Report: JaMarcus weighs 271

Oakland Raiders quarterback JaMarcus Russell is supposedly in much better shape than he was last season. But that doesn’t mean he’s slim.

Tim Kawakami of the San Jose Mercury-News reports that Russell weighed 271 pounds when he reported to the team’s voluntary offseason workouts this week.

That’s 11 pounds heavier than his listed weight of 260 pounds, and it’s six pounds more than he weighed at the 2007 scouting combine, when he was a somewhat pudgy 265 pounds.

On the other hand, 271 pounds has to be considered progress considering that two years ago, Don Banks of wrote that there were rumors that Russell was weighing in at close to 300 pounds.

101 responses to “Report: JaMarcus weighs 271

  1. What a Fat P.O.S the Raiders should be able to sure this guy for some of their money back he doesnt even try .

  2. Maybe he has hit the weights? And he is a slimmer 271?
    I doubt it, but that could mesh all reports together.
    He will still suck though.

  3. But its way better than the three bills that florio was speculating that Russell was supposedly weighing.

  4. I’d like to see some proof of this it’s funny how Kawakami is the first to have a number of his weight before anyone else and this guy is a known extreme Raider hater, goes out of his way to discount and discredit anything and everything to do with the Raiders so it’s kinda hard to beleive anything he says considering how many times he’s been wrong about the Raiders before

  5. When was the last time the league had an overweight quarterback? Was the 50’s wasn’t it, and if I remember he did not do to well. Maybe JaMarcus will be like the ‘Fridge’ and be one of a kind…
    Or maybe for the sake of the AFC West he should stick to eatin’ his damn twinkies.

  6. 260 on paper last year=300 in reality.
    271 on paper this year must put him in the low 300’s ouch.
    Don’t set that bar too high JaMarcus!
    Pigs get fat. Hogs get slaughtered! Stick a fork in your ass. You are DONE!

  7. Anything Tim Kawakami says has to be taken lightly. At this point I have more connections to the Raiders than he does. lol

  8. LOL awesome. I hate Tim and he’s often full of crap, but this wouldn’t surprise me.

  9. Instead of all the mock drafts that have the Raiders taking Bruce Campbell, now they can draft a QB like Claussen and put Jamarcus on the OL.

  10. Maybe the Raiders can go all Mike Williams on him and turn him into an OLB.

  11. Last year at this time he was over 300lbs, I’m hearing the Raiders want him at 255, he has about 6 months before the season start to lose more weight,he’s still a bust tho.

  12. Is he still in LA?Maybe he ate mini-me…I havent seen that little guy in awhile

  13. this sounds an awful lot like Don Banks “report of rumors” about 300lbs that was never proven, backed up, or corroborated in any way ….hhhhhmmm

  14. Hey…everyone’s assuming it’s all fat. What if he added 15 pounds of muscle while losing 15 pounds of fat. Maybe he’s hit the weight room hard.
    Then again, maybe he’s still drinking vats of gravy and suffering from lethargy addiction.
    Which number is more fitting? JaMarcus’ #2 or Jared Allen liking 69?

  15. This article is clearly not fair. He may way 271… but has a least 6 pounds of diamonds on and the three Double Doubles (animal style) he had for lunch hardly had time to digest

  16. If he could get up to about 315 he would make an excellent left tackle. Long arms, athletic enough to be a lineman. Raiders could get some return on that money they have wasted.

  17. Isn’t Kawakami a little sore at the Raiders organisation? Isn’t he the guy that Herrera “talked” to? Maybe he’s being a little bitch and sees an opportunity to throw some mud?

  18. Lancane says: When was the last time the league had an overweight quarterback?
    There was one who recently received a Super Bowl Ring. Look up Hefty Lefty (aka, Jared Lorenzo).

  19. I really could care less how much he is….if he has improved as a QB and can read Defenses and completes passes and win games then he can be 500lbs…but until i see it on the field Grads will be the starter….

  20. Is that with or without the bling?
    Fat ass loser, he’s a bust and the only one who doesn’t know it is the senile old Al Davis.

