Kevin Curtis done in Philadelphia too

The Eagles continue to dramatically alter their roster.

The latest big name to go is wide receiver Kevin Curtis, who was cut just minutes after the team announced the release of Darren Howard.

The move isn’t surprising.  Curtis was highly productive in his first season in Philadelphia, leading the team with 1,110 receiving yards.  But injuries have limited him to just 12 games and 39 catches the last two years combined.

Curtis opened last season as a starter, but wound up with only six catches as he battled complications from sports hernia surgery, and then a knee injury.

Due $4.4 million in 2010, the Eagles had no choice but to release Curtis.  He’s only 31 years old, however, and would make a decent low-cost gamble for some team out there.

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  1. When are they going to do the next smart thing and cut/trade McNabb or just cut Vick? I might get nervous if they do that.

  2. They might not have added any big names but they are doing an awesome job of cutting all the dead weight off this team

  3. good riddance, he was just a one year wonder
    now all they need to do is trade that first round pick for Brandon Marshall

  4. would also be nice if, maybe, the eagles sign some good players to take up these spots they are freeing up

  5. Two Days Later:
    “Carolina Signs Curtis”
    Except…. they won’t because he’s over 22.

  6. We better have a monster draft this year. We’re cutting a lot of players without replacing them…

  7. bout time the Eagles cleared house of these bums. Too bad Curtis looked so good in the first season. As did Andrews, Reggie Brown, The Freak…etc etc…

  8. Curtis was a great guy to have around in Philly, especially with the younger receivers.
    He can still be a good 3rd receiver for a team needing help….he’s just been hurt so much that its not worth the risk for a third year in a row.

  9. I bet they didnt ask Curtis, Howard, Andrews, or Witherspoon if they would take a pay cut. Just like they didnt ask Westbrook to take a pay cut.
    Im going to laugh my ass off once a starter or 2 gets injured and they have no depth on their roster to replace them.

  10. Too little too late, they should have dumped him and Howard earlier. The Eagles are loving every minute of this “no minimum cap year”. They can get rid of the scrubs they overpaid for. Did Darren Howard leave the NovaCare complex with a ski mask and gloves?

  11. Great. More money in Lurie’s wallet and they didn’t spend any of it on free agents. They better make some trades because they have not improved themselves at all. No safety, no DE, no center and no right guard. In pains me to say this but we are way behind Dallas and not to mention Minnesota and New Orleans and they are doing nothing about it!!! Don’t give me Darryl Tapp. 2 1/2 sacks last year? Marlin Jackson?? He doesn’t have 1 good knee between the 2 of them. Mike Bell wasn’t bad, but can he play safety? Oh, we do have 3 QBS. That will put us over the top. This ownership makes it really hard to stay an Eagles fan!!

  12. Good move, he’s too much like Jackson and Maclin, which is a good thing, but he doesn’t have health or age on his side. That said, if he can stay healthy this season, he will be a nice addition to a lot of teams.

  13. @ Route36West..
    what are you talking about?? THESE are the players that ALWAYS got hurt on the team and we needed to have back ups for.. even if they kept these guys they wouldnt be playing because they would probably be injured to begin with… quit crying just because you made your screen name of a guy who got hurt and couldnt play anymore… they arnt cutting players who are good, they’re getting rid of guys who cant get on the field or who get on the field and dont produce at all..

  14. I wish the RAMS didn’t let Curtis go, I liked him. If he’s healthy, we should try to get him back!

  15. These are all good moves by the Eagles and if we trade McNabb we have cleared close to $30 million of the books! Thats a shit load of money to spend on the HUGE free agent class next year. You do realize that next year is going to be like having 2 free agent classes because all of the restricted free agents will become free agents as long as a new CBA is reached, which it will be. We are still talented enough to compete this year but regardless of who we could have picked up this year in free agency it wouldn’t have been enough to compete for a Super Bowl in 2010, so clearing space for major free agent spending next year is very smart! There are enough guys available next year to address every single need on this team. We may be a little down next year but we will come back with a vengeance in 2011 and make a major push for a Super Bowl.

  16. As an Eagles fan, i really get tired of hearing how we are going to get every big time wr every year, we heard it for what 2 years with Anquan Boldin? Brandon Marshall? Do we need a woman beating mercurial wide receiver in Philly right now? Seems to me like Jackson, Maclin, Avant and Celek at te are a pretty good group!! But lets start the Marshall bullshit now, and talk about it all off season.

  17. Then again we let Kevin Curtis and his 30 catches the last two years go, so it must mean Andy is gonna go get Brandon Marshall!!! Hey I saw that they cut Darren Howard loose, that must mean that we are gonna move up in the draft and pick Ndamukong Suh, right?

  18. hey Akshun,
    dont waste your breathe. Route36West is a complete moron. He should follow Heckert to Cleveland and become one of their fans. The guy knows nothing…

  19. For all the morons crying about the Eagles not adding anybody….. Please tell me the great FAs that were available for them to add, and remember, we didn’t even get a shot at Peppers. There might have been a couple more FAs that were worth anything, and they got big contracts from other teams, that they might not even be worth. Go be a fan of the Redskins, they will satisfy your offseason spending needs, but tell me what have they been since Snyder took over?

  20. The rebuilding begins. Cat’s out of the bag.
    So long, Donovan!
    I hope we get a lot, and that he goes to a city that never ever boos him (meaning he’ll play to a stadium of empty seats).

