Chad Henne says Tebow "isn’t an NFL quarterback"

C.Henne.jpgAs Florida quarterback Tim Tebow continues to prepare for the NFL, one of the men who already holds a starting quarterback job at the highest level of the sport has a strong opinion on the subject.

My judgment is that he’s not an NFL quarterback,” Henne told Curtis Stevenson and Anita Marks of WQAM in Miami regarding Tebow.  “I’ll leave it at that.”


Making Henne’s opinion more compelling is the fact that his position coach, David Lee, is one of the men who are helping Tebow become that which Lee’s primary pupil says Tebow isn’t.

And suddenly we hope Tebow lands in the AFC East.

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  1. Henne didn’t win a Hesmann Trophy and a couple National Championships playing QB, so he should know. :::smirk:::

  2. Since when is Chad Henne one to speak about being a NFL QB. He plays in a Wildcat offense.

  3. Wasn’t the Wildcat a college offense before Miami took it over? Maybe you aren’t ready for an NFl offense yet Mr. Henne

  4. its true Tebow is not a NFL caliber Qb when are people going to get off his jock and realize it.
    His new throwing motion looks forced and clunky he needs to convert to a TE if he wants to play in the NFL.
    Watch he will be a third round pick there are 7 or 8 better QB’s than him in a weak QB class.

  5. Easy now Chad. Can you come back to Michigan and teach Tate Forcier how to throw, read defenses, and win games?

  6. The truth shall set you free Florio. Your boy toy Tebow won’t be a successful QB and no we don’t suddenly hope Tebow lands in the AFC East. Only you do.

  7. You stink Chad. Don’t say anything about anyone till you show your a good QB in the NFL

  8. Oh yes, because when I want an opinion about how Tebow is going to do in the NFL, I go to a barely mediocre QB playing in the NFL for a team in south Florida. Because that isn’t his primary competition coming into the draft or anything, of course not.

  9. Henne is correct. Watch Tebow through the course of the workout. He is years away from getting that motion and footwork down. He digressed throughout the work out reverting to the windup throw.

  10. Chad Henne said the thing everybody understands something about football thinks. I add that this continuos news on about tebow begin to annoy me. He receive the attention like he is the new Peyton Manning, but every expert says he will be drafted maybe in the 4 round, because is passing skills are terrible and he also has not enough speed to be a running qb like Vick or Cunningham. Let’s talk about real players please.

  11. “Wasn’t the Wildcat a college offense before Miami took it over? Maybe you aren’t ready for an NFl offense yet Mr. Henne”
    If you watched the Dolphins at all last season you would know that once Henne took over the team they ran less and less plays out of the “wildcat” formation. In fact by the time Ronnie Brown went down the wildcat was a thing of the past.
    Just imagine what Henne will do once he gets a legit #1 WR. This guy is going to be something special.

  12. Chadwick Hennesy is still drunk from St. Patriots day celebration.

  13. “Easy now Chad. Can you come back to Michigan and teach Tate Forcier how to throw, read defenses, and win games?”
    Yea, once he grows 3 feet.

  14. true or not… who the hell is chad henne to say one way or the other. oh it must be the tremendous amount of success he has had in the nfl

  15. A reply to the following:
    mnmaverick says:
    March 18, 2010 12:44 AM
    Henne didn’t win a Hesmann Trophy and a couple National Championships playing QB, so he should know. :::smirk:::
    Yeah, well Henne beat Tebow in the only bowl game that Tebow lost. :::smirk:::

  16. Lol, Chad Henne saying someone isn’t an NFL QB is like George Bush saying someone isn’t a good president.

  17. I’m inclined to agree with Henne prognostication; but he should keep his mouth shut and let time be the judge.
    I’m not a Tim Tebow fan; but I am leery of those that criticize everything Tebow does or says.

  18. You have to wonder what David Lee said to Henne about Tebow to make him so jealous. It’s unusual for a relatively raw and inexperienced QB like Henne to be critical of a college QB who hasn’t even made it through the draft yet.

  19. I find it amazing how everyone is down on this guy-especially a guy like Henne who has less talent than Tebow. You can teach mechanics–you cant teach that athleticism, that size or above all–that heart–For years the experts have been wrong about QBs–and this time will be no different–Brady? Montana? Kosar? McNabb?–Enough said haters–intangibles at that position can’t be taught–watch and eat crow.

  20. Chad you better watch your mouth are God could send a lightning bolt up your ass Tebow is his boy

  21. I believe his playing the position at the NFL level allows him to atleast have some clue as to what he is talking about.
    Just watched the “highlights” of his Pro Day on NFL Live. 1) delivery no longer from the hip, but the motion is still kind of long and I don’t like the mechanics 2) there is a bit of a pause now, which is not a good trait when teams expect their QB to get rid of the ball quickly. OL are only expected to sustain their blocks for a short period of time 3) It looks as though he pushes the ball at the end of his throw. You can tell it is not natural. A lot of times, this is due to a QB aiming at a target rather than having the natural ability and mechanics to drop, set, and throw to a spot. 4) Lastly, if you look closely at the tape shown on NFL Live, you can see that before releasing the ball, his back foot comes up and forward/sideways. So basically, he is not properly setting his feet throughout his throws and is throwing off of one foot.
    I do not see Tebow succeeding at the next level. You have to commend his work ethic and what he has done at the college level, but the guy is just a mess when it comes to being a typical pro level QB. The commentators on NFL Live spoke of New England possibly using a 2nd on him. I think Belichick is smarter than that. I also think BB knows that he can get better value out of someone like Mike Kafka without using a 2nd round pick. Tebow’s best chance is that a hometown team grabs him to boost ticket sales or Oakland grabs him cause Al Davis is a dumbass. I don’t see him going anywhere before the mid 3rd though.

