PFTV ponders the quarterback situation in Cleveland

The Browns tried to upgrade their quarterback position by dumping Derek Anderson and Brady Quinn, and by adding Seneca Wallace and Jake Delhomme.

Key word:  “tried.”

Will it make a difference?  PFTV explores.


29 responses to “PFTV ponders the quarterback situation in Cleveland

  1. I spent a night in tiny town in Wisconsin once and their small town nightly news cast that broad casted to no more than 40 people looked better than these crappy basement videos.

  2. Jake and Seneca won’t make a differnce at all.
    The browns need to work on thier O-Line and then worry about skill players.
    if you don’t have a line you have jack squat.
    There was nothing wrong with anderson. it was the fact that they had no line to protect him with.

  3. I think Show went for attitude here. Lack of a Farve on somebodies bench. He’s bringing in guys that will be all bright eyed and bushy tailed. Got rid of the animosity at the QB position. He’ll draft QB’s (Wolf did every year) and is hoping that Delhoome becomes his Doug Pederson for Show’s next Brett Favre.

  4. Cleveland is clearly going to draft a QB high in the draft. Problem is Bradford and Claussen will probably already be gone by the time they pick. Look for them to limp through the 2010 season while they get the new guy ready for 2011 (if there is football in 2011).

  5. A text to Tom Brady may have helped WR David Patten return to the Patriots.
    The text was …
    “Tom, U aint stil beina brown nose kiss azz n stil goin 2 voluntary workouts like a little bitch are U? UR frend D.P. – N I don’t mean Double Penetration! LOL!!!”

  6. Perhaps a change of scenery will revitalize Delhomme’s career. Charlie Weis is likely interested in reuniting with Quinn in KC, too, just to see if there is anything he can do to juice up the QBs career before he starts his next career selling insurance for his uncle Pete.

  7. I wouldn’t draft Clausen and I especially wouldn’t draft Bradford with the #7!
    Clausen and Bradford are later 1st round early second round picks!
    Bradford’s health record is a major turn off, I don’t care how much weight he picked up.
    Slow release and spread offense, the Rams, Lions, Bucs can have him!
    If there was a rookie pay scale, then yeah – he would be a good value @ the #7 – but with the current system, no way I’m dropping that much cash on a shoulder injury away never has been, who has yet to take a professional snap!

  8. Delhomme still has game in the tank. Simply, he lost his confidence and stopped playing football. Even players (after his departure) have come to his defense stating that Jeff Davidson failed frequently to put him in a position to succeed, not to mention his surroundings (OL and WR corps) wasn’t much to write mom about. Steve Smith, that is it, for those that want to argue.
    In Cleveland, he gets a clean state and the confidence from MH to start. Has he lost something in his deep range, 20+? Yep, lost his accuracy most in that area. BUT, this will be a power run with WCO passing game. Jake will be required to hit the 19 and under routes and his accuracy in that range was over 60%.
    Lastly, for the poster at the top, Joe Thomas, Eric Steinbach, Mack, _______, Pashos. Not a bad line at all coming in and I wouldn’t be surprised to see a RT selected to start, moving Pashos to Guard where he could really extend his career and value being the run mauler he is!

  9. Who Dey Ochocinco says:
    March 18, 2010 12:00 PM
    Get a clue or don’t make a post in which you know nothing about. They need on position on the oline to fill and that is right tackle. The left side and center is a great line. To say the don’t have a line is plain stupid!! When you have 2 qb’s who throw at the feet of a reciever on a 5 yard slant and can’t complete more than 52% of your throws in 2 years combined means they Suck!! Keep up the good work Holmgren!!

  10. @Who Dey Ochocinco sez:
    “There was nothing wrong with anderson. it was the fact that they had no line to protect him with.”
    Obviously, you never watched a game with Anderson @ QB…otherwise you wouldn’t have said anything that stupid. But, then again, based on your user-name, maybe I’m mistaken.
    Anderson can throw at the Arizona turf now. There isn’t much sorrow around Cleveland that he was sent packing. He had a big arm. Too bad he never knew where the ball was going to end up. No one did…especially his receivers.

