Rex Ryan talks about his weight-loss surgery

Ryan_Mangold.jpgEight days ago, Jets coach Rex Ryan underwent a surgical procedure that placed an artificial device around his stomach aimed at compensating for his inability to refrain from putting so much food into it.  On Sunday night, at the league meetings in Orlando, Ryan spoke to reporters about the decision to undergo the operation.

I’ve got everything right now,” Ryan said, per Bart Hubbuch of the New York Post.  “I mean, I’ve got the world by the you-know-whats.  It’s unbelievable.  Everything that I’ve ever wanted in my life — great family, healthy family.  I’m financially [set].

“I’m doing everything what I want to do, which is coaching in the National Football League.  And I’m a head coach in the National Football league. . . .  But if you don’t have your health, you don’t have nothing.  I want to be around and enjoy my kids, see my grandkids.”

He hopes to shrink down to 250 pounds, a 100-pound reduction. 

“Because my stomach is going to be probably one-tenth its size, I’m going to have to chew my food like crazy,” Ryan said.  “There’s ways of cheating the thing, but I don’t plan on doing it.  It’s still going to take some kind of discipline to get it done.”

But, frankly, if Ryan had genuine discipline, he wouldn’t have gotten so big.  And he also would have been able to lose the weight without having a doctor cut him open and put a big rubber band around a fairly critical internal organ in the hopes of making Ryan feel full at a time in the feeding process much earlier that he ordinarily would.

So how does a guy who has been unable to demonstrate discipline expect 53 men to discipline themselves when it comes to diet and exercise?  It’s a great question, and it’s apparently a gift that is possessed only by those who have the world by the you-know-whats.

UPDATE:  After further review, here’s some more on the topic.

77 responses to “Rex Ryan talks about his weight-loss surgery

  1. As a Redskins fan, I cannot figure out why we signed him to be a back up QB for us….Oh Wait. That was Rex Grossman…Both are fat slobs.

  2. So how does a guy who has been unable to demonstrate discipline expect 53 men to discipline themselves when it comes to diet and exercise?
    Yes, he really had problems getting them to play last year.
    This whole line of thought is Bullshit. Players play hard because they know if they don’t they will lose their playing time, make less money, and be cut. This isn’t Pop Warner, these guys are professionals who know that either they perform or they will be replaced with someone who will.

  3. “placed an artificial device around his stomach aimed at compensating for his inability to refrain from putting so much food into it.”
    Haha you’re such a dick, Florio.

  4. Geez … that’s a bit tacky, Mike. For one thing, Ryan’s not an elite professional athlete, so his ability to deal with his personal health issues shouldn’t have any impact on how the players discipline themselves regarding diet and exercise. If they didn’t know how to discipline their bodies, they’d never have made it to the NFL in the first place. I doubt they looked at their overweight coach and said, “Hey, he’s not following a diet–I’m just gonna let myself go.” I’m no Rex Ryan fan, but I wish him all the best in his efforts to get healthy.

  5. Come on Michael, how about a little empathy and understanding? Weighing 140 pounds soaking wet in no way qualifies you to pass judgement on anyone with weight issues. While I’m not a Rex Ryan fan (in fact I think he’s close to being the most arrogant cuss I’ve seen), he’s taking steps to control something he hasn’t been able to shake before. More power to him!

  6. Seems like a pretty needlessly judgemental article. I get that it’s the offseason and there’s not mountains of news around, but criticising him for being undisciplined when he’s been a pretty successful coach just seems like unjustified editorialising.

  7. Ryan is paid to coach, not play. You wanna talk undisciplined coaches, you talk about Spurrier’s 8 hour days or something… besides that, genetics and inheriting poor eating habits are hard to break on your own and considering all the other Ryans are incredibly fat, it only makes sense.

  8. Rex kicks ass. the jets needed a loud mouth.
    He makes himself center so the team can get shit done.

  9. Florio perhaps you should stick to pretending to analyzing things you know a little better because you come across as a clown who lost his circus. I work in a hospital and you are clearly talking about something you know nothing about. Perhaps this blog would be a better if you had a little discipline to research a topic before writing about it. Too bad there is no surgery for lazy journalism or you would be a prime candidate!

  10. Wow, Florio, way to be a d-bag on this one… you are aware that Rex Ryan tried some old-fashioned methods of losing weight and didn’t do so well, RIGHT!?
    I pretty much agree with what SC21 said. Spot on.

  11. So how does a guy who has been unable to demonstrate discipline expect 53 men to discipline themselves when it comes to diet and exercise?
    Rex Ryan is not the only overweight coach to ever coach the game. This is a ridiculous story.

