Report: McCloughan considering resignation

In a surprising development, 49ers G.M. Scot McCloughan reportedly is considering the possibility of resigning, according to Matt Maiocco of the Santa Rosa Press Democrat.

Maiocco, citing an unnamed source, reports that McCloughan met Wednesday with various members of upper management. including owner Jed York.  After the meeting, McCloughan left the facility and files were relocated from his office.

He joined the team in 2005 after coach Mike Nolan was hired.  Two years ago, McCloughan was promoted to General Manager. 

If it’s true that files have been removed from McCloughan’s office, it’s possible that he’s considering resignation as an alternative to termination.

UPDATE:  McCloughan’s agent, Peter Schaffer, tells us that McCloughan will not be resigning.

20 responses to “Report: McCloughan considering resignation

  1. This makes me very, very uneasy. It sounds like it’s Scot’s decision, but it’s not clear.
    Either he is feeling heat, or he and Singletary are struggling to meet in the middle on FA/draft strategies.
    Ugly, ugly timing.

  2. I don’t see why… regardless of what many 49ers fans think, the guy has done a hell of a job improving the roster. If this is true, horrible timing… and good luck to the franchise in finding an upgrade.

  3. Maybe we can fire him and bring in someone awesome… like Dennis Erickson.
    Just when I had my hopes up to compete in the NFC West the Yorks tear me down again.

  4. If this is truly a “quit of be fired” situation, this is exactly why the 49ers are going to be stuck in mediocrity. They give guys 2-3 years and can them in search of the next best thing.

  5. Long overdue… Bring in a Real GM and a Real Head Coach, and bring in QB that can take a snap under center.
    Alex Smith is the only # 1 overall pick I can recall that six years later people are talking about this is the year they expect him to fufill potential.

  6. Frank Gore and Patrick Willis have propped up this regime… they alone were not enough to save Nolan, but the again he had no backbone.
    You take Gore and Willis off of this team and they are Detroit Lion bad.
    That being said if Scott Mcl… had gone after a real QB when Nolan got fired he would have had atleast the next two seasons to right the ship.

  7. Bad flipping day to be a hardcore 49ers and Blazers fan here in Portland……….Epic front office debacalled twice in one day!!!

  8. The Niners need a qB. Mcl.. has had too long, and he has one bust a QB, another bust to make the homegrown bust look better, and a thrid string QB that can’t read…
    For the most important position on the field the cubard is bare. Scott Mcl… is to blame. Singlatary is next after Alex goes the whole year not showing anything except in the spread offense.

  9. I highly doubt they are looking to launch him just like that…either things have been going on behind the scenes that shouldnt or he wasnt bolstering talent each year. Honestly hes made some good draft pics except Balmer…but his FA track record is awful with the exception of Justin Smith. 2 off seasons since hes taken over and he hasnt truely addressed major needs in FA that everyone can see…QB, bonified WR (Crabtree may be) , special teams things we hear day in and day out during the season. Maybe Jed wants more but I hate to see this so close to the draft. We couldnt do this weeks ago when Holmgren was available??

  10. This is odd. No need to get rid of him now. If 49ers wanted to go in another direction they could have done that when Holmgren was available. It makes no sense to do it now. Who would we put in place of him now?

  11. This has Jimmy Clausen written all over it. Jed York is an ND alum and wants Clausen for his QB. As an alum of ND (MS Chemistry), I know of the Notre Dame mystique and how it almost forces its students and alums to unrealistically evalute the football program. Apparantly McCloughan wouldn’t put Pickle Boy at the top of his board and so he is gone. If McCloughan had caved he would have been gone midseason as the goat for the Clausen pick. He had no choice. We 49er fans are doomed to 10 more years of ugliness

  12. Bad bad timing. It couldn’t have come at a worse time for Niner fans. It is to close to the draft to replace him and all the scouts.

  13. No way in hell this all comes down to Jimmy Clausen. It’s very bizarre, and very unprofessional if they’re just now deciding it’s time for him to go.

  14. ND sux so bad. Please don’t waste my time reading any more stupid ND comments on this or any other website ever again! ND is the absolute definition of underachieving pompous frauds. They should be able to win at least 9 games/year without a doubt. The fact that they cannot…Soft
    Still can’t believe you can turn down a bowl bid. How egotistical of the admins there.
    If someone actually was so pathetic that they would fire someone for not liking a ND player…Sorry, can’t even type those feelings on this website.

  15. Who cares if a perennial losing teams loses an executive?…Don’t you people realize the niners died when Walsh left?

  16. Always nice to see the idjit haters bashing on the front office… Especially as most of them want Shanahan and Holmgren as GM, despite the fact that both of them were complete failures as roster builders and only survived because of Free Agency pick-ups and they were very good coaches in relatively weak divisions.
    Even funnier to the idjit hate by some, is that Profootball Weekly did a draft study they recently published in their 2010 draft guide. Counting Alex Smith as a “failure” because he wasn’t a starter on opening day of 2009, we’ve been the the #5 draft-success team in Rounds 1-3 over the past five years. Which includes a Donahue year…. We’ve also been Top-10 in Rounds 1-7 over that same time. And we’re perfectly well up there with pro-bowlers, etc….
    Bottom line McCloughan has done a pretty good job over-all. And once we get the QB situation resolved, we should win… We’re really, right now, a lot like the Steelers of the 1990s under Cower — a good team with an erratic QB who may or may not be “the guy.”

  17. Yeah I agree. signing Carr and that other ass hat corner paymah or whatever the hell his name is probably signaled to york that more stupid decisions were coming. As far as roster building ability, this guy is really hit and miss. He has nabbed some great talent, some in the later rounds even. Then you got balmer, lawson, clements, and jones all making high dollar providing nothing. Smith may be finally showing signs of life, but he may flop, and Vernon Davis was starting to look like a bust before finally breaking out. Add in really stupid recent signings/trades and skipping many other prime options in F/A to make this team better. On the note of his good picks, most were obvious choices at the time, minus morgan who was a sleeper pick

  18. This guy got them the extra 1st round pick for this draft. He has been a solid GM upgrading the 49ers.
    Just when you start to see the fruits of his labor they want someone else to come in and claim credit for his work?? Why not give McCloughan a chance? It takes time to evaluate te moves and only his early moves can be evaluated yet.
    This is a very bad move on the 49ers part. Much like the firing of Steve Mariucci. The 49’ers haven’t been to the playoffs since firing Steve Mariucci.
    In the peak of offseason activity and the need for a good GM to fire their own in crazy. Coaches do not know the GM job and woever gave te advice to fire im is going to get fired themselves when this bad decision is realized in a couple of years.
    It is foot shooting time in Santa Clara.

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