Sepulveda walks a verbal tightrope regarding Big Ben

Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger has been silent in the 15 days since facing new accusations of sexual assault.  His teammates have been silent, too.

Well, most of them have been silent.

Punter Daniel Sepulveda recently joined 93.7 The Fan in Pittsburgh to talk about a variety of subjects, one of which was the status of the man who, as Sepulveda acknowledged, is the unquestioned leader of the team.

The three-year player, who was a fourth-round draft pick in 2007 and currently is a restricted free agent, chose his words carefully when talking about Roethlisberger’s situation.  But Sepulveda didn’t mince words, either; his disapproval of the situation clearly came through.

“It’s regrettable to see him struggling in the media the way he has in putting himself in these positions,” Sepulveda said.  “You know, it’s hard to comment on that kind of thing.  We’re going to be there for him as teammates in any way we can be to help him through these deals.  I don’t know, he’s a very capable quarterback obviously.  My locker’s next to his in the game locker room, and that’s on business day, you know that’s game day.  So I don’t think I’ve said more than a couple sentences to him in the three years that I’ve been here even though we locker next to each other, but you know it’s all business on game day so you can’t read into that. . . .  It’s tough to say, we’re gonna be there for him in any way that we can be, but you know it’s not cool to see him getting in trouble like this all the time.”

Three quick observations.  First, if you listen to the interview, you’ll hear that Sepulveda was struggling with his words, hoping to say the right thing.  Or, more accurately, to not say the wrong thing.  Second, the fact that Sepulveda and Roethlisberger have lockers right next to each other on game day and Ben has hardly spoken to him is odd, to say the least.  Seriously, how can Roethlisberger rarely talk to the guy who is right freaking next to him on the 16 most important days of the year?  (In fairness to Ben, Sepulveda missed all of the 2008 season with a knee injury.  Still, he was there for all of 2007 and 2009.) 

And it’s noteworthy, in our view, that Sepulveda got his point across, in somewhat passive-aggressive style.  He didn’t have to say anything about having lockers right next to each other and rarely having Ben say a word to him; the fact that he did so speaks volumes regarding the relationship — or lack of one — that these two teammates have. 

Third, the internal talking points that apparently have been distributed to the players include a heavy dose of “we’re gonna be there for him,” since it was uttered twice in the comments set forth above, and it’s said twice again in the comments appearing below, regarding the possible impact of the charges on Ben’s ability to lead the team.

“Well, it’s not good,” Sepulveda said.  “It certainly doesn’t help.  But, you know what?  Leading a football team, that’s an on and off the field thing.  So, gosh, you know it’s not a great way to earn the respect of the rest of the guys on the team.  But you know at the same time we are a team, he is our leader.  We’re gonna be there for him in any way that we can be to help him through this because you know obviously he’s gonna get attacked as a result so, and that’s what the Steelers do, we stick together, we’re a team.  And that starts with the leadership of the Rooney family. . . .  and that culture runs all the way through to the punter.  So, you know, we’re gonna be there for him.”

So, yes, they’re gonna be there for him.  But at least one of them doesn’t seem to like it very much.  And if that’s a reflection of the culture that runs all the way from the Rooneys through to the punter, Ben has a problem within the organization that he might never be able to overcome.

86 responses to “Sepulveda walks a verbal tightrope regarding Big Ben

  1. Of course they are gonna be there for him…They wanna keep their way overpaid jobs and….It’s not their daughter he’s bangin in a bathroom stall…

  2. I’m pretty sure you could overreact to this a little more if you try harder. Maybe next time.

  3. My only question regarding this whole thing is: where the hell are his teammates in all this? Are they even going to be there for him?

  4. He’s always been a piece of shi#. The main reason so many people can’t stand him is that he combines a moron-like IQ level with his arrogance and pompousness (he may need to find out what that means).

  5. if you take his quotes out of this,…there’s not much there except FLORIOs post game analyisis,…is he chosing his words carefully? YES is he uncomfortable talking about this? SURE have they been schooled w/in the steelers organization, what to say regarding Big Ben? NO DOUBT,…there’s really not much there FLORIO

  6. HHHMMMMM I’m trying to think of 3 sentences I can write to Daniel Sepulveda………. Oh right you’re a punter!

  7. In other words, he’s guilty as shit but if I say so I will be working for Al Davis.

  8. This Ghetto Thug needs to be banned for life and locked up for I hope more than 23 months.
    I’m sick and tired of the special bias treatment for white players. The Commissioner hasn’t even scheduled a meeting with him.
    As I recall, he met with Vick before he was actually charged.
    Doesn’t surprise me.

