Report: Haynesworth showed up, then ditched first week of offseason workouts

Albert-Haynesworth.jpgNew Redskins coach Mike Shanahan said that he “wants [his] leaders” to participate in the offseason workout program.  Though the question of whether defensive tackle Albert Haynesworth is among the team’s “leaders” remains a subject for debate, Haynesworth showed up for the launch of the lifting-and-running exercise sessions on Monday.

But he hasn’t been back.

According to our friends (and possibly future colleagues) at, Haynesworth appeared Monday for orientation, and then he failed to return.

Haynesworth reportedly isn’t keen on the idea of a switch from a 4-3 defense to a 3-4 attack, in which he’d presumably be used at times as a nose tackle and at times as a defensive end.  Given that he was a disappointment during his first season with the team, we wouldn’t rule out a trade — assuming that the Redskins could find a team willing to assume the balance of his contract, which has as a practical matter three seasons remaining on it.

The absence of a salary cap permits the Redskins to trade or cut him with no consequence, other than eating the money he already has been paid and, in the event of a release, guaranteed cash that he’ll be owed in the future.

63 responses to “Report: Haynesworth showed up, then ditched first week of offseason workouts

  1. Who would have thought that his massive contract would have caused this team a few headaches

  2. The is so predictable. This is so going to go wrong and put another dent in Danny’s wallet. Poor trade, get rid of him.

  3. He should be cut if this is true. Simple as that. As a Skins fan it would appear Shanahan has brought something to Redskins Park that has been missing for sometime. A winning attitude. It is clear Haynesworth lacks an attitude like that and he should be shown the door. Hopefully Portis isn’t to far behind him.

  4. How about the #2 Overall Pick + Ernie Sims for fat Albert and your #4? Sounds like a winner to me!

  5. Fat Albert was always selfish and lazy at heart, this should be no surprise. “Hey, Hey Hey!! Liftin’ Weights is tooooo HARD, I’m goin’ home!”

  6. It is appalling that so many of these athletes take money and life for granted. The dude got paid more money then most of will make in a lifetime yet practicing is too much for him. Man up bitch!

  7. Not a surprise at all. Sounds like Fatty is maintaining that outstanding work ethic he’s known for.

  8. It is appalling that so many of these athletes take money and life for granted. The dude got paid more money then most of will make in a lifetime yet practicing is too much for him. Man up bitch!

  9. Florio, I don’t get the “and possibly future colleagues” interjection you put into stories here and there. Care to explain?

  10. This guy isn’t worth $100 mil. You can see by his attitude and actions that he could very well be another team ‘cancer’ like Owens or Ochocinco. Hopefully we can find someone who will take him. That would free up the necessary funds to get someone who can play the position and not whine about it. What a big baby.

  11. The funny thing is, this will actually come as a surprise to Redskins fans. Best of luck with THAT project!

  12. Not even a year after this guy was considered the best defensive player in football, and look at where we stand now.
    This Julius Peppers signing is going to be even better. The guy was doggin it when he was still trying to get a contract… just wait.

  13. all who think this guy should be cut are morons. AH is the top defensive lineman in the NFL.

  14. Haynesworth to the Falcons for DE/DT Jamaal Anderson and WR Michael Jenkins. Don’t think about it Shanarat just do it.

  15. It’s how you act when you’ve been paid, not how how you act when you want to get paid that is the true show of character.

  16. If The Skins Wrote This Huge Contract Without Any Language Covering Off Season Participation Or Conditioning Standards, Than “Sissy” On Them! I Guess Danny Isn’t The Sharpest Knife In The Drawer

  17. A pro making that kind of jack needs to man up and learn to play the 3-4, and be an all-pro doing it.
    End of story. Cut the douche.

  18. “The absence of a salary cap permits the Redskins to trade or cut him with no consequence.”
    He’s going to be a locker room cancer and piss off Shanahan big time.

  19. Show Fat A$$ Albert the door. It is clear that he could care less. His motor is that of a AAA battery powered fan. Does not give a Crud about the team.
    Love the new mock that has us taking Suh with the 4 pick. I cannot stand the thought of us taking one of these hack QBs (Clausen in particular and let’s add Bowl of Chili Shoulder Bradford). Skins would easily improve and take a no brainer starter if they went with Suh, Okung or Berry with the #4 pick. Go QB next year.

