PFTV looks at Vikings' options post-L.T.

So with LaDainian Tomlinson opting to pout behind a dark green visor instead of a purple one in 2010, what will the Vikings do about backing up Adrian Peterson in 2010?

It’s a good question.

Good enough for a PFTV segment.


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  1. lets- Chilly loves BWest. he needs a job. concusion. if Westbrook can pass a physical,, he’ll be in MN on 3rd downs

  2. I can’t believe they haven’t considered/won’t consider Brian Westbrook. I know he hasn’t been able to stay healthy but if he’s getting the amount of touches that Chester was getting I think he could be very effective and would stay healthy. Not to mention I think he would be a very positive influence on Peterson and help him on his work ethic and intangibles such as HOLDING ONTO THE BALL…

  3. There is no question good enough for a PFTV segment, because they suck.
    Just stick to writing blurbs.

  4. Yeah, let’s do a segment on a potential backup for the Vikings when there are probably a dozen teams who are looking for new starters at RB.
    Not like I’m surprised.

  5. Listen I’ll tell you what you’re going to do. Not pick up B Westbrook, didn’t see his cousin ball hog the Gophers basketball team into a loss today? I’ll tell you, you’re going to hold tight. RB isn’t their biggest weakness. They have a good fullback, and A. Young and a draft pick can compete for the spot. They need help on the O-Line, my buddy Barak can handle those duties, he’ll just tell the opposition to lay down and roll over, he’s know what’s best. They also need some assistance at Safety, maybe they can get a Republican to fill the spot, Republicans generally play it safe. All I know is that I am the Queen of the World and Barak is my King.

  6. GridIron says:
    “Florio, are you on the Vikings payroll??”
    He’s very close. He’s a lifetime Vikings fan who’s going to be in the booth with Paul Allen who is on the Vikings payroll. He’s getting too close to their organization to be an unbiased observer. Just look at how he ripped “Lord Favre” until he became a Viking. Then he was 100% in Favre’s corner . He needs to recuse himself from further Vikings coverage.

  7. A huge problem with getting Westbrook is that the Vikings play AND practice on turf. There was a study that just came out and said that injuries are more prone on turf. So the organization knows you can’t have a guy that is injury prone on an injury prone field…. Young is a good backup and has made tremendous strides in the last two years. But I can also see the vikes taking one of those USC backs.

  8. Sometimes on Madden Young gets subbed in, and I call a time out and rearrange the depth chart so he goes away again.
    He lumbers like a fullback and has the tackle-breaking ability of a punter, probably.
    Now it’s entirely possible that madden has his numbers all wrong, after all, what could they even be going by? It’s not like he’s really played at all.
    As a Minnesotan and a Vikings fan, I’m ashamed to watch my team pretend to be the Colts, by having a good running back and no running game, and rely on our basketball-playing skills to carry the offense.
    Black and blue division member indeed. -_-

  9. GridIron says:
    “Florio, are you on the Vikings payroll??”
    He’s very close. He’s a lifetime Vikings fan who’s going to be in the booth with Paul Allen who is on the Vikings payroll. He’s getting too close to their organization to be an unbiased observer. Just look at how he ripped “Lord Favre” until he became a Viking. Then he was 100% in Favre’s corner . He needs to recuse himself from further Vikings coverage.

  10. Sorry, I fell asleep during the commercial.
    However, the Vikings need to go out and get DeDe Dorsey (if someone hasn’t already signed him). Dorsey’s versatile and a hard runner who is excellent on special teams too. And he hasn’t had 58 concussions like Westbrook.

  11. They tried to get Dorsey…and he went to the Lions.
    He should enjoy that.
    I heard Jimmy Smith is replacing the 2nd best cashier at McDonalds.
    Congrats, Jim!

  12. Somebody put a call into Brent’s Mississippi compound to see what he has up his sleeve for this most important question. Its too bad Brent came up short in his quest to sign LT, I suspect it wasn’t Brent’s fault but more due to the fact that Chilly went to dinner with LT and LT left thinking that Minnesota’s hire the handicap law has gone so far as to affect the hiring decision of a head coach.
    No worries, Brent will recruit someone else to worship at this throne. Someone who appreciates his HOF credentials, someone who will work hard all season and not complain when Brent pisses all over another season with a post season choke job.