  9. Florio is a master at telling us what a player SHOULD have said or spinning what was said into something else..
    I think Sepulveda handled it pretty well though what he “should” have said is ” no comment”
    media in the 21st century are like sharks in the water…jackels…
    LE is looking into this which is enough for me…though it will be entertaining if Nancy Grace starts to cover this

  10. This is great! As a Ravens fan I cannot get enough of this story. Guilty or not, Ben is an idiot and it seems ownership and the players are calling him out. Doesn’t bode well for the Steelers. Between your kicker, James Harrison, and Ben looks like the Steelers have more “criminals” on their roster than the Ravens. HAHAHA!!!!!!

  11. Shocking!
    100 million dollar quarterbacks don’t talk to the punter that often.
    Who would have ever thought?

  12. In a situation like this, I think it would be wise for all Steelers to shy away from talk shows of any kind unless there’s a stipulation to stay off this subject.
    Personally, as a Browns fan I’m enjoying the hell out of it though. The only wins we ever get is when shit like this happens.

  13. Glad I listened to the interview instead of just reading the CliffsNotes. For one thing, Sepulveda said HE hasn’t spoken more than a few sentences to Ben at the lockers, not the other way around. But he also said that’s gameday and you can’t go by that. He said they play in a golf tournament together.
    He clearly didn’t want to give his personal opinion of Ben, but it was obvious that he’s not happy Ben keeps putting himself in these situations and said it’s no way to earn the respect of his teammates. That was pretty blunt–and I’m with him. Sepulveda handled the interview perfectly.

  14. Maybe he’s choosing his words carefully because he doesn’t want Ben to fix his TV.

  15. I wouldn’t be eager to stand behind someone facing his second sexual assault accusation in a year. It’s nice to say and all, but his teammates probably don’t give a sh*t.

  16. Sepulveda is a bum, but BigBen not talking to him at all?? that’s just weird. Where there is smoke there is fire, he is guilty of being a superstar who is quick to hit on ladies. Typical star athlete, he’s just stupid enough to get caught.

  17. He’s a F*cking punter. What could he possibly say to Ben before a game? “Hey, uh… Ben… could you uh… maybe go 3 and out a couple of times, so I can uh… see some action…”

  18. Meanwhile, three weeks into this BULLSHIT, and still NO CHARGES FILED.
    Take the hint, there isn’t going to be any.

  19. Big Ben is a bitch.. the guy tries to be portrayed as the best thing ever in public.. What was the point of this point anyway?

  20. Well damn. This article is all I need. Ben’s guilty.
    Hang him. Rip his heart out. Sentence him to life in front of a firing squad.
    There, got that out of the way, that oughta satisfy all the Baltimorons.

  21. “that’s what the Steelers do, we stick together…”
    So now we know, Rothelsomething wasn’t wearing a condom. Nasty.

  22. “how can Roethlisberger rarely talk to the guy who is right freaking next to him on the 16 most important days of the year?”
    Maybe because one is the QB and the other is the punter?

  23. You’re not doing a good job at being impartial, Mr. F.
    Who here, show of hands, knows Mr. Sepulveda very well?
    Maybe no one talks to Mr. Sepulveda because maybe he’s an idiot. Maybe he’s a moron. Maybe he’s someone who in his own personal life is just impossible to like. You don’t know who this guy is.
    Instead of taking the easy way out and saying BR is a snob, maybe you should think of it this way: if the guy who is next to you doesn’t engage you first in conversation, maybe YOU are the problem, Sepulveda.
    You don’t know who Sepulveda is. The guy could be the biggest jerk ever. Maybe that’s why people don’t talk to him.
    So Mr. F, try to be a little less partisan and let it play out.
    Allegedly BR walked into a Ladie’s room and accosted a female. 2 weeks later, no security footage has shown up of the man entering a Ladie’s room.
    Why isn’t THAT the story?

  24. Steeler fan here. Agree w everything you said here Florio. Much better than the tabloid stuff you usually throw up there.

  25. Careful, Speulveda. While I agree with what you’re saying, it’s not hard to replace a punter if the team feels like they might not be on the same page with the rest of the team.

