Ricky Williams plans to play beyond 2010

Well, Ricky Williams is changing agents for a reason.  He wants to sign another NFL contract.

A league source informs PFT that Williams plans to play beyond 2010.

When Williams signed his most recent extension just before the 2009 season, the idea was to play two more years and then retire.

The plan has changed after Williams produced one of his most impressive campaigns at age 32. Williams put up 1,385 yards from scrimmage and averaged 4.7 yards per carry.

Ricky has enough left in the tank to keep playing, and now he has the desire to do so.

40 responses to “Ricky Williams plans to play beyond 2010

  1. Yeah, yeah, yeah, he’ll play as long as his joints hold out….
    very old….but with Ricky Williams it just has to be said.

  2. I’m glad he is doing well. Maybe LT should start smoking some of the stickiest of the icky.
    Also, you gotta wonder if any head coach today could get away with the crap the ditka pulled to get ricky.

  3. I genuinely like Ricky Williams. He was a beast at Texas, and his early years at Miami were dominant. His running style is punishing and fun to watch.
    I’m Canadian, and I got to see him in the flesh when he played for Toronto (It was Ricky and Sean Avery in the Argo’s backfield, 2 former NFL 1st rd draft picks). I don’t know how that holds any weight in this discussion, but I digress.
    I hope he’s the next John Riggins, more yards in his 30’s than 20’s.
    And come on people, you can’t honestly say you dislike Ricky. He’s kinda hard to dislike, despite all the nonsense.

  4. Ricky Williams is one of the most likable football players in the league, and probably my favorite on the team. I hope he stays as long as he likes and retires a Dolphin.
    Way to overcome your demons, Ricky, and way to win back the hearts of your team and fan base. After you retire, you should stay with the organization and be a mentor or some feel good sh!t like that.

  5. Ricky is the man. If he can fix his fumble issues he can dominate. Also I think at his age he has to be a backup. When ronnie brown went down last year Ricky ran out of gas at the end of season and its probably the reason the phins didn’t make the playoffs

  6. People like to hate on Ricky because he retired, and admitted wanting to live a different lifestyle smoking the herbal, meditating, doing holistic medicine, being out of the spotlight . . .
    Its funny that we dislike athletes who want to be more than who they are.
    Football is a punishing sport, and Ricky has his social anxiety, its not crazy to think of turning to Marajuana to self medicate.
    Toxicology wise, weed should be legal anyway when you compare it to Pecoset or Vicodin which are canabanoid re-uptake inhibitors.
    In any case, I’m glad to see Ricky still playing and hope he still finds time to smoke when he can. And I hope he leads a fulfulling and interesting lifestyle when he’s done with his NFL career.

  7. I guess that joint I rolled for his retirement party is going to be mighty stale…
    Anyway, no matter what Ricky does, I’ll always be a fan. I hope if you really do keep playing, it’s in sunny South Florida.
    Run Ricky Run!!

  8. “Is it desire to play or desire to pay baby’s momma payments?”
    I never realized these two things had to be mutually exclusive.

  9. I have always been a huge Ricky fan and I am very happy to see how he has turned his life around and seems to be very happy. He is a great guy who has always worked his tail off and given his all to the team when he was on the field. Hope he has a great season and can resign with my Dolphins do some great things for us.

  10. “I’m Canadian, and I got to see him in the flesh when he played for Toronto (It was Ricky and Sean Avery in the Argo’s backfield, 2 former NFL 1st rd draft picks). I don’t know how that holds any weight in this discussion, but I digress.”
    That was John Avery. Sean Avery plays for the New York Rangers.

  11. ricky has had a fair amount of down time. he should be able to play several more years, at least in platoon mode.

  12. Ricky I heard you on that new RED ISH that is 20 times more powerful then weed and cant be detected in the urine…..ALSO NOT ILLEGAL….
    True statement????

  13. thats right ricky do your thing. you have come a long way baby, now keep it going love ya man.