  13. Does Ian Johnson have to propose to Brett Favre to get some consideration? Why sign some washed up has-beens? IAN JOHNSON!

  14. Nothing wrong with Albert Young. You guys should read up on what he accomplished at Iowa.
    He may not be a starter, but he’s more than adequate as the back-up.
    I really like Best out of California, but think Corner, safety, DT, OL, and a young QB for the future are bigger needs.

  15. Why not Brian Westbrook?? yeah I know tha guy has injury problems but playing behind AP wont command as much out of him as there was in Philly plus tha dude is a great receiving back something AP though he’s gotten better at it is still not exactley great at or they should draft 1 in the 3rd round or something like say Toby Gerhart or Stanford if he is still there or Jahvid Best if he’s still on the board

  16. How about the Ex Bear Adrian Peterson. He plays special teams and would confuse everybody when they announce Adrian Peterson and the other Adrian Peterson.

  17. @Mattchew… I agree. I know this sounds strange but the Ex Bears AP would compliment their run, especially on third downs with a back that can actually hold the ball.

  18. PULL&SEAL says:
    March 19, 2010 3:33 PM
    It’s gotta be hard to find people to play for you when you’ve never won a damn thing.
    Packer fan? They last won “something” 14 years ago.
    Try to stay current.

  19. all this hate floating around concerning favre and albert young reminds me of the hate surrounding percy harvin before last years draft. if you guys need to hate favre and albert young maybe you need to look at your childhood to see where it went wrong. Harvin did fine this season. Favre did great this season. Albert young has the potential to fill in for taylor. I do agree that Taylor left a hole. He was very valuable. Congrats Chicago. Its not the most pressing issue with the vikings at this time…. Will Favre come back? Our OL needs help. Safety help is needed. whos that safety from USC Taylor Mays? I would like to see him in purple this season.

  20. pull and seal…. do you mean to say if you haven’t won a SB then your nothing? were your parents super critical of you when you were growing up? The Vikings had a great season this year. Everyone was waiting to see if Favre could come in and not wear down like the year before. No one guessed he would have one of the best…….. i repeat BEST year of his career.. sounds like your either a hater or a victim of being severely criticized as a child

  21. Also I have been pleased with the off season the Vikings have had over the course of the last few years…. Look at it…. Adrian Peterson, Jared Allen, Percy Harvin….. It’s like the Vikings sorta know what to do? Too many haters that just spout off at the mouth

  22. Adrian Peterson 2 is a good one other than he sucks, but I love the name confusion slant.
    I agree that Ian Johnson will be the answer, he would have beaten our Albert last year if he had know the offense.

  23. Sorry but I think Ian Johnson is the guy.
    He’s bigger than Albert Young, faster than Albert Young, more illusive than Albert Young and he can catch the ball out of the backfield better than Albert Young. I’m a huge Hawkeye fan, and I’m saying this… so you’ve got to believe that the Vikings coaching knows it too. The only knock on Ian Johnson is his injury history in college.

  24. Westbrook got a concussion. First game back, he got another concussion. Concussions are different than ankle injuries etc. I wouldn’t take the risk unless I was really desperate.
    Boxers and MMA fighters always say that after you get KOd, it becomes easier and easier to get KOd in the future.

  25. The other AP also has fumbling issues so no way there. Ian and Albert are both adequate but not proven. I think they should go after Pierre Thomas at the 2nd round tender he’s a great 3rd down back.

  26. @USA I love your idea of bringing in Pierre Thomas but I think New Orleans would match any deal the Vikings put together. I don’t think I’m going out on a limb when I say that Jahvid Best will be the Vikings #1 draft pick this year. He can back up AD, who will become the rare everydown back, and he can replace Percy Harvin in the kick return game, who has become to “valuable” as a receiver to risk injury in the kick return game i.e. Devin Hester. Vikings fans check out Jahvid Best on youtube and let me know what you think. Ill try and post the link later.

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