  26. Translation:
    He’s a douchebag, but he’s our douchebag. So since he’s our douchebag, we have to stand by him. If you didn’t figure it out already…he’s a douchebag!

  27. The man is obviously guilty, he didn’t go into hiding like this the last time, he went out and said he was innocent and wanted everyone in the world to see it. Now all of a sudden he’s hiding in seclusion, refusing to cooperate with police, dropping out of golf tournaments and not showing up for practice. Everything is so quiet about this case you get the sense it’s being taken very seriously by all parties involved. Seems like we won’t hear much more about this until charges are filed and Ben is actually arrested.
    Wonder if that’s part of the hiding as well, afraid the police will arrest him at practice or at the golf tournament etc…

  28. Ben’s an arrogant jerk who think’s because he got the big contract he can do whatever and whenever he wants to. He also ONLY picks on women in vulnerable positions who he thinks his lawyers & money will always bail him out.

  29. Well looks like Sepulveda did a good job trying to talk about the rapist teammate who dresses and undresses next to him all the time without letting his bias show.

  30. I am obviously a long-time Steeler fan, and of course a fan of Big Ben’s on-field exploits.
    Let me be the first to say it – he needs to sit for a year.
    Rooney needs to make the tough call here, sit him for a year, and let Ben decide if he wants to be a big-time qb again or not. I don’t care if they pay him or not for the year they suspend him, but the Steelers should stop acting as if he is not putting himself in these situations, and stop trotting him out to look like a fool like he did against teams like Cleveland and Oakland last year, when his mind was obviously elsewhere due to all the trouble he’s brought onto himself. It doesn’t do any good for the team. Do the right thing Mr. Rooney – put the team first, and tell Ben, “Get back to us after the 2010 season, we’ll see how you’ve matured and handled yourself in the meantime”. Fact is, I don’t think they can win a Super Bowl, or even a playoff game with him so distracted for another year. He put up good numbers last year, but made some horrible decisions at key points in some games, and clearly has been a distraction to the team. Time to shut it down, and figure out who to try to move forward with this year.
    I think the ideas of bringing in Leftwich and/or Tim Tebo both have some merit, and should be explored, at least as a backup to Dennis Dixon/Batch, in case they get injured or are unable to run the offense productively.

  31. “In other words, he’s guilty as shit but if I say so I will be working for Al Davis.”
    Of course, if Sepulveda worked for Al Davis, he’d be making 8 million per season. 🙂

  32. Mean D says:
    March 20, 2010 5:55 PM
    In other words, he’s guilty as shit but if I say so I will be working for Al Davis.
    Sepulveda might make it as a QB of the Raiders… But he sure as hell is not working for Al Davis as a punter.

  33. @GoBrowns19 …
    That’s the most sensible–and most honest–thing you’ve ever posted. I feel a chill … is hell freezing over?

  34. C’mon DanRooney…if this was Ray Lewis you steeler fans wouldnt be able to get enough stories….good lord it has been 10 years and you still call him a murderer…..

  35. 5 crown royals in aristotle states the obvious….the guy does not say two words to the guy next his locker? c`mon, if that true the guys a class A-asshole. but he sure can play….

  36. I’ve read where some players, on Sundays, when they have their “game faces” on don’t even speak to their spouses. But you want to make a big deal because Ben and the punter don’t speak on gamedays?? Geez….talk about trying to make a big deal out of nothing!!

  37. Sepulveda isnt even signed yet is he??LOL
    Not to mention he missed an entire season with an injury……so it would b 2seasons.
    Blue could you please give me the sites stating Ben isnt cooperating with the police,,All Ive read is he is FULLY cooperating. Would you like them to give you a call ?
    He doesnt HAVE to play in those tournaments silly boy.. and how many other starters sat out of practice too?? LOL ALOT! O My Tom Brady didnt attend his too.. whats up with that.. lol whats he hiding?? SMH yall some weirdos.
    You havent seen or heard from Ben all off season til now ,,, and SUDDENLY now you are upset you arent seeing him .LOL WEIRD!

  38. I’ll give ya my personal opinion of ben…..And i Don’t have a locker next to him…….But i do have girls in college…….He’s a slimeball…….Don’t like my opinion……….Kiss my ass

  39. He may not get charged….But he will get suspended. The commish would get trashed if he doesnt suspend this idiot. While sending yet another message to the NFL players.

  40. So..if he’s not guilty then why did he go out and hire the highest priced defense lawyer in the business.When it all plays out, he will settle out of court and find himself another nieve girl and do it all over again..