  22. How dare he have an opinion….
    Jeez people, relax. Jesus I mean Tim will get his shot to prove Chad wrong.

  23. I love how salty everyone gets when Henne just gives his opinion. This is exactly why we get Tiger Woods answers during interviews that express nothing

  24. What’s with everybody saying Henne plays in the wildcat? When he’s on the field, the Dolphins are running a pro-style attack.

  25. What has this clown done in the NFL? Nobody gave Tom Brady a look twice and bam. The hot hands come in and are busts and some of the ones no one thought much of become good.
    Maybe if this was coming from a real QB I might say what, but from a kid still wiping his nose that still has not showed he is an NFL QB makes me laugh.

  26. I think if you had a team that ran an offense like the one in Florida than Tebow would be succesful. I wouldnt be surprized if Pete Carroll decides to draft Tebow. Does Henne think he is future hall of famer or something?

  27. RobRocker, Yea Henne really wooped him. Michigan beat florida 41-35. Henne had 3 tds with 2 ints. Tebow passed for 3 tds and a rushing td.

  28. Tewbow is too slow for the next level. He’s going to steal some suckers money for the next few years….

  29. What the he’ll does this guy know. What credentials does Chad Henne have that gives him the right to make this assumption? Last time I checked, he was still learning how to run an NFL offense himself.

  30. Why the hell wouldn’t Tebow be a good NFL qb? He’s got the size, the pocket presence, the mobility, and he’s got a great arm. I didn’t even want to mention the fact that he’s a hell of a leader, I’m all for Timmy T.

  31. mnmaverick says:
    March 18, 2010 12:44 AM
    Henne didn’t win a Hesmann Trophy and a couple National Championships playing QB, so he should know. :::smirk:::
    That is the dumbest statement i have ever heard. What does it even mean. If you don’t win a heisman trophy and a national championship then you cannot judge talent?

  32. All Chad said was he doesnt look like a qb n u all took it like he shot tebow get off of tebows jock strap hes a college qb not an nfl qb Henne is a qb with awful receivers

  33. Saying Chad Henne plays in a Wildcat offense is pretty ridiculous. That formation was implemented when Pennington was the QB. Since Henne has come in and can actually THROW the ball unlike his predecessor, the Wildcat has become almost non-existent.

  34. Henne is an ass. And I shall strike down upon him with great wrath and furious anger.

  35. A) Henne did NOT play in the Wildcat formation so you losers can make that comment, but you’d be wrong.
    B) Henne is totally 100% right… for now. Until April 22nd, Tebow isn’t even an NFL player. So there (smirk).

  36. Maybe he can work with Anita Marks. She seems to think she is an NFL caliber quarterback.

  37. how did tebow get invited to the draft? they must know something because that would be pretty embarrassing sitting there till the 3rd round

  38. Well mnmaverick, winning heismans and national championships doesn’t earn you crap in the NFL. Tom Brady backed up Drew Henson in college and we all see the different paths their professional careers went. And by the way, Chad Henne has every right to speak his mind, because Parcells doesn’t just trust every young QB that comes along. Check his history. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve been in Florida since he was in high school running over the Armwood Hawks in the state championship so I know he’s good. It’s just that that the NFL is a different breed of football. I admire his intensity and will to win, but you better believe NFL players on good teams want to win just as bad. I just don’t ever see him ever winning more than six games for an NFL franchise. Ever. His best bet would to play fullback, or to come in as a goal line QB. I still think any team would be lucky to have because of the fanbase that follows. A player like that has the chance to be as revered as the great Mike Alstott in Tampa. At Fullback

  39. Well, now we know for fact. Chad Henne is not the brightest tool in the shed. This one just goes to hurt Henne’s reputation, and not his on field performance. However, you question now whether Henne has the brain to process complex information.

  40. Are you daft mrzazz41387? Because the wildcat was implemented for a tiny percentage of the offensive playbook in Miami does not make it a “wildcat offense.” Henne made his greatest improvements in the last seven games of the season when Ronnie Brown was injured and Miami ran very few, if any at all, wildcat packages. Please watch football before you make ridiculous assertions sir.

  41. I loved Chad Henne in college mainly because he played for my favorite team, the Wolverines. Having said that, I don’t see how he can judge another player who hasn’t even taken a snap in th NFL yet. Especially since he really hasn’t done much in the Pros himself. You don’t know what you have in player until you’ve given him a fair shot. I don’t understand all of this Tebow backlash and hate because all the guy did at Florida was win a Heisman and a couple of National Championships (Yes, I know Chirs Leak was the starter against Ohio State, but he did contribute). The guy has a passion for the game, he hates losing and works harder than just about anyone at his level. Yeah he hasn’t taken snaps under center and has an akward throwing motion, but if he continues to find ways to win, what’s the problem? JaMarcus Russell has zero passion and a garbage player, yet he was drafted #1 overall. Alex Smith, another Urban Meyer QB, was a shotgun QB and akward delivery but yet he was #1 overall. David Carr, had a monster senior season at Fresno State, but had questionable mechanics and Houston made him their first pick in Franchise history. All you heard about Carr going into the draft was that he was gonna be a very good QB but look what he’s done. Vince Young, had an awesome career at Texas but again, questionable mechanics and there was questions about him taking snaps under center. Yet the Titans take him #3 overall and despite setbacks he might turn out to be a good QB if he can build on this past season, So if NFL teams take chances on these guys, why not a guy like Tebow, who’s resume is a heck of a lot better and who is also a born leader. I got no problem with people saying they don’t think he’s gonna be successful because everyone has their opinion. I do think the idea of him switching to a TE/HB ‘tweener in order to make it in the NFL is a joke though. But I think if given the right opportunity, why can’t he succeed?

