Cody making the rounds with 3-4 teams

T. Cody.jpgAlmost half of the NFL now plays a 3-4 defense, which is good news for Alabama run-plugger Terrence “Mount” Cody.

Cody is scheduled to meet with the Ravens, Chargers, and Jets in the upcoming days, according to our buddy Aaron Wilson of the Carroll County Times.  All three teams pick towards the end of the first round and could use a true 3-4 nose tackle.  (In Baltimore’s case, he’d be a backup.)

As this year’s crop of franchise tags showed, nose tackle may be the toughest position to fill in football. The more we think about it, the more we wonder if Cody could sneak into the first round.  (Well, as much as anyone that looks like this can sneak into anything.)

The drop-off behind Cody at nose tackle is big in this draft and Cody survived just fine at Alabama under a demanding, pro-style coach.

The simple logic of supply and demand should help Cody’s stock, and may ultimately outweigh any concerns about his love for his mom’s sweet potato pie.

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  1. It won’t really be sneaking into round 1 for Cody, he’s always had a 1st-2nd round tag on him. The Ravens would be a surprise, but I fully expect the Chargers to take him if available; they need a RB, yes, but finding a RB in 2 will be much easier than finding a NT. If he does fall to 2, then he most likely won’t get past the Chiefs at 36.

  2. Any 3-4 should jump at the chance to get this guy. He is a beast and was obviously successful despite his weight at Alabama under Nick Saban. Even if he is just a 2 down player, his impact on those 2 downs and one special teams where he had a great impact blocking field goals would be worth a late first round pick.

  3. Interesting how none of the 3-4 teams with connections to Saban are on the list (Patriots, Chiefs, Broncos, Browns, Dolphins). Think there is some inside info on this kids work ethic, etc from Saban.

  4. I love how it only says this kid would be backup on the Ravens. The Jets have THE BEST NT in the league, sorry Wilfork. He’s aging and coming off of an injury, but I still think he is the best 3-4 NT in the league. He’s a beast. In addition, Sione Pouha stepped up and did a good job as a starter in Jenkins’ absence. On the Jets, this kid might even be third string!
    Honestly, the Bills might grab this dude with their first rounder. If he’s left on the table in the second round, I have to imagine the first 3-4 team to select in that round is taking him.

  5. Hmmmm…. the Chiefs desperately need an up grade at NT. But what they don’t need is another under achiever. I guess Pioli and Romeo will figure out if Cody is worth it. They could trade up into the lower 1st and get him ahead of SD, as they have two 2nd’s to wheel and deal with.

  6. Green Bay should combine him and BJ Raji… together they would take up so much room they could run a 2-5!

  7. Take it for what it’s worth but has Ravens DT Kelly Gregg having the 2nd best season of any DT in all of football in 2009. Ravens DT Haloti Hgata was ranked 15th.
    So, yes… for the upcoming season anyway, Cody would probably be a back up on the Ravens.
    In case anyone was wondering…
    1.) Jonathan Babineaux ATL
    2.) Kelly Gregg BAL
    3.) Kevin Williams MIN
    4.) Albert Haynesworth WAS
    5.) Sione Pouha NYJ
    15.) Haloti Ngata BAL
    26.) Kris Jenkins NYJ
    (Marques Douglas is also ranked in the top 20, but I would consider him more of an end than tackle)

  8. smithopher is crazy if he thinks anybody on the jets roster can even hold haloti ngatas jock strap,with ngata,gregg,mckenny,tolivu,yes the ravens are def stacked at NT,but could use cody in the stuffer and rush ngata alot more,as an ex rugby player,haloti is the strongest and most athletically talented DT in football,has jenkins ever made it thru the entire year!?!?

  9. And I was honestly surprised to see Jenkins that high… I have always been a huge Kris Jenkins fan, but the man just can not stay on the field. He is nowhere near the same player he was in CAR, where he was arguably the best DT in football.
    It really doesn’t matter who has better depth between the Ravens and Jets… Cody will be a Charger. I fully expect the Chargers to pick him with the 8th pick in the 2nd Rd (acquired in the Charlie Whitehurst trade)

  10. I suspect he’s also on Dallas’ list for thier 27th pick. I suspect this because they are conspicuous with thier lack of attention to him, talking with Dez Bryant is a smoke screen and the top three safties will be off the board by the 27th.
    I’d not be surprised to see the Redskins trade up into the low first to get him either. They need a 3-4 NT because the tub of lard thay gave 100mil (ya, 41 mil guaranteed) doesn’t want to play NT.

  11. This draft is deep at DT so teams don’t have to fall over each other this year. Dan Williams, Brian Price and Jared Odrick grade higher so Cody could slip to the bottom of the 2nd.
    BAL needs CB help more and they will be in short supply this year. The NYJ need some pass rushers and DE first. Both teams are 2 deep already at NT.
    He could go to SD maybe at 40.

  12. @afanaras: Considering the Patri*ts have Vince Wilfork & the Broncos have Jamaal Williams I don’t think ‘inside info’ is in play with either of those teams and Terrence Cody’s work ethic.

  13. I believe those who project him to SD in the second round are correct. After the Chargers add Ryan Matthews in Round 1, I fully expect them to pick Cody in Round 2. And I also expect the Bolts to be right back in the thick of things come playoff time as a result.

  14. ozzie is from alabama, he will make this happen. We need a DB too but… with good pressure comes disruption comes interceptions anyway. FAbian and ladarius are working to get back. But we will get a corner in the 2nd round. 1st round will be gresham / Dline.

  15. There are so many things that can be said about all of the dominant nose tackles in the NFL. The ones I’d think of as the best of the best like Ngata, Wilfork, Hampton, Jenkins all have strong linebackers. Wilfork is a beneficiary of Belichick’s coaching, Ngata and Hampton have linebackers like Suggs, Lewis, Harrison and Farrior. Ngata also had Bart Scott for longer than Kris Jenkins has, with his injury. Just from a Jets fan’s perspective, Kris Jenkins is an impact player. He stops the run and allows for linebackers to blitz more freely due to the double and triple team blocks he commands from the offensive line. If you have 6 or 7 blockers and 5 or 6 blitzers and Jenkins is in, the QB is in for a rough time.

  16. the only way cody goes to baltimore is if he makes it to them in the second round,i think corner is their pick,maybe thomas,that kid from rutgers,or maybe a pass rush like obecki[not sure if thats how ya spell it],or im hoping dunlap falls to them,,reguardless,cody is gonna be a beast wherever he goes for whatever team,he is a very motivated kid

  17. It is comical to see so many jump on Cody’s bandwagon
    He was completely and utter shut down NUMEROUS times last year by players that had no business owning him.
    People point to the UT game with the help of blocked kicks and/or 1-2 other games as proof of his skill. What about the other games? I saw him in 5 other SEC games and never saw a peep from him. He was irrelevant.

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