  21. Too bad. If this guy were to get serious about his conditioning he could be good. I watched a game where he stood flat footed and effortlessly threw the ball 60 yards on a line. It was incomplete because the ball got on the receiver so fast it went through his hands but man was a toss.

  22. Jamarcus Russell is fat, Brady Quinn is ripped and they both suck. The difference is J Bust doesnt train but now he is. With that said, i wont hold my breathe that he will be good.

  23. Concern with his weight is wasted time. It doesn’t matter at all one way or the other

  24. Maybe Big AL can move J-Marc to tackle and salvage some of the money hes wasted on him. Draft Tebow with their 1st pick, give him $6 mil per year and put him at fullback then trade away next year’s no.1 pick for Jeff Feagles, the Eagles punter and sign him to a 10 year $100 mil extension…….”Just win baby”

  25. I still stand by my guns of what I said before he was drafted, he will eat his way out of the league within 5 years… ok, with this weight loss thing it might throw that estimate off a little… or maybe not… because he’ll still suck and then start to eat and get more depressed… 5 years it is.

  26. Not shocking at 6’6″ coming off off-season time.
    This is where I would say is respectable. He has a few months to get into shape.
    Not a story really.

  27. It’s not the weight with Russell….it’s simply that he is dumb as a brick and will never be an elite QB.

  28. Go ahead and have your laughs but JR will get the last laugh when he leads us to the promised land!!
    Raiders forever!!
    JR is a great quarterback!! get over it!!!

  29. # Tyler says: March 18, 2010 5:07 PM
    His ideal weight would be around 240 lbs.
    240 might actually be a bit small for someone of his height; I would say 250 would be good.

  30. Can we just call it a bust and start over already? I can’t believe a team would cut Jeff Garcia and keep JaLoser McRusty

  31. O. and the fact that the media has no access to the Raiders until mini-camp… keep fishing…

  32. Wheres BLUE EYED DEVIL to defend his black QB??? This is why the position will always be white buddy….just sayin

  33. We’ll see in the first preseason game whether he waddles onto the field or actually walks or trots out.

  34. DONKIN DONUT proudly presents
    the Oakland Raiders new NoseTackle
    JaaaaaMarcus “Compton Ham” Russelllll
    Joey Whipcream
    the human christmas tree
    Kiss da Herscheyy
    Whoppa di Whopper
    the 60 million dollar Sumo
    what a joke that due is

  35. If he did weight 300 back at the end of December, 271 in March isn’t terrible. If he continues to work (big “if”) he could feasibly be around the 250-260 mark by the preseason.
    Not saying that I expect it, but if he comes in anywhere near that it would be the first step in the right direction we’ve seen since the Tampa game.

  36. Coward-kommie is just being the ass that he is.
    The past time he had a scoop on the Raiders was, well, never.
    Kawakami is irrelevant.

  37. If he has to work this hard to stay under 300 lbs now, what will he do when he’s 30 and won’t have metabolism on his side?
    Oh wait, when he’s 30 he’ll be flipping burgers. Right.

  38. You mean to tell me the Joey Chestnut of the NFL finally decided to earn his money? It’s about time you come around. I really wanna root for this guy, but after the first couple snaps, I’m ready to jump off an airplane without a parachute. We have no control over what goes on in the front office. Our opinions are irrelevant. As raider fans, all we can do is support our team even if it kills us.

  39. As a Chiefs fan I think Russell should eat a few more twinkies because I think he is really a great QB. I believe he should put on another 30 pounds and he could be his own guard.

  40. Fat or skinny Ja Junk is a flat out bust. Dead Al will stay with him and put up with many lost games so as to not admit he was wrong. Very sad for the fans. Al is going to the grave knowing his legacy is even worse than it was given his record the past 10 years and JaJunk and DHB capped it off !

  41. his new position should be left out, cut down, benchwarmer water boy.
    271 aint svelte unless yer 7 feet tall.
    his ideal weight? add a brain in and we can start talkin.