  42. I hope he ends up in the AFC East too. That way, Buffalo will still just plain suck.

  43. This is just Chad Henne being afraid about his job security.
    “With the 12th pick in the NFL draft, the Miami Dolphins select…Tim Tebow, quarterback, Florida.” -Roger Goodell

    hahaha the robot rocks
    and everybody who is hating about Henne…just watch next season… he was playing in a custom Chad Pennington offensive system.
    ps: if you wanna use the Wild Cat against Henne you are a jerk. first of all 90% he was coming off the field and second, its the dumbest thing ever as Henning always used some crap when Henne was hot.
    tell me what you want but i take Henne any day over Sanchez, Flacco, Cutler, etc

  45. Chad Henne displayed all the characteristics of a future star quarterback:
    rocket arm, athletic build, pocket toughness and poise.
    -An excerpt from the NY Times’ NFL blog reviewing the Dolphins’ season.

  46. I’d take Tewbow’s heart over Ja Fat ass anyday….Raiders fans should have ZERO comment on potential NFL Qb’s….I’d rather win 3 games with a guy who gives all out effort…..Than 6 games with an overpriced,bling sportin lazy POS, who after 3 years is dumber than a bag or hammers, who can throw 60 yards from his knees…Did you hear me an Silver&Black666….Typical Raider fan IDIOT

  47. # sniperhare says: March 18, 2010 12:43 AM
    What does Henne think about Pat White?
    Pat White runs the wildcat and yes, Pat White is better than Tim Tebow is – he played better in the Sr. Bowl (the real indicator of Tebow’s skill set)
    You’ll see if he gets drafted and once the preseason starts.

  48. Florio? Why aren’t you obsessing over Roethlisberger anymore? Where are the 15 blogs per day on him? I’ll tell you why. You idiots haven’t got a thing on him. This story will die and this jerk will be back with the Steelers next year destroying teames(again)such as the Brownies, The Ratbirds, The Cryboys, and The Bungles.

  49. Chad should enjoy these 2 or 3 years he has in the limelight, because soon, he’ll be a trivia question in a long list of post-Marino trivia questions.
    Chad, you’re not an NFL QB, either. Dumb ass.

  50. It would be super funny if the Dolphins end up drafting Tebow and he beats out Henne for the starting job.

  51. And he’s incorrect because? He’s just saying the same thing every else has. Non story.

  52. Whether you agree or disagree it’s nice to hear someone say what is really on his mind. I’m not too quick to jump down his throat because I find it interesting as hell when guys really speak their mind

  53. you guys think that because Miami ran the wildcat that negates anybody on the team from being a valid QB? wow is that dunb…
    Brown and Pennington were both out by game 10 and they were almost never running wildcat….. and Henne was quick releasing, throwing and reading well…. better than Tebow ever will probably…
    Henne will be the most improved QB of 2010… wait and see.

  54. “Since when is Chad Henne one to speak about being a NFL QB. He plays in a Wildcat offense.”
    Uh, actually, no he doesn’t. He comes off the field in those situations.

  55. My sense is he meant that there are guys who play in a pro-style offense in school, and have been groomed in systems that translate well….like Flacco (who may not won awards or championships, but was trained in a program that matches up well with the pros). Tebow and Florida aren’t that…they play what what wins in their conference…to win games and get to a bowl game.
    Henne’s just a jock who is answering a question the way he sees it…and he’s dead right. Maybe Tebow works his rear off and can find a spot to shine, but the math is against him.

  56. JaggedMark says:
    March 18, 2010 1:06 AM
    A reply to the following:
    mnmaverick says:
    March 18, 2010 12:44 AM
    Henne didn’t win a Hesmann Trophy and a couple National Championships playing QB, so he should know. :::smirk:::
    Yeah, well Henne beat Tebow in the only bowl game that Tebow lost. :::smirk:::
    And what were his stats? Was it Henne or was it his team mates? I’m talking about the QBs contributions, not the teams, dumbass.

  57. All you guy complaining about Henne being a Wildcat QB: If you had watched any Dolphins games last season, you’d have recognized that they used the Wildcat sparingly in the first half of the season (only about 15 percent of the offensive plays, leaving 85 percent for “real” offense) and didn’t use the Wildcat at all in the second half of the season. Chad Henne will be a much better NFL QB than Tebow, regardless of what they did in College…

  58. Chad Henne isnt a NFL quarterback either. Just got lucky that Pennington went down.

  59. All you need to know about Chad Henne and that joke of a University called Michigan. By the way, you got beat by Appalachain State. LOL!

  60. is henne an nfl quarterback? if brady wants to say something like that (which he wouldn’t because he has a bit of class) then fine, but henne sucks..wake up dude

  61. Henne stated a fact.
    He simply said “He’s not an NFL quarterback. ”
    And right now he isn’t,
    but oooh boy he will be.
    He will be.
    And then Henne cannot say he’s not an NFL quarterback.

  62. Is Tim Tebow the quarterback in this year’s draft??? They invited him to the NFL Draft for what????? So he can sit til he’s picked in the 3rd round and they can shove the cameras in his face, what if he doesn’t get drafted til the 7th round, that would be so funny!!!!!!

  63. This isn’t exactly a revelation. Is anyone who knows football saying he IS an NFL quarterback?

  64. Henne didn’t win a Hesmann Trophy and a couple National Championships playing QB, so he should know. :::smirk:::
    Jason White, Troy Smith, Gino Toretta, Danny Wuerffel, Matt Leinart, and Ken Dorsey.
    Why is it so hard for people to realize college and the NFL are completely different?

  65. Chad Henne +1
    Not to mention he has already accomplished more than all the sorry azz Gator qbs in the last 20 years combined. Suck it Teblow and UF.

