Chilly doesn't rule out paying another visit to Favre

B.Childress.jpgVikings coach Brad Childress has flown South once this offseason to do some ring and/or butt kissing of quarterback Brett Favre.

And Childress may go back again.

He told NFL Network’s Jason La Canfora that the fifth-year head coach hasn’t ruled out another trip to Mississip.

[B]ut not in the near future,” Childress said.

Childress also said that discussions continue regarding the search for a replacement for running back Chester Taylor, who defected to the Bears on the first day of free agency.  Last week, the Vikings lost out on former Chargers running back LaDainian Tomlinson, who picked the Jets as the next destination for his Hall of Fame career.

“We’re continuing turning over those rocks, if you will,” Childress told La Canfora, “but nothing is jumping to the forefront.”

Childress’ prior visit to the Land of Favre included a discussion of the merits of Albert Young, a street free agent who has been climbing the depth chart at tailback.

49 responses to “Chilly doesn't rule out paying another visit to Favre

  1. you should make a box above your “Days Without An Arrest” counter and make one “How Many Stories Can We Write About Favre” counter and “What Will Eagles Do With Their QB’s” counter..

  2. The man has no pride left, why not take 15 trips at this point. The other 31 head football coaches would never assume the position of bending over and grabbing one’s ankles for a single player on the team but Childress not only does it, he likes to talk about it afterward.
    The Viking fans should be used to this by now, a some point in every season, they have assumed the position for yet another Viking loss. Their trophy case is as empty of Childress’s head but hey, there is always next year.

  3. There are a couple of Favre lovers on this site who would love to go down there and do more than kiss his ring/butt.

  4. Don’t pick up a runningback thats already in the league. There really is nothing left, either give Albert Young a shot, or draft one.

  5. The words “wrapped around your finger” or “I’ve got you under my skin comes to mind.”
    Favre is as high-maintence as a woman.

  6. Chilly completes Favre….they can’t get over each other. They are in love.
    Once you go Favre, you’ll never go far……or something.
    Why is this news…oh right….Favre IS the news…the world revolves around him, he is the center of the universe…he is, the greatest regular season, heart on his sleeve, play for free, loves to play the game, looks like a kid out there QB that has ever played.
    Why do you ponder passing?

  7. albert young was a stud at Iowa and only needs a chance to show his talent……vikings are fortunate that they didn’t get LT, wait and see.

  8. Are you saying that a coach hasn’t ruled out talking to one of his players????? Wow, this is pretty groundbreaking stuff. Did you contact the A.P. this one?

  9. Time for another fallacio session by Col. Klink.
    Note to the Colonel:
    Don’t forget your pair of Official Viking kneepads…;-)

  10. Chilldo’s a slut! Favre likes slapping mens ass’s.
    Nobody cares about Viking gayness.

  11. has there been one time when these kinda news posts come out where favre or childress has called up one of these beat writers and offers statements,or,or,or,is it that they are just ansering the questions honesstly,but everybody knows that now here come the favre and chilly bashers,even tho all chilly did was answer a question with the truth,now if he wouldve said no comment,then they would have had even more crap to talk about,i would hope the head coach would do whatever he has to do too keep his star player on board[whoever that is],whether peterson,allen,winfield,edwards,he was on the bubble with his job security before favre rescued his season,so yes i would hope he would beg and beg anybody that make his team better to come back,,i am not a vikings fan,just like the nfl

  12. LMAO at you retards who use names like “favre uses allens mullet as handlebars”…Why don’t you get over your homo-erotic obsession with Favre? Same thing with you rubes who take the time, over and over again, to come on this site and rip on Florio or Favre. Holy God you freaks are in lust over Favre. Get over it, or at least admit that your gay and want Favre to slap YOUR ass! Jesus Christ you idiots are hilarioius!

  13. “[B]ut not in the near future”
    Yeah, Chilly needs time to get a new dress, some new makeup and a fresh set of kneepads.

