Introducing the "Flozell Adams rule"

The Hall of Fame is nice, but players that get rules named after them are truly immortal.

There is the Roy Williams horse collar rule.  The Emmitt Smith rule that you can’t take your helmet off.  The Bert Emmanuel rule that the ball can touch the ground during a completed pass as long as the
receiver maintains control of the ball.

Deion Sanders has a rule because of signing bonuses; Ricky Williams has one for his dreads; Deacon Jones for head-slapping; Terrell Owens for using foreign objects like Sharpies after touchdowns.  All the greats.

To that list — and we’re skipping over many others — we should add “The Flozell Adams rule.”

Florio mentioned Wednesday that a rule proposal to allow a dead-ball
personal foul against an offense can be carried over into the second half or overtime

That expected change was inspired by Adams’ personal
foul after the final play
the first half against the Giants last year. The idea is to cut down on premeditated cheap shots.

Despite all the Pro Bowls Adams has attended, it’s fitting this will be his legacy.

64 responses to “Introducing the "Flozell Adams rule"

  1. Another B/S rule like the Brady tuck rule!!! And soon to come the college OT rule each team to get the ball in OT!!!

  2. What about the Flozell Adams trip rule. He needs one for that. Man that should be and automatic ejection when you trip a defender like that. Flozell put Tuck out for a month on that crap and then he did the same thing to Osi in the same game. “Dirty” is too nice a term when classifying that guy.

  3. It won’t be his legacy. Keep pumping your Cowboys bias, Florio. Good Lord you are predictable.

  4. So because Florio’s little sister proclaims this is Big Flo’s legacy it must be true then? What a joke, Adams is a HOF’er who punked out a couple of VaGiants in 09. Get over yourself already.

  5. Flozell is a old washed up piece of shit. The only way he makes a name for himself now is by trying to end other players careers by taking cheap shots. If Jerry Jones had even an ounce of integrity in his sorry ass body, he would cut this bumb

  6. Because Flozell Adams ALWAYS gives cheap shots just before halftime.
    This rule is corny and I somehow doubt it will be his legacy.
    Not having this rule was more of an accident than anything else. I don’t see why the penalty wouldn’t carry over. Flozell just got caught once. He might be a dirty player but it’s not like he’s notorious for personal fouls before halftime.
    Naming the rule after it and naming it his legacy is far from feasible.

  7. Another new rule targeting a Cowboy? Does the league watch any other team’s games?

  8. ‘If you ain’t cheatin you ain’t tryin!’
    Is there a fan from any team other than the Cowboys that hasn’t watched Adams trip one of their star players?
    This dude is so dirty there should be subsections under his rule.
    a. Tripping
    b. Late Hits
    c. etc.; etc.; etc…

  9. i had to register because you’ve got to be kidding me if you think this what flozell will be remembered for.

  10. Amazing how many “rules” must be named for Cowboys. Fortunately for Jerry, league officials are under strict orders not to enforce any rule against the Cowboys under threat of termination. Flozell’s egregious behavior on the field is simply the Cowboys’ standing conduct policy for players on-field, off-field, active or retired: Stay Classy and Report to the Probation Office on Time.

  11. It’s more fitting that Flozell went 3-0 vs The Eag’s including a playoff win AND a shutout.

  12. agree with guy incognito above. This is just a small part of the flozell rules which need to be put in place.

  13. Good, he is a filthy, dirty player whose stupid tripping hurt Justin Tuck for the season. Flozell should be banned from the USA and forced to live in a third world hovel. He also has a stupid first name. Yes I am a Giants fan in case you couldnt tell.

  14. Its a good rule if only to stop the Cowgirls from taking cheap shots at the end the half.
    We now await the Michael Irvin rule that says you can’t have more than two hookers in your hotel room with an ounce of cocaine and still keep your broadcasting job.
    Or maybe the Jerry Jones rule that limits face lifts to every other year.
    And lastly a Vox rule, you can’t service more than one Cowboy at a time.

  15. Terrell Owens for using foreign objects like Sharpies after touchdowns.
    I thought that was the Joe Horn/cell phone rule? Which happened first, Joe with the phone call or Owens with the Sharpie?

  16. “Despite all the Pro Bowls Adams has attended, it’s fitting this will be his legacy.”
    …and even more fitting that he is a Dallas Cowboy.

  17. i could have sworn this was going to be something like if you commit 3 false starts in one game, your team has the option to keep your game check

  18. @ brainphood: Really? Flozell is a Hall Of Famer? Do they drug test where you work?
    I sincerely hope you were kidding.