  66. wow has actually one of you fools watched Henne?
    watch the Dolphins vs Jets game in Miami and come back and tell me again he is not a QB lol
    i dont care about college so if you wanna hate cause you guys got refused by a michigan hoe – lets do it. ask any analyst and they will tell you that he is the real deal.
    Henne will be a top 10 QB by 2011 at latest

  67. i couldn’t care less how good tebow is but i really hope he becomes a great quarterback. i cant stand when nfl players hate on another player without giving him a chance thats not professional at all henne better worry about his own game cause pat white is ready to take his job

  68. I am no Tebow fan but I think it is appropriate to say here, “takes one to know one.” What the hell has Chad Henne done?

  69. Kind of funny the JETS fans making fun of the wildcat, like there Team did after they got spanked twice with it, or was it three times? Guess who ran it almost as Miami did last year? THE JETS! funny stuff, isn’t?

  70. This coming from the guy who couldn’t beat Ohio state even if they only had 10 guys on the field playing defense?

  71. I don’t have a problem with Henne sharing his opinion with the world, but he definitely was not thinking when he said it. Now he looks like an envious jerk who should not be worried about Tebow but rather improving himself. His job is by no means secure, just because he played alright in 8 or 9 games.
    I have no opinion on Tebow, but I definitely now hope that Henne falls flat on his face.
    You got the AFC North squads to contend with this year Mr. Henne. Prepare yourself for that instead of worrying about irrelevant things.

  72. Somebody should get Tim a black suit and fedora. He’s a blues brother on a mission for God.

  73. # mnmaverick says: March 18, 2010 12:44 AM
    Henne didn’t win a Hesmann Trophy and a couple National Championships playing QB, so he should know. :::smirk:::
    didn’t henne beat god in a bowl game a couple years ago!!???

  74. So Chad Henne’s opinion on Tebow is worth a separate piece in PFT but Mike Holmgren’s isn’t?
    Shocking, I tell ya! Until, of course, you realize that Mike Holmgren was very complimentary of him at the UF Pro Day and said he would make some NFL team “very happy.” That opinion doesn’t jive w/ the mgmt here so it will not be presented.
    i don’t know about you but when i need advice on a QB, i am more apt to listen to mike holmgren than mike florio. or chad henne.

  75. This is a big deal because you need to be smart enough as a QB to have that opinion among a trusted group, not announce it to the media.
    Henne is a tool.
    I’m not even close to a Tebow fan, I couldn’t stand the guy in college but the more guys like Henne make me want to see Tebow succeed.

  76. Dear Chad Henne,
    I don’t think you’re an NFL quarterback.
    LaMarr Woodley

  77. Gee Chad starts for a year and he gets very opinionated.
    Could it be this? :
    National Championship Ring Ownership:
    Tebow: 2
    Henne: 0

  78. Tebow’s success in college resulted from several things. First, he was on one of the strongest, best coached college teams in the country. There are no teams in the NFL where his team would be consistently so superior than the opponent as the Gators were. Second, his success also resulted from his running ability, but since his combine time was slower than top DEs and LBs, and slower than all DBs who could blitz or join in run support, he is not likely to be successful as a running QB. Third, NFL defenses are much better than any college defenses, so his completions and incompletes in college will become incompletes and interceptions in the NFL. As a Bills fan, I certainly hope they do not take him in any round, because he is not as good as any of the three QBs that they already have.

  79. florio, i think you need a serious screening process before letting half of these dopes comment (these dopes bring down what little street cred you have)
    so henne has no right to comment on tebow, but all of you brainchildren (who have never played any professional sports) do have a right? keeping in mind that henne actually does play in the NFL?
    what cracks me up even more is , realistically Henne is much much more of a pro-style QB than Tebow will ever be, and that is a fact
    it astounds me reading these comments, really astounds me

  80. It’s not the comment that bothers me, it’s who said it. Tebow either will or won’t succeed.
    But…Chad, you ain’t exactly Peyton, Tom, or Drew. Or Brett, Phillip, or Eli. Hell, you ain’t even Carson, Donovan, or Tony. At least you’re not a repeat (alleged) offender…*cough*BEN*cough*

  81. “Since when is Chad Henne one to speak about being a NFL QB. He plays in a Wildcat offense.”
    Get your facts straight idiot. he doesn’t play in the wildcat, he goes out in those situations. He completed %60 of his passes despite playing with a bad wr corps, and an injured O-line.

  82. Lots of trolls here, Chad Henne is simply stating the truth, Tebow is not an NFL qb.

  83. A lot of ignorant fools here. Full of contempt without proper investigation.
    As usual, PFT writes an inflammatory piece without providing context of the interview.
    As usual, azzholes who didn’t watch Henne play last year chime in on wht they think they know.
    Henne is going to be a very good NFL QB. Had you watched him play, you’d know that. You’d also know that it was the Fins receivers who accounted for most of the QB miscues down there.
    If you had watched, you’d know that Henne comes out whenthe Fins run the Wildcat. You’d also know that they didn’t run the Wildcat much as Henne found his groove.
    If you had watched, you’d know that when Henne was in they were largely successful on offense (except when their pathetic receiving corps didn’t catch the ball), and that when Pat White was in they sucked gorilla balls.
    The kid was essentially a rookie last year and did well. He likely won’t have the sophomore slump like Ryan and Flacco because he didn’t excel – he was good. Better than a lot of veteran starters, but not awesome. He will grow and improve. Watch him.
    As far as Tebow – well, he may or may not be right. Tebow has work to do, but you gotta like the kid’s tenacity. I think it’s the things about Tebow that aren’t obvious that make him what he is and give him a chance to prove people like Chad wrong. I hope he does, if only because he’s likeable and admirable. Tim Tebow is a winner, plain and simple.

  84. Chad!
    If you were actually a decent QB that would mean something. But I don’t hear you mentioned with the NFL greats. Heck, I don’t even hear you mentioned, period, most of the time. Sounds to me like Chad is saying whatever helps him sleep at night.

