Tom Brady takes up boxing

TomBradyBoxing.jpgNearly a decade removed from posing at the Scouting Combine for a photograph that conjured images of someone’s dad heading to the bathroom to take a whiz after drinking too much schnapps the prior evening, new images have emerged, which show that Tom Brady is supplementing his training regimen with boxing.

The photos, from a blog of which we’ve never previously heard (it’s called Faded Youth), supposedly were taken on Friday in Beverly Hills.

Brady did not appear for the first week of the Patriots’ offseason workout program, which opened on Monday.

He is only 18 months removed from a serious knee injury, from which he has by all appearances completely recovered.

91 responses to “Tom Brady takes up boxing

  1. He is gonna fight Mike Tyson after his playing career is over and then he is gonna eat Tyson’s children…………

  2. Look, it’s a picture of a QB who DOESN’T have to look for sex by forcing himself on a 20 yr old in a Georgia nightclub bathroom…but he does look pretty goofy…

  3. Maybe he needs to learn how to protect himself from Gisselle? After all, pu$$y Cindy Brady is protected by gun toting people shooting at photographers, NFL refereees, and Roger Goodell. He has to eventually shed his panties and drag queen clothes and come out of the closet someday. And after that happens he will need to be somewhat able to protect himself.

  4. I bet he still cries like a girl and does a dance or the officials to get a flag every time a pass rusher gets near him!

  5. Hilary Swank would drop his ass in 3. Unless Belichick had him, you know, hit her after the bell…

  6. Is that a gut??? Ole boy better start taking his off seasons a little more serious..
    I get that he’s been busy knocking up Hollywoods finest over the last few years, but an offseason workout program (with weights, in a gym) needs to be included somewhere. This is a far fall from the dude that graced the cover of GQ.

  7. I don’t care for the man, but at least he’s not raping college chicks….
    Hines Ward

  8. So..Besides the fact he looks pregnant. When he does actually box, you know with gloves and an opponent, will there be a ref to throw a flag if he gets hit?

  9. God, he looks like a fat lil fairy in that pic. Boxing the clown doesn’t count as true pugilism,don’t fool yourself Brady.

  10. Tom Brady…
    has a college education
    3 NFL championships and Superbowl MVP
    2 kids with Supermodels and presently married to arguably the hottest woman on the planet
    Been the cover of every major magazine written
    and a MULTI millionaire
    you all would give your left testicle to walk in his shoes for a day you HATERS!!!

  11. Haha this was a photoshoot… youre lookin real cool Brady with your taped up hands and Louis Griffin haircut

  12. Yeah. He’s gained some weight. Chalk it up to the off season and lack of sleep due to a new born. God, sleepless nights suck!
    But it is only March. Training camp is still four months away. How much weight can you drop in 16 weeks?
    He’ll be ready.
    Hey, what’s Ben Ratzenfinker doing?

  13. 2000 combine picture is priceless. It really brings the “Three Rings” in to the picture. Keeping talking shit and bring us back to the underdog mentality we had when we were gutting the nfl. Real smart. We’re a pass rusher and a cover lb away from being nasty. Offense will come no matter what b/c of the man pictured above. He may look gay in that picture, but not when he’s balls deep in a Vickie Secret model.

  14. The new Brady Boxing rule. Tom can hit the opponent, but NO ONE can hit tom. Only fair.

  15. I dont think it’s Brady either.
    I can see why he may want to get away from
    Jill Jellyprick though.


  17. The TB Haters are out in full force.. What losers. .. Other than Colt fans you all wish you had a QB half as good as Brady.. The guy can’t even try a new off-season work routine without you guys bombing him. I don’t remember anybody saying anything negative when Tim Duncan decided to inject boxing training into his off-season workout program. It appears to have served is career very well … -He not actually fighting anyone people, but you do learn to use different muscles and it keeps your timing sharp. I think it is a great idea.
    Here is another photo from the globe.

  18. Have to admit I’m a Brady and Pats fan, but looking at this mugshot, I could kick his ass.

  19. The only way he could possibly look gayer is if he had a load on his face. I’m sure all u Patsie fans have tried to do that through your computers…

  20. #1. I tend to doubt that’s really Tom Brady
    #2. If it is Brady, Ben Roethlisberger is gonna have to think twice before going after Giselle.
    #3. Hey, gaybashers… I don’t think this word “gay” means what you think it means. Tom Brady’s impregnated two of the world’s hottest women. You might want to consider getting some therapy.

