Spikes will be test case on importance of forty times

B. Spikes.jpgWe’ve debated the importance of the main event in the Underwear Olympics plenty around here.

The forty-yard dash has an influence on draft stock, we know.  How much influence it has could be reflected in where Florida linebacker Brandon Spikes gets drafted.

Spikes was timed in the 5.0 range Wednesday at Florida’s pro day.  (Some scouts had him in mid 4.9’s, others had him higher than 5.)  That’s extremely slow for an inside linebacker, even one that wasn’t expected to run fast.

Spikes is known as an instinctive, tough player.  He’s a classic inside linebacker for 3-4 teams, and there aren’t a lot out there.

Before the forty time came out, the general consensus was that Spikes was roughly an early second round pick.  We’ve now heard he could slip as late as rounds 4-5. ESPN’s Todd McShay said Thursday Spikes could still go in round two or three. 

A league source says Spikes met with Mike Tomlin and the Steelers staff Tuesday, and Bill Belichick Thursday, so the 3-4 teams are interested.

How interested they are and where Spikes is taken will be a telling litmus test for how teams really view the forty.

23 responses to “Spikes will be test case on importance of forty times

  1. I thought he was really overrated most of the year. A solid player, but he looked slow to me on the field.

  2. He’s a case where 40 times can really hurt his stock. As a 5 flat guy he can’t be an every down player and was already criticized for his stiff play and bad hips.
    He could do well as a rotational guy on a stacked 3-4 team, or good rotation at the mike but will probably be a mid 3rd-early 4th round guy.

  3. nice one, seaner.
    if he’s available in the later rounds i wouldn’t mind the Eagles taking a look at him just to fill the backup LB role at least

  4. He’ll be a fine player in a 34. And a very good 2 down player in a 43.
    I have great difficulty seeing him drop below the third.

  5. slipkid – he’s a good tackler but he never looked fast on the field. I think he was wearing a uniform then.

  6. Im pretty sure Dick Butkus was slower than him but everyone says he’s one of th Greatest of all time, so i think the forty time is over rated when your dealing with certain player, now im a gator fan and in no way am i saying he’s Dick Butkus but I highly doubt he was any faster than Spikes.

  7. My guess is that Al Davis took him off the draft board after his 40 time came out…..
    I think he will get dinged a round or two and will go in the mid to late third to the mid fourth round.

  8. MLB is the most overrated position that needs a good 40. You need to be quick, get off blocks, and tackle. Running sideline to sideline is important on bad teams when your outside linebacker and corner cant come up and tackle. On good teams, his 5.1 will do everything in the middle and cleanup when need be on the outside. The eye gauge!
    I am that thing on drew brees face!

  9. Brian Cox ran a 5.1 40 yard dash. He turned out to be a solid pro. Spikes will get a shot and he will have a chip on his shoulder when he arrives. This is a good thing. Patriots, KC, Pittsburgh, Miami, all will have eyes on Spikes. Spikes will be a solid pro, I think some tards call players a bust if they don’t win the MVP and make the HOF. If you help your team win, you are not a bust! No matter what round you were drafted in. I don’t care who or what hyped you, if you help your team win your not a bust!

  10. I have a hard time believing Spikes will slip past the early parts of round 2. He would be a great fit in the 3-4 system cleveland runs and could learn from D’qwell Jackson, Scott fujita, and Eric Barton as well as bring a nasty streak to a team in desperate need of a defensive identity. I did watch him at the combine and i will admit he looked a little rigid in drills and has a high center of gravity but rey maualuga got a bad rap from the combine last year and he had a pretty good rookie season for the Bengals.

  11. >>If you help your team win, you are not a bust! No matter what round you were drafted in. I don’t care who or what hyped you, if you help your team win your not a bust!
    I’m good enough, I’m smart enough, and doggone it, people like me!

  12. “He’s a classic inside linebacker for 3-4 teams, and there aren’t a lot out there.”
    Huh? Like half the teams in the league play a 3-4 now. And yes, speed is not overrated at this position. The 3-4 inside backer needs to be able to get to the passer up the middle, chase down a rb coming out of the backfield, and cover TE’s. People like to act like speed isn’t that important for this position, but a tenth of a second in a 40 time is the difference between a rb getting around the edge on a LB for a long run and getting stopped for no gain. He might do alright in the league but he can’t play every down.

  13. He’ll be fine at mlb with that speed.. Teams should be more concerned about char. issues.

  14. If he gets drafted it all, it won’t be until very late.
    #1, he’s too slow to play special teams so he would have to be a starter, which also might be way too slow to be
    #2 a couple of years ago there was another 3-4 ILB named Kai Parham out of UVa that was actually better (better production and all around game) than Spikes and then he went out and ran a 5.00 and he went undrafted.

  15. The dude wasn’t slow during the game. Track speed & game speed are different.
    Jerry Rice ran a 4.8, didn’t he?
    Admittedly he’s not the fastest linebacker, but Spikes has that instinct to know where to go & how to get there, so that linebacker instinct mitigates his slower speed. His plethora of tackles, fumble recoveries, interceptions, and huge plays he made while at Florida against some of the nation’s toughest competition over his career begs to differ from the results everyone draws from his combine 40 speed.

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