  14. I bet its because of the legal herb that is out there now. I got some and it’s fantastic!

  15. Stay Classy Jeff
    Btw riddle me why Canadains were always waiting for Americans to show up to meaningful wars. – jab 🙂

  16. I love Ricky; the dude is a genuinely good human being. The worst thing he did is something 90% of us have done at some point.
    That said, as a Dolphins fan that watched him all last year, he doesn’t have *that* much gas left in the tank. He definitely isn’t the same Ricky we had even back in 2005. He’s a good change of pace back to help spell Ronnie, but when he’s called on to carry 100% of the load, his production decreases.
    I wouldn’t fancy him a feature back anywhere; but hope the Dolphins keep him around as a change of pace to Ronnie for another year or two.
    You currently have guys like Westbrook looking for work though; the market isn’t kind to RB’s over 30 right now.

  17. Ricky screwed his team over so bad, but the crappy ass Dolphins have no other choice to keep signing him back, so they can get back their 8 mill. Classy player just like the Dolphins and their SUN LIFE LIFE RAINBOW STADIUM, what a joke that organization is, Parcell’s time to retire the game has passed you by, you were great once. Hey I think Fabio is looking to join your clan of owners.

  18. @ LeeroyJenkins
    What the heck is that supposed to mean? Canadians and Americans are like brothers when it comes to war. We’ve fought side by side in every meaningful war. Your comment alone just goes to show how little you know about history or world conflict. Canada has never “waited” for anyone.
    I served 19 months in Afghanistan side by side with what I call my American brothers and have found them to be tough, hard working, great people but there is a certain arrogance towards the rest of the world that some Americans have.
    Those are usually the Americans that have never stepped outside their our borders, let alone, have probably never even left their own State. It is arrogance like this by the very few that is noticed by the rest of the world and that is one of the factors that fuels hatred towards Americans.
    I have travelled to many places around the world and people assume that I am an American and I get a cold shoulder but once they find out that I am Canadian I am allways welcomed with open arms. Now I don’t want to get into a whole political debate but I only ask that you do not disgrace an entire country that has in the 20th and 21st century fought side by side with America and not against them .

  19. texasphinsfan what type of crowd you hanging around with, I’m sure 90% of people you know didn’t take drugs, not show up for work, and then haul ass to live in a tent in Australia after you got paid 8 million, o and totally hurt your team, teammates, and screw Wayne H. over to the point of going I think 1-15 that season, hurt your bottom line by sucking so bad no one even comes to your stadium to watch a High School caliber team take the field, no ass’s in seats no money for the big guy.

  20. JaMarcus Russell #2 That is the type of fan base your dealing with in South Florida, they are very insecure about their team, I would say about their country too but 99% of them rowed over in a boat, I wouldn’t take anything said by a Dolphin fan to seriously, they are pretty much clueless, their idea of being a fan is to get really drunk and go into their crappy ass SUN LIFE STADIUM, which is completely painted in RAINBOW colors, and start fights with anybody they can.

  21. Gaiterdan65 & JaMarcus Russell #2:
    You guys are alright…..,Canadians I mean. Sorta like Vikings and Packer fans but colder. Canadians are some of our only allies who stick with us through thick and thin. You guys, the Brits and the Aussies, after that the countries who are our true friends gets kind of thin… I am sorta Canadian myself. My great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great grandfather (I think I got that right!) was one of the first “Canadians” and lived in present day Montreal in the late 1600’s. He died in 1714 and our family later moved where it was warmer to an area that came to be called “The United States of America”. Small world.
    On Ricky Williams, I am glad he is going to try and stick around. He is an ok guy in my book and I hope he stays healthy enough to play a few more years. Even in a part time back-up role he has a serious chance to catch and pass his boyhood idol, Earl Campbell who has 9407 career rushing yards this year. Ricky has 8892 career rushing yards. I would like to see Ricky join the 10,000 yard club. Then he could just retire to the beach and light up a giant doobie.
    Saints fans can still remember, Run Ricky Run………

  22. What amazes me about Ricky’s longevity is the Saints decided he was expendable because they had a fresh back by the name of Deuce McAllister. Five hundred yards combined in his last two years in the league and now retired. And here’s Ricky, still running.

  23. When u sit around and smoke weed all day for years, and not accepting 300 carries through an insane gauntlet….Then you probably will be able to perform at a higher level at an older age…Kind of a pointless post.

  24. hey jetboy i would not say anything when the fins went 2-0 against the jets. Ted (stone hands) Ginn ran 2 kickoffs back for tds in new york and your team backed into the playoffs cinn and sd who looses every year in the playoffs. The jets are not even the best team that plays in that stadium oops i mean GIANT STADIUM. YOUR LIKE THE CLIPPERS

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