Landon Johnson lands with the Lions

The Detroit Lions continue to remake their roster with the addition of veteran linebacker/special-teamer Landon Johnson.

Charles Chandler of the Charlotte Observer spotted the announcement of the move on the Twitter page of his agent, Andy Simms.

Johnson was cut by the Panthers earlier in the month, after two years with the team.  Before that, he spent four seasons with the Bengals, starting 32 games in his final two seasons there.

In Charlotte, Johnson never cracked the starting lineup on a consistent basis, starting only three of 32 regular-season games.

11 responses to “Landon Johnson lands with the Lions

  1. how he got lost in carolina is a mystery. johnson had a hellva motor in cincy. never would quit on plays and played the whole season. lions might have found a decent player for cheap. just depends if johnson still has the desire and the body for the game.

  2. @JohnWayne
    Right, cuz your D is just that good… Haha!
    Landon is actually pretty good. He makes a lot of tackles. The Bengals didn’t keep him because his tackles were never at or behind the line of scrimmage.
    He lost his starting job because we had 3 very good LBs come in – Odell Thurman, Ahmad Brooks and Davis Pollack. Man that would have been the best LB crew in the NFL if those guys cared more about football. (I know, Pollack broke his neck but he was eventually cleared to play and still retired. Maybe there was a big insurance payment or he was pressuring the Bengals to move him to DE)

  3. He looked lost in Carolina. He was playing behind some tough competition like Davis, Beason, Anderson,Connor , Diggs. He was sixth on that depth chart.

  4. No our D isnt good but we do have good LBers, Julian Peterson, Deandre Levy and Ernie Sims, with Follet and Dizon as backups. We have a good LB corp just had a bad Dline and no CBs. There is ZERO chance he could start here. He is a backup at best and a special teamer only.

  5. Funny I hear the Lions Land-On Jhonsons too. Every Sunday and sometimes on Mondays and Thursdays too.

  6. By now, Lions fans are beginning to trust the decisions that Schwartz and Mayhew are making. Good draft last year, solid aquisitions this year so far.

  7. Good depth addition if he’s still able to play ST effectively. Can’t knock Lions for at least trying to get better.

  8. The Lions LB crew of Julian Peterson, Deandre Levy and Ernie Sims, backed up by Zack Follet, Jordon Dizon, Caleb Campbell, Vinny Ciurciu and now Landon Johnson, may not be spectacular, but it’s now rock-solid, has good depth, and will also definitely provide upgrades to the special teams units.

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