  41. @ItalianArmyGuy …
    Usually agree w/you, but not this time. Ben has been foolish, immature, and self-absorbed–not unusual traits in celebs and star athletes. But disagree he brought Nevada on himself. He had a one-night stand. Haven’t most men? A year later, she filed a civil suit claiming rape. All evidence produced so far indicates she’s lying to extort money. He didn’t bring that on himself.
    Continuing a party lifestyle after that was idiotic. Partying w/college kids was insanity. Beyond that, everyone–including the Rooneys–needs to wait and see what charge, if any, is filed in Georgia and what evidence is presented before determining actions to take. If no crime was committed, no punishment is warranted.
    If he’s charged and makes a deal or is found guilty, he’ll be suspended at the very least. IF he’s innocent, the Rooneys, his family, and his agent can work with him to reorder his priorities and rebuild his life without sitting him. Statistically, he had one of his best years in 09, and if you’ll watch the Cleveland game again, you’ll see the offensive line was responsible for most of those sacks. Football is the one thing he’s doing relatively well. It won’t be to his benefit or the team’s to eliminate that for a year.

  42. @Ravenmaniac …
    Excellent SI column. Thanks for posting the link. Great contrast between on-field maturity and off-field behavior–and good points about the problems of success coming too soon. He never even played QB until his senior year in high school. So all the success came in a short period of time … probably too short.

  43. SL
    Cops have asked multiple times to interview Roethlisberger but he has declined every time, they want DNA again he has declined. We haven’t seen him since the accusation, he is hiding out. Is he even still in the country? No idea right? I’d call that hiding out.
    The guy is guilty as can be his actions speak volumes right now. If he wasn’t guilty you think he hires a big money attorney? the same one that incidentally got Ray Lewis off on murder charges. The writing is on the wall, you have to be pretty naive not to see it.
    None of his teammates are coming out to defend him, Tomlin was on NFL Network today and the stuff he was saying sounds awfully familiar to what Sepulveda has said He doesn’t have very much support for an innocent man…likely because they all know he’s guilty and it’s only a matter of time before he goes to jail so these guys are all doing pre-emptive damage control for the inevitable arrest that’s about to take place.

  44. 75vette….even the innocent (I am not saying he is) want to get the best possible lawyer….his lawyer is good!

  45. @Deb
    “Continuing a party lifestyle after that was idiotic. Partying w/college kids was insanity. Beyond that…”
    You and I agree on just about everything, except when you go with the “beyond that” comment. I don’t go “beyond that”. What he did was “insanity” as you stated. What the Steelers put on the field last year was “insanity”. What they will put on the field next year will be “insanity” also, if he continues to drag his teammates through this muck. Don’t forget, he stuck Willie Colon right in the middle of this – what was he thinking??? Move him aside, and move forward. The team should have a good defense again, a good running game, good receivers. Let him sit a year and realize that the team does not need “insanity”, and see what you get with Dixon, Batch, Leftwich, and/or Tebow.

  46. Would love to see Peyton’s quote about Mike Vanderjagt that one year at the pro bowl… even funnier that the FG kicker on this team likes to fight outside of bars.
    So Big Ben might be a rapist. Even so, why do we give a crap what the punter says?

  47. Deb…I thought about you today and could almost hear you say I told you so… brother/steeler season ticket holder (always makes for interesting holiday dinners) was down from the Burgh, and he lives in very close proximity to Ben and he reminded me (as I was harrassing him about Ben) that Ben has a cookout for the neighborhood every year and that ben has always been good to all of them……
    He also went on to say the Pburgh radio is rife with anti-Ben sentiment. He was telling me that he has seen Ben in a couple of up-scale establishments and always has women falling all over him which makes it hard to understand why he would troll college bars. I guess maturity does not always come with age.
    So go ahead and say it…I told you so….Just remember for every I told you so story there always seems to be an Uh-Huh story……

  48. @bluehaze …
    Andrea McNulty filed a civil suit with a detailed accusation, which Ben denied. This is a criminal investigation and Ben has no idea exactly what the accuser is alleging, except it isn’t rape. They are different situations. No one under suspicion in a criminal investigation should speak to the media. He has issued statements through his agent and attorney denying criminal wrongdoing.
    The Georgia Bureau of Investigation detective leading the investigation has repeatedly and as recently as this week said Ben is fully cooperating. And Ben was back in Georgia this week. He has the right to remain silent, including keeping his DNA to himself unless the police produce a warrant. It is not the job of the accused to prove his innocence. It’s the job of the accuser to prove his guilt. It’s a shame you don’t know more about, or have more respect for, your Constitutional rights.
    You live in a lovely fantasy world. In the real world, innocent people are wrongly convicted every day. Yes, when people have money, they can afford a good defense. But when they have money, they also have a BIG target on their backs. Nothing’s perfect, bluehaze.