  21. The Tom Brady 2000 NFL Combine picture looks like an unwitting audition for a snuff film.

  22. Iron Wolf:
    Ah, haters. How do those non-championships taste?
    My current championship tastes great, and we didn’t have to cheat for ours. 2004 was a long time a buddy

  23. He’s wearing protection under the black wife beater folks.. I saw pictures of him throwing the ball around the other day. It appears he’s in very good shape.

  24. @ pat patriot PLEASE welcome to the Rex Ryan Era pats will be relevent again in 2020 after the Jets win back to back to back to back Super Bowls!

  25. He’s either wearing some kind of padding under his shirt or he’s about 15 pounds over playing weight…not that it should make much of a difference.

  26. Too bad he could never drive his team down the field for a touchdown to win a Super Bowl. He should blow Adam Vinatieri

  27. Unless part of this training includes sparring, I don’t think there’s a story here. There are a lot of people who use heavy bags and other boxing training techniques for fitness without taking a single punch. Even though he does look a little heavy, he’s not even close to Jamarcusville yet.

  28. Tom has had a few cameos… I would not be surprised to learn he is working on some movie where it is required he appears to know how to fight

  29. Brady is only shadow boxing, does anyone think Brady would let anyone hit that pretty face he is so proud of.

  30. Wiskey:
    Other than Colt fans you all wish you had a QB half as good as Brady..
    I’ll take my boy Brees over either of those chumps. Most accurate passer in football, best leader.
    Brady will never be the same after the knee and wont ever win another title with that trash team (no RB or pass rusher, secondary blows, only 2 deep at receiver).
    Manning was just punked by the Breesus in the SB and Brady had to be pulled in the 4th to saver even more embarrassment.
    Praise Breesus!!!

  31. welcome to the Rex Ryan Era
    At least win the division before proclaiming a new “era” of Jets dominance.
    Don’t talk. Produce.

  32. “O, beware, my lord, of jealousy;
    It is the green-ey’d monster, which doth mock
    The meat it feeds on. That cuckold lives in bliss,
    Who, certain of his fate, loves not his wronger.”

  33. “O, beware, my lord, of jealousy;
    It is the green-ey’d monster, which doth mock
    The meat it feeds on. That cuckold lives in bliss,
    Who, certain of his fate, loves not his wronger.”

  34. This is one of those threads that make me realize how weird men are. Half the comments are calling Brady gay, and JoeSixPack is posting hero worship because Brady impregnated two hot women (a creepy thing for another man to get excited about).
    The guy was working out and some dweeb snapped a shot on a cell phone and posted it. Don’t think he’s planning to challenge David Haye. I once saw a photo of a shirtless Elway from back in the day–proof positive that a QB doesn’t have to be built like a GQ model to be spectacular on the field.

    Best thing about Sanchez is that you can play connect the dots on his face.

  36. Bubba Smith did ballet…I bet none of you would want a piece of that….
    Joe Namath wore panty hose, but Brady is gay?
    Get over yourselves! He’ll get that 4th, maybe 5th ring and you guys will really be hating then!

  37. think you underestimate the amount of 12-15 year-olds that are posting based on the comments deb. my age group.

  38. Great, now the f’n Saints think they’re a dynasty. Can’t people just be happy they ended a forever of futility rather than get up in your grill about how awesome they are?

  39. Safer than riding around on a motorcycle without a helmet and raping chicks without a condom.

  40. Brady? Boxing??
    What a joke. The first time he got hit in the mouth he’d fall down and cry like a 5 year old girl.

  41. NOWill repeat: leave it to a guy whose team actually WON (and deserved to) to respond to a message addressed to haters who haven’t. Inferiority complex much?
    Just wear the championship belt gracefully and enjoy. It was well-earned and Saints fans were overdue.
    I’m glad the Pats did what they did over the past 10 years, wish they’d done more, but now they are in a bit of a rebuilding stage and they may not win again with Brady. Sucks but true, but that’s the way sports works. Every great run ends.
    Fact is, most teams in history would gladly take Brady as their QB and to piss and moan to the contrary is just ignorant.

  42. Gregg, you mean all this time I’ve been talking to actual 12-year-olds and not just men behaving like 12-year-olds? Well, that explains a lot.
    So, BaltimoreSports, you recommend wearing a condom when raping someone? Good to know you have rape standards.

  43. This group of comments undoubtedly brings together in one place the finest collection of morons, jealous losers, misguided gaybashers and recta I’ve seen in some time.
    Enjoy your pathetic lives, y’all.