  85. steeelfann says:
    March 18, 2010 8:44 AM
    Gee Chad starts for a year and he gets very opinionated.
    Could it be this? :
    National Championship Ring Ownership:
    Tebow: 2
    Henne: 0
    or this
    Henne 25/39 373 3 2
    Tebow 17/33 154 3 0

  86. Wow, Chad…win any big games in College? No, in fact you choked under pressure…and made Scott Driesbach’s Michigan tenure All Schembechler hall type stuff of legend.

  87. “I’m not a doctor, but I play one on TV.”
    “Not a doctor? Hey, pal, I’ve seen your show. You’re not even an actor!”
    Replace appropriate terms.
    Even though I agree with Henne.

  88. henne is right. Tebow is not gonna amount to anything in nfl unless he becomes a fullback

  89. Henne didn’t win a Hesmann Trophy and a couple National Championships playing QB, so he should know. :::smirk:::
    Yeah Einstein and Tebow would trade all of that just to be a starting QB in the NFL…..Funny thats exactly what Henne is :::fart:::

  90. Henne is pretty good, but he hasn’t done shit to be commenting on a guy trying to make it. Its not like Henne was a lock either. And Pat White? he’s an NFL QB? someone should ask him that.

  91. salty says:
    March 18, 2010 8:32 AM
    This coming from the guy who couldn’t beat Ohio state even if they only had 10 guys on the field playing defense?
    This coming from a guy who beat Tebow with 11 guys on the field playing defense

  92. College QB’s that have more National Championships than Henne:
    Timmy Tebo
    Scott Frost
    Tommy Frazier
    Matt Leinart
    Tee Martin
    Vince Young
    Ken Dorsey
    Danny Wuerffel
    Anyone want to take one of those guys before Henne?
    Not me

  93. henne is the biggest joke out there, the fins starting Qb goes down with a injury and he finally gets his chance to become a playing qb and now he thinks he is pollished vet under center. henne is so good they cant even sell out a game down there.before pat white takes yor job you big goofy looking back up..

  94. When Henne becomes an NFL QB or Player Personel Scout, etc. his opinion will matter… He might be right, but kind of funny coming from a guy who’s done nothing in the NFL himself… if it were Favre, Brady, Peyton, etc saying this it would be different.. for now Chad, I’d shut my pie hole and study the playbook.

  95. There are more than 6 Billion people on this planet we call earth. 32 of them are starting NFL QBs. Chad Henne is one of them. you all are not. his opinion is more valid than yours. in fact, if there were a trial on whether or not Tebow were an NFL QB, Henne would qualify as an expert witness. so all you dolphin haters go back to your lousy job and picking your brackets. jsut because you watch some college football doesnt make you an NFL scout. Wuerfull won a national championship too and he was never more than a bench warmer. In fact most Heisman QBs never amount to anything in the NFL. Henne had the balls to say somtheing that most people already know (except for the idiots in Buffalo). I applaud him for it. Tebow is out there parading himself around charging $160 for an autograph. if he is gonna put himself in the limelite, he better be ready to be called on it.

  96. Haters….a bunch of Tebag sac chasers. Henne is solid, with no name receivers. Quit Hatin.

  97. Chad answered a question that all he did. And now he a bad guy!!! So all you jets and pats give it a break cause your the ones talking trash Henne! The truth is you guys fear Chad Henne and what he going to do to your teams! And for the guy that said Tom Brady has class please has less class than wet sock! Great Q.B but no class just big cry baby!!!!

  98. Henne is just stating what everyone else is thinking. Tebow will never amount to crap in the NFL.
    Henne on the other hand will show in 2010 that he is in the upper echelon of QB’s in the league.
    and to the tool that stated Brady has class…..yeah….just as much class as his hoodie wearing fraud of a coach.

  99. TryTheVeal
    Nice name you kind of sound like an inbreed southern boy.
    Look slow boy I was merely trying to make the same point Alfie and quadya were making.
    Tebow is just not an NFL caliber QB I never said anything about Al Davis or the Raiders so back off Cujo.
    look at this list of heisman trophy winner QBs since 1989:
    1989 Andre Ware
    1990 Ty Detmer
    1992 Gino Torretta
    1993 Charlie Ward
    1996 Danny Wuerffel
    2000 Chris Weinke
    2001 Eric Crouch
    2002 Carson Palmer
    2003 Jason White
    2004 Matt Leinart
    2006 Troy Smith
    2007 Tim Tebow

  100. RichmondRedskin says:
    March 18, 2010 9:18 AM
    Wow, Chad…win any big games in College? No, in fact you choked under pressure…and made Scott Driesbach’s Michigan tenure All Schembechler hall type stuff of legend.
    he beat Tebow

  101. That’s ok Chad, neither are you.
    You still have the same “touch” you did at Michigan – which is to say, you have NONE. But you sure can throw a bullet….at your receiver’s feet.

  102. What would Chad Henne know about being an NFL quarterback?
    He has a winning record as a starter, and spent over a year learning how to be an NFL QB by watching the most accurate QB in NFL history (Chad Pennington) play the game.
    Of course, that’s if actually BEING an NFL QB isn’t good enough for some of you (the same people who probably don’t know that the Wildcat was phased out when Henne became the starter).
    Lastly, what Chad Henne said is factual. Tebow is not an NFL QB. He is not on any NFL teams roster, therefor Chad Henne is 100% correct.

  103. God there are some arrogant idiots on here. Henne was doing an interview in his team’s hometown and they asked him about Teblow. Rather than clamming up and giving the same bullsh*t answer everyone gives, this guy has the sack to say what 90% of America feels. Teblow is not an NFL level QB. Stop hating when people are honest and maybe we’ll get more truth and less crap.

  104. Lay of Tebow ya’ll, anyone heard of Bernie Kosar? His throwing motion wasn’t the greatest and he had a pretty good career.

