One scout questions LeGarrette Blount's workout schedule

Running back LeGarrette Blount worked out Thursday at Oregon’s second Pro Day, doing what he said he’d do after initial reports suggested that he blew off Oregon’s first Pro Day on March 11.

But a mostly flattering profile of Blount in The Oregonian says that at least one NFL scout was turned off by Blount’s workout schedule, saying that Blount should have showed up to both Pro Days.

“If there’s 30 days in a month and 30 teams want to work you out then you should be willing to workout every day,” said the unnamed scout, who added that Blount at least should have attended the first Pro Day to meet with NFL personnel, even if he wasn’t going to work out.

Blount reportedly ran a 4.56-second 40-yard dash at the Pro Day, shaving six-hundredths of a second off the time he recorded at last month’s scouting combine. Afterward he said he’s not worried about where, or whether, he’ll be drafted.

“I’m not really worried about getting drafted because I know for a fact that I’ll get a shot on somebody’s team, even as a free agent,” Blount said. “It’s lovely just having teams interested in me.”

48 responses to “One scout questions LeGarrette Blount's workout schedule

  1. I still think he was right to punch the guy in the mouth! Should have hit him twice.
    I didn’t see a sucker punch. I saw a sucker get punched. Don’t mouth off if you’re too dumb to defend yourself.

  2. Blount’s workout schedule:
    11:30 – Power lifting (beer cans)
    1:00 – Beat up a punk
    1:05 – Test lung capacity (weed)
    2:15 – Beat up another punk
    2:20 – Arrange cones in funny shapes, run around them
    3:00 – Smack my bitch up
    3:05 – Aerobic training – Chasing my escaped pit bull
    4:00 – Smack the nearest bystander

  3. I kind of dig this kid. Should he have punched the BS player, no, but that dude was in his grill pretty hard and he acted like a fool as well.
    The good thing, unlike other people, is that he owned up to his mistake, took his punishment like a man and perhaps learned a lesson from it all.

  4. He needs a team where the coach will be a father figure. San Francisco 49ers. Singletary will whip this young man into shape. He turned Vernon Davis around. He didn’t put up with Crabtree’s crap either so far. One team he should not go to, The Raiders, lol.

  5. He’s a real class act, wouldn’t you love seeing him in your local city walking the streets looking for someone to punch when they are not looking.
    I forgot the guy’s name but he was a tailback at Nebraska who acted in a similar fashion, beat up his girlfriend, generally acted like a punk. What did he last, one or two years in the NFL?
    I am not even sure this guy is worth wasting a draft pick on. You would think he learned his lesson after blindly punching the player and getting the suspension but I guess, once a punk, always a punk.
    A Pacman in the making.

  6. Lots of steroids for me to eat,
    Lots of opponents for me to beat.
    An NFL team interested in me,
    Aow, wouldn’t it be loverly?

  7. Poo Flinging Monkey says:
    March 19, 2010 12:29 PM
    Blount’s workout schedule:
    11:30 – Power lifting (beer cans)
    1:00 – Beat up a punk
    1:05 – Test lung capacity (weed)
    2:15 – Beat up another punk
    2:20 – Arrange cones in funny shapes, run around them
    3:00 – Smack my bitch up
    3:05 – Aerobic training – Chasing my escaped pit bull
    4:00 – Smack the nearest bystander
    Post of the day candidate!!!

  8. Note to Mr. Blount: a “shot” doesn’t me you’ll make the team. In all likelyhood you wont make it if you’re only a free agent. The only thing that would help you make a team is working your ass off, something you don’t seem too interested in.

  9. Shadowman,
    Maurice showed his thugness off the football field, whereas LeGarrette showed his thugness on the football field
    Just say no to LeGarrette!

