DeAngelo Williams: "30 is like the new 50" at running back

We’re used to running backs publicly campaigning for more touches, so DeAngelo Williams’ recent comments to Pat Yasinskas of ESPN are refreshing, not to mention smart.

“I think the front office and coaching staff are single-handedly
prolonging my career
and [Jonathan Stewart’s] career,” Williams said.  “30 is like the new 50 in the NFL, especially when it comes to

Williams realizes that sharing the ball is ultimately good for him.

“We’re each about 220 or 230 carries a year,” Williams said. “I’d
rather have that than 300-plus carries a year. That wears on your legs
and you’re not going to last long doing that.”

There have been reports that the Panthers are looking to extend Williams’ contract and want to continue the two-back approach. 

That may not excite fantasy owners but Williams is smartly on board.  The two players like working together and know each others strengths.  And weaknesses

Williams should have no problem achieving his goal of not being “one of those tailbacks that’s washed up at 30.”

“It’s going to be close to a 50-50 split no matter what,” Williams said.
“That’s what the coaching staff and the front office wants and it’s
also what Jonathan and I want. It’s good for both of us. We’re at our
best when it’s that way.”

21 responses to “DeAngelo Williams: "30 is like the new 50" at running back

  1. AJ, what are you waiting for? You’ve already fleeced the Seahawks, now package that draft pick together with a DE or a WR and grab DeAngelo to address your absence of a quality RB.
    Like LT, he’s a high character guy and can really put up the numbers.

  2. “That may not excite fantasy owners”
    I’m sure making fantasy owners happy is first and foremost in the minds of every GM and coach in the league. Who cares if they lose games as long as the fantasy owners are happy.

  3. Although I hate our division rivals with a passion, both DeAngelo Williams & Jonathan Stewart are a few of my favorite players (fantasy wise)!

  4. those guys are beasts, thank God the panthers refuse to get any other receiving threats in addition to the real steve smith, they’d be deadly

  5. Running backs are the disposable heroes of the league. The days of Walter Payton, Eric Dickerson and Emmitt Smith are over. Especially now that the league is a lot more stringent with testing for ‘roids, it’s gonna be an uphill battle for RBs to recuperate from the wear and tear they endure. They probably deal with the most physical trauma on a week to week basis. It takes a huge toll on the central nervous system. When the body throws in the towel, no amount of can-do attitude is gonna overcome it.

  6. I heard that Ben Ruthlessonfurburger told the Steelers chearleading squad that he prefers 300 or so touches/yr.

  7. Not a bad concept, depending on the team. But do you really think the Titans would have been 2nd in the league if they had CJ and LenDale White splitting carries 50/50?
    Hell, do you think any team with an AP or CJ would be better off only giving them 50% of the carries?

  8. @ twinkletoes
    Please never mention the name Emmitt Smith in the same sentence as Walter Payton and Eric Dickerson again.

  9. I wouldn’t say there’s anything particularly ‘new’ about it, but thanks for chiming in.

  10. Now if Brad Childress could learn this, and keep Adrian Peterson fresh for more of the season…

  11. Give Bernard Scott more carries in Cincy’s offense! This will reduce the wear and tear on Benson(missed 3 games in 09)….
    Bernard Scott ran for over 2K yards 2 years in a row at Abilene Christian he avg over 4.0 a carry in limited action and is FLAT OUT DEADLY IN SPACE!
    Blame the decision making on Bob PREDICTAKOWSKY who reports DIRECTLY TO MIKE BROWN NOT MARV LEWIS!
    Imagine that……..

  12. @jwill007
    YELLING at people on the internet does NOT help YOUR post. WE can ALL tell you HAVE a MANCRUSH on Bernard Scott WITHOUT the CAPS.

  13. It’s nice to see a player with a good attitute about his role for a change. Not only does he have the right mindset but he’s smart enough to know that splitting time with J-Stew is beneficial for his longterm health.

  14. He is right. His carries get cut, he can last longer years wise, and he will be able to walk/talk in 20 years

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