  105. Tebow is not an NFL ready QB but Henne’s comment is a bit of the pot calling the kettle black. The guy needs to shut his mouth and worry about his own development. Last time I checked him and the Dolphins were mediocre at best.

  106. But…Chad, you ain’t exactly Peyton, Tom, or Drew. Or Brett, Phillip, or Eli. Hell, you ain’t even Carson, Donovan, or Tony. At least you’re not a repeat (alleged) offender…*cough*BEN*cough*
    actually… HENNE did beat T-O-M, thew over 300 yds and made a heck of a game…
    by the way who is he throwing to? give Henne a good WR and he will be a top QB in this league

  107. I am a Dolphins fan and a Chad Henne fan as well. The guy certainly has some physical ability and anyone who’s posting in this thread who cannot see that has no credibility and more than likely watches the standings and fantasy points more than the watch actual football games. With that being said after watching him for 13 games I know he has to get better and I hope other Dolphins fans are on the same page as me. Its smarts and being cool under pressure that will determine how good he will be and if he doesn’t get better in those 2 phases he’ll simply be anther inconsistent rocket arm QB who makes pretty throws from time to time just before the crucial INT. Just to re-iterate, he did very well as a rookie starter but needs to improve upon that. If this is it, it’s not good enough in my opinion. If he doesn’t improve I’d be surprised, but not shocked, if Sparano and company turn the reigns back over to noodle arm. Dolphins fans would flip but this regime hates turnovers and noodle arm usually keeps them down to a minimum.

  108. Anita Marks…….HHAHAHAHAHAHAHA……She might be the worst sports announcer in the history of the world…..

  109. Wjat a bunch of moronic comments made by a bunch of people that know nothing about football. First comments about Henne’s college football acumen, and then stuff about how he isn’t good on Madden…
    hey, idiots… Henne IS AN NFL QB… Tebow is not and never has been… yet. Besides that, with Henne’s QB coach among Tebow’s trainers, perhaps has some inside information on whether the former-Gator has “it” or is capable of handling or acquiring “it”.

  110. Henne should wait till he puts together a decent season before he begins to weigh in on others.
    What’s next, Favre thinks Henne throws too many INTs?

  111. Till his Remarks about Tebow i didn’t know Henne could talk. But if it were’t for “Noodle Arm” Pennington going down he’d still be a backup.

  112. Henne is a jackass. What makes him think he’s a good QB? Ronnie Brown plays QB as much as he does… Does Tom Brady or Peyton Manning come off the field at all? Drew Brees or Phillip Rivers? No. If you’re a good QB the team doesn’t take you off the field at all. Enough said! Jackass!

  113. “His new throwing motion looks forced and clunky he needs to convert to a TE if he wants to play in the NFL.”
    Hey Silver and Black…If he isn’t an NFL QB what makes you think he could play TE??? Has he ever played a down at the position?? Can he catch, block, and run routes?? Learning to take snaps under center and changing his throwing motion is easier than learning a new position!!…I’m always amazed at the stupidity some people spout on here…Don’t get me wrong, Tebow is not going to be an elite NFL QB in the mold of Marino or Manning but look at the NFL there are only a handful of QB’s who jobs are secure…He’ll be better than Vince Young!! Which isn’t saying a lot…

  114. chad’s just jealous b/c tim is hotter so he’s got to say something mean, you know how these girls are…

  115. Funny, you never hear the “real professionals” coming out and bashing a young kid coming out of college. It’s always people like Henne that have no clue that you’re supposed to keep your mouth shut and be supportive of others. There are a lot of people that say this same thing about you Henne, I’m not one of them.
    Geez, give this kid a chance. He’s going to get drafted and he’s going to continue to work at getting better. You better pray he doesn’t go to a team where they have a veteran QB that he can learn from Chad. With his work ethic he will get better. Considering he’s been a lot better than you already (that’s why you sound so sour grapes) in his career, if he works at it and goes to the right team where he can learn, he could be really special.

  116. What’s lost in this argument is that they probably asked Chad if he thought Tim was QB caliber and he answered the question to the best of his knowledge/opinion. He didn’t come out, call for a press conference and make absurd statements, like Fran Tarkenton.

  117. Henne doesn’t run the wildcat, he runs the conventional offense. Ronnie Brown runs the wildcat.
    You guys need to get your fact straight before you start making fun of stuff.

  118. You people are laughable! All Henne did was answer the lady’s question with the short sentence that is written the the article. You guys think he had some long winded Tebow bashing rant.
    There are 32 NFL teams and how many 100’s of quarterbacks wanting to be an NFL player at that position, Henne is one of them and is a starter. I think he’s entitled to his opinion regardless if he’s a probowler or the worst starter in the league.
    With the massive ego Tebow throws around he is setting himself up to be a failure. NFL D lineman are salivating right now hoping some team drafts him as there starting qb.

  119. Henne is correct!! Also is anyone as tired of Tim Tebow’s schict(hope that’s how you spell it)as I am? The crying, the speech that is now set in stone on the Florida campus!! I mean really, is he gonna give one of those over-the-top-dramatic speeches everytime he loses in the nfl? I mean, I realize that he clothes the poor, feeds the hungry, and makes the blind see…….but I had enough of Tebow after his sophmore year. You could tell early in college that he wasn’t an nfl qb.

  120. To the people saying Henne isn’t an nfl qb: what are you talking about? You must not have watched the same guy as I did because I actually thought Henne played pretty well considering the Dolphins don’t have any good receivers. But then again someone points out THE TRUTH about little Timmy Tebow and everyone is up in arms!! WOW!!!

  121. Who the F is Chad Henne to evaluate ANYONE? He’s a scrubby Qb on a freakin Wildcat offense, and is the starter by default.
    I hope the Dolphins draft Tebow, he bumps Henne’s ass out of there and Henne spends the next two years trying to be a 3rd stringer somewhere before having to go back to his job at Chuck E. Cheese.