  10. Poo Flinging Monkey’s workout shedule:
    8am – Brush my 3 teeth
    9am – Chew spit competition
    10:30am – KKK rally
    12 noon – Time for some Miller lite
    2pm – Clean the trailer
    4pm – Go to my neighbor’s trailer to get online and hide behind a username.
    Pathetic POS

  11. When you get in someone’s face and talk smalk, you should be prepared for the consequences. I wouldn’t have handled it that way. But the other guy shouldn’t jump in peoples faces if he’s not prepared to defend himself, or get knocked the hell out.
    I hope they show that clip for the rest of the dude’s life, so he won’t be as stupid to do that again. Off the field, people get killed for that kind of stuff.
    Blount will suffer a huge financial loss, so he has a life lesson too. Now, they are even.

  12. @ acal83… I agree with you that Nashville Seahawk really comes off as an uneducated fool!
    @ Nashville Seahawk… you come off as an uneducated fool!
    @ gunnerfan… I also agree with you… I’d be willing to give this kid another shot… assuming I was convinced that he learned a lesson from the whole experience.

  13. NashvilleSeahawk says:
    March 19, 2010 12:28 PM
    I still think he was right to punch the guy in the mouth! Should have hit him twice.
    I didn’t see a sucker punch. I saw a sucker get punched. Don’t mouth off if you’re too dumb to defend yourself.
    Lets all take a minute to congratulate NashvilleSeahawk for the dumbest post of the month award.

  14. Tim Tebow would not approve of his actions…sorry it has been a while since we heard the great ones name so i thought that i would make everyones day better by mentioning him in this thread.

  15. When Blount shows he is unwilling to put in the work to make an NFL team, he can always go into business selling slightly used laptops and guitars with Jeremiah.

  16. You guys are all tools. Look at the kids whole body of work. He was great as a junior and a projected possible late-first round pick prior the the Boise St. incident. He is a bruiser with good speed and the ability to find the endzone. A Brandon Jacobs type. He made one mistake, was punished, took responsibility and hasn’t done anything to indicate a repeat offense to date. You are all dumber than the posts you write if you don’t think someone will take a chance on this kid.

  17. send him to my team. (the Bucs) BTW… you guys do realize football is a (mans game) violent sport right? Besides i like what Nashville Seahawk said
    “I still think he was right to punch the guy in the mouth! Should have hit him twice”.
    “I didn’t see a sucker punch. I saw a sucker get punched. Don’t mouth off if you’re too dumb to defend yourself”

  18. The writing is on the wall with this guy. Any team willing to draft him will have consequences for sure. He’ll get a “shot”, blow it and then blame everyone else. The only reason he acted the way he did trying to earn his way back to Oregon is so he could have his shot. The discipline isn’t there and he won’t last two years. The next time we hear about him is when he is involved in a drug deal gone bad! Time stamp it bishes!

  19. I agree someone will draft him. I just think either he will get cut because he is too lazy to learn the playbook or the next time he rushes for -5 yards on 8 carries with 1 safety he will punch the sucker that laughs at him, then spend his prime years with Maurice Clarett.

  20. I agree meatbat. LG is a mean bruiser. The DBag at BSU deserved it for one, and I’d be pissed if fans were throwing chairs, drinks, and garbage at me as well. Wouldn’t have been so bad if the security, and Police did their job by keeping the crowd in check. He was livid. If I was a team looking at him Id want him in a heartbeat. Well balanced size speed ratio, and a hard nosed runner who’s not afraid of anyone. A wild beast in a cage that you unleash on Sundays to destroy and punch in for td’s. He’ll have a good career. Watch.
    Don’t forget he broke 1000 yds as a junior behind Jeremiah Johnson as a back up. 3rd rounder lowest 4th.

