Obtaining Whitehurst proves costly for Seahawks

For better or worse, the first years of the Pete Carroll era in Seattle will be defined by Charlie Whitehurst.

ESPN’s John Clayton reports that the Seahawks have obtained Whitehurst, a restricted free agent, from the Chargers.  Seattle will move down 20 picks in the second round of the 2010 draft and give up a third-round pick in 2011 to get San Diego’s third-string quarterback.

But that’s not the costly part.

The Seahawks have agreed to terms on a two-year deal with Whitehurst that is expected to pay him $5 million-per-year.  Yikes.

It’s a huge gamble considering Whitehurst has not attempted a regular season pass as a pro. But he should fairly soon with that contract.

Give Carroll and G.M. John Schneider credit for targeting their guy and having the cajones to go get him.  They just better be right.

UPDATE: We looked at the questions raised by this bold move, such as Matt Hasselbeck’s future.

70 responses to “Obtaining Whitehurst proves costly for Seahawks

  1. The line from the Tebow post “Here’s one that might prompt more than a few people to mutter something along the lines of, “What the hell?” (Possibly with a different four-letter word at the end.)” is better suited here

  2. Successful Carroll QBs? Palmer? Maybe but he’s pretty much done now; Leinart? LOL; Booty? No. Sanchez? After the glow wore off, not so much. Point is Carroll had great talent around QBs to make them look good, he’s never really had a great QB. Whitehurst won’t be his first.

  3. Hey, my team gave the guy who ran out of the back of the endzone 3 mil a season. Not all is lost, right? Is Charlie Whitehurst the future of the Seahawks? Really? Really?!

  4. My only reaction is whoa! Good luck Pete. Hope you know what you’re doing.
    On a side note I’m wondering if Kevin Kolb isn’t as “available” as people have been saying. I can see the Eagles keeping all three QB’s even though everyone says they can’t. They most certainly can for next season as it’s uncapped. Give Donovan one last chance at a ring with Jackson and Maclin. Keep Kolb because he is the future and another year on the bench isn’t going to hurt him and keep Vick to come off and jazz things up occasionally.

  5. Wow, my chargers just came up big time. Whitehurst is great at holding the clip board and was making 500,000 a year now we get the 40th pick in the draft and a 20011 third. Now were gonna get the running back we want in the first(Mathews) and get cody for a steal in the 2nd. Thanks Seahawks, couldn’t have done it without you!

  6. It’s funny that people say this is a ton of money. No one would think twice if this money were given to a higher end draft pick , who’d never thrown a pass in the NFL because, you know, he’s never been in the NFL. Maybe they see something in this guy and after all he has been in the NFL and maybe he has more potential and is more experienced that the QB’s they thought they could get w/o breaking the bank.

  7. Sadly enough, I still prefer this guy to Clausen. That turd would end up costing us even more.

  8. WTF IS THIS BS?? Shame on the Hawks!! This guy better be the next Tom Brady!! Why give so much for a unproven guy, and give up 20 spots in the 2nd round when you need players that can start for you right now!! I guess Pete Carroll was right by saying “It starts now” What starts now Pete?? The looking forward to a top 5 2011 draft pick because you wont have the guys you really need.

  9. This will allow them to spend early picks to replenish their offensive and defensive lines and maybe draft C.J. Spiller. You surround most quarterbacks with talent and you’d be surprised how successful they are.
    Give it a chance, Seahawks fans.

  10. Got to give it to AJ Smith for moving up 20 slots in the 2nd and getting a 3rd next year for a THIRD string QB.

  11. Wow…decent qb in preseason but never saw live action during regular season. Uh…ok Pete. Thanks.

  12. Wow. I think “You’re doing it wrong!” Is appropriate in this case.
    Jesus christ!!! He’ll either be considered a GOD or a complete moron, i believe its the latter.

  13. Is there something hidden in the lining? That is what I have to ask myself with this happening. Could this be a trade that then off-sets the big thing that is getting ready to happen? Most people suspected that the reason that Seattle did not sign Pro-Bowl wide receiver Brandon Marshall was because they were hoping to draft Jimmy Clausen from Notre Dame with the 6th Overall Pick. I don’t see them giving up that much value for a young quarterback only to draft another early…could this mean that Seattle will set forth a contract in front of Marshall, one that will eventually cost them their 6th overall pick in the draft.

  14. Why is everyone so hot for this guy? Wasn’t another team interested in his services as an RFA?? Man, what a coup for the Chargers. Must be a SoCal thing between Sweet Pete and SD!

