Lions undecided on new overtime rule

A team that rarely visits the postseason currently has no opinion regarding a proposed change to the overtime rule that applies during postseason games.

According to Tom Kowalski of, the Lions have yet to make up their mind on the “modified sudden death” rule, which would prevent first-drive field goals from winning playoff games that go to an extra period.

We’re open-minded,” coach Jim Schwartz said. 

Team president Tom Lewand, who explained that he, Schwartz, and G.M. Martin Mayhew had not yet discussed the proposal, believes that the measure could be bumped to the May ownership meetings, which would give everyone more time to discuss the possible move.

Hey, we’ve got no problem with a delay until May.  They can delay it until early January, as long as they do the right thing and change the rule.

UPDATE:  As a reader points out, the Lions’ final position might hinge on the manner in which the rule applies to the quarterback running out of his own end zone.

21 responses to “Lions undecided on new overtime rule

  1. How can you possibly endorse the “play not-to-lose” mindset? Guaranteeing both teams the ball in overtime–unless a touchdown is scored on the first possession, or whatever qualifier they put on it–will just lead to worse fourth quarters, as there will be less reason to play-to-win.
    Why even play the game? Just punt it back and forth and go to overtime.

  2. So changing the overtime rule is the right thing to do because you say so? Just eliminate field goals from the game, period, if you’re so uptight about Favre losing the NFCCG and this wouldn’t be a problem.
    I’m quite sure you weren’t even a Vikings follower until Favre came to the team. Where were you the previous years when Tavaris Jackson was the starter. Why weren’t you pushing for the OT rule change then?

  3. Leave it the same.
    your qk dismissal of the argument of “play defense” shows a lack of understanding of the game. To lobby so strongly for a rule change is Very weird. Florio have you ever played football?

  4. No reason to be confused, it is a stupid rule change, vote it down. The one thing they can do that makes sense is to move the kick-off up 10 yards to create more starts from the 20 yd line. That would give the team with the ball first less chance of scoring than if a ball was returned to the 35 or 40.

  5. Exactly. The lions will never see the postseason anyway let alone hang around long enough to see overtime if they were to make the playoffs by accident.

  6. Man Florio i swear you go outta your way to kick someone when they are down. WTF does Dan O running out the back have to do with this. And that happened 2 years ago, get over it. That has nothing to do with the Lions deciding how to vote on the overtime proposal. i wonder why i even come on this site when all you do is repeat other peoples articles and then put your crapfilled spin on it.

  7. The name of the quarterback who ran out of his endzone was Dan Orlovski. He was let go by the LIons and now plays for Houston.

  8. There have been more Lions stories today than the average week. I think PFT must be really slow today.

  9. “UPDATE: As a reader points out, the Lions’ final position might hinge on the manner in which the rule applies to the quarterback running out of his own end zone.”
    Stay classy Florio! Way to go out of your way to update a post to kick a team while they’re at the bottom of the heap!

  10. How about this for an OT that’s fair? Teams line up on their own 40. The ref throws the ball in the air and it’s a fumble who ever recovers it gets 1st possession vs. a coin flip. Or just XFL style and leave it smack dab on the 50 and start everyone on the Goal line. Ready set go. Leave the sudden death intact.

  11. How about the first team to score six points wins!! GOOOOO LIOOOOONS!! There going to win four games this year!!!

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