  122. Tebow has the one fatal flaw that separates top shelf qb’s from the failures. He has no “vision”.
    All the mechanical programming won’t help him in that department. He’s just another robo spread qb who played with superior teammates.

  123. To those who say a Heisman and two national championships don’t prove your ability as a pro QB, I’ll just say that it;’s pretty tough to win a Heisman and two National Championships playing QB in Division I College Football.
    When you’re drafting a QB you need proof of his abilities. Admit it, Tim Tebow has a damn fine resume.
    He disdplays leadership abiolitty, poise under pressure, he’s won games against the top competition the nation has to offer, he’s strong, he’s tough, he’s athletic, he has great communication skills, etc. I ask you what’s NOT to like about Tim Tebow?
    “Oh, his throwing motion stinks!”
    And? If he’s had an abundance of success throwing his way, then what’s the problem?
    Nobody has been able to answer that one.
    The so-called experts talk like every QB in the league has the exact same throwing motion. BULLSHIT! Everyone has their own style. All the guy does is win.

  124. Again stetai, Henne goes out when the dolphins go to the wildcat, Henne beat the number one defense twice last year, because he stated what everyone knows about little Timmy, youre gonna call him a wildcat qb? What does that have to with the fact that Tebag is just not gonna be an nfl qb? Maybe a good te or an h-back, but not a qb, get used to that Tebag fans!!

  125. @ mmaverick
    “To those who say a Heisman and two national championships don’t prove your ability as a pro QB, I’ll just say that it;’s pretty tough to win a Heisman and two National Championships playing QB in Division I College Football.”
    Winning in college isn’t as difficult as winning in the NFL. Everything is different. Please ask the entire list of Heisman winners who havent done anything in the NFL. Please read my next point, it might help you get it…
    “And? If he’s had an abundance of success throwing his way, then what’s the problem?
    Nobody has been able to answer that one. ”
    I’ll go ahead and answer it for you. Lineman are faster, DB’s are faster, the defense is faster! If he has this huge slow, windup delivery it gives pass rushers a split second longer to get to him and it gives DB’s a split second longer to read where the ball is going. This is simple football logic. I am sorry you can’t understand it.

  126. Henne really beat Tebow in a Bowl game? That’s amazing! I didn’t realize that it was like tennis where they played against each other one-on-one.
    Why is Brady even in this conversation. Yeah, he’s gotten his rings, but how did NE do when he went down in the first game? Pretty good. What does that say about Brady? How do the Colts play without Manning? I think that says a lot about who is who.
    If there was a definitive way to judge who would and would not be successful, we would never compare horrible qb’s to Ryan Leaf cause he would never had been drafted.

  127. I’m sure Chad Henne has sat there and watched a significant amount of game tape on Tim Tebow… NOT.

  128. How many of those Heisman Trophy winners have guided their team to two National Championships and damn near won a third?
    Make all the excuses you want, he has a far better resume than any other QB in this draft.
    That’s an UNDISPUTED FACT.
    His record and stats speak for themselves.

  129. BTW- It’s interesting to see the old kiddies from the ESPN boards following me around the boards picking arguments. no monikers can hide your the childish antics.

  130. All the monikers ripping on Florio, Rosenthal and the rest of the PFT staff have looked vaguely familliar. Every since I brought up the Romper Room atmosphere that they call the ESPN NFL message boards, they’ve been on my ass non-stop. It’s nice to know that the special ed. bunch has arrived. At least here posters don’t have to worry about being provoked and then reported to the moderator when they provide the kiddies with some constructive feedback that sets them straight.

  131. They asked Chad a question? Is he supposed to just lie and say Tebow will be a perennial pro bowler? He answered the question, and thats his opinion. Henne hasn’t proved anything to this dolfan yet, but his honesty is a big part of the big picture of Miami Dolphin football.
    Tebow blows in my opinion also, but I wish him the best, I’d love to see the plays he made in college, made in the NFL.
    Haters step aside, the phins are in year 3 of rebuilding, without the toughest schedule in football this year. Lets hear your opinions when Henne torches your D for 300-400 yards. Homers!

  132. I was listening when that interview took place and Curtis and Anita pushed him into making the comment about Tebow.
    Yeah, Chad shouldn’t have commented, but as you heard him say, it’s his opinion, and he would “Leave it at that!”
    Good grief people! Everyone is entitled to their opinion, aren’t they? We’re making our opinions here!

  133. Hey question mnmaverick, i know we don’t agree on Tebow, but you seem to be a guy that knows about, so what is it with that espninsider? what a ripoff they want you to pay to get half of their stories, i guess i don’t understand, here they are everyday on nfl live giving you Kiper and McShay’s mock draft, but when you go to and try to get the mock draft, they want you to pay!!

  134. its true Tebow is not a NFL caliber Qb when are people going to get off his jock and realize it.
    The fact so many of you have to scream it every Tebow thread tells me you’re reaching.
    He just might be ok.
    You all just might be fools.
    Let’s see.

  135. Who’s college career stats do you think are superior?
    Career 1387 atts 828 com 59.5% 9,715 yds 87 tds 37 ints 133.9 rating
    Career 995 atts 661 com 66.4 % 9,285 yds 88 tds 16 ints 170.8% rating
    Career 1169 atts 708 com 60.5% 10,875 yds 114 tds 42 ints 163.6% rating
    BTW, these are from
    Match the names up: Chad Henne/TimTebow/Danny Wuerffel
    Have fun!!! LOL

  136. Tebow may not be a NFL quaterback yet, but neither was Joe Kapp, Jim Plunkett, or a handful of other Heisman winners. He’ll become one with his work ethics and determination. Mike Vick isn’t a NFL QB either, but a glorified RB at that position. Henne got the job handed to him, he didn’t earn it. If Chad Pennington didn’t get hurt Henne would be riding the pine. Talk to me in a cple of years after Tebow gets his feet wet in the NFL and we’ll see that all you naysayers were wrong.