  21. I’m sick of the people jumping on here to say “racism” everytime someone says something negative about a black player. Noone says racism when people rag on Rapistberger or the white players. Give it a rest. Every player no matter the race, is going to get alot of crap when they do something stupid.
    With that being said I don’t think the punch was that big of a deal and didn’t prove to me that he is a “thug”. Oregon were a potential PAC threat and at that point looked like the season was shot by losing to a non-BCS conference school. Instead of winning like a class act some idiot jumps in his face, after his senior year may have been shattered and taunts him. He was really upset and had a knee jerk reaction. Bad call, one mistake. He “served his time”. That really should be the end of it as long as he doesnt keep screwing up on or off the field. They ended up winning the PAC and going to the Rose Bowl. So now that you look back it wasnt that bad of a loss, but at the time looked terrible. You know if you were in his shoes you would want to punch that guy. You might not have done it, but I promise 95% of people in that situation would have at least thought hard about hitting him.

  22. Blount is awesome. I am about 80% confident that he will be drafted by my Bengals and he will immediately be one of my favorite players if the inevitable .
    You know that Boise St. redneck had a beatin’ coming and kudos to Blount for providing it.

  23. Has Blount had a bunch of screwups, or is his bad rap really just all about punching that Boise State dude? If you ask me that guy deserved it, and I kind of like Boise State.
    But when the media and fans talk about off-field concerns about Blount, is that really all they’re basing it on? If so, ridiculous. If not I’d like to hear what else he’s done to be considered such a character concern.
    Definitely wouldn’t mind the Raiders snagging him in Round 3 or 4.

  24. Reminds me of Maurice Clarrett or Lawrence Phillips… Blount will suckerpunch somebody in a club and get smoked like a Blount.

  25. Yeah, you can’t really call Blount a “thug” who won’t change his ways just because of one incident. As a competitor, you get upset when you lose. It’s understandable. I in no way condone his actions, but he lost his head and paid the price for it. I’m sure everybody here has had a moment where they snapped due to anger or other emotions and ended up saying or doing something they regretted. Let’s look in the mirror before we cast judgment on a guy whose character is being unfairly represented due to one incident.

  26. I’ll take him all day. Just cause he socked pretty white boy in the mouth, the media killed him. Exactly where is that LB now? Exactly what career will he have after college? He got his fifteen and Blount will have alot to prove. He will b great value puck in the mid rounds. Remember , he was Heisman hyped in preseason.

  27. No other major incidents just a history of slacking in the classroom ( that is why he had to go to JC) and not showing up to practice ( he was suspended indefinetly by Belotti for not showing up to practice).

  28. lol, just watched the video of this clown’s sucker punch and ensuing jumping around, acting tough while moving away before the other guy got up!!!
    Even if he is any good on the field, he’s a ticking time bomb off of it.
    Of course, this means the Raiders will pick him somewhere in the first two rounds.

  29. LG was being taunted by the fans herendously before the game was even over. I was also told that LG and Hout were exchanging words through the whole game. I was at the game and u can see how pissed and frustrated he was a- for his horrible O-Line that game and B- the smack he was taking from Hout. If it wasn’t for the stupid shake hands with the opposing team after the game rule, it would have never happened. Of corse Hout had to say one last thing to his face and that was that. All he’ll broke loose and it was a nightmare getting out of Boise as a Duck fan. If it wasn’t for the crowd getting involved throwing everything they get their hands on at him which made him turn on the crowd he would have seen a 1 game suspension instead of 9.
    Bottom line is he’s an incredible football player so one lousy scout says he doesn’t like his workout program so what. He opened eyes his final 2 games and at the senior bowl. He’s a beast. 1 mistake on the field. Please. Get over it. His skills outweight an incident that happened in A game. He’s worked his tail off eversince and made it through some tough obstacles more so academically just to see the field again. No one thought he’d be able to bounce back. He did.
    I believe it took all that to make him the hard worker he is now, and so forth in his future career. You’re not handed anything. You have to work hard, and earn it no matter what stands in your way.
    Duck fans will miss him. As a Raider fan I’d love to see him in the silver and black. He’d proabably beat DMac, and Bush, in an open competition to start.

  30. @ Sixburgh4life
    Not really sure where race has been injected at all into anyones post … so what’s with the KKK comment?