  49. @Deb
    I can’t believe anyone actually reads them. I figured I was just amusing myself all this time.

  50. Well, TryTheVeal, why not? You’ve already demonstrated you have no problem launching an unprovoked attack against another woman for posting her views but when it comes to yours … which have absolutely no intellectual or factual basis … the best you can come up with is “kiss my ass.” Lovely. Bet you were a home-room mom. And you’re posting on EVERY Roethlisberger thread because you have daughters in college. Uh-huh. Nice try.

  51. 1. bluehaze- you have absolutely no idea what you are talking about. Ben HAS been interviewed and HAS submitted DNA samples. Its ignorant people like you who would put away an innocent man before he even stands trial. P.S. he hasn’t even ben CHARGED yet
    2. Florio you obviously have never played sports. Its called being FOCUSED on game day. He has to worry about 300 lb. LBs taking his head off in a couple minutes, what would he possibly say to the punter?

  52. ItalianArmyGuy! He stuck Willie Colon in the middle of this? Willie Colon is a big boy. He stuck himself in the middle of the frat party. If he didn’t want to go bar-hopping in Milledgeville, he wouldn’t have. Let’s not get carried away.

  53. @Ravenmaniac …
    I was about to post something nice to you and there you go again! You missed something, honey:
    “Davis said Garland has cooperated with authorities in every other aspect of the investigation…”
    Ben has a Constitutional right to remain silent, and Tom Davis knows that. But he says Ben’s attorney is cooperating in every other way.
    Goodness, Ravenmaniac, I try to be as cooperative with you as I can be … but it doesn’t extend to cheering for the Ravens. We all have our limits. 😉

  54. @Stillerz
    Quite the contrary:
    “We’ve made that request a number of times with his attorney, Ed Garland, but he has not yet granted that request,” Tom Davis of the Georgia Bureau of Investigation said.
    “but the GBI agent declined to say if that included providing a DNA sample that could be critical to the case.”
    Get your facts straight as the only one that looks ignorant here is yourself 😉

  55. lol Blue.. You apparently dont need facts to decide. so me talking to you is pointless. Why did the girl run out n get a lawyer? Lol what was Ben suppose to do,ask for a probono lawyer? Lol Did you ever think he could be innocent so he wants to defend himself? Im not saying he is but theres more than one side to the story.. yall spin shit more than Rumpelstilskin.I bet you have a subscription to the Enquirer too.
    # Howyadoin says: March 21, 2010 4:05 AM
    Frat Boys Rape.

  56. @BlueEyeDevils: Why do you continue to compare Roethlisberger to Vick?
    Vick’s case was “open and shut.” Authorities found dead and crippled dogs all over the man’s property. What? Someone planted those dead and tortured animals on his estate just for the fun of it?
    Vick was caught red-handed.
    Roethlisberger’s situtation isn’t so openly defined. It’s still “she said, he said.” And until they sort out the facts, there’s not a damn thing anyone can or should do.
    believe me, I’ve had my fill of Roethlisberger’s arrogance and his constant media protection. But, in the meantime, we’ll all just have to be patient.

  57. Though Sepulveda actually looks far more what a football player SHOULD look like rather than the dumpy Roethlisomething, in Ben’s defense, NFL players rarely talk to punters and kickers.

  58. @Deb and ItalianArmyGuy: You both make excellent points…
    However, I can’t get passed this “Ben is perfect and the rest of the team sucks” mentality among most Steelers fans.
    Deb, Roethlisberger was just plain awful in that Cleveland game. He played as though he was standing in cement. Even on the Steelers’ last play of the game, behind only 13-6, Your Boy Ben had lots of room to run for a drive-extending first down but instead opted to throw into double coverage. End of game. End of season.
    Too bad Steelers fans think with their hearts and not with their heads.

