Rooney: We will not open in New Orleans

The Steelers will not be part of the NFL’s opening game in New Orleans, according to Steelers president Art Rooney. The Steelers will open at home.

“We won’t be playing in New Orleans,” Rooney declared Thursday to the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.
“We have to be home that weekend because of the baseball schedule.
Unless they wanted to play us away three weeks in a row, and I don’t
think they’ll do that.”

33 responses to “Rooney: We will not open in New Orleans

  1. naw, the pirates went minor league 15 years ago.
    internet hack, junior, you are, rosenthal.
    now go drink some yoohoo.

  2. does Florio need to get his vocal chords warmed up because he’ll be on his knees?
    i don’t get it, Gregg u trying to infer that Florio is homo?

  3. Is this an expanded part of “The Rooney Rule”?
    Every team plays a string of road games here and there. I don’t think the Steelers are exempt from that.

  4. Doesn’t make alot of sense since Dennis Dixon will be the Steelers opening day QB while Ben serves his suspension for being a social misfit.

  5. What’s Rooney got to do with it? He don’t make the schedule.
    And so what if the Pirates are in town? They only get like 5000 fans per game. Should be enough parking for everyone.

  6. It’s a joke that there’s a baseball team in Pittsburgh right? I’d really like to know the validity of your sources.
    Are the Pirates playing Monday night in that Stadium then? Because if they aren’t why can’t the MNF game be played there with them hosting the Ravens?

  7. Of course the NFL wouldn’t schedule the steelers to play three road games in a row, I mean that’s what the RAVENS had to do last year! You think the NFL is going to make things as unfair for the Steelers as they do for the ravens? Clearly, Rooney realizes this is preposterous. I mean, anyone who watches Ravens-steelers knows the NFL rigs the s*** out of those games because (to quote an NFL exec in response to someone commenting on clearly rigged officiating in a ravens-steelers game)”we’d (the NFL) make more money if the steelers win the division).”

  8. ” PFT has confirmed there is a professional baseball team in Pittsburgh called the Pirates. ”
    Ha Ha Ha classic..
    Sadly there is a team in baltimore too believe it or not..

  9. Favre on the Ground, Farvre on the Ground, Looking Like a Fool With Your Favre on the Ground……..

  10. baltimore won’t come to peittsburgh on a monday night. they don’t like playing mondays nights in pittsburgh.

  11. “PFT has confirmed there is a professional baseball team in Pittsburgh called the Pirates. ”
    Beautiful… and at the same time a preview of what could become of the NFL if they don’t keep revenue parity (relatively speaking).

  12. Confirmed from prior report in the article about McShay says Bradford 50/50 to be chosen first…THIS ARTICLE SUCKS! Congrats on the effort Gregg! You FAILBOAT!

  13. there is a baseball team in Baltimore. The Orioles play at Camden Yards during week 2 and week 4 just like in Pittsburgh we share parking between the two stadiums therefore (even though about 20 people show up to baseball the Ravensd should be home week 1 and week 3.

  14. It would have been a GREAT game to see the Steelers play at the Saints but Roethlisberger shiat that bed.

  15. @mnmaverick
    The Saints won the Super Bowl. Since 2004, all Super Bowl winners have opened the following NFL season on the preceding Thursday at home.

  16. Why don’t the Ravens open in Pittsburgh? That would be a great prime time game to start the season. The Steelers begin 1-0 and the sorry Ravens begin 0-1.
    Oh yeah…..we went through this last year. The sissy Ravens won’t do it….something about be chicken to play the Steelers on the road in a prime time game.

  17. so this means the Saints get to beat the hell out of the viqueens on national TV once again

  18. Pittsburgh Pirates jokes? Isn’t that a bit like heckling at the Special Olympics?

  19. “Every team plays a string of road games here and there. I don’t think the Steelers are exempt from that. ”
    The Steelers haven’t played a 3 road game stretch since 1994. All but three other teams have done it at least once since then. Raiders last did it in ’93, Vikings in ’89, Jets in ’82.

  20. The Giants had 3 weeks on the road due to Bruce concerts.
    Whats the big deal what Ronney going to call his pal in the white house?
    The NFL would and did do that and FYI we won all three.
    So STFU Loney and deal with Scottland

  21. If memories serves me, I do believe the Steelers played three consecutive road games in 2005. Didn’t seem to bother them much, as I remember. As I recall, they visited Cincinnati, Indianapolis, then Denver before crushing the Seahawks in Super Bowl XL.
    Where and what three road games last season did the Ravens play? I must apologize. I wasn’t paying attention. Sorry.

  22. Pittsburgh and Cleveland actually have ONE thing in common… no major league baseball in the foreseeable future!
    Here’s to long ass summers…. ugh.

  23. The Steelers will never get shafted by the No Fun League because Rooney says so……….
    You are absolutely correct!

  24. Wait a minute….wait a minute…..where are the steeler fans getting on the Ravens for not wanting to play steelers in Pburgh in prime time for a 3rd or 4th time in a row?????? Sounds like rooney doin a little diva act of not wanting to play the saints ……we have to play at home…..wah…..I love it……

  25. yeah that’s right Rooney cause the Sexburgh Steelers quarterback will be in the pokey.

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