Colts announce coaching changes

The Indianapolis Colts announced earlier this evening some long-expected adjustments to their coaching staff.

Clyde Christensen has been promoted from assistant head coach/receivers to offensive coordinator, replacing Tom Moore.  Also, Pete Metzelaars has been elevated from offensive quality control/assistant offensive line to offensive line coach, replacing Howard Mudd.

Former Bears offensive coordinator Ron Turner is the new receivers coach, and Ron Prince is the new assistant offensive line coach.  Jim Bob Cooter (who instantly moves to the top of the all-time list of names that sound made up) has been promoted from staff assistant to offensive assistant.

22 responses to “Colts announce coaching changes

  1. Moore has been the only OC Peyton has had since entering the league. Might be a big adjustment there.

  2. jim bob cooter….lives to hunt, drink whiskey in overalls with no shirt underneath, and ride the lawn mower the waterboy drove to work

  3. @Bob S.
    Hey butt muncher, Ron Turner being promoted to Receiver’s Coach HARDLY ends our playoff chances.
    However, losing Coach Moore concerns me.

  4. This would really be funny if Jim Bob Cooter coached for the Jets under owner Woody Johnson.
    Yeah. That was bad. But it’s 11pm and I’ve had a few.

  5. Wrong. Wrong. Wrong. Ron “don’t call me the older brother” Turner should join Norv “I took a 14-win team and have done nothing with them” Turner as co-head coaches.
    Just sayin…

  6. Crazy Colt Cooter comin’ at ya!! Ah for the days of the the good ole’ boys, Bo and Luke Duke….especially Daisy.

  7. Ron Moore left, who cares? Peyton Manning calls his own plays anyway. He’s the real coach of that team anyway.

  8. I love how some fans refer to themselves as if they are actually a part of the team they’re rooting for. It totally cracks me up.

  9. Now Skeeter we don’t want no trouble here…..
    Still need to replace the owner and the the coach.
    The coach is garbage anyone could have walked onto field and gotten the colts to the Super Bowl, but only special coaches can throw a chance at a perfect season boosting the moral of the vets.

  10. Not a fan of the Colts….but as long as Peyton is the QB (Coach) who cares? Their coaching titles are meaninglesss. No Peyton= No Wins. EVERYONE else is interchangeable.

  11. Not a fan of the Colts….but as long as Peyton is the QB (Coach) who cares? Their coaching titles are meaninglesss. No Peyton= No Wins. EVERYONE else is interchangeable.

  12. dirtyj, if you’re splitting hairs, there’s a difference between “naming” & “promoting”.
    Either way, Turner’s a liability.

  13. As a patriots fan I always liked Howard Mudd, glad to see him go, he did a darned good job for the colts.

  14. Hate the Colts, hate their fans, hate their ownership. I will say that Peyton is a tremendous QB.
    That said, I find the staff changes funny. You mean the coaches lost the Super Bowl, right?
    Wake me when players are faced with the dilemma of either getting paid or not paid dependent upon winning or losing a game. Otherwise, coaches will always be made to pay for what their players feel like doing, or don’t feel like doing.

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