Patriots, Crumpler getting close

Ten days after free agent tight end Alge Crumpler paid a visit to the Patriots, he’s reportedly close to a deal.

Terry McCormick of the Nashville City Paper is reporting that Crumpler and the Patriots are close, although a contract probably won’t be signed until next week.

Waiting until next week gives both the Patriots and Crumpler time to look elsewhere, which has already happened with the Patriots and a free agent tight end once this offseason, when Daniel Fells appeared close to a deal only to re-sign with the Rams.

The Patriots are in need of a tight end after the departures of Ben Watson and Chris Baker this offseason.

14 responses to “Patriots, Crumpler getting close

  1. Get it done and sign that guy! I’m reading at that Crumpler is one of the better blocking tight ends in the league which is exactly what the Pats need in their system.
    BTW to bad we missed out on Andra Davis as we could have used some depth at MLB. Now the Pats have to deal with him in Buffalo.

  2. alge would fill a blocking role, doubtful hell catch 40 passes however i like the pats to draft jermaine gresham with the number 22 and then ricky sapp or brandon graham with their first of second round picks. wes wont be ready so brady def needs more help on offense, considering we dont have a run game

  3. The Patriots are in need of a tight end after they didn’t have any last year.
    Apologies to Ben Watson, he was good for a big catch every now and then, but it’s been a long time since Ben Coates.

  4. all the restaurant owners on the greater boston area are lobbying Bob Kraft hard to get Algie into town.

  5. I still find it somewhat odd that, for a HC that values the TE (Belichick/Parcells both value the matchup problems a good TE can cause), that the Patriots have such a mess at TE. Granted, with the proliferation of the spread, it’s not that big an issue.
    I’m not sure how much Alge Crumpler has left. That said, TE should have good value in the 2nd round. There’s a chance Gresham falls to the 2nd, but there’s some solid options there.
    If the Bears cut Desmond Clark loose, I could see the Pats giving a call. Desmond, if healthy, is still a decent pass-catching TE.

  6. Just what they need another over the hill player that will either just suck or get injured half way through the season, i.e… Fred Taylor/Joey Galloway.

  7. They use their TE’s primarily as blockers which Crumpler does very well. And for all of the asswipes that keep saying they are getting older, 10 rookies made the team last year. They have 11 picks in the first three rounds of this and next years draft. So, hnirobert and your sister, cbatchel can g.f.y.

  8. A nice old, overweight, slow, washed up tight end for the Celtics, I mean Pats!! Same difference

  9. “The Patriots are in need of a tight end after the departures of Ben Watson and Chris Baker…”
    Correction – The Patriots were in need of a tight end BEFORE the departures of Ben Watson and Chris Baker…

  10. you love football but you didnt know hes been out of the nfc south for 2 yrs???

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