PFTV tries to fix the Chiefs

The latest PFTV reclamation project focuses on the Kansas City Chiefs, a franchise that couldn’t win playoff games and now can’t win many regular-season games.

Is there hope?

Hell if we know.  We just write this preliminary crap to set up the videos.


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  1. The Chiefs should trade DT Glenn Dorsey & DE Tyson Jackson to the Atlanta Falcons for DT/DE Jamaal Anderson & WR Michael Jenkins & the Falcons 3rd round pick in April. Everybody wins.

  2. The Cheifs are making some great moves in free agency, if they hit it in the draft, I think they do no worse than 8-8 this season.

  3. WOW!! You did a really nice job of saying absolutely nothing there… That was pretty sad, even for you… The best you can come up with is… Don’t be shocked if they pick Claussen at #5 and a rahashing of the moves already made… What? Too lazy to do any real research so you just skim the headlines? Why bother to do the segment at all? How about instead of saying Thomas Jones my take Jamal Charles’ job, you mention that in the last 8 games of 2009, he was second in the NFL behind Chris Johnson in rushing yards? With the addition of Jones and some solid, though older, veterans to the O-line they could have a formidable running attack. But if I was the GM with plenty of cash to spend (like your henchman said in the intro) I would add a solid fullback to open even more lanes and slow down the pass rush.
    Just an example of putting 2 minutes of thought into something before you open your fly catcher for the world to laugh at…
    I’m sorry that I expect a little effort for the time I chose to spend on your site, I guess I’m a greedy jerk…

  4. Come on Florio…
    Clausen? Are we still doing this? We haven’t committed yet to Cassel? Have you seen his salary?
    I’ll eat my words if that happens, but I just don’t understand how you can talk about our multiple glaring needs and then say we’ll take a QB in the next breath.

  5. Cassel has 5 years left on a 6 year deal – a deal that still has an awful lot of guaranteed money tied up in it. I really can’t see the Chiefs drafting a QB in the first round.

  6. My Chiefs are being run into the ground by the dulcet draft & free agent blundering of ‘King of Missteps’ KC egoli and his hand-picked and handicapped – as in 16 losses in 2009 – duffer of a football coach, hailme.
    They were the architects of the worst 1st season in all franchise history & are unquestionably the worst duo in the entire NFL.
    Other than that, they’re just swel.
    They’ll no doubt lead the KC Chiefs to 5 consecutive Superbowl victories & in only 2 years because…well, that’s how great they are (in their own minds.)
    Another 16 losses appends for KC in 2010…FIRE egoli & hailme – STAT!

  7. Florio stop with the replacing Matt Cassell stuff. They are going to give him a chance just like Trent Green.
    Chiefs have made some great moves like you said:
    Chris Chambers 1A to Bowe
    Thomas Jones (split with J. Charles)
    Ryan Llija (Right Guard)
    Casey Wigemann (stopgap C)
    resigning Derrick Johnson (what will Crennell do with him?)
    resigning Terrance Copper (special teams ace)
    The young DLine with Dorsey, Magee and Jackson will develop.
    The young LB’s Studebaker and Hali (Mays and Belcher) along with guys like Demorrio Williams and Vrabel. Yound secondary with Flowers and Carr and Washington at nickel
    Chiefs need to either get Okung or Berry with first pick or trade down (let Clausen go elsewhere) and still get a young LT/RT (Baluga)or DT. (D Williams) with first pick.
    I think they have had a great “value” offseason and along with the 1st round pick and two 2nd rounders we should be able to bring in some young talent that can start right away. Throw in the addition of Weiss and Crennel and they have had one of the Best offseasons in years.
    Cassell isn’t going anywhere………

  8. old New England magic with Crennel and Weis reuniting as coordinators after both crashing and burning as HCs? boy, this was a shitty waste of time and eye muscle focus. stick to writing snarky, condescending columns, eh Mike?

  9. Why would we trade for Jamal Anderson? He’s one of the bigger busts in recent memory. And why would we trade Dorsey, who played pretty well at 3-4 DE, or Tyson Jackson, who we just drafted?
    That’s dangerously close to the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard.
    Now, drafting Clausen after Cassel has only been here one season? That IS the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard. Last I checked, the offensive coordinator doesn’t make personnel decisions, and Pioli and Haley believe in Matt Cassel.
    You can do a lot better than this.