  20. vikings fan, well said. also in the larger scope this is nothing new for AH, if we look back throughout his career and actions / demeanor on and off the field. also, while he put up great numbers in his final year with Tennessee, he definitely was not an elite DL / DE for years leading up to that…which is why the $100 M contract was stupid to say the least…plus so much guaranteed? dumb. if anything he should be open to winning with Shanahan and try to professionally move forward after a disappointing season last year and overall immaturity. arent there any die-hard Skins fans who are disgusted by the $$$ and just wanna tell AH to stfu? people would die just to get a workout this guy gets 100 mill n wont even workout? over-paid, underachieving, disrespectful…not that kampman put up AH numbers in GB but he didnt complain and stop doing everything being a prick when they went to a 3-4. now he’s in jax and just officially thanked GBP fans…thats integrity and something the Skins apparently didnt include as a clause in their one hundred million dollar donation to the haynesworth is a lazy prick fund

  21. # diehardskin says: March 21, 2010 11:01 AM
    “all who think this guy should be cut are morons. AH is the top defensive lineman in the NFL.”
    He has no heart, and everyone predicted that he would be a waste of space after getting a huge contract. He may have the physical talent to be one of the best d-linemen, but with his poor attitude, he doesn’t crack the top ten. Give me a younger d-lineman who wants to play!
    They should’ve just banned him from the league after he stomped on Andre Gurode’s head. I know Gurode is a Cowboy, but that didn’t make it right…

  22. I’m having a nice laugh at the expense of Dan Snyder over this. Haynesworth will be even worse this year than he was last season.

  23. Haynesworth is a great player but he constantly comes off as a big baby. With his height and size he could be a beast as a 3-4 end. I could understand not wanting to play NT but when you are being paid as much as he is, you should do what is asked.
    If he really is that miserable and wants out, give up any right to guaranteed money owed to you as well as all bonus money prorated for the years left on your contract and I am sure the Skins will release you.
    If the Skins are looking to trade him, I don’t know what kind of market they will find. There is only a select few teams that want to pay that kind of money to anyone, let alone a big baby who complains and wants out when things don’t go his way.

  24. Albert Haynesworth being a lazy fat ass? I’m shocked. That dude isn’t even close to the level of Jay Ratliff.

  25. It does show character,when you get paid millions more than you are worth,and act as if you don’t have to be responsible to anyone. Closes don’t make the Man,and niether does the Money,If your NOT responsibel from the onset,You won’t be after they hand you the Millions that you are NOT worth.

  26. poor shanny left to clean up vinny’s mess. they should play him NT until he quits and gives all his money back.

  27. I feel sorry for Skins fan, what a bust. It sucks when a elite player doesnt show up, its even worse when the powers that be toss a ton of guaranteed money at his fat ass. What a clown!

  28. Diehardskin you’re an idiot. Shanny is bringing a new concept to this team and its called PROFESSIONALISM. Either you’re with it or you’re not. FAT AL had huge issues with conditioning last season; to the point he’d rather be carted off the field then get his fat ass up and walk to the sideline. That is unacceptable.
    If this fat turd cant even hack a week of lifting and conditioning then there is no chance he will be ready for the start of the season.
    Hes the highest paid and arguable the best player on the team. HE SHOULD BE HERE!
    If this fat turd aint with the program then get rid of him. Guaranteed money be damned.

  29. How was he a disappointment?
    He can’t help how badly Jason Campbell plays. He can’t help Jim Zorn not knowing anything about being a head coach or even a coordinator. He can’t help it if a few of his teammates quit on the rest of the team. If their million dollar contracts won’t motivate them, it’s unreasonable to expect that Albert could.
    I thought he played great last season. Not sure if you guys are basing your opinions off his stat numbers? But uh, he’s a nose tackle just in case you didn’t know. Please stop looking at stats, and watch the games. Haynesworth was a bright spot in a disgraceful team. If it wasn’t for Haynesworth, Brian Orakpo probably wouldn’t have stood out his rookie season as much as he did.