  21. Look for Curtis to wind up in Buffalo. The Bills have liked him for a long time, and he’d be a good fit as a temporary #2 WR companion to speed guy Lee Evans as they try to develop a long-term #2 WR.

  22. Would you complainers rather they keep dead wood on the team just so it looks like they’re spending money? It makes no difference how much money you spend if you’re not getting good value for it, whether you’re talking about overpaid players like Howard and Curtis or free agents that make too much and wind up getting cut in a year or two anyway.

  23. Kevin Curtis has produced when given the opportunity. In St. Louis, he and Shaun McDonald still put up huge numbers when Torry Holt and Isaac Bruce when down at any time, or at the same time as they did a couple times.

  24. In order to find the flowers you must cut the weeds. I guess this is what the EAgles are doing. They can keep going on this team. Quentin Demps, Macho Harris, Stacy Andrews, Trade Mcnabb, Trade Kolb or Vick, don’t bring back Omar Gaither and Chris Gocong. Lots of bums left on this team. Definitely a rebuilding year. Just puzzles me that they are cutting all this dead weight and getting younger but don’t want to part ways with Mcnabb. Just makes no sense. I’ll take a higher 2nd round pick for him.

  25. Curtis had a good season once? Really? Here’s his stats that year :
    77 Catches for 1110 yards and 6 TDs
    That looks like an okay year until you consider:
    Two of the TDs were offensive fumble recoveries in the endzone
    11 Catches, 212 Yards, 3 TDs against the Lions…
    5 Catches 121 yards and a TD against the Jets (who were also terrible that year)
    Take away those, and in 14 games against NFL competition he had:
    61 catches for 777 yards and 0 Touchdowns
    That was his BEST year. Cutting this guy is not gonna matter.

  26. can sombody explain to me what “big moves” the saints made when they went 8-8 to super bowl champs last year? ya they got sharper but nobody was saying what a great move it was at the time. or the year before when pitt didnt make any moves (actually lost alan faneca in FA tht offseason and then won the super bowl? or the giants the year before tht? i could go on, but my point is FA is so overrated, its for making the small moves like philly is doing adding tapp and bell and cutting guys like curtis and andrews who didnt even play last year. there gonna replace these guys with draft picks and guys who might actually contribute. lets also not forgett phillys getting stewart bradley back (the real reason y the d was top 3 2 years ago) and they were also 11-5 last year, i wouldnt call that rebuilding haha. whats gonna be key is for the young guys to have another offseason to develop and the line to be together for another year, not how much money they spend in FA.

  27. I don’t know why the eagles signed him to a big contract. he was always a 3rd wr behind holt and Bruce. the good year he had in 07 only looks good because he had a 3td, 220 yard game against the lions. take that game out and he’s been average

  28. Eagles Organization are stupid. Nice Depth idiots. How about signing Lowell Rikert to a contract.

  29. How can anyone be against this move? Almost every team has a guy like Curtis, and few make even close to what he does. He’s Willie Green.
    The Eagles are using the uncapped year for salary dumps of bad contracts, which is a great idea.
    I rip Banner and Reid as much as anyone, but these are great moves. We rip them for not owning up to their mistakes, not spending money. These moves fly in the face of that. Well done!

  30. Okay, they dumped salary. I agree with each guy they dumped. What about bringing in talent!! They did not close the gap between us and the Cowboys. Peppers sure would have helped!! He may be inconsistent, but he was the best option out there. We pick up a guy who had 2 1/2 sacks last year to help out Trent Cole. Looks like another year of double and triple teams for him.

  31. Ok for all the folks who are bashing the Eagles for the moves they have made, let’s review:
    Released: Brian Westbrook (one of my favorite all-time Eagles) the guy hasn’t even landed a FA visit . . . A VISIT let alone been signed . . . are all 32 NFL teams wrong?
    Released: Will Witherspoon – played OK for the Eagles last year . . . had one really good game the rest were average . . . he is the biggest lost so far . . . also the first one who was signed as a FA
    Reggie Brown – traded to Tampa Bay for a 2011 6th rounder . . . no loss to the Eagles . . . lucky to get a 6th rounder
    Chris Clemons – traded to Seattle w/ a 4th round pick for Tapp . . . the 4th round pick was more valuable then Clemons . . . Tapp is a younger improvement over Clemons
    Released: Shawn Andrews . . . a dog who hasn’t played in almost two years
    Released: Kevin Curtis . . . has heart but has had a marginal contribution in the last two years . . . more than likely wouldn’t see the field very much
    Released: Darren Howard . . . substantial decline last year . . . marginal contribution . . . will continue to decline with age
    Other than Will Witherspoon, I see no real loss of any value in these players. So the Eagles continue their yough movement, and they prefer to have younger developmental guys as depth; apposed to older players who are often injured.

  32. jgras – it’s a throwaway season. FA told you that – they didn’t sign any A/B list guys. Now we see salary dump.
    The objective for 2010…
    1) Spend minimal $’s
    2) Start Kolb
    3) Load up on D in the draft
    And then see what happens next year. If 2011 is uncapped the Eagles have tons of cash, maturing skill position players (Jackson, Maclin, Celek, McCoy), a QB with a season as started under his belt, and an young improved defense.
    That’s when we make the start of a new era of Eagles competitiveness. And, unlike McNabb, Kolb can hit the ground running because the overall team talent is much better than what Donovan found in 1999.
    This is a great plan. Now, if they keep McNabb it sets back the franchise a full year and dilutes any impact these moves could have made.

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