  42. When was the Oakland Raiders last winning season by the way?
    Let’s see here:
    You take Al Davis, add a wife beating head coach, add the fact that nobody in the right mind wants to play for this team, and top it off with an overweight QB bust, and there you have it folks. The central ingredients for a 5 and 11 team at best each year.
    There is an easy solution here folks.
    Eliminate the old man, the wife beater, and overweight QB bust, and maybe players would consider wearing the “Silver and Black” once more. 5 and 11 would become 11 and 5 within 2 years.

  43. It’s quite silly to go by weight. I think everyone knows this. We won’t know anything until we see him taking some snaps.

  44. Plunketthead says:
    March 18, 2010 5:18 PM
    Go ahead and have your laughs but JR will get the last laugh when he leads us to the promised land!!
    Raiders forever!!
    JR is a great quarterback!! get over it!!!
    Dude, pass that shit. Seriously.

  45. If Tim Kawakami is the only source this is coming from, then this should be taken with a grain of salt. This guy has no friends in Oakland and there is no way he has an insider that will give him this kind of info. Anyone who believes anything Tim Kawakami says about the Raiders without having confirmed it with a non-biased source, is an idiot or a hater. I’m not saying this might not be true, but don’t believe until you hear it from a non-biased writer, which is few and far between when it comes to Oakland.

  46. “It’s quite silly to go by weight. I think everyone knows this. We won’t know anything until we see him taking some snaps.”
    We’ve all seen him do that and he can’t hit an aircraft carrier with a Japanese Zero.

  47. Plunketthead says:
    March 18, 2010 5:18 PM
    Go ahead and have your laughs but JR will get the last laugh when he leads us to the promised land!!
    Raiders forever!!
    JR is a great quarterback!! get over it!!!
    Sorry bud, the real Raider fans are the ones who can admit when Al is wrong.

  48. They should create a cap for the new players and name it, “The Jamarcus Russell” rule, where no lazy, fat players get millions until they prove themself. Same thing happened here in Philly with Shaun Andrews, got paid, lazy and is quitting football to work on his pathetic music career and tweet all day, ah those lazy mondays.

  49. What’s Darrius Heyward-Butterfingers tipping the scales at?
    Does it matter?
    It doesn’t matter here either.
    Best QB-WR tandem of all time!
    (jk, wanted to stay off the list of that crazy ‘Hey-now’ dude)

  50. I am serious, dead serious.
    Al is not as demented as one would think.
    Al made a big mistake.
    He gave Lying Lame Kiffin too much power and Lame set the franchise back three years.
    But Al is righting the ship and everyone will fear the Raiders again. My mom is upstairs shaking in her pink crocs as we speak.

  51. Well, there is always Johnny Weir to replace him, he’s skinny enough. (P.S. should of gotten David Carr).

  52. “JaMarcus is a great playa. Get ovah it” senile Al Davis.
    Cant wait to see Al’s other great playa, dhBUST starting. Throw in another major reach at pick 8 Bruce Campbell.
    Our last 4 high 1st round draft picks. We will have a QB who cant throw (unless of course we are talking about launching a football 60 yards from his knee). A WR who is so fast he can wipe his ass before his turd hits the water. But he couldnt catch a cold. A RB McFumbles who can’t run. Then another bust in training Campbell who cant block.
    The Al Davis “Commitment To Excrement”. Suks to be us Raiderfan….

  53. lets get this right, Kawakami got it from an unnamed source, who is the same unknown source that david white has, who also is the same unknown source that Mike Lombardi, and Nancy gay has…..who also is the same source that BSPN has, and then provides the info to PFT where it is factual, with a little bit of a florio raider bash shot to boot…….in other words it’s all a crock of crap.
    Unless Jerry McDonald from the tribune says it, or Papa on Comcast says it, it’s all crap. All the rest are all haters especially Kawakami, who btw looks like he knows more about badminton than he does football.

  54. maybe we can push little mike florio and kawakami next to jfarta$$ and he’ll eat them both and do us a favor! LOL

  55. # Martin Keamy says: March 18, 2010 5:23 PM
    Can we just call it a and start over already? I can’t believe a team would cut Jeff Garcia and keep JaLoser McRusty
    Do you actually bother to read fact from fantasy? Garcia was not “cut”. HE asked to be released. There is a big difference. If he’d stuck around, he would have started by game 7 and JaFatso would only be a bad dream now.