  30. As a Titans fan, I knew what he would do once he got the money. The only good year he had was his contact year.
    That said, someone break out the bacon and he’ll come running…and huffing.

  31. Habibfromnewdehli,
    Haynesworth doesn’t play nose tackle. It’s even written in the article: “Haynesworth reportedly isn’t keen on the idea of a switch from a 4-3 defense to a 3-4 attack, in which he’d presumably be used at times as a nose tackle and at times as a defensive end.”
    Typical ignorant “fan”

  32. Haynesworth showed his charecter late last year when he (allegedly) tried to organize the players to show up late for practice before the Cowboy’s game…after all Zorn was a goner why not show him up?
    I think Albert is going to get a wake up call pretty quickly…

  33. These workouts are OPTIONAL.
    He’ll never make the POTENTIAL $100 mil in that contract. $41 mil is garaunteed and nobody is going to trade for the balance of that, for this fat lazy douchebag.

  34. @habibfromnewdelhi
    Sure he might have played well last season, admitedly I didn’t watch many Skins games. He was also disruptive in the locker room and called out his coaches. You can believe what you want about your coaches but when you are being paid well to play a game, you don’t call out your coaches in the media. The guy is a high impact player but also a high grade turd and because of that they would have a hard time trading him even if they wanted to.

  35. Cut his fatass! Or better yet, put him in a room with Butkus, Lambert and Taylor and see if he makes it out alive. Dipsh*t!!!!!

  36. @Bonk – Hopefully we can find someone who will take him
    Problem is, another team will not only have to take him, but take his contract as well. It’s going to be very difficult to move him.

  37. They cant cut him he is too good. However for that much money I will play in a 1 man line.

  38. Just another example of a player gettin’ paid big bucks and then shutting it down, thinking he can do no wrong. Everybody but the deadskins saw this coming…

  39. @filthymcnasty
    exactly, or Dana Stubblefield.
    I am tired of Skins fans defending this asshole. Let Shanahan do his thing, and Albert will either assimilate, or shown the door. I would rather have him than not, but if he isn’t buying into the culture change then he should be moved.

  40. So apparently there was an understanding between Albert and Shanahan. He will be doing his workouts with some specialist. I don’t know, if he starts to mess up then Shanny must get rid of him. NO SPECIAL TREATMENT.

  41. First of all, this guy is untradeable because of his contract. Next, a 3-4 DE is different than a 4-3 DT. A 3-4 end’s job is to occupy blockers so the LBs can make the tackles. Albert is at his best in blowing up plays. When in shape, focused and hungry, he’s a beast. But with that contract and the notion of having to play in a system that is not suited to his talents, I think we all saw this coming. At the end of the day, this will go down as the biggest free agency blunder in Redskins history, and that is saying a lot considering that 9 out of 10 FAs that they sign turn into a disaster.

  42. How often do we see giant free agent signings turn out like this? The ink is barely dry. Yet ever since midnight on March 5, people can’t stop screaming at their favorite teams for not throwing crazy money at free agents. “I can’t believe the (X team) aren’t signing anyone! Our front office is filled with cheap-ass idiots!”* Yeah, not so much. This is why you are not running your favorite team.
    *Apologies for misrepresenting these people by spelling everything correctly.

  43. Guess he did not like the lunch menu
    New coach new everything and you dont show the f up for work way to go fat albert

  44. If Zorn were still in town, this would be his fault.
    Shanahan, of course, gets a pass.

  45. Well, if they had paid him more money, then he would’ve shown up. Cheap Dan Snyder! Give him the money!!

  46. Every year we hear from skin fans after their “big” move of the off season how the new player or coach will turn this team around and all that happens is another let down. Every player they get blows and so does the coach. Ready to watch Shanahan fail like every season he coached after elway retired. Until someone else owns that team you fans are screwed. You need an o-line, qb, rb, wrs, and have holes in the secondary. Good luck fixing that. Only strength a year ago was your defense and now you’re going to reteach all of them a new one. Should be fun to watch!

  47. What a waste. He wants what he wants or he acts like a complete baby
    Grow up for crying out loud

  48. Coach Shanahan will take care of the Haynes worth problem , give him time to get the best deal. real leadership is now here and you will see that Haynesworth will be dealt with very soon .

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