  10. “Icon” is right King Carl and Coach Herm were really building a winner and Pioli & Haley are tearing it apart. The Chiefs were 14-2 the season before Pioli/Haley, right? What?!!! They were 2-14?!!! Oh well in that case that would mean they got better in 2009.

  11. How does Jimmy Clausen improve the Chiefs in 2010? This team has so many bigger needs in so many other areas…to suggest taking a QB in the draft at #5 just one year after signing Cassel to a $64 million 6-yr contract is laughable. Build a team around the guy before you bail on him.
    1 (#5) – Russell Okung, Bryan Bulaga or trade down and grab Rolondo McClain
    2 (#36) – Sean Weatherspoon (OLB) – Missouri
    2 (#50) – Tyson Alualu (DT) – California
    3 (#68) – Jon Asamoah (G) – Illinois
    4 (#100) – TRADE! Move up to take: Jared Veldheer (OT) Hillsdale College
    5 (#133) – Mardy Gilyard (WR) – Cincinnati
    5 (#139) – Dekoda Watson (OLB) – Florida State
    5 (#141) – Tony Moeaki (TE) – Iowa

  12. Jammal Anderson is AWFUL, Jenkins couldn’t catch a cold, Falcons fans are such morons, even if the Chiefs were dumb enough to make that move, it still wouldn’t save you from the ass beating the Saints will give you again this coming year!

  13. Idiot “Icon” calls them “my” Chiefs but never has a word of praise for the new regime. I guess he preferred King Carl and Gunther/Herm Edwards. The new regime told the Chiefs fans it was going to be painful and it is. Some people are fans and some people are idiot knowitalls who are delusional enough to think they could run an NFL franchise better than the professionals. After off-season moves and a solid draft I predict the Chiefs at NO WORSE than 7-9.
    Icon’s just a typical negative sports junkie/internet hater who
    probably works as a security guard somewhere for about $7.50 and hour and free ammo for the gun.

  14. They could surprise. They are actually good now at several spots WR, RB, LB,CB, DE and S. They had some OL injuries which doomed them. Missing starters, they couldn’t pass protect or run block.
    The NFL is great for parity and with another good draft they could be very good. At #5 they could get a top OT and then take the best OG in rnd #2 and add a rush OLB with their 3rd pick and they are set. Deep draft for OTs so they could trade down with someone wanting Joe Haden in a thin CB crop and get another 2nd.

  15. The thing is Scott Pioli will NEVR be able to build this franchise. He was a GM in “name only” under the thumb of Bill B. with No authority to do anything with out Bill’s approval. While his father in law by be Parcells, even Tuna knew better than to bring his daughter’s “village idiot” husband to Miami. Mr. Hunt should have had his head examined with this hire.

  16. This is why PFT isnt fixing teams. Clausen at 5? Theyre already paying Cassel top QB money, and theyre not going to pay another QB the same. With the moves they are making in free agency they are starting to build around Cassel and Charles.
    Now if they can address the needs on defense. Im all for Berry at 5

  17. In what world would Weatherspoon be available in the second and Gilyard in the fifth? You need to do a bit more research before you post a draft like that.
    Weatherspoon will be gone before pick 25 and Gilyard is a solid second round talent.

