Dez Bryant defends himself

col_bryant_250.jpgIn response to multiple accounts of character issues and tardiness problems, receiver Dez Bryant took to the airwaves on Thursday to defend himself.

All of it is just rumors,” Bryant told
Orlando Alzugaray of WQAM radio in Miami, via the South Florida Sun-Sentinel.  “I don’t know why people are saying
those things.  I feel like if you’re going to write something about
somebody you need to ask that person instead of writing things like
that.  I surround myself with positive people.  I don’t have time to get
into trouble.  I’m trying to pursue my dream, which is to play in the NFL. . . .  I never did anything wrong.  I
never committed a crime.

“It bothers me a lot,” Bryant said of the criticism.  “I just had a talk with my advisor and
my agent [Wednesday], and I told them that I’m not a bad person and I’m
not used to people saying bad things about me.  I like to make people
smile.  I like to bring excitement because that’s what I do, and I want
to keep it that way.  I don’t want a bad image.  My bad image in my
childhood, that is long gone.  I’ve surrounded myself with bright people
and I’m going to continue to stay out of trouble and move forward and
play in the NFL.”

Bryant also claims that he had no issue with showing up on time while in college.

“I’ve never been late to a game or a practice,” Bryant said.  “My freshman year, I’ve
been late for a meeting.  But as my career got going at Oklahoma State I
[became more responsible].  I overcame a lot.  Everything is positive

Jason Cole of Yahoo! Sports reported several weeks ago that Bryant was “consistently late” for team activities, including games.

Of course, it’s hard to believe Bryant on this one, because he proved last year when lying to NCAA investigators that he’ll say whatever he has to say in order to advance his own interests.  Thus, the fact that he was lying then will make it hard to believe that he’s telling the truth now.

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  1. Your such a grouch florio. The NCAA is a abusive,power-obsessed, arrogant organization intent on annihilating anything that doesn’t comply with its interests who cares if he freaking lied to them.

  2. When there is smoke, there is fire
    He lied to the NCAA and caused himself to get suspended last season thus all teams have a right to wonder how trustful the kid is
    His fault

  3. I’m not trying to defend Dez or anyone else, but it sure seems like you people report a lot of unsubstantiated crap.
    If there is nothing to report, take a day off like other people. Maybe then you can write articles that might mean something when people read them.
    I’m just about fed up with this site.

  4. Yeah a twenty year old kid makes up a white lie because he is scared about his future and now he has character issues. He didnt lie about an arrest or something criminal. He lied about going to Deion Sanders’ house. Why would he say he was never late other than one occurence if it wasnt true? If he is lying it would look much worse. Mr. Florio you sir are an a$$hole.

  5. Welcome to what those who’ve gone before you have created, Dez. Prove the talkers wrong, or be the douche we all sadly expect. Thems the breaks – especially when those of us w/o your ability are just happy to find enough to get by. There’s an opportunity there for anyone with vision to see it and take advantage – and little sympathy for those who don’t.

  6. Who cares as long as he produces on the field and doesnt molest kids…the No Fun League is to worried about little things and to busy trying to be the Nazi’s they are

  7. I will catch a ton of $h!t for this one, but:
    Dez Bryant will = Calvin Johnson
    He will be a model player and citizen wherever he ends up. In my opinion, alot of this is what we have all known as draft positioning or posturing. Someone in the 10-15 range does not want to spend the price it will take to move up in front of Oakland to get him and wants to see his stock drop. This isn’t the first or the last time we will see this happen. All of these media folks make a nice supplementary income to spread rumors of sorts to hurt a players character so that they will possibly fall.

  8. Why is it the collective known as Wide Receivers seems to have a disproportionate amount of loose screws?

  9. Maybe he would be doing a better job of proving himself if his advisor weren’t Deon Sanders.

  10. NFL scouts should be able to verify his punctuality rather quickly with a few simple phone calls to his college coaches.

  11. I applaud anyone that lies to the NCAA. That bunch of money hungry, exploitation artist need to be lied to as often as possible.

  12. God bless the SOUTHERN Religion (FootBall) Forgive those Who Shall Benefit You……. I wish I could testify…..Fools.

  13. Its called pro football talk..Dez is not a pro “yet” who cares about him…shut up n lets talk Eagles football baby…jerry jones can eat sh!t……

  14. Tardiness is bad stuff. Pitch him in with those other shady NFL characters, you know, the ones who break into apartments, party with under-aged girls, drive through Wendy’s naked, bite policemen in the ear, gamble, stab people, kill dogs, kill people drunkenly on the road, rectum drag, etc. etc. I was always taught not to be tardy.

  15. So, if a guy $ays “I’m not a bad person”, we should all stop watching what he does and start believeing him.
    He’s gonna get paid millions. Roethlisberger and Woods know that – what you do in private – matters.
    Hangin’ out with Pacman will cost this guy what he value$$$$ mo$t.

  16. Lie to me once, shame on you, lie to me twice…
    Bryant has done nothing but claim he is a victim, he said he did nothing wrong in lying to the NCAA and that they were unfair… this is not what anybody that would be giving him millions of dollars wants to hear. They’d like somebody that takes responsibility for their actions, not this juvenile story telling egomaniac.
    Then Bryant admits he was a major problem as a child, that’s not a surprise, it’s just surprising he admitted it. The guy’s a liar and should not be trusted.

  17. Dont worry Dez, It doesnt matter how bad you screw up, there is always a place in cincinnati for ya……and that is sad to say considering Im a Bengals fan..

  18. Oh yeah Dez, you surround yourself with good people huh? But yet you make a special apperance at a workout of pac-man jones….Yeah real good people there….Hey while your at it, why dont you give Mike Vick a call and all three of you guys can go out for a few drinks….. you will really help your status out then…

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