  19. haters unite!!!!
    Legacy? HAHHAH…..this sites legacy is that it spews bullsh*t all day and thinks its funny….
    Flozelle = HOF!!!!! Chew on it biznatches!!!!

  20. Flozelle destroyed the bitc**s known as the giants……stop crying and suck it Giant fans..hahahahhahahahahahha
    I heard Tampax is coming out with one called the “Eli”……..when Flozelle shoots himself, let me know….ahahahhahahhahahahahah

  21. Mention the other rules named after players, dick. Florio’s Cowboy bias has trickled down to the morons who report rumors, i mean news, for him. “See Greg, if you mention the Cowboys, it will generate views. And it will allow for the spewing of silly hatred. I mean people say the Cowboys are irrelevant, but from the looks of things, they are always a hot topic.”
    What about the puking at the Super Bowl rule?

  22. Maybe they should make a Mossy Cade rule saying that players shouldn’t rape family members. Or a Mark Chmura rule saying that you shouldn’t rape kids. Or a general rule for the NY Giants saying that you shouldn’t quit in the middle of a season.

  23. That’s right…don’t mess with Flozell Adams. He’s been a top left tackle for a long time now, those Pro Bowls show how great he was. His legacy will be a great one.

  24. Hey Florio, don’t forget if the OT rules are changed to allow both offenses get at least one possession, it’ll be the Brett Favre Rule.

  25. Until the NFL changes their OFFICIALS, and gets people who aren’t over the age of 50, have good vision, and can keep up with plays…
    It really doesn’t matter what rules they add or change. If the officials aren’t calling it right, then it makes no difference!
    Of course, there’s always a chance the officials are calling the games EXACTLY how the league and “higher” powers want them to… but hey, I won’t start the conspiracy theories. I’ll just assume these guys are too old to remember, see, understand the rules.

  26. The Belichick Rules
    1) Radio sets in the defensive signal callers helmet.
    2) The NFL needing to employ CIA level anti signal jamming and intercepting devices at Gillette Stadium to try to keep the visiting team’s playcalling from “mysteriously” blacking out and/or being monitored by the Patriots.
    3) There are a ton more and they ALL involve anti-cheating measures needed for dealing with the King of Slime Bill Belichick.

  27. Was it Eric Metcalf that had the tear-away jerseys? People would try to tackle him and get a piece of his jersey instead. I think they changed jersey quality because of that.

  28. I love the “Deion Sanders Rule”. After Sanders spent a season with the 49ers, Tagliabue cautioned that any contract offered to Sanders that offered him less than whatever he deemed as Sanders’ “market value” would be looked at with suspicion, and this was after he took $1.5M to play for the 49ers for a season. He took less money than the Saints offered, and Tagliabue explained this away as a case of a player taking less money to play for a “contender”, as if Tagliabue regarded the 49ers as contenders but not the Saints. And when Sega suggested that they’d give more endorsement money to Sanders if he’d only accept the 49ers’ lowball offer, Tags didn’t have shit to say about it. Therefore he was pretty steamed when Jerry Jones said that if a player wanted visibility and endorsement dollars, he couldn’t do much better than the team that had won two of the last three Super Bowls. Of course Tags couldn’t say anything after indicating that the 49ers/Sega/Sanders thing was ok, but what he could do was jack with the Cowboys over Sanders’ contract. It didn’t violate any existing rule but Tags crafted an arbitrary rule out of thin air, made it retroactive to include Sanders’ contract, and got Upshaw to agree by offering to raise the minimum player salaries. Then Tags declared the contract in violation of the salary cap and threatened to start cutting players in order to bring the Cowboys in compliance.
    I’m so glad that those corrupt pricks Paul Tagliabue, Gene Upshaw and Eddie Debartolo are out of the NFL.
    And don’t forget the Michael Irvin rule, which states that only Michael Irvin is not allowed to kick the ass of every cornerback in the NFL. It was rarely called on anyone else.

  29. How about a rule for Giants linemen who kill kids…..(look it up people) or the Lawrence Taylor tax evading rule…….

  30. Tripping in 2 games and 1 halftime penalty is not going to be his “legacy.” He’s been one of THE best LTs in the league for the last 11 years and he’s still one of the best despite his age.