  31. Why is this a story?
    Yet again Mr. Florio’s stellar law career has us thinking he actually reports real news.

  32. BMUG – I’m sorry but i disagree with you
    He might be an “Incredible” football player, but he proved on the field that he is a THUG!!!
    He sucker punched somebody
    Players with CLASS do not sucker punch anybody
    I don’t care WHAT the other player said, CLASSY players don’t react like a 2 year old and sucker punch somebody. Only classless THUGS and PUSSIES sucker punch people
    Just Say NO to THUGS – The NFL does not need anymore THUGS!!!

  33. I have no issue with LG punching the guy that ran up to him,tapped him on the shoulder and talked trash.
    However I think he needs a mentor to teach him how to be a Professional. He shouldn’t of made the comment
    “I’m not really worried about getting drafted because I know for a fact that I’ll get a shot on somebody’s team, even as a free agent,” Blount said. “It’s lovely just having teams interested in me.”
    Because teams will now not have to draft him and can get him even cheaper. I understand what he’s saying that “It’s lovely just having teams interested in me.” He’s right but you dont shoot yourself in the foot by opening your mouth. Where is his agent and why arent the teaching him that this is a business? Be A Professional.

  34. @jollyrob:
    You don’t seriously believe that him saying he’s not worried about getting drafted, that now he won’t be drafted? There are 32 teams in the league and Blount is a premier talent. If there was simply only one team who wanted him, then yeah, it would make sense to sign him cheaper as an undrafted free agent. But with 31 other organizations vying for a shot at this kid, there’s no way you try to save a little money by hoping nobody else drafts him.

  35. its great how everybody on here is sayin that dude from boise st deserved it,wait let me get this straight,blount was talkin all kinds of crap before thegame about how many yards he was gonna rack up,he got shut down[stats were like 7 yards for the game],so a dude talks some shit to him,and BAM he hits him in the face,,,,so blount can dish it out but cant take it,then he sucker punches the hell out of the guy on the other team for returning the shit talk,,dont see how any rational person can defend this pampess punk asshole,i hope he never plays in the nfl,just cause with idiots like you guys defending him,he probably dont even think he was wrong

  36. Ha! Byron Hout is a punk. They both talked shit. LG just shut him up. It’s not the first time it’s happened in sports. LG will be a pro. Byron Hout nope. I’m not saying it was the right thing to do but all Byron had to say was good game and kept walking. Instead he made things worse by not being a respectful athlete and made it a point to chase him down tap him on the shoulder and talk smack and then turn around right away to try and laugh about it only LG didn’t let him get that far and we all had the last laugh watching Byron get dropped. It’s an emotional highly competitive sport and unfortunately brings out violence in a man from time to time. LG never engaged confrontation wher as Byron did. He’s also still young . Who doesn’t make bad decisions from time to time. Learn from your mistakes. I’m sure he has, and knows it nearly cost him a career. He’ll prove a lot of people wrong. A team will draft him for sure. I can’t imagine the motivation he’ll have to prove to a team that he’s worth their pick. I’m sure a ton. A steal pick at that in later rounds. Go get em LG.

  37. Screw that. A pro team will get him in a better conditioning program and he’ll go downhill smashy smashy. Like Jacobs but smaller, which is good. I have no idea how the guy’s footwork is. Looks like a beast, he’s been humbled, if Jets or Giants draft a RB in the 3rd or 4th, he’d be GREAT. Especially for the Giants, Jacobs seems to be wearing down.

  38. Lol. I’m uneducated? Well I will certainly take the challenge of an IQ test from any of you. The only difference between you and I is that if it were left up to you guys, we would still be paying our taxes to England instead of living under the Stars and Stripes. Violence isn’t always the answer. However, when provoked I certainly do embrace it. I guess that’s why I have a DD-214 and you don’t.
    In the South, we’re raised to be a gentleman. But never mistake kindness for weakness. We still know how to break your neck. And we certainly don’t chase someone down, yell a slur at them, and then try to run away.

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