  18. vid says: March 20, 2010 11:55 AM
    Why would we trade for Jamal Anderson? He’s one of the bigger busts in recent memory. And why would we trade Dorsey, who played pretty well at 3-4 DE, or Tyson Jackson, who we just drafted?
    That’s dangerously close to the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard.
    You wouldn’t be trading for RB Jamal Anderson, he’s been out of the league for like 6 years. Jamaal Anderson though can be a super duper end in a 3-4 despite only 280 lbs. of delicious dark meat. Dorsey didn’t play that great as an end according to my expert research, he’s out of position. He needs to be in a 4-3 as a DT but he sure didn’t set your franchise on fire at that spot his rookie season 2008. Tyson Jackson should be in a 4-3 also, he had an inauspicious rookie year and the ATL can take on his huge salary.
    Jimmy says: March 20, 2010 12:28 PM
    Jammal Anderson is AWFUL, Jenkins couldn’t catch a cold, Falcons fans are such morons, even if the Chiefs were dumb enough to make that move, it still wouldn’t save you from the ass beating the Saints will give you again this coming year!
    Jamaal Anderson is quite serviceable, Michael Jenkins is a nice tall target for Mr. MC, MJ suffered from the presence of Roddy White & Tony Gonzalez. Don’t forget that 3rd round pick. The Saints most recent game was in mid-December in the Dome for a thunderously convincing 26-23 squeaker with insurance salesman Chris Redman at the helm. Oh those Who Dat band of lunkheads put on a show!
    Maybe y’all can win 5 whole games in 2010. 🙂

  19. Please, not Clausen at #5.
    Are you kidding me? Trade up for the only real QB this year. Get Sam Bradford!!!

  20. HERE is what ‘The King of Missteps’ egoli has done since he & his golf coach hailme took squat in KC:
    2009 draft: DE Ty ‘MIA’ Jackson… Alex ‘Jeopardy ‘Draft busts for $100’ Magee DE…CB Donald ‘Duck’ Washington… OT Colon ‘I Washed Out at OT, Will Try OG 2010’ Brown… Q ‘I was cut 3 times in ’09’ ‘Q’ Lawrence… Javarass Williams & Jake O’Connell.
    More? Yes, sadly there was.
    Free Agents 2009:
    Zach Thomas, Amani Toomer, Mike Goff – and the waste of a high 2nd round pick for 2 patriot rejects mutt ‘BU$T’ ca$$ell & Mike Vrabel. Another draft choice was thrown away (we lose it this year) for Andy ‘4 Teams In 4 Years’ Alleman (now gone) & Ikechuku ‘Gesundheit’ Ndukeway; C Eric ‘I Was A Teenage Cincy Bengal’ Ghiaciuc also stopped by in 2009, as did Mike ‘Scorched Earth’ Brown & well, scarce internet paper doesn’t allow full accounting the carnage done via KC mismanagement.
    2010 has started out in much the same way: Casey ‘Wee Man’ Wiegmann, Ryan’s Hope’ Lilja… Thomas ‘5th Team In 10 Years’ Jones – and – as one cannot have enough ex-patriate types nor curdinals same, yet another gridiron legend – Jerheme ‘4 Teams In 7 Years Now’ Urban… oh, the humanity.
    Will April 22 year of our Lord 2010 draft be any less underwhelming nee BUST? No, it will not.
    Coming soon to a Mis-sour-i I-70 billboard sign near a big empty bowl: WANTED: NEW GM & HEAD COACH; no ex-patriates, parcellian’s nor curdinals need apply.
    Epitaph: R.I.P, egoli & hailme… they came, they saw, they F-A-I-L-E-D

  21. Cassel IS the “quarterback of the future” and nobody rationale is giving up on him after only one year (sic) a not-so-good and injury-depleted offensive line (not Cassel’s fault) and the most dropped passes in the NFL (also not Cassel’s fault). Who knows if Jimmy Clausen is another Brady Quinn? Cassel is a known quantity who, despite the problems enumerated above, broke even on INTs and TDs. What could he do with a improved O-line (Ryan Lilja, Casey Wiegmann, improved play in the 2nd half from guys already on the roster, Colin Brown off season-long IR, a draft pick or three, promising youngsters like Darryl Harris and Jermail Porter), season-long improved running game ala Jamaal Charles and Thomas Jones, and receivers who can catch better- bye-bye Bobby Wade and hello Chris Chambers, Lance Long, Leonard Pope and lifetime-spec-teamer-but suddenly-a-threat-w/2-catches-for-65-yds-in-last-game Terrance Copper? He also has a decent, if injury prone, backup in Brodie Croyle and Matt Gutierrez just re-signed. Need to make more improvements on defense, beyond rotational NT Shaun Smith, but keeping the offense on the field longer will help anyway.