  31. So what’s the new OT rule gonna be called, the give Favre another chance to choke rule?

  32. “So because Florio’s little sister proclaims this is Big Flo’s legacy it must be true then? What a joke, Adams is a HOF’er who punked out a couple of VaGiants in 09. Get over yourself already.”
    HoF’er? wtf? are you serious? LOL

  33. What about the Katrina rule? That states that every time a natural disaster happens, we give the city a Super Bowl.

  34. The rules are all there becausecertain types that bring shame and discredit on the NFL that the league puts and end to it. Except Bert Emmanuel.
    One of the worst is that Roy Williams horse collar. It is not an injury producing tackle except that one idiot turned it into a cheapshot. The coward even refused to tackle head on at times just to tackle and wrap his legs on the other player in a way to cause harm.
    Think about it. When you chase down a player from behind it is the only place where you can get a sure grip. For decades no injuries were produced until one criminal type caused trouble.
    Once he is out of the league I would like to see it return and only the wrapping of the legs with a “horse collar” would be illegal.
    Flozell (sounds like a female name) Adams rule is common sense but the situation was never abused so flagrantly until his criminal stunt. Such a personal foul penalty at the end of any quarter should also include a large fine that would be doubled for a foul at the end of the 4th quarter or last overtime play.
    One wonders what happened to the sense of honor and morality that Americans used to possess and should still have.

  35. That’s great for Flozell.
    Unfortunately for Flozell, and for Cowboys fans, he’s got next to nothing left in his 35-year-old tank, so in addition to numerous penalties called, he’ll be allowing numerous sacks and numerous quarterback pressures next year too.
    Good luck with your O-Line in a division filled with Justin Tuck, Trent Cole, and Brian Orakpo, Cowboys!

  36. “Another B/S rule like the Brady tuck rule!!!”
    @KILLER FIN you only show your ignorance of the rules.
    The Tuck Rule was in place years before the infamous snow game against the Raiders.
    The last time I saw statistics on it those show that typically each team has it called in favor of the opposing team once a year.
    And in fact the year it was called in the playoff game for the Pats, earlier that year in the regular season it had been called in favor of the Jets while they were playing the Pats, and was a factor in the Jets winning that game I believe.
    Its fine to hate another team or another player, but you might try actually getting a clue about what you’re whining about.

  37. Flozel a HOFer? He’s a cheap shot ass slammer who’s too stupid to remember a snap count from the time he leaves the huddle to the time he bends his fat ass over at the line. And all you moron Cowfags fans calling the G-Men quitters clearly forget the beating you took at home, in the playoffs, as the number one seed, as the G-men marched through Dallas on the way to the Super Bowl. As a Giants fan I do want to thank your dumb ass owner for handing out tickets to the NFC Championship game before the divisional round game started and making sure the Giants knew about it. Nothing like feeding the fire Jerry, moron. Brett Favre may choke a lot in the playoffs but one time he didn’t choke was this past year when he was hanging 34 points on that “awesome” Dallas defense. Cowboys suck.

  38. I think it is notable how many of the rules were derived from when they were Cowboys…and how many other players were at one time associated with the Cowboys.
    How bout dem Cowboys!

  39. Actually of all the recent rule changes, I like this one the most. No more potentially injurious cheap shots at the end of a half. Me like.

  40. I’m a Cowboys fan but I support this because I’ve been saying that this guy is one of the dirtiest players in the league for years. I could close my eyes to it like some fans do but I don’t play that game.
    Erik Williams was a great player but he sure as hell took advantage of the fact that they let him get away with murder until they enacted the Erik Williams rule.
    The Pokes have had a few rules named after them but they did deserve their “honors.” Frankly, I thought that the Emmit Smith rule was great because he stole the move from a college player and it was bush league (taking off the helmet). Normally, I don’t think too much about celebrations but this one was just out there.

  41. The leather face Rule
    Owners with new or old leather faces will not be allowed on the sidelines for their own safety–someone may mistake their face for a football and throw them in the game

  42. Popeye says:
    March 18, 2010 11:18 AM
    Flozelle destroyed the bitc**s known as the giants……stop crying and suck it Giant fans..hahahahhahahahahahha
    I heard Tampax is coming out with one called the “Eli”……..when Flozelle shoots himself, let me know….ahahahhahahhahahahahah
    Popeye what are you smoking the Giants kicked the cowboys asses twice last year once when you opened that shithole in texas.
    We did not complain we won blowzelle is a fat over the hill shit

  43. I guess he’s gotta have some kind of legacy to make up for the fact that he’s never gonna play in a Superbowl as long as he’s on the Cowboys. Sure, having 5 Pro Bowls is nice, but he’s definitely gonna be most remembered for the classic “Holding, #76 on the offense” or “False start, #76 on the offense” or my personal favorite, tripping Justin Tuck, and then getting chumped up by like 10 Giants after a block to the back on Tuck in the next game. Or taking out Marion Barber after a touchdown against the Saints. Or anything else remotely amusing that I can find on youtube.
    I’d rather my offensive linemen have depression than be scumbags.