  59. @Deb…you have always seemed to be a very intelligent lady and often have interesting posts (sometimes from angles I have never thought of) but honestly I do not always post things/say things just to make others happy or get cheerful replies.
    I always try to be fair/open minded and sometimes I refute my own position after further thought or even after seeing someone elses point of view.
    Most often, I will try to say something that will get steeler fans spun up because it is fun to go back and forth. I never try to be mean or completely off the mark. In fact, there are many steeler fans on this site that I respect and enjoy going back and forth with (one of which is you). These are people that I would love to get together with and tailgate before a Ravens-Steelers game!
    Getting back to the point, I think the article did say that the investigators in Georgia have requested an interview many times but have not been granted one. I am just going by what the article said, I do not have any personal knowledge of this being true or not. If true, that is not cooperation……

  60. Sepulveda and the Rooney family are, at this very moment, preparing to invest a huge sum of money to invest in stock in the Never-Chafe Rope Company, Inc.

  61. @ ItalianArmyGuy
    What are you talking about? “Insanity”? The Steelers put virtually the same team from the previous year on the field minus a few departed starters. Are you a moron? What “insanity”? Who should they have put on the field? Scabs? Why suspend an accused palyer? Suspensions are for guilty players (see Vick, Stallworth, Burress, Jones) and I can’t help that those four are black.
    @ ItalianArmyGuy
    “when his mind was obviously elsewhere due to all the trouble he’s brought onto himself”
    What the hell does this mean? All of the trouble? He had one accusation up to that point so what is “all the trouble” that you refer to? I’m accusing you of being stupid so why don’t you stay home for a year for the benefit of your employer.
    If you think college girls aren’t on their backs with their legs in the air with college boys then your dreaming. Welcome to reality.

  62. @robhug71 …
    Whoa! I didn’t say Ben played a good game in Cleveland! I don’t agree with you that he’s useless either, but I don’t have time to debate that right now. I have a BIG problem with Zierlein’s coaching of the o-line since Grimm left, and am very excited about what Kugler can bring to the mix. ItalianArmyGuy was blaming all the sacks in that game on Ben, but on many of those sacks, the pass rush was shooting through the line before Ben had taken three steps back. You can’t blame all that on the QB. That’s all I was saying.
    @Ravenmaniac …
    I was just teasing you, hon. You’re one of the exceptional rival fans from the AFC North and I always look forward to your insights.
    Yes, they’re requesting an interview, and as far as we know, they haven’t gotten it. But the accused has a right to remain silent. Exercising his rights isn’t being uncooperative. I’ve watched Davis’s interviews and he doesn’t seem the least perturbed by not getting the interview with Ben. In fact, he seems pretty nonchalant. And each time, he’s made a point of saying Garland hasn’t made Ben available but is cooperating fully. If there’s any animosity between the investigators and the defense, you can’t see it in his demeanor.

  63. @Deb … I understand perfectly what you were/are saying: Whenever Roethlisberger gets sacked, the O-line is to blame.
    I remember that game vividly, because the Steelers’ entire season was on the line … against a team that was 1-11.
    I don’t recall saying Roethlisberger was “useless” in that particular game. I said he was awful, and his decision to throw a pass into double coverage rather than run for a first down on the Steelers’ final series of that game was gutless.
    I find it interesting that whenever Roethlisberger rallies his team, all by himself no less, from insurmountable 9-3 deficits in fourth quarters, the media can’t wait to point out that Your Boy Ben had yet another spectacular fourth-quarter comeback.
    To be fair and honest, if they are going to keep track of the times he does, should they also count the times he doesn’t? Just wondering.

  64. @robhug71 …
    Nuh-uh, you don’t understand perfectly what I’m saying.
    First, I’m not saying that whenever Ben gets sacked, the o-line is to blame. Ben holds the ball too long and doesn’t get rid of it when he should. Occasionally, that results in a spectacular play because of his size and mobility and the ability of the receiving team to follow his lead. But it often results in sacks when he can’t break free. AND Zierlein did a poor job coaching the line in their blocking schemes and they frequently allowed the pass rush to break through before Ben could get set and make his reads. Football is a complicated game. When things go wrong, usually there are multiple breakdowns.
    Second, when I said I don’t agree with you that he’s useless, I wasn’t talking about the Cleveland game. I meant overall. You’ve posted on every thread that Ben’s done next to nothing for the Steelers. Just because I haven’t commented doesn’t mean I haven’t read the threads. Much as it may shock a couple of idiot Pats fans, I don’t have time to comment on everything.
    And you can stop with the snarky “your boy Ben” stuff. I hate to break it to you, robhug71, but as long as he’s OUR quarterback, then he’s OUR boy Ben–unless you’re planning to change teams. You can hate on him all you want … but as a Steelers fan, you’re stuck with him unless and until circumstances change.