  137. He is dead on correct yet most in the media are too much of pansies to correctly agree with him
    Changing his throwing motion weeks before the draft? Are you kidding me?
    Spread O in college? Yea, winner there….ask Alex Smith

  138. gfd
    Tebow is not even the beginning of a pimple on Jim Plunkett’s ass…I am appalled you compared him to the 2 time Super Bowl winner!
    And Ben I take back what I said he wouldn’t make it as a TE either the guy needs to retire now!!

  139. chad henne is a great quarterback and is going to end up being one of the most elite qbs in the league and winning the superbowl with miami in the next 7 years

  140. jamarcus russell is a great quarterback and is going to end up being one of the most elite qbs in the league and winning the superbowl with oakland in the next 7 years
    your a douchebag MIAfinfan1993

  141. WOW, the Cult of ‘Bow has spoken. Never cross them it seems, lol. Heaven forbid someone not be politically correct

  142. Buy stock in every crow manufacturer that you can because the stock is going to go through the roof. Everybody is going to be eating some serious CROW when Tim Tebow becomes and NFL All-Pro at QB! People have this one wrong! This kid is a stud!

  143. I will admit, I have not read everyone’s post here (I dont have all day), but I failed to notice anyone acknowledge that Henne was likely answering a question from the media. I don’t see a full interview here, but I HIGHLY doubt the guy was just walking down the street talking trash about Tim T. He was in an interview and someone said, “Do you think he will be a good NFL QB?” Chad said no, but didn’t bash him. What is the problem? Key thing to take away from this: The media is there to make stories. They don’t care if things are out of context nor do they care if it makes someone else look bad. They wouldn’t do that if people didn’t react like you all are. Will Tim T succeed? Who knows! When Tom Brady was drafted in the 6th round, no one thought he would be a superstar; except maybe him and some U of M fans. Now he is talked about as one of the top QB’s in the NFL. Tim will have his chance, and that is when this discussion would be relevant…when HE ACTUALLY PLAYS A MEANINFUL PROFFESIONAL GAME!!!!!

  144. Henne called who will win the superbowl on the money. He knows his shit, and isn’t the reason why miami lost playoffs hope (see Gibril Wilson & sucky defensive coord on further topic).
    Henne single handly brought that team back from several scores because our putrid defense got raped like a fat chick around food.
    However, I’m sure the media warped his words.

  145. Its really funny how many people here judge Chad Henne..He is an N.F.L. quarterback..What have any of you did that qualifies you to judge him..To think that Teebow will ever be a starting quarterback in the N.F.L. is ludicrous..He doesn’t have the intellect to play at this level..

  146. The fact that this is such a heated debate, is he or isn’t he an NFL caliber QB speaks volumes! Teblow will be crying into his prayer shawl once he is cut in his third year as a 3rd string clipboard holder! Henne had the balls to speak his mind.
    Now go say three “Hail Marys” and sign some bibles.

  147. you know…last I checked. Chad IS an NFL qb…he may not be the best but his uniform says Miami Dolphins. As far as championships…Look at TEBOWs team!!!!!!!!!! lastly I have four words for six words for you that should end this conversation about heisman trophy national championship qbs automatically making good nfl qbs…
    gino torreta
    charlie ward
    danny wuerffel
    Hell charlie was a nc qb and ht qb and was never drafted. the list could go on about florida qbs sucking in the pros…
    chris leak
    jesse palmer
    ingle martin
    rex grossman
    doug johnson
    john brantley..(who???)
    Tim is an outstanding athlete, with a lot of heart. I personally hope he does make it as a qb….and does well….but looking at the history of qbs out of florida…is does not look good.

  148. @Patrick
    Thats an interesting angle. I disagree that the school in itself has an effect on the pro prospects (although clearly those stats are against me). I think looking at Urban Meyer QBs is better example.
    Good points on Henne and about the Hiesman winners though. I hope you don’t leave this thread to the people that either love or hate Tebow and are willing to bend stats to fit opinions, clearly (unless I missed a tone of sarcasm) you have an open mind.
    I on the other hand don’t have an open mind. I hate Tebow and want him to fail. I don’t think my hatred of him clouds my judgment that he will (probably) never be a passable starting QB.
    If (god forbid) the 49ers draft Tebow I think it is possible to make it worth the pick. Come up with three different packages for him that are all basically a modified pistol wildcat (if that makes sense, sadly I can’t draw pictures) and have him run 3-5 plays a game (preferably short yardage and goal line plays). The fans can come pay to see Tebow in the game. If the real QB struggles and fans start to clamor for Tebow to start all you have to say is either “he is doing well at what he does now and we aren’t going to change that” or “He sucks at what he is doing now we certainly aren’t going to give him the starting job.”

  149. Can’t compare the two. Henne has stud potential, I compare him to Flacco in that way, what does Tebow have? Poor throwing QB. hes not really that fast and we don’t even know how good of a receiver he can be. I honestly can’t seem him playing any position. I would rather give Troy Smith a contract than draft Tebow. Henne has all the tools to be a very good QB.

  150. Tebow will spit on Heene’s hamburger in a few years when Tebow is workifg at McDonalds!

  151. In related obvious news, the sky is blue, fire is hot and Tiger likes to donkey punch his women before plugging them in the a$$.
    NFL circles have been stating this same thing for the last year or more and you bit@hes are going to get your panties in a bunch now? Sounds like a slow day for some Florida fans. News Flash! Tebow is not going to be a quality NFL QB.

  152. UPDATE: With the backing of the new owner, won’t it be funny when Tebow ends up starting and Heene is holding the clipboard on the sidelines for the 2012 season?

    It won’t be the best football, but it will entertaining!

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