  15. strong move seattle you wouldf have been far beter off trading for mcnann this type of move is why carroll never made it in the nfl before

  16. The contract isn’t the expensive part. It actually is a pretty well-planned deal. Whitehurst will be given two years to prove he’s starter material, and if he pans out, he’ll get a nice long-term deal. If not, the team moves on without his deal hanging over their heads.
    The expensive bit is the draft pick compensation. Whitehurst is unproven, and this deal is all about his potential. Seattle’s done a deal like this before, when they grabbed Hasselbeck from Green Bay for a 3rd round pick and moving down from 10 to 17 in the first round in 2001. The value of the Hasselbeck trade was worth the #33 pick in the draft. This deal is worth the #64 pick, but Hasselbeck was more proven (and the coach was more familiar with him) than in this situation with Whitehurst.
    Anyhow, any teams out there running the WCO need a 35 year old backup? Mid round pick is all we’re asking.

  17. i am not a seahawk fan,but still i think the move was a good one,he was highly touted coming out of clemson,has all the skills just needed to mature a lil,i think he did that,got to watch rivers[the past few years one of the best in the league],he will surprise everyone,i think seattle will be happy they now have a QB of the future

  18. Wow, your friggin kidding me. Way to go A.j.. Holy sheet. The chargers are in the draft game big time now. Wowza.

  19. awesome move by the chargers.
    with some luck, they could pick 2 of 3 between Javhid Best/Ryan Mathews, Terrance Cody and a OL’er.

  20. This trade is almost on par value wise with the trade that landed Hasselbeck in Seattle after 2 seasons and 29 pass attempts in Green Bay.
    “The Packers traded him(Matt), along with their first (17th overall) and seventh-round draft picks, to the Seahawks for their first (10th overall) and third-round draft picks.”

  21. Whitehurst is one cool dude and he will be a great fit for Seattle. He’s an upgrade over Seneca Wallace, for sure.

  22. Hey Seahawks, You’ve been hit by, you’ve been struck by, a smooth criminal!!!!! WOW.. I wonder if you guys would contemplate giving up your first for Nate Keading?? That would be great as well..

  23. @ chipwade
    The difference here is that Hasselbeck had 3 years to learn Holmgrens system while with GB, while backing up Favre, one of the best QB’s to ever play the game.

  24. Here I go again!! WTF?? I guess this puts the Brandon Marshall deal to Seattle to rest!! Could of got a proven veteran like Jeff Garcia for pratically free!! Or maybe they are just gonna bag this season and get Jake Locker with the first pick next year!!

  25. Ahh yes, this is the true mark of a failure. Pete Carroll & CO. are out to prove that they are smarter then the management of 31 other teams. I think Spurrier took the same route, and Sabin and … well you get the picture. I wasn’t sure how Pete Carrol would fare until now; it is plainly obvious he will be gone within three years.

  26. Ol’ Norv might’ve been in Petey’s ear about this one. Then Carrol did his homework and they’re rolling the dice. Still, $5 Mill/yr? If that gamble doesn’t work out Petey, bad for you.

  27. Some of your guys comments amazes me, their the football people they know wat they are doing i would hope or their all just guessing like the rest of us, second be a real fan of the game what i mean is i use to watch charlie play in college whenever they played i used to think he had what it take to be a good if not great quarterback, i watch college football just as much as nfl cause i wanna know who has the chances of being a star on the next level, so keep your idiot comments to your self cause when people like myself see some of these comments i think to myself i wish i had a nickel on everything that person was ever wrong on in their life!!!

  28. I would suspect that just about every phone in NFL front offices just called up Seattle to find out if they were interested in any of their third string players. The sad part is that Whitehurst will still be making less than he would have if he had been playing for USC.

  29. Well, as long as Seattle doesn’t do anything with the #6 overall 2010 pick. That belongs to Denver via a trade for a talented thug.
    Denver will have #6 and #10 this year to build the defense!
    Of course the defense will HAVE to be good because there will be no offense without the talented thug….

  30. Wow, that seems like a lot to give up for Whitehurst. On the other hand if he can become even an average NFL starter this is a good deal for Seatle. The draft is a crapshoot, especially with QBs so the risk with Whitehurst isn’t really any greater than it would be drafting a QB. The contract isn’t that bad either, if he is the starter $5M per year might end up being a bargain.

  31. Derek Anderson would have been a better option financially and talent wise than spending 10 mill for 2 years on Whitehurst.
    Sorry Hawks fans, not only are the Cards going to be better, but those 9ers are only getting better too. At least you are somewhat better than the Rams, for now.

  32. The pro prospects of Whitehurst completely aside, this is an absurd deal. That’s way too much to pay in both compensation and salary for a guy who’s never thrown a pass. Even if he turns out to be Joe Montana, it’ll still have been too much, because right now he’s an unproven quantity. It’s like the Raiders with Heyward-Bey. If you like the guy, fine. But don’t overpay. The Raiders could certainly have traded down and still got their man, and Seattle was probably bidding against themselves for Whitehurst.