  65. Deb , stop hogging the board. Are you writing Gone with the Wind again? You ramble.
    Anyways, Ben is the leader of the team. Why can’t he say what’s up? Mr. God complex. It doesn’t matter if one is the QB and one is the punter. It is called a team. If not, let Ben punt. I can just see that. It would go ab out 20 yards.
    Did Ben graduate…what’s that tiny-winney school? University of Disney World? Apparently no scholarship for him. Wonder if he pays, if applicable, his student loans. I would LOVE to see Ben’s credit. I bet it is in the tank. Nice character.
    Ben is stupid, guilty, and done in Pittsburgh. I couldn’t be happier. Maybe the greatest team ever will earn back their dignity. I can’t wait for it to come out because I will have a party. I’m sure many fans will show too. Bu-bye Bennie.

  66. @Deb: I have, never, ever used the word “useless” to describe Roethlisberger. I have used the word “overrated” on many occasions, only because NO ONE could possiblily be as perfect as the media and most fans would have one believe.
    When you say that football is a complicated game, you could not be more right. And to have fans and media preach that one guy does it all by himself is insulting to the intelligence.
    I have no interest in changing teams. But how I yearn for the return of one of those low-profiled, less-expensive, yet efficient QBs of yesteryear.
    We have tried the “Franchsie QB” route, and the distractions have been maddening.
    Did you see Byron Leftwich quarterback the Steelers in 2008? From my vantage point, the team seemed to function quite well with him at the helm.
    Remember the Cleveland game at home in ’08? When Roethlisberger exited the game right before half with a concusion, the Steelers were leading 7-0.
    Enter Leftwich.
    Final score: Steelers 31, Browns 0.
    It’s difficult for me to ignore these things. And the more Roethisberger is shoved down my throat as being the greatest, the more I am compelled to point out these things.

  67. @Reba …
    Nice thing about the board is that it goes on ad infinitem, so no matter how much space I hog, there’s always room for you. And you post quite a bit yourself.
    Wish I were writing the next “Gone With the Wind.” All my books so far have been nonfiction and I sure as heck didn’t make that kind of $$$$.
    As for what will happen to Ben … neither of us knows.

  68. Robhug71 …
    You are soooo literal. I didn’t mean you literally said he was useless, sigh–only that you continually imply his contribution to the success of the team has been minimal.
    Byron Leftwich is not an elite QB and never will be. He will never lead a team to a Super Bowl. NFL history is filled with stories of minor QBs who saved the day … in one game. One game does not a career make. I do not think Roethlisberger is the greatest QB ever, nor the greatest in the game today. He is not the sole reason for our recent success. But he was the missing piece of the puzzle.
    For the 21 years post-Bradshaw, the Steelers had great defenses, great running games, good receivers, and top-notch–even brilliant–o-lines. But they didn’t have a Super Bowl win because what they lacked was an elite QB. Now we have one.
    Roethlisberger, except for the final drive of SBXLIII, did not have stellar Super Bowls. (I’m okay with Holmes being the MVP of XLIII, but my vote would likely have gone to Harrison for what was surely a 14-point swing in the game.) But without Roethlisberger, we would not have gotten to either of those Super Bowls. Did he do it alone? No. I’m sorry the Pittsburgh press has portrayed it that way. I’m not in Pittsburgh so I’m spared the local hero worship. But your dislike of him has clouded your judgment of his contribution.
    Is there room for improvement in his on-field performance? Of course. But he is still one of the top five QBs in the game. He is innocent of the Nevada accusation, and if he proves innocent of the Georgia accusation, the focus should be on rehabilitating his professional image and correcting his onfield issues. This is a $102 million baby with two Super Bowl rings. You don’t throw it out with the bath water just because people are pissed and going off half-cocked.