  56. If David White, Jerry McDonald or even Adam Schefter report this, it’s probably credible……Tim Kawakami…..well, not so much.

  57. @JustDieBaby
    you are not a raider fan…… u r a niner fan

  58. Nobody needs an “inside scoop” to Raiderville to know that JaMarcus is worthless no matter what his weight is. However being a Chiefs fan he is becoming one of my favorite Raiders of all time. 🙂

  59. His actual weight has never been confirmed by anybody since he went through the Combine or the LSU Pro Day. No idea why this football website is speculating about another man’s weight but I guess it is a slow time period for the NFL.

  60. He is also 6’6.
    270 on a 6’6 frame is pretty healthy if in shape, but depends on what kind of shape.

  61. That’s 20 pounds and 2 sexual assault charges less than Roethlisberger. He’s in great shape.

  62. The top players in the league realize that there is no “off” season. Just because your not reporting to the team doesn’t mean you souldn’t be working. Especially when you factor in the $’s these guys make. Any player that starts camp “overweight” that isn’t a lineman should be ashamed. The time after the the last game untill the start of camp is the best time for these guys to train and get in shape. They can spend more time training and don’t have to deal with bumps and bruises and injuries associated with camp and the season. At 6-6, him weighing 270# might not be that bad depending on how he’s carrying it. If he’s 270 with extra fat lbs I think that just shows how commited he is to becoming a good quarterback.

  63. Maybe they should try moving him to fullback or using him as a blocking tight end. He might even be useful as a wedge buster on kick-offs. For all they have invested in him, they may as well roll him out there to do something.

  64. Come on blue eyed devil where are you. Comment on your brother. You said the black qb is the future. By future you must mean when there are flying cars and people living on mars. You are such an idiot. It is so typical.

  65. “It’s quite silly to go by weight. I think everyone knows this. We won’t know anything until we see him taking some snaps.”
    We’ve all seen him do that and he can’t hit an aircraft carrier with a Japanese Zero.
    Funniest post I’ve heard in a while! LOL

  66. Plunketthead , your dilussional ! Dead Al is in fact dead and JaJunk is and has been a total bust ! Tell mom to stop shaking in her pink crocs !!

  67. Plunketthead says:
    March 18, 2010 5:18 PM
    Go ahead and have your laughs but JR will get the last laugh when he leads us to the promised land!!
    Raiders forever!!
    JR is a great quarterback!! get over it!!!
    Plunketthead, Lamonica, Plunkett & Stabler were great Raider Quarterbacks!
    JaJackass is candidate for the Special Olympics!

  68. Being a Browns fan, it does me good to know there are other organizations as messed up as ours.
    At least our owner has seen the light and turned over the reins to an NFL professional. How that turns out, only time will tell.
    Your owner…well, I sympathize for Raider fans.

  69. not that he did it but a guy the size of russell could easily put on 25lbs from lifting weights. just sayin….

  70. Give me 5 minutes with this guy and I can turn him into a perennial pro-bowler………
    nah just kidding, hes sucks.
    But still, in terms of strictly physical talent, hes the best qb ever.
    and from a motivational standpoint, the worst.

    jamrcus russell loses 25 lbs and is now down to 314,if he can lose 25 more he might be able to see his own junk again,,,i dont think i would want a qb that has to divert this much attention to just come into camp under the linemens weight limit,all that time,then account for his time for “just chillin”,then throw in his complete and utter laziness,this dude dont stand a chance,good luck raiders[dont matter],you could have 100 four leaf clovers,rabbits feet,knock on wood,whatever,as soon as al davis resigns then and only then does that org stand a chance

  72. Used to play for a team where the QB was the biggest guy on the team. We ran the wishbone and the QB would hand off and then race ahead to be the lead blocker. A couple of times a game he would throw a pass that would go nowhere near the WR. Sounds like an offense just made for JMac.

  73. Well, think of it this way. If Al Davis keels over, and they use players that actually have skills as opposed to speed, maybe they can make him into a defensive end or something.

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