  33. mastablasta,
    does,your computer,not have,a period key,?
    by, the way, Seattle will suck, again this year,.

  34. “It’s a huge gamble considering Whitehurst has not attempted a regular season pass as a pro.”
    Uh, Rosenthal? They’re DRAFT PICKS!
    This was a good move all around: Whitehurst was going to waste on the Chargers, but the ‘Hawks got an NFL-ready QB. The Seahawks paid what Whitehurst was worth: a low-2nd rounder for a guy with very limited pro experience. Don’t forget that Charlie Whitehurst was a 3rd-round pick, and he’s much farther along on the curve than a rookie would be.
    As for the Chargers, I bet AJ is very happy. This better be a good draft, is all I can say. I bet’cha he’s thinking about how to package #40 and Malcom Floyd to Jacksonville for #10 and #74, for a new Mr. Williams to replace the old one.

  35. Wow, what a collection of ‘arms’ in the NFC West. Leinart/Anderson, Smith/Carr, Hasselbeck/Whitehurst, and umm…Bradford/Bulger/Null (???). I can see a Pro Bowler or two coming from this division next season…
    Seriously, I hope Whitehurst pans out, Hawks fans. Need a couple season, obviously. Totally unproven, but who knows, Hasselbeck hadn’t done anything in Green Bay when Holmgren acquired him.

  36. Wow. I just read all the replies. I guess I’m in the minority thinking it was a very smart move on all sides. Whitehurst is an NFL-ready QB, something you can’t draft reliably. I think this negativity on the part of the Seahawks is stunning.
    Sure, he has no live full-speed regular-season NFL experience. Would they draft a player with NFL experience? He’s got a lot more of it than some rookie. He’s no slouch, either: he was a 3rd-rounder for a reason. Yes, he’s a third-stringer in San Diego, but it’s not like the Seahawks have Billy Volek.

  37. AJ can find another Jacob Hester with those extra picks. At least that guy plays with heart though; unlike the band of milquetoasts he puts on the field in the playoffs.

  38. You young kids need to stop thinking you know it all and give the man time. Me personally I like the deal Their not afraid to use Allens money to see if this guy is good or not. It’s like a 2 for 1 only one year against the cap and a chance to see if he’s any good. One thing SD always has and that”s great QB. He’s learning from one of the best there is, and he’s got something to prove.
    Good luck hawks

  39. ESPN is reporting that the third round pick in 2011 is the Chargers’ pick going to Seattle… not the other way around. San Diego moves up 20 spots in the draft this year and the Seahawks obtain both Whitehurst and the Chargers’ 3rd round pick in 2011.

  40. I don’t really care about the money were paying him,we haven’t really spent much so I think Paul Allen still has a few more to shell out. But to move down 20 spots in the 2nd rnd and give up a third is a fn joke. How did we give up more than his tender was????? Tapp had a 2nd rnd tender and we got a 4th and a player who is not as good.How does this make any sense. Forget about Jake Locker who knows if he falters this year. If we would have signed a few free agents and drafted 3 quality players in the top 40, we might have had a chance to win in a division that the best team got a little worse.

  41. He wasn’t even that impressive in college. What in god’s name is he expected to do in the NFL?

  42. Well, DC..if THAT is true, then I’m all for it. It suddenly becomes a potentially very good deal.

  43. this is kind of weird…but not really all that surprising…from what i understand, the chargers: their coaches, their fans, their media all seem to be pretty high on the guy. i’d see him as being a troy smith type guy…someone that everyone close to respects, but everyone not tied to that team doesn’t really know much about. we’ll see.

  44. $5M A YEAR? The water boy makes $4.2M. And unlike any other the dubious talented QBs about to drafted, this guy knows how to put on a NFL uniform. His Clemson numbers weren’t exactly embarrassing and playing behind Phillip Rivers had to season him some. Is the the right guy? Who the hell knows, but that can be said for anyone drafted this year. If he is a bust, what it cost he Hawks.. 20 places in 2nd round? So what. He survived 3 years in SD, he has to have some talent. And you guys have to know if Al Davis had somehow slipped into the Hawk front offices, he would have given 1st round picks. Maybe not the best trade in the world, but it does have some potential to be above average. GO FOR IT PETE. We been waiting for you, now make us proud.

  45. Cardinals management drove the price up…genius’s those Bidwell boys. Now Arizona will compete with one other team for Divisional title.

  46. $5M a year? Great price! How much did AZ pay for that super sled Leinart? Good Job! We will take back the west this year.. And for all you SD fans you have had the talent the enire time. You just cant close.. Maybe you can stop jaw jacking about how stupid Carrol is and figure out how to fix your own problems..

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