  44. Wow….A picture of Tom Teriffic has elicted a ton of responses. I don’t know whats more strange, people talking about his sexual conquests as if they themselves were in on the action, yes that’s my QB bangin all those supermodels, stop hatin…LOL. Or the fact that people are amazed that a 32 year old man sportin a 14 year old skateboarder haircut is beling labeled at all…Never thought i’d say it, but this site really is turning into TMZ……

  45. # Iron Wolf says: March 20, 2010 10:12 AM
    Ah, haters. How do those non-championships taste?
    You should know by now.
    Last I checked you didn’t win the last superbowl.
    or the one before that.
    or the one before that.
    or the one before that.
    or the one before that.
    point proven.
    What have you done lately?
    NE is a bunch of also-rans.
    Nuff said.

  46. Iron Wolf:
    Fact is, most teams in history would gladly take Brady as their QB and to piss and moan to the contrary is just ignorant.
    Sir, I am having trouble understanding your logic. I am not gloating, I am simply stating the fact that the Pats are not the only team to win a title in the last 10 years, as your original post and most delusional Pats fans would imply.
    However, you seem very reasonable and your congratulations is much appreciated.
    It is quite aggravating however, and not of any fault of your own, that the list of world’s best qb’s remains, in the minds of the media, a two horse race, when Brees has done everything to earn that respect and join that company.
    Brady is/was an amazing quarterback, all time great. And yes, I appreciate that 29 other teams would kill to have him. But don’t be offended when people hate on others that have had everything handed to them on a silver platter, as Brady has. Way of the world.

  47. Stick a fork in Brady, he’s done!! Winning SuperBowls isn’t his #1 priority anymore. Banging his trophy wife and shopping for GQ clothes are. Dude has gone soft…way soft!!

  48. @NOWill:
    Glad we’re having a more reasonable discourse on this. I have to disagree with anyone who says Brady was handed anything on a silver platter. He earned his way by busting his ass between his first and second seasons. Trust me, Belichick was not far from benching Bledsoe in ’01 before Brady was forced to come in, but I cannot argue that there was some good fortune there too. Belichick did not like Bledsoe’s game very much.
    I think Brees has earned his way to the top as well. All he does is produce and is an excellent leader. It’s good that the Saints brought everything together to win, because there are some great passers like Fouts and Marino that have everything but a title.

  49. That Looks more like Marsha then Tom…I Heard that he is filling the Role of Glass Joe in the upcoming “Punch-out” Movie!

  50. Iron Wolf:
    Your correct. Handed everything was probably not the best terminology. No way are you given three SB’s. He absolutely earned those through hard work and great play. Brady is the man, and I certainly appreciate that.

  51. NOwillrepeat:
    Boy, it didn’t take long for New Orleans fans to go from lovable losers to arrogant douchebags.
    Bill Cowher disagrees with you about spygate:
    “Listen, there’s people stealing signals all the time before that. You have ways to hide those things. We had wristbands for our defense. I remember trying to get offensive plays and see what the formations were. Everybody knows.
    “You’re trying to gain a competitive edge. Did that go beyond it? To a degree. Do I think that helped them win football games? No. You still have to go out and play the game. I still have a hard time believing that was a difference in a game.”

  52. everything handed to them on a silver platter, as Brady has
    You might be able to make that case for Peyton Manning, but that is hardly the Tom Brady story in college or the pros.

  53. @Doctor Connors …
    As much as I despise the hypocrisy of Pats fans who whine about the injustice of people picking on them, then can’t wait to take aim at every other championship team … I agree with Cowher. My issue w/Belichick is that he was told to stop doing it and ignored the order, putting himself and his team in the position of being called cheaters. But do I think that’s why the Pats won their championships? No.

  54. hahaha man, Tom Brady you aren’t cut out for boxing. The ref isn’t going to call a flag every time you get grazed.

  55. Good for Tommy boy making a effort to get in shape.. But what the Patsies need to do to get back on top again is to go back to the illegal videotaping activities

  56. Those are kidney pads you non-athletes. Brady has three rings, a supermodel wife worth about $150Million, and that makes him a homo? He knocked up a smoking hot actress and then left her for a supermodel. What a HOMO.

  57. Blind Freddy could tell that ISN’T Tom Brady! Not his body and not his face and he’s never worn his hair that long. Whoever the moron is that wrote this story needs his head read. Somebody obviously sent him a picture of a guy who bears a passing resemblance to Brady. Just how gullible ARE you people?

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