  11. Florio might have a point: Why not hang on to Quinn a bit longer? Its not like Brett Ratcliffe is going to storm to the front of the pack as your #1 starting QB.
    I am pretty sure that the last thing that Delhomme brings to the Browns is ‘stability’. Stability is not bring in someone who had 26 turnovers in 12 games (playoff game plus +11 games 2009). Guaranteeing him 7 million dollars is even worse.
    Peyton Hillis might be a really good situational back. The combination of Hillis and what will probably be 2 sixth round draft choice just seems a little wee bit slim for a quarterback. Quinn’s base salary is around 700k. It cannot be much more than Ratcliffe’s contract.
    So does this mean the Browns are going after Bradford? Perhaps. Can they get him ? Highly unlikely unless they want to cough up half of their 2010 picks. Claussen ? He could fall to the Browns at #7 but you have KC, Wash and Seattle ahead of you which makes that scenario highly unlikely. I doubt Mangini and Claussen would work together.
    Mccoy fits a west coast offense. However, his size and arm strength are major red flags. Tebow is too much of a project. My guess is it will be either Lefevor, Levi Brown or Sean Canfield if they draft a quarterback.

  12. The Browns have absolutely no wide recievers. It’s hard for any QB to succeed when there are 10 dropped passes in every game. They really should look at bringing in a guy like Dez Bryant.

  13. LOL!! LOL!! LOL!!
    Hey- WhoDeyOchoWhino!! Just goes to show HOW LITTLE Bungle fans know about football (even when it’s in their own division.) The Browns only issue with the Oline was the Right side couldn’t get enuff push to help them run the ball. They had less sacks than every other team in the division except Baltimore.
    Anderson has a cannon arm and peanut brain~! Don’t act like you watched him in anytime other than v. the Bengals (even then, in that game, unless you were three sheets you witnessed his 4 int. melt-down when the playoffs were on the line~!!) Stop trying to show your intelligence by spitting up total b.s. about a team you know nothing about! Quinn was inaccurate and WAS given his chanceS, Anderson was well-paid to panic, throw numerous Pik-6 INT’S, including two memorable ones in two very close, winnable games v. Ravens IN THE SAME SEASON! Anderson is a big tease, and even though he’ll have Fitzgerald now he WILL throw picks and frustrate the hell out of Cardinal coaches and fans. Book it. He had no composure in college, has NEVER come close running a “good, solid two-minute drill” 1x in as a pro, and will trip over his own big feet at theworst time possible or throw a pick when a game is on the line. His all-pro year (he was an alternate who got in, btw) was a fluke…, and his re-$igning, along with Crennel getting a new deal after that season, is THE REASON Phil Savage not only was fired, but can barely get a “sniff” from another team to even work as a full time scout. I didn’t see that many teams knocking the door down to sign him when the Browns cut his asz, and I doubt he can even beat out Leinart, another Pac-10 QB “super under-achiever” that’s been whoafully OVERpaid.
    Bengal fans…, what tools.
    Go Browns! (and “Fear the Man Upstairs”…he may be coming for you next!)

  14. The only starting QB in the league worse than Delhomme was Derrek Anderson last year. Cleveland has downgraded from Brayd Quinn.
    Denver’s QB situation is now light years ahead of Cleveland’s with Chicago’s and cleveland’s rejects (how bad is that).
    I have no idea what they are doing in Cleveland, but they are not looking to win in 2010.

  15. Funny how PFTV pretends that Jake Delhomme’s entire career is irrelavent other than the last year and a half. Apparently, Florio is 100% certain that once a player strings together a bad season or two, it is impossible to ever recover- hence the cute graphic during this clip that calls him “Jake the Joke”.
    No one’s in denial about how bad Delhomme was last year or how he folded faster than Superman on laundry day against the Cards in the playoffs.
    However, considering the guy is getting out of a situation he’s probably been miserable in and will get a fresh start in an offense that supposedly will favor a shorter passing game, I wouldn’t rush to judgment just yet.

  16. I wonder if when Anderson signed his contract with Arizona he had a ski mask on and was in a get away car – ’cause he flat out stole that $!! The Browns’ o-line is 1 stud RG/RT from being ELITE, that’s why they needed to get some QBs in here that didn’t hit guys in the back/feet/helmet with the ball. I don’t think that Delhomme or Wallace are spectacular by any stretch, but they cannot possibly be as bad as DA or Quinn. Those guys were tuurrrible. They made the games almost unbearable to watch. At least Delhomme has had some sustained success in the league before, and will be a good guy to mentor the young QB they draft – hopefully in the 2nd or 3rd round. No way I touch Bradford or Clausen — both overrated garbage.