  22. OntBoltFan says the Chiefs are actually good at several positions including DE, LB, CB & S. That is every position on defense, have you noticed this has been one of the worst three defenses in the NFL the last 2 seasons?
    Tyson Jackson & Glenn Dorsey at the DE’s have 1 sack between them. Tamba Hali has a chance to be good at OLB, the other 3 stink, period. The fact that KC gave up the most running plays over 20 yards league-wide speaks volumes about their awful linebacker play.
    Brandon Flowers & Brandon Carr show a lot of promise, especially Flowers, so you get a pass on this position.
    They had THE WORST safety play in the league. They made the brilliant move of releasing Bernard Pollard who went to Houston & became a difference maker for the Texans. He got tired of Haley swearing at him & got in Haley’s face. See ya!
    The comment about their O-line not being able to run block? Jamaal Charles rushed for 890 yards in the last 8 weeks of the season, so someone was doing some blocking someplace.
    WR is another weakness you called “actually good”. At best, this group is below average.
    And to Marvin Berry:
    Mardy Gilyard won’t be a 5th round pick
    Sean Weatherspoon isn’t a pass rushing 3-4 OLB like K.C. needs
    If they take Okung or Bulaga why would they trade up for Veldheer?
    They have Waters & Lilja, why draft Asamoah when they have real safety issues?
    Here’s my picks:
    1. Okung
    2. Jerry Hughes OLB TCU
    2. Nate Allen S South Florida
    3. Cam Thomas NT N. Carolina
    4. Andre Roberts WR The Citadel
    5. Mike McLaughlin ILB Boston College
    5. Clay Barbour TE Missouri State
    5. Blair White WR Michigan State
    6. Joe Hawley C-G UNLV

  23. What’s in a number? 16 losses in 2009 if you’re the Chiefs: my team. Solution? A rope. Shy said KC has employed desperation mode – once again – to sign or resign these ‘nubers’ nee relics 2010:
    C Wiegmann 37, LB Vrabel 35, WR Chambers 32, RB Jones 32 & WR Urban (‘as in Legend’) 30; too, undersized, injury concerns & within sight edge of cliff age 30 OG Ryan ‘s Hope’ Lilja, whom the IND Colts outright released (they whom do ‘not’ make personnel mistakes.)
    Also ‘young uns’ of no renown NT Smith 29, and QB Palko 27 (already cut previously by the troika NFL, CFL & UFL).
    I can see why the Patriots held the door open for this guy egoli when he was considering KC; Clark Hunt should have slammed his door and locked it.

  24. mutt ca$$el? Heh he-larious! As to mutt ‘the $63 mill BU$T’ ca$$el, what would he do with a better supporting cast?
    We already know: not good enough.
    He had a Cadillac at his fingertips in NE & took that team n-o-w-h-e-r-e, no playoffs – this aft they had been in every post season since 2003; mutt leaves in 2009 & viola! – Pats are back in the post season.
    If you take the best (snicker) & worst of mutt, put it together & average it out the type of QB you get and can expect ongoing is one just ‘good’ enough to get you beat: 11-5 & 4-12 = 15-17 or utter stench.
    Based on his NE year & his KC (you know, year aft when he had more experience for all the good it did him when considered versus his numerous as a QB shortcomings his own) –
    What you get is a QB who:
    Attempts 505 passes, completes 299 for but 59.3 completion %s, throws only 19 tds but also 14 ints (no 2-1 td/int ratio he), 3309 yards & only a 6.55 yards per pass mark – all of the above are ‘below’ a-v-e-r-a-g-e for an NFL QB & evidenced by the fact that as a passer considering both seasons he would be rated about the 18th best in the entire NFL.
    Oh, almost forgot; he was sacked 42 times in KC 2009 – yet he was also sacked 42 times up in NE 2008: 89 sacks in 2 years on two different teams, one among the better teams the other among the worst. 45 sacks per season on average. The only NFL QB who was sacked more was the sacrificial lamb played for Jacksonville (even Aaron Rodgers got better protection over these last 2 seasons, & he threw even more passes than mutt; Jack’s QB ALSO attempted more passes then mutt did, yet was sacked less.)
    mutt ca$$el will lead KC nowhere but to continued mediocrity; in this he shares much in common with egoli & hailme, a triumvirate to die (& be fired) for.
    Just the facts…

  25. OK… I just can’t take the comments about Matt Cassel not taking the Patriots to the playoffs when he had the chance… His record was 11-5.
    Repeat: 11-5
    11-5 would get you into the playoffs 95% of the time.
    Yes, the team came up short, but if you can actually sit there and say that a QB getting his first chance to play in the NFL that leads the team to 11-5 is a failure, then you are just dumb. PERIOD.