  69. @Deb: You are so literal.
    Super Bowls are only the icing on the cake. Obviously “winning it all” is the goal, but the real excitement is the journey.
    Byron Leftwich may or may not be a Super Bowl QB. His success probably depends on the quality of talent around him.
    David Woodley once played in a Super Bowl. So did Dan Marino. Out of the two, who was the “elite” QB?
    I’ll take a humble, low-profile, law-abiding, less-pain-in-the-ass QB over Roethlisberger more often than not.
    What makes you think Roethlisberger’s days aren’t numbered simply because of his numerous concusions? And his alarming weight gain should be another concern.
    What has seperated Roethlisberger from Manning and Brady has been his exceptional athletic ability. Think carry around 60 extra pounds enhances his mobility?
    He’s been in the league only six years, but has ballooned up to the point that he’s bound to be slower in the pocket. If a kid has a weight problem at the age of 28, think that goes away at age, say, 32?
    Plus, his off-the-field distractions are worrisome. He’s no longer an asset. He’s now a liabilty.
    By putting himself in bad situations, he has forfeited his privileges to play “Franchise Quarterback” for the Pittsburgh Steelers. If some other team wants him, great. Let’s make a deal before they change their minds.

  70. @robhug71 …
    No, no, no!! I will not be the Michael in your Corleone Family, robhug71! I’m not going to get sucked into this debate about Ben’s QB skills you keep having with all the other Steelers fans! LOL That’s why I avoided commenting before. I actually do have a life outside PFT, and though I’m a fast writer, I can’t get caught up in every drama on these boards. Mouthing off on Ben’s legal troubles is all I can manage right now.
    So in answer to your comments, I’m going to cheat. Here’s what I posted the other day regarding what Ben needs (assuming he’s innocent):
    “[H]e needs PROFESSIONAL guidance. Like it or not, Roethlisberger is an elite QB. But he fails to understand his future earning power is as tied to his brand as it is to his ability. I’ve read as many positive stories about his behavior as negative. He needs to hire a publicist to coach him on making sure his image is ALWAYS positive. He needs to hire a personal trainer to get him into $102 million physical shape. And he needs to do his partying in private clubs that cater to multi-millionaires. If his legal problems go away and he has the good sense to take those steps, he can rehabilitate his image and his career.”
    And here’s a great article someone else posted about his being a liability. Highly recommended:

  71. ItalianArmyGuy says: March 20, 2010 7:41 PM
    I am obviously a long-time Steeler fan, and of course a fan of Big Ben’s on-field exploits.
    Let me be the first to say it – he needs to sit for a year.
    Rooney needs to make the tough call here, sit him for a year, and let Ben decide if he wants to be a big-time qb again or not.
    Idiotic. Sit the guy for a year for having apparently consensual sexual contact with an adult woman in the ladies room? What would you do with the NFL’s real thugs: ban them for life?
    Unless something more incriminating comes out, nothing will (or should) happen to Ben’s statu.

  72. @Deb: Hire a publicist? Hire a personal trainer? What, you think this guy’s made of money? He’s got lawyers to pay, for crying out loud!!!
    I’ve read the link you posted long before you posted it. He’s just as wrong as you. The author of that column is a “Roethlisberger Apologist,” and he, like all the others, has been pretty busy lately.
    The NFL has changed its rules over the years to favor offenses; so dramatically so that those rules have turned average quarterbacks into so-called elite quarterbacks.
    You are placing too much importance on whether Roethlisberger is guilty of sexual assualt. That’s not even the issue. He is, without question, guilty of having recreational restroom sexcapades in a public place. That is conduct unbecoming.
    To get the full impact of what a jagoff Roethlisberger is, you need to live within the Pittsburgh area. He is rude to both the fans and to the media, which has always intrigued me since the media have a slobbering love affair with him.
    But since you live elsewhere, keep drinking the Kool-Aid.

  73. @robhug71 …
    I don’t drink Kool-Aid, you silly thing. You’re placing too much importance on his recreational restroom sexcapades. I’m a sweet lil churchgoing gal but reading some of these comments is starting to make me feel like a wanton woman! No, I don’t go around having restroom sexcapades … but I’ve partied with people who did. It’s not the most debauched thing I’ve ever heard of–not by a long shot.
    Yes, I’ve heard about his rude behavior … and just as many stories about him being polite and accommodating. That’s why he needs some image professionals to smack him around and teach him how to behave in a consistently positive manner toward the media and the public. What do I care what it costs? I’m just telling him how to rehab his brand. Multi-million-dollar images don’t come cheap–unless you’re capable of being consistently polite without being told.
    But sexcapades and rudeness don’t have anything to do with his on-field performance–which I think has been better than you think it has.

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