 or 4 years off. I’d give them both 6 to 8 more years. Do you really want a Qb to sit for 6-8 years?

  26. Between this and Joe Hadden I’m beginning to see that part of the college coach’s job is to sell your guys come draft day regardless of whether they can play in the NFL or not. Doesn’t have great speed, have him play sideline corner. Lousy release, not an issue in the spread offense. Go only knows what the LSU staff did with Glenn Dorsey to make him look like a top 5 candidate but it worked. This is why the spread offense took the college world by storm while the West Coast offense was a bomb.

  27. Hey MDS… It’s ‘bated’ breath, not ‘baited.’ Unless, of course, you are actually eating chum in hopes to catch a wild animal with the scent of your breath.

  28. Eli Manning? he isnt God……hes the retarded, goofy, talent-less, inbred brother of God

  29. @BOO3LEGS ……uh, its a thing called HISTORY!?!? If you dont know what’s happened before, …you’re destined to repeat it. Just like in Life,….its the same way in sports. There are those rare moments/athletes that supercede this ….but those moments are referred to as magical and classical! Rookie! 🙂

  30. Big Stretch says:
    “I know that TeBlow likes to disfigure little boys in the name of his god.”
    I was pretty sure you were a jerk, Stretch. Thanks for clearing the air. I’ve yet to read anything of your’s that’s remotely intellegent or amusing. All you do is bitch and bash. I feel sorry for you and how sad your life must be. Have a nice day.

  31. Where is the idiot saying the other day Spikes was the top LB in this draft? Ro Mclain runs a 50 faster than Spikes runs a 40!! What happened to all this great talent the Gators had? Joe Haden was top 10 two weeks ago now he is fighting to stay in the first round. And Tebow will be the 4th or 5th Gator drafted. maybe the media and the homers out there will realize that just because Gators is on the side of his helmet doesn’t make him superior. It seems that has been the sentiment in the League, especially since Meyer has been there but take a look at Urban Meyer’s Gator’s in the NFL. Overwhelmingly have been more disappointing that anything else. Hopefully teams will remember that come draft day

  32. Why so much attention around a late second-rounder.
    Great college player, but like Troy Smith, Jason White, Eric Crouch, Chris Weinke, Danny Wuerffel, Charlie Ward, Ty Detmer, and Andre Ware, his game simply doesn’t translate to the NFL.
    He should switch positions, as did Antwan Randel-El, or he spend a couple of seasons on someone’s bench until he’s cut and they move on.

  33. I feel bad for Tebow. He’s one of the best college players of all time and now people are questioning if he is going to even play in the NFL.
    I think he will do great in the NFL. This kinda of reminds me of Stephen Curry coming out into the NBA.

  34. How can anyone say his game doesn’t transfer to the nfl until he tries the NFL? Heck, Stabler was a lefty (I think) wh0 threw side-armed.
    Tebow has so many people in his head other than Tebow right now, he could bust if he doesn’t get them out and return to just being Tim.

  35. Tebow is a tremendous leader and football player. Blood, sweat and tears……and strength!
    As a Bills fan I do not advocate taking him in the first round. However Tebow would be a nice gamble in the second and a definite must in the third round. The Bills NEED on field leaders that like the money, but love competing and winning…..that is Tebow. The Bills could do alot worse in those rounds!

  36. Tebow’s new throwing motion wants to thank his mother for not having an abortion

  37. Colt McCoy won more games,Dan Lefevour accounted for more TDs.both have better passing releases.Tebow will be clipboard boy and a developmental qb for YEARS

  38. Tim Tebow’s motion looked better, but even he will admit, there’s still work to do. McShay gave a good analysis of Tebow, just wish we could’ve heard from Kiper.

  39. Tebow a God? Come on bubba, that’s rude. In your best dreams just hope that Tebow does not become the Immaculate Deception. I got a hunch he goes to the Dolphins for a nice long break in, think how long it took Joe Theisman and Rich Gannon and mucho others to get a starting gig.

  40. Headline should have been:
    Mixed reviews “by obscure beat reporters” on Tebow’s throwing motion.

  41. # Gridiron552 says:
    I getting that he is trying hard to change the flaw. Which means that under fire he’ll go back to the looping wind-up. Tebow is a project at best.
    Peyton Manning worked on the flaws in his delivery. Does it look like he’s reverted to his old ways under fire? Find some college tape of Romo, Manning and Brady and tell me that they’ve got the same motion NOW that they did back then and if you think that it is, I suggest that you consult an optometrist.
    Look, Tebow isn’t a finished product and it’ll take him a couple of years to be an NFL QB but it’s not like every QB that comes into the NFL is ready to be the man from Day One. Hell, Philip Rivers has been around for many years and his release isn’t something that you’d want a young QB to model his game after and yet, he’s a successful NFL QB.

  42. Let’s get this straight: Tebow is “the left hand of God”, or is that a left handed God. What ever he is so blessed.

  43. Florio’s fascination but ignorance regarding throwing motions is a red herring, which Florio has his wife cooking up for dinner every night. Presumably Herring Florentine or some Eye-talian dish.
    The point of the Tebow camp leaking information about a new throwing motion has nothing to do with his future success or lack thereof based on this or that motion (indeed, if his motion can be “fixed” that quickly, then another coach can re-fix it that quickly). The whole message from the Tebow camp is this and only this: “Tebow is coachable.”
    Ask Martz about throwing motion. He’s had a little bit of success with QBs, and he’ll list you 18 things more important than throwing motion. Like having a brain, working hard, seeing downfield, memorizing 5683 plays, etc. etc. Being coachable. Teblow has that one, apparently.

  44. Jon Gruden, Andy Reid, Urban Meyer, Tony Dungy, Sam Wyche, Wayne Weaver, etc., etc. must all be wrong about Tebow as they all think he will succeed in the NFL. How do I KNOW for a fact they are wrong? Because Mike “Napoleon” Florio guarantees that Tebow will fail. BTW, which NFL team did Florio coach?

  45. Tebow should change his name to ‘He Love Me’ and go dominate in the UFL for a year or two. Mike Vick and himself should be able create a rivalry in that league much like Manning and Brady have in the professional quarterbacks league. At the very least people would care for him like they care about David Beckham(who gives a ****)
    Just Sayin.

  46. “what do any of us know”?
    just ask your boss cornflorio, he’s got it all figured out. at least in all matters tebow. don’t you read his stuff? on second thought…

  47. Dear Rooney Family,
    You’ve gone about as far as you can go with Ben at QB. The guy won you two Super Bowls but now, whether guilty or not, is proving to be an embarrassment. You’ve got a great offense in place and it will get better with a lineman or two. Here’s an idea: dump your old QB and let’s go with a youth movement. Draft Tebow. Let’s see who can win the job in camp and during the pre-season. Heck, you can win 9 games without Ben, especially in the AFC North.

  48. monet99 says:
    “Scouts are not overated at all. They do a good job. Thewy make mistakes like everyone else. Rogers changed his delivery a lot between 2005 and 2007.”
    I think he changed his name, too. He is now going by ‘Rodgers’. No, wait: That’s been his name all along.

  49. Wow. Amazing. 65 posts about Tebow’s throw-for-dough show…
    …and not one mention of how he’s going to be drafted by Jacksonville.
    There is a God.

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