Clyde Christensen will be in Peyton Manning's ear

We previously noted that the Indianapolis Colts have promoted Clyde Christensen to offensive coordinator, but that former offensive coordinator Tom Moore is staying on the staff as senior offensive assistant.

Chris Mortensen reported on ESPN this morning that it’s a more significant change than simply changing the titles of two assistants on the staff.

According to Mortensen, Christensen will now be the coach whose voice Manning hears on the speakers in his helmet, a different voice than Manning has heard throughout his entire NFL career.

“For the first time since Peyton Manning became the Indianapolis Colts’ quarterback in 1998, Tom Moore — and I’ll say the great Tom Moore — will not be the one calling plays in Peyton Manning’s ear,” Mortensen said on SportsCenter. “It will be Clyde Christensen, who now officially becomes the offensive coordinator. Moore, in essence, will be involved in game planning, but on game day, Clyde Christensen will be calling plays.”

Mortensen added that Christensen plans to “tweak their offense a little bit.”

Manning has more control over his team’s play calling than any other quarterback in the league, so he may be less affected by a change in coordinators than most quarterbacks would be. Then again, if Christensen wants to take some of that control away from Manning, that could have a major impact on the league’s reigning MVP.

6 responses to “Clyde Christensen will be in Peyton Manning's ear

  1. Christensen can “plan” all he wants, Manning will tell him what he’s going to do, and Christensen will say ok.

  2. This is just another fluff piece that sounds like a hubby trying to explain basic footbal concepts to his wife. Coaches change, things change.

  3. This should be interesting, Christensen was the OC during Dungy’s last season in Tampa and he was HORRIBLE!!!!

  4. Some of the game planning might change but things won’t change as how the game is called. Christensen may be the OC, but the teacher will line up behind the center letting the student know how the game is played.

  5. “clyde christensen will be in peyton manning’s ear”….more like a pain in peyton’s ass.

  6. What I think is funny is that according to the Colts fans, all success is because of Peyton and all failure is because of the OC and HC but what can you expect when your QB throws everyone ELSE under the bus when he screws up.

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