  12. Come on Florio, that’s below the belt. Actually, it’s even worse; Its below the overhanging gut.

  13. Florio jet hater give the man some sort of respect, you will never be anything in this world if you don’t show some kind of respect. Do you have any respect for others, some people have to have this kind of surgery to control their weight. Or are you saying all over weight people have no self control or respect for themselves, cause thats what it sounds like.

  14. Florio continually tries to be funny by stooping to new lows. Yet his jokes fall flat and he just looks like a bigger moron. Sellout. Not funny. Find another line of work.

  15. Is this offseason too mundane for you to feel the need to submit this kind of useless personal information about another human being? Seriously…WTF? This article sucks ass-

  16. Rex needs to get on a treadmill, lay off the Burger King and Krispy Kreme and that way he wouldn’t need to have some random surgery.

  17. Florio is dead on with this article. You overweight slobs that are defending Rex Ryan should be ashamed. The Jets don’t need an elephant on the sidelines of their games it’s not the circus, even though the ugly Jets fans in the crowd can cause an argument for it.

  18. You are a d-bag Florio. I sure hope to God you don’t have any problems or vices. They guy has an eating problem and he is taking some step to help. Just a like smoker getting nicotine patches. But I am sure you have a perfect life and have complete self control over everything.
    It is one thing to bag on these NFl guys like you usually do regarding football related things, to totally throw him under the bus to getting help with this weight is shameful. And I guarantee he has 100 times the respect of that locker room than you could ever dream of.
    Real men look at people’s accomlishments and skills and make judgements. You look at his weight and make your judgement. A new low for you, but probably just seeing your true colors.

  19. You went too far when you ask a stupid question and then say it was a great question. Don’t be that guy.

  20. He obviously did a good job if he got them to the AFCCG, without an elite QB. I expect them to be on the other side of the spectrum next February.

  21. Keep making fun of him, Florio. It just shows your own lack of self-esteem, or, if that’s not the case, just that you’re an insensitive person who only cares about compassion when it’s for something connected to you and your family (see auction).

  22. I’ve done the research on lap band surgery. It is an artificial technique for doing that which the patient cannot or will not otherwise do — reduce food consumption. I prefer to believe that the human mind is a very powerful thing, capable of achieving the discipline necessary to lose weight without incurring the risks of surgery. Though I realize that many people aren’t able or willing to control their intake of food, I tend to think that people who have risen to the top of their chosen industries have the ability to apply that same drive and determination to their weight-loss goals.
    If Rex Ryan or anyone else chooses to undergo lap band surgery, that’s their prerogative. The reality is that, in becoming an NFL head coach, Rex already has accomplished something far more significant and difficult than adhering to a self-imposed and self-monitored regimen of diet and exercise. I would have encouraged him to keep trying to lose weight the old-fashioned way — by making good nutritional choices and knowing when enough is enough. His success as a coach shows that he possesses the ability to do it.

  23. I hate the poor examples that coaches set by being fat slobs and then getting on the players for coming in overweight and out of shape.
    Hard to listen to Wade Philips yelling at guys to hustle out there when…oh wait. Wade doesn’t yell.
    But as for Rex Ryan, he’s a nut anyway and his players know it.

  24. Either there are a lot of sympathizing fat asses on this site or way too many Jets fans. Either way, get over it.

  25. …wow…This story is a ham and cheese sandwhich withouth the ham and cheese…
    izzat a Ravens hoodie yer sportin’ there pahdnuh?

  26. It’s called move more, eat less, fat-ass. The surgery is intended for people that don’t have the discipline or motivation to do that.
    You are right on the money Florio. It’s funny to read the comments by the Newman-sized, non- broccoli-eating Jets fans.
    You’re not pathetic, Ryan and they are.

  27. Obviously Ryan has become aware of the league’s Tony Dungy rule where a thin black coach will be interviewed for every fat coach’s position…. vacant or not.

  28. Really Florio??
    Its funny how skinny little runts only make fun of us fat folk from a distance. Just remember that when the great famine comes, it will be the snarky emaciated skeletons that will wither away first.
    Now us fat asses are going to go back to enjoying life with its deep fried, chocolate dipped, bacon wrapped lard sandwiches. You can go back to choking down another delicious meal of tofu salad, bean curds, and a manly mojito.

