Pacman confusion explained, trainer claims he ran a 4.4

Former Titans and Cowboys cornerback Pacman Jones really did work out for NFL scouts today, running what his trainer claims was an impressive 40-yard dash time shortly after a report saying he hadn’t shown up to the workout. Meanwhile, the source of that erroneous report has now offered some details on how it happened.

James Varney of the New Orleans Times-Picayune explains that about a week ago, after Jones said he’d work out after Tulane’s Pro Day, the folks at Tulane objected, and so Jones moved the event to Hahnville High School outside New Orleans. But Varney reports that Jones’ camp didn’t tell the media about the change of venue (or at least they didn’t tell Varney), and so that’s why the Times-Picayune went with the story saying Jones didn’t show up.

Jones did show up, however, at what Varney reports was a 25-30 minute workout. Jones’ trainer, Duke Rousse, claims Jones ran a 4.4-second 40-yard dash, which — if true — would be a very impressive time, even though Jones and Rousse claimed before the workout that Jones could run a 4.2.

He looked great,” Rousse said. “They just wanted to see his footwork and the defensive back drills.”

Rousse claims five teams showed up to see Jones today. He declined to name them.

30 responses to “Pacman confusion explained, trainer claims he ran a 4.4

  1. Yeah but it was only after his agent told him it looked like someone had dropped a dime bag of coke on the other side of the field…

  2. Why is it so hard for this fine gentleman to find a job in the NFL these days? What is the world coming to?

  3. Yes………he ran a 4.4..And last night i had Selma Hayek feeding me grapes………..I swear it’s true

  4. Not sure you should be listening to Jim Varney in the first place.. he never seemed to bright in any of the Ernest movies.

  5. we got a coach wit nuts to whip this badboy into shape. He gonna be good in SF . huge returns . Raiderbums worry bout your own team. Samurai mikes a beast ! Sf deep post season 2010

  6. Pacman is coming to Detroit. The Detroit media have been screaming for a “bad boy” in the locker room to change the chemistry, and I think this is that move because The Schwartz seems to think he can change or contain his behavior. And of course, we can’t just take a lesson from the Mike Vick fiasco and let a sleeping dog lie.

  7. When he finally signs with a team he can take any bonus money and make it rain at the ‘scrip’ club.

    (in case you don’t know what I’m talking about)

  8. Funny how he declines to name the teams. Could two of them be the two high school teams set to play a game that day?

  9. He’s officially at whore status if he wasn’t already. Hopefully nobody will be shocked when he’s busted for pimping. Like another Cowboy, maybe he can be busted for having a van full of maryjane. Twice.

  10. Once a turd always a turd….I am a Titans fan and the best move we ever made was getting rid of me.

  11. Yes, yes — but does anyone know where he is going to be at say.. 2 am? Stripidda Clubb perhaps? You know, Makin it Rain an stuph?

  12. TheInconvenientTruth says:
    March 19, 2010 9:01 PM
    we got a coach wit nuts to whip this badboy into shape. He gonna be good in SF . huge returns . Raiderbums worry bout your own team. Samurai mikes a beast ! Sf deep post season 2010
    I would lovvvvve to see Singletary make Pac-man cry like he did Vernon Davis. Singletary is the man

  13. He was running from the cops. The 5 teams that showed up were from the California penile league.

  14. Anybody see the Hard Knocks, when Tank Johnson smacked Pacman on the leg real hard. Pacman said something like “don’t you ever hit me like that again.” Tank was trying to laugh it off, but Pacman wasn’t playing, and you could see Tank honestly getting scared. It was right then that I realized Tank tries to be a thug, but Pacman really is. The guy is bad news.

  15. if you don’t believe his trainer – just ask his wife -morgan fairchild…yeah, that’s the ticket…

  16. Whatever NFL city has the least amount of strip clubs would probably get the most out of this guy.

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