  44. What about a look “like a complete bunch of asses in front of your owner and fans” rule?
    Only the big mouth cowgirls could lose the last game in the old stadium and then turn right around and lose the opener in Jerry land. LMAO .
    Thats right it should of been a law, not a rule.
    I guess a law was broke on the last day in Texas Stadium when the Ravens physically assulted your punk asses. HA HA HA. Your fag organization even hand picked the Ravens thinking the girls would steamroll them. I guess they ruined your little celebration and slumber party?
    Come on be a bunch of cowgirls and justify that crappy representation of a home field advantage in “historic” game settings. Its in the books and it will never change. HA HA HA. Maybe its a first?

  45. Flozell is a God Damn Bum that deserves to be taken into a dark alley and beaten senseless with a tire iron.

  46. As much as the cowboys “suck” it’s funny to see how many haters there are. You rarely see a cowboys fan taking time to hate on another team. The cowboys are the shit and everyone knows it. That’s why people hate on em. Look at the lakers and yankees. Yea the giants won both games last season, but I didn’t see them in the playoffs. Yes they beat the cowboys on the way to the Super Bowl but how many times did the cowboys do that to the giants?
    As far as Flozell, yea he’s old and his false starts are shit but because of three penalties of this kind over all his years in the game do not make him a dirty player.
    I love to see how the cowboy haters have nothing better to do than to put they’re small brains together to make up a new name for the cowboys.
    At least our players don’t shoot themselves and end up in jail with their carrier over.

  47. Blozil sucks he is done over old news
    I hope he trys a cheap shot on tuck this season Tuck will own blos fat ass

  48. first off the “tuck rule” had only been called twice in the entire existence of the NFL. look it up. secondly the rule was so obscure that most of the teams, players and officials didnt even know it existed. I’m not one for conspiracy theories but that year with patriotism at an all time high and the US coming out of 9/11, the case can be made and it is somewhat believable.
    Also, I would like to propose the “Brett Favre Rule”.
    it states that once you retire you have to stay retired. I am sick and tired of watching this asshole and his entire friggin circus every year. if you want to play, then play. if you cant decide, then its time to get on with it.

  49. dallas22: We just hate the Cowboys because all of the bandwagon fans are so annoying despite the fact that the team has been irrelevant since the mid 90s. No team that has done SO LITTLE in the past 14 years has more obnoxious fans than the Cowgirls.

  50. Look at all the little Dallas Cowboys fans.
    They must think Halloween comes in March, because it seems like they’re all dressed up like Keith Brooking today.
    WAAAAAAAH! Gregg is mean to us, Flozell is a great player, 3-0 vs. the Eagles, the Giants quit in the season, Mean old Brett Favre ran up the score WAAAAAH!

  51. # dallas22* says: March 18, 2010 1:29 PM
    As much as the cowboys “suck” it’s funny to see how many haters there are. You rarely see a cowboys fan taking time to hate on another team.
    They don’t huh? Welcome to!
    Let me intoduce you to Vox Veritas (Google it for a good laugh), Chapnasty, Hap, Boysroll, and a whole other host of trolls that do nothing BUT talk trash, ad nauseum. Read an Eagles post once and a while and you’ll see why the only thing people like less than the Cowboys in the NFC East, are Cowboys fans.

  52. “dallas22: We just hate the Cowboys because all of the bandwagon fans are so annoying despite the fact that the team has been irrelevant since the mid 90s. No team that has done SO LITTLE in the past 14 years has more obnoxious fans than the Cowgirls.”
    Either we’re bandwagon fans or the Cowboys are irrelevant. You can’t have it both ways.

  53. You forgot the Hines Ward rule, for all the pussies who don’t like getting hit too hard.

  54. “‘If you ain’t cheatin you ain’t tryin!'”
    Now, that’s a sportsman for you.
    Tripping, or atempted tripping occurs on nearly every play on both sides. Watch a LB get juked out of position and he’ll “accidently” stick his leg out to trip the runner. It doesn’t excuse it. But to make it sound like Adams is the only one to do it is ridiculous. Look up “Conrad Dobler” and then tell me who this rule should be named after.
    Tuck fell on his shoulder. Gosh, that would never ever have happened in a football game if he hadn’t been tripped.

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