  29. I couldnt agree with you more Mike. Our society has become obsessed with short cuts, I see it more and more each day in the new recruits coming into the Army. This new generation is fatter, less coordinated, and more unhealthy than any prior and that extends to a large extent to their own parents, or the people in this country roughly the age of Rex Ryan.
    I played baseball in college before joining the Army and after an injury i was up to 230 pounds at 6 feet tall. And that wasn’t muscle. After joining the Army and learning proper diet, exercise and overall self-control I have been between 175-180 since 2002.
    There is no short cut or magic surgery to do what you yourself can control. He said it himself, there will still be some discipline required–right after saying there are ways to cheat. Already he has the mindset of someone who doesn’t have any real intention of keeping his weight off for good, he just now has the financial resources to seek shortcuts to make up for his own personal lack of self control.

  30. What a disgusting article. This guy is a journalist for NBC? I can see you bashing the Jets all the time and fine, I know you’re biased but, this is just uncalled for.

  31. “I tend to think that people who have risen to the top of their chosen industries have the ability to apply that same drive and determination to their weight-loss goals.”
    Food can be an addiction no different than alcohol, cigarettes, and drugs… What you ‘think’ doesn’t actually align with the way the human mind works. Shame on you for going out of your way to mock a man who’s trying to add years to his life.

  32. kylel2005 says:
    “Too bad there is no surgery for lazy journalism or you would be a prime candidate!”

  33. I have a lot of respect for the quantity and quality of PFT articles. It is by the far the best pro football news information resource.
    But there is a downside and that is unprofessional juvenile articles like this. It is just plain mean spirited. I refuse to believe Florio is as stupid or as big a jerk as this article makes him appear. Rather I would guess articles like this are designed to ruffle feathers, inflame passions, get people to post on these message boards and increase page hits. In other words writing a sellout article like this is all about making more money. It is a slippery slope and it begs the question. Where do you draw the line Florio? What aren’t you willing to do to make money?
    Articles like this just make me sad. Maybe I simply wish people were smarter than this. As much as I love PFT news this type of article makes me want to take a holiday from PFT. I know my page hits will not make a difference. But the idea of willing supporting and encouraging such trash journalism makes me feel dirty.

  34. If you don’t want to understand that over-eating is a sickness just as alcoholism or any other addiction is and that people need support rather than criticism, then that’s your own issue.
    You’ll just continue to show how narrow-minded and rigid you can be.

  35. Florio is right….Ryan needs to take the fork out of his mouth and have some self contol.
    of course now that the government controls health care, the government will cure obesity and he’ll be cured.

  36. Gosh, Mike. I wish I was as perfect, disciplined and well-liked as you. I mean, it’s not like weight problems are genetically inherited or anything, so you must be right. His dad Buddy was always the picture of weight control, right? It’s his own fault for being such a fat slob. And damn him for wanting to improve his health as quickly and as efficiently as possible. He doesn’t deserve to live to see his kids grow up. I mean, if he REALLY wanted to, he’d stop eating so much, right? Man…I’m a CHARGER fan, and I don’t spout as much venom about the Jets as you do. You’re like the National Enquirer of NFL info. You should probably stop making foolish and uninformed medical comments, and stick to foolish and uniformed NFL comments. At least with football, you, like the blind squirrel, might actually find a nut once in a while.

  37. Right on Florio!
    For everyone that is bashing Florio, if you were so “disgusted” by the article, why read and finish it? Florio can speak his mind when he wants. I mean, good ‘ol Rex speaks his mind all the time, so why can’t Florio?
    Besides, I truly know why Rex got so big. He visited Humboldt County a couple times, sampled the grass, munchies and bada bing!

  38. This is beneath even you, Florio. The commentary on your part is simply tasteless, and has no place on a site that is being endorsed by NBC.
    Either apologize for this article, or lose this reader.

  39. What aren’t you willing to do to make money?, remeber he is a lawyer by trade. I guess u have not faults. do u look at thier life style of a coach. seemd like they work 18 hrs or more a day. plus the stress makes u eat more… oh wait you are a smart man.. maybe not… u need to stay classy….or try to most of us think this site is great ,,, u dont need to stoop into the gutters to be good. there is plenty of good material out there to draw people in. than to drag someone into the dirt because he has a eating problem, do you know his medical history. do you know that there are people that eat normal that still can be overweight…..Lets Keep this site with a little Class

  40. Mike, it’s absolutely DELICIOUS that you are going to chide Rex Ryan for his mental and emotional fragility when it comes to eating … yet you are paralyzed by fear at the thought of stepping on a freaking airplane.
    We all have baggage, so the next time you are about to pass judgement, take the plank out of your own eye, first.

  41. ha ha…He’s just so FAT…
    Next comes the staple gun and a tape worm.
    What a disgusting meathead.

