Eagles release Darren Howard

Two days after dealing one disappointing pass rush acquisition, the Eagles are dumping another defensive end.

Philadelphia released defensive end Darren Howard after four up-and-down seasons with the team.  The former Saint led the Eagles with ten sacks in 2008, but only had 12.5 sacks combined in his other three seasons.  He occasionally played tackle.

He can still be productive — Howard had 6.5 sacks in 2009 — but he’s 33 years old and missed six games in 2009. 

Howard was due $3.5 million this season.  His release comes on a day that the team officially announced a three-year contract for new acquisition Darryl Tapp.

22 responses to “Eagles release Darren Howard

  1. knew someone else was going– and he’s the oldest..PS Kevin Curtis– make your plans to move to Chicago…

  2. It’s great that they are getting rid of all this dead wood but they are not replacing it with anyone!! Marlin Jackson? Some college kid from Utah? Mike Bell wasn’t bad, but can he play safety? What are they doing!!!

  3. I like the Eagles moves with the DE position! Getting rid of the old and getting younger.
    Howard and Clemons were wasted space, Babin was decent but nothing great.
    I think a First Round DE is the Eagles pick…kinda has to be now unless they pick up another FA.

  4. Solid move. Here’s to hoping Abiamiri can finally stay healthy for a game or two.

  5. See ya Darren…..
    You bolted from New Orleans for the cash and never won a thing in Philly.
    You cited the desire to play with a winner when you left. (that was BS….Big Money Grip)
    Last 4 years (same time you’ve been with Philly) the Saints have played in 2 NFC Championships and won a Super Bowl.
    And you can retire with your money and nothing else.

  6. So this means he will sign with the Rams by the weekend.
    Not that that is a bad thing, I’m jus sayin…

  7. WTF the eagles are making it harder n harder 4 me to like. Why release a player that gave u 5-8 sacks a year off the bench. Yes he’s aging but I don’t see anything better.

  8. WTF the eagles are making it harder n harder 4 me to like. Why release a player that gave u 5-8 sacks a year off the bench. Yes he’s aging but I don’t see anything better out there so why do it?

  9. I wouldn’t panic, they are doing a pre-draft house-cleaning. There will be gobs of quality free agents available after the draft now. So what they fail to address in the draft can be filled easily.

  10. This team is so cheap I dont understand why Mcnabb is still on the team. Before they started cutting players they didnt have a team that could win the superbowl. Now they cut all these players with no way to replace them. They dont have enough draft picks to make this team a superbowl worthy team. So why keep Mcnabb? If the team isnt going to make a serious push at the Superbowl there is no reason to keep him.
    Just keeping him around to finish his contract is stupid. They should trade him now when they have some leverage.
    I really want Mcnabb to stay I think hes a great qb but with this team they have now theres no reason to keep him.
    After all the injuries the Eagles went through this year you would think they would realize that they need capable backups. Who is going to play RT if someone gets injured. OR WR, WLB, SLB, FS, DE, DT ? This team is retarted every Cowboys, Giants, and Redskins fan has right to make fun of this front office because their pathetic.
    Maybe Eagles fans have been wrong about Tom Heckert all these. Maybe he wasnt the cheapskate we all thought he was. Its starting to seem more and more likely that he was the one that was keeping this team spending. With this idiot Roseman who is just a numbers guy and knows nothing about football this team is going to turn into the Bucs.
    I guess thats why they call themselves in the front office the Gold Standard because the only thing they care about is sticking gold in their pockets .

  11. Personell wise the FO makes out n there decisions are good..safety will be addressed in the draft…this draft should be all defense..u can find talent late in the draft…ask trent cole..so with savage n roseman..i hope we fill all voids in the draft…im glad to see andy playing his rookies in there first year…before desean , he would redshirt all rookies…thank u desean for opening andys eyes to show that rooks can make a difference in there first yr..

  12. @Route36west
    Take it easy dude! They clearly know a lot more than you do about football. Heckert was a yes man that did nothing unless Reid approved it. There making room for something. I don’t see how they can clearly all of this money to not do something. I agree we need depth but I think they are going to address it. This team has been too smart for too long to just throw it all away for the hell of it when we have a competitive team. They have something up their sleeves.

  13. Route36West… step off the ledge, bro. We all know the FO wants a competitive team and not a SB-winning team.
    Wait until the Phillies hoist another trophy on Broad St. this year — then Lurie and Banner will get the fire they need to make the push.

  14. Man some of you people are outright stupid. The Eagles are cheap? Hey Route36West, you have to be a complete idiot to say that. This team has done a better job at identifying when players are done than every other team in the league. And if I’m wrong, they’re at least in the top 5.
    Bobby Taylor and Troy Vincent:
    Philly hated when we let them go, but Andy proved to be right.
    Duce – see above
    Hugh Douglas – see above
    Trot – see above
    Corey Simon (this is for you Mike Missinelli, you phucking moron, oh the eagles are gonna finish last in the division with out Corey Simon. Yeah they really missed him)
    Michael Lewis – has done nothing.
    Andy reid has this team in the postseason with the likes of McNabb, AJ Feeley, Koy Detmer, and Jeff Garcia. say what you want about Andy, but every other NFC owner would fire their current coach (except maybe the Saints) and hire Andy Reid on the spot.
    Route36West – Hey I hear the Browns are looking for fans. Go follow Heckert you idiot. Stop giving the rest of us fans a bad name

  15. First, “keeping this team spending” has little to do with winning. Second, the Eagles are always in the top third of the league in total player expenditures. That cap space you always see is used to resign players during the season. It doesn’t get quite the pub that a preseason cap space number does.

  16. I agree with you Route36west. These other guys must work for Dave Spadaro. Bottom line…..How many titles has this regime won? What about B-Dawk? To cheap to pay him. He only led his team in tackles in Denver and made the pro bowl. He was also the best leader in the history of the Eagles. They replace him with Macho Harris? How about finding someone to play opposite of Trent Cole. Darryl Tapp?? A guy who got 2 1/2 sacks last year is supposed to take pressure off Cole? They got rid of a lot of dead money and what are they doing with it. Putting it in their pocket. Now they are supposed to rely on other teams cutting their players so we can sign them?? Great plan!!

  17. One of the last really good players to come out of K-State during the original Bill Snyder Era.

  18. Don’t worry guys, we’ll get our 10-11 wins with an early exit next year. Chin up.

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