  17. There is nothing more entertaining than reading a Browns fan forum. It’s like a losers convention going at each others throats. One has to wonder if the Browns are such perrenial losers BECAUSE of their fans. WHo knows how many Browns players hate their own hostile fans. They lash out at everyone – even their own players and other fans.

  18. “Who Dey Ochocinco says:
    March 18, 2010 12:00 PM
    Jake and Seneca won’t make a differnce at all.
    The browns need to work on thier O-Line and then worry about skill players.
    if you don’t have a line you have jack squat.
    There was nothing wrong with anderson. it was the fact that they had no line to protect him with.”
    Yeah, because we all know Joe Thomas sucks; Eric Steinbach is horrible; and Alex Mack is a bust…….
    The Browns have a great left side of the line. Thomas is a perrenial all-star and and Steinbach is a good OLman as well. Mack showed good promise last year at C. It’s the Rex Hadnot, John St. Claire, Floyd Womack, etc…travesty we had at the right side of the line. Signing Pashos should help solidify the right side of the line whether he plays RG or RT. Is Pashos an all-star? No, but he’s no scrub either.
    My favorite line though: “There was nothing wrong with anderson. it was the fact that they had no line to protect him with.”
    Maybe you were watching a different Browns team than I was the last few years. Anderson had a cupcake 1st half schedule in 2007 (hence why he put up good numbers), but when the schedule got harder, he went back to being himself.
    Anderson blows.
    And you “whodeyochocinco” have got to be one of the least intelligent people to post on this board.

  19. Its a worse situation then last yr by far…wallace is decent but Jake is DONE.He needs to be taken out back like a old crazed dog! and we are in no way shape or form taking a QB in the First.and if anyone wants to draft Claussen,please go have a psych evaluation ASAP!….We need Defensive help so we need to take that in the first because we need a stud

  20. gotta love how the PFT guys talk about honesty not being the best policy with Holmgren…
    …this site has made a living at guessing on or exaggerating the details then parlaying it into a cash cow home-run.
    As a Browns fan, I’ll just say I’m now ambivalent towards this team

  21. Remember how badly Kurt Warner looked as a Giant? He should have just hung up his cleats after that right?
    Go Browns!
    Go Delhomme!

  22. The Browns will draft the Tennesee safety in the 1st, and the best remaining QB in the 2nd. That QB will go right into Holmgren U for a year while Delhomme shows if he still has it or not. If Delhomme doesn’t have it, Senneca Wallace and Cribbs will see a lot of time in the backfield running gadget plays.

  23. I hear there is a QB of the Month Club whereby you receive a new QB to review for 30 days………if you enjoy the selection, you may keep. If not, simply return for credit!

  24. Delhomme and Wallace are a definite upgrade over Quinn and Anderson. Delhomme will have a good situation to get his condidence back on a team where expectations are not so high. A Seneca Wallace, Josh Cribbs duo in the wildcat offense will be a nice twist too.
    The Browns STARTING O-line isn’t really that bad. Depth on the O-line is what they lack. A possible move up in the draft could bring the Browns Russell Okung however ther is still time to address the depth issue through free agency or later draft picks, they have a ton of picks.
    As for the draft – Don’t look for the Browns to use their first round pick on a QB. This is an exteremly deep QB draft. Instead, look for the Browns to go with either the safety Berry or cornerback Haden in the first round. They’ll take another defender in the second round. Possibly a cornerback if they Berry falls to them in the first round. The third round is where the QB will come from. I look for either Dan LeFevour, Mike Kafka or Jevan Snead to be the Browns new hope for the future at QB.

  25. Jake & Seneca are decent “blue-collar” QBs that will get the job done until a true QB can be found and groomed MH style.
    DA & BQ will get a fresh start w their new teams. There was no hope for either with the Clowns. The Browns organization, the HCs and the OCs that blew in and out of town ruined them. Maybe now, after 10+ yrs, we finally have a legitimate NFL organization. It will still take several years to see any trophies in the lobby but, they’re coming. 🙂
    I wish them all good luck with their respective teams.

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