  42. Florio, I have checked your site numerous times a day since 2006. I am not going to make some empty statement like “im done with this site” BUT
    This is truly disappointing. I waited to post until you responded to the initial criticism. One of things I like best here is that when you make a mistake you own it not delete it or pretend it never happened. That is what you should do here.
    Trying to mitigate/justify is beneath you and this site. At least it had been until now.
    Here is to hoping you do the right thing

  43. Hey Humboldt…maybe Mike will install a glass belly-button so you can check the weather every once in a while. Troller.

  44. So tiger woods can’t control his sexual drive. Would that suggest that he can’t discipline his child not to run into oncoming traffic?!?! Jeez!!
    P. S. Does this in any way put tannenbaum on the hot seat?….

  45. BoltMan, took the time to read what you said and am disappointed I wasted half a second on your poor attempt of a comment.
    Actually surprised you had the intelligence to use a computer, get on a Web site, read my comments, and make a comment yourself.
    Give yourself a hand!

  46. Real nice Florio…from ambulance chaser to medical doctor. You really like slamming the Jets every chance you get. You better watch yourself because you may need that surgeon that Ryan used to help you get your head out of Belicheck’s ass.

  47. WOW florio, you are a slime ball of a journalist and a total idiot. I have no idea why NBC decided to endorse you. You belong on TMZ or better yet the National Enquirer. No wonder why Channing Crowder wants to beat your a$$, and I sincerely hope he does. Anybody can hide behind the internet and speak his mind but I guarantee you would never say that to Rex’s face you pu$$y!

  48. This surgery isn’t to be taken lightly, but for a guy in Rex’s shape it is a good idea. the negative consequences of him carrying around all that weight has to be dealt with right away.
    His overall health is way more important than proving something to himself or any one else. Parcells had heart and other health problems that caused him to retire..perhaps if he had this kind of surgery in the ’90s he wouldn’t have had to take those breaks.
    Also, the fact that he has no discipline isn’t something new. Just because he got the band surgery now, its obvious when you look at him that he can’t control himself..this surgery is a step to fix the problem.

  49. I’ve loved this site for years…but your comments after this “article” are BS and there is no excuse for it.
    A man tries to help himself…and, in so doing, help his family…and you essentially mock him as weak. So, he’s the only guy on the planet that has used surgery to improve his life?
    Mike, I agree with 99% of your comments (OT being the big exception). But this time, you really should be ashamed of yourself.

  50. For someone that likes to dress up everyday and make a little video to post on his blog, because you think it makes you look good, you sure did a good job making yourself look pretty dumb.
    For a guy who sounds like he’s copy/pasting WebMD, you’d think he’d come across the statistics that say that more than half of the United States is overweight. NEWS FLASH FLORIO: You just made enemies with the majority of Americans!
    I mean holy crap, there are so many accomplished, successful, business men and women, who have achieved more in a weeks worth of work, than you will in a life time. And you make it sound like their weight problems are so easy to solve.
    Maybe you should put out your own diet regiment that includes, two sixers of 16 oz. RedBull and 30 mg of adderall a night, while you put together a piss poor article attacking the majority of america, followed by crying yourself to sleep while watching the Golden Girls.
    Your writing has just reached the level of MY attempt at humor:

  51. I was going to come on here and torch flori but she’s already a baby deer stuck in a pizza oven. Who picks what comments show up?

  52. Go eat a donut, losers. Get off Florios sack. Go be outraged over something important why don’t you.

  53. Listen author, your logic sucks. Just because a fat coach is unable to maintain a healthy diet doesn’t mean he can’t expect pro athletes to maintain a healthy diet. Pro athletes are professional athletes. Coaches are not.. Rex Ryan, while unable to maintain a healthy diet, should easily expect his players to maintain healthy diets….. Its common sense… So no, that wasn’t a great question.. Your huge jump in logic makes you sound like a dumbass..

  54. Exercise, Rex.
    Start by placing your hands at the edge of the dinner table. Push away from the table.
    And a salad couldn’t hurt.

  55. Florio, you’re a dick. This guy is trying to better his health and you give him a hard time?
    Also, did the Jets have any difficulty performing for him last year? I don’t think his size was an issue at all. Maybe it helped him… I mean, you’re not gonna miss him on the sideline.

  56. More Florio ripping Rex for being fat
    When will Speight do something?
    Wow, Florio, watch yourself. Leberfeld thinks that Bruce Speight may come after you. LOL.

  57. Guess Rex won’t be able to double for Fat Bastard? Oh well, Meyers will ahve to find someone else to eat the baby….

  58. this is embarassing. are there still people that think excess weight is only about self discipline?
    and ps to the guy who says you should join the army to lose weight, seriously?

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