  14. “Oooh, and love
    Oh love
    I’ll be that fool
    For you,
    I’m sure
    You know I don’t mind
    Oh you know-
    I don’t mind
    And, YES
    You’ll be the only one,
    ‘Cause NO one can deny,
    This love I have inside,
    And I’ll give it all to you
    My love,
    My love, my love,
    My endless love.”
    Props to Lionel Ritchie for writing Favre and Childress the perfect song.

  15. My God, another Favre story.
    What happened Florio, you couldn’t think up yet another Overtime Story?
    What is the Over/Under on Favre “stories” this site will post before the next time the all time interception leader speaks again? Fifty, a hundred, two hundred?
    I mean, he could have taken a knee and kicked a 56 yard field goal. I guess you would not be agreeing with Polian on anything if that had happened, because the Colts would have ended the Vikings season instead of the Saints…….or Favre.

  16. If you were the coach and your team has only one qb that he depend on, I believe you would go visit him also. Chilly is not the only QB that gets god’s treatment, I think Manning, Brady etc do also.

  17. I love how so many people complain about this website but they continue to read it… If you don’t like it, don’t read it!

  18. The Vikings have a history of finding free agents who can contribute. One of them is going into the HOF–John Randall. I wouldn’t be surprised if Young takes over Taylor’s role.
    BTW, 1stngoal, your mother says it’s spelled fellatio.

  19. Will he wear his chauffeurs hat? Or butt-less chaps. Wait! He can wear Wranglers, drive a hummer, while popping Prilosec’s, and then go to Sear’s and buy Brent a TV to bribe him to come back!

  20. Call me crazy – but I’m starting to get a little feeling that this Chilly person just possibly might be a bit of a loser…
    …bet Yoko won’t even let him in the door

  21. I agree that this is a remarkably insignificant story, but wow, the haters are just hilarious.
    Basically, you’re saying the coach is gay because he’s speaking with his contracted starting quarterback to find out whether or not he’s going to play.
    It’s not like he said “I’m going to go down there and give him a big hug and see how he is coz I miss him so bad.”
    He needs to find out who the starting quarterback is. It’s kind of a big deal.
    Get over your obsession, idiots. Stop reading the Vikings posts if they pain you so much, it’s really pathetic.

  22. There HAS to be some crappy ex-Packer RBs the Queens could sign.
    Maybe Barty Smith or Eric Torkelson?
    How ’bout Whisper Goodman or Reggie Cobb?
    I hear Terdell (call me TD not T*rd) Middleton is still in shape.
    You wouldn’t have to use the ol’ Purple Poison Pill, or engage in any blatant tampering to get them.

  23. Why doesn’t Chilly just move in? Hell, Elin Nordegren Woods had stayed at the Favre estates, so there should be plenty of room in that place for Chilly and all of his posters.

  24. Chilly’s going down, in more ways than one, because Farve needs his groin rubbed, …will Farve slap Chillys ass after he’s done? …cue FARVE singing PANTS ON THE GROUND

  25. Madden for the Wii need’s a classic mode feature where you retire or un-retire Brent as the decisions come out. It sucked smoking the Viking’s without him at QB……..

  26. I don’t want to stereotype, but I didn’t know so many homosexuals enjoy football.
    Every other post to this story has: A) some kind of gay reference (to those people I say come out of the closet already, there is obviously something deep down that you want to get out of your system) or B) some kind of complaint that Florio posted this story (to those people I say don’t visit this website anymore).
    I don’t know who is in control of allowing what messages should be posted, but this site should block more posts, maybe that will keep the haters from posting their irrevelant, mindless messages.

  27. “the Vikings are going to WIN ANOTHER SUPERBOWL NEXT YEAR”…when did they WIN THEIR FIRST ONE?

  28. Love the Favre haters. They don’t even realize their love for him. Jimmy– you’re the worst of them all.

  29. Occam says:
    Are you saying that a coach hasn’t ruled out talking to one of his players????? Wow, this is pretty groundbreaking stuff. Did you contact the A.P. this one?
    I heard cilly tried to contact AP as well but somehow the call got dropped 🙂

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