  26. “11-5 would get you into the playoffs 95% of the time.”
    – the losers lament whether 5%, 1%, .05 … cue Maxwell ‘Get’ Smart:
    “Missed it by thaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat much!”.
    Reiterating: “not good enough.” Aka – woulda, coulda, shoulda, if only and yeah but yeah but, etc. etc. ad nauseam ad infinitum.
    mutt ca$$el ranked only 10th in 2008 despite an offense full of all the bells and whistles – and 25th in 2009 with but a kazoo. Any way you cut it, it is clear: mutt ca$$el is a dime a dozen QB (more so, a $63 mill model who plays like .63 cents.)

  27. That there mutt ca$$el could use a player like Michael Jenkins to reach that next level. 🙂

  28. Regardless of Icon’s sincerely sad sarcasm, an 11-5 record in the first year of real playing time is impressive no matter how much you try to boil it down. Did Pioli over pay for him (trade value and contract)? Absolutely. Where the Chiefs going to do anything else with the money? Obviously not, hell I’m pretty sure we had to pay that much to meet the minimum salary cap requirements… So why not give it to a project QB who could be turned into a franchise player?
    I’m curious as to what Icon thought was a better option in 2009: Leave the reigns in Brodie Croyle’s hands? Jump in on the Favre talks? Draft Sanchez and throw him to the wolves?
    Personally, I would’ve preferred giving the Texans the 4th round pick they wanted (and got from Minnesota) for Rosenfels and given him an extension similar to what he got from them… but I don’t see the Cassell move as nearly the mega blunder you seem to. It’s a lot of money lost, but the money wasn’t doing us any good going unspent… I call it a good gamble.

  29. Yes jessbrox809, Icon was in favor of drafting Sanchez in 2009 – just as I am now in favor of drafting Claussen in 2010.
    Likewise Icon was in favor of HC Herm Edwards being allowed to continue his rebuilding program which he was only allowed to start in 2008, afore Clark Hunt traded his backbone for a reputation, that being egoli the latter. End of the ’09 season, Hunt said “I hope Herm comes back.” Herm too said ‘I expect to be back.” And then, Belichick’s valet laid his first of many eggs in KC, releasing Herm & hiring a golf coach. Result? FORE.
    Too, Croyle by most accounts outplayed ca$$el in 2009 off-season and training camp activities, yet egoli’s boondoggle got the nod despite some indications KC’s head coach was not impressed the same degree. So much for open competition.
    ca$$el is an known entity. Might he get better? Yes. Might he get worse? Yes. I’ve seen enough of ca$$el to come down on the he’s good enough to get you beta,and nothing more.
    Unlike the subjective mutt marching & chowder society, I deal in “is” and “was”, not in “maybes” & “might be’s”. Anyone can & will say a player will get better – and likewise anyone can say he will get worse or others can say he has reached his apex and will ascend no more.
    Via reports, mutt ca$$el’$ contract guarantees any are are more so front loaded so he can be excised without much ado forthwith.
    KC should cut their losses, and either trade him or bench him as soon as his replacement comes on board.
    Will this happen? Not likely, only because egoli is an empty suit based on his poor track record KC as I’ve illuminated afore (draft. free agency, etc.) Unlike the man with the Midas touch, everything egoli has touched since coming to KC has turned into ****

  30. Thomas Jones supplant Jamaal Charles as the starter? Come on Mike.
    Watch some tape from the second half of last year please.
    this segment sucked.

  31. I am 41 years old and have never seen the Chiefs play in a Super Bowl. I have a seventeen year old son that has never seen them win a playoff game. I have a 3 year old dog that’s never experienced them winning more than 4 games in a season.
    This franchise is very sad.

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