Schwartz: Hargrove could be full-time tackle

Saints restricted free agent Anthony Hargrove concluded his visit with the Lions five days ago, and has not received an offer sheet from the team.

Lions coach Jim Schwartz sure sounds like he’d love to sign Hargrove to one.

“You know the guy he reminded me the most of — Kevin Carter,” said
Schwartz to MLive’s Tom Kowalski.   “He’d probably
play end on first and second down and then rush from the inside on third
down. He’s still young. I think at some point he could be a full-time
tackle. What he is now is an end who moves down to a rush role. He’s a
really athletic guy. He would fit in both of those roles.”

Detroit has a chance to dramatically overhaul their defensive line this offseason by adding the No. 2 overall pick and Hargrove to acquisitions Kyle Vanden Bosch and Corey Williams.  That haul would be pretty impressive and give the Lions a defensive identity.

The Lions have until April 15 to decide whether to sign Hargrove, which would cost them a third-round pick if the Saints chose not to match their offer.

17 responses to “Schwartz: Hargrove could be full-time tackle

  1. Hate to see Hargrove go, but if the Lions want to give a top-70 pick for a guy who is mentally and personally unstable as him, so be it.

  2. Wonder if all these D Line signings will prevent them from picking Suh with the first.

  3. Kyle Vanden Bosch, Corey Williams, adding Hargrove and possibly getting Suh in the draft…not bad Lions. I’ve never seen a team being in futility the previous seasons and vamply improving their D-Line the next season with 4 new decent starters.
    How can you say you’d hate to see him go, only to say he’s mentally & personally unstabled just because the Lions are trying to sign him away from us? That’s hypocritical…Although Hargrove is a athletic DL and with a lot of upside, I’d take the 3rd round pick because I’m sure Detroit is going to overpay for him. If the Saints plan to start him this season, then they should match whatever offer he gets. But he isn’t worth 5 mil a year just to be a situational player on certain downs.

  4. Signing Hargrove for this year’s third round pick would be a very savvy move for the Lions. It would allow them to select the best RT available in the draft with the number two overall pick, allowing Backus to move to RG and thus in one fell swoop, protect our franchise quarterback, open up running lanes which would keep LBs off of Johnson and Burleson. The Lions could then use their second round pick on a RB. Then, signing Pacman, assuming that he understands that remaining trouble-free off the field is his last hope for an NFL career, would make the Lions a legit contender for the Division title this year.

  5. Could be a full time tackle? Like why else would you sign him? Millions of dollars on the line!
    As a fan inflicted by the geography of my work I must suffer unavoidable Ramness, I gotta say. Hargrove is the real deal. Real football fans here in STL knew it, but management shipped him out. That’s because they had weak-spined people in charge who couldn’t sit down with Hargrove. Post-Martz, there has been no leadership. I know there are plenty of Martz skeptics out there, but Martz was a strong, unambiguous, kick-ass leader, as was his mentor, Vermeil. Since then, Rams coaching has been a lineup of pusillanimous girlies. I could provide a genital analogy if you like. Linehan could lead ticks to suck your blood, nothing else, and Spagneuouola should move to California where his theme “I’m OK, you’re OK” will work great on the vegetarian MILFs out there. Rams management is the stupidest in the NFL (yes, stupider than the Lions), and if the Rams had clutched the talent they had in their grasp, DTs Pickett and Hargrove, they wouldn’t be discussing Suh now. Idiots. Can i yell that without somehow typing it? Looooooosers. The story of this draft is simple: how badly will the Rams be compromised by their previous egregious mistakes?

  6. SonofNola:
    I like Hargrove, but I am also wary of locking a guy down long-term who has as many personal demons as he’s had. If we sign him to a short-term deal for reasonable money, I’m for keeping him. But I would consider the problems he’s had in the past (sorry to say) if the Lions give him a huge contract that they can match.

  7. Anthony Hargrove will be a pro bowler by 2012 and Walter Payton man of the year by 2013….in 2014 he will lead the league in rushing, and in 2015 he will scale Everest….@Jeff get a job you dirty hippie you dont know nothin bout Anthony Hargrove….SUPAFREAK SON!!

  8. really!!!!?? would make the Lions a legit contender for the Division title this year.
    says: pancho smith
    really!!??!??!,not a friggin chance,at the most would probably make thhe number 32 def and send them up into the high teens[maybe,maybe],but any higher expectations are just ludacris,must be nice living in la la land pancho

  9. Hargrove v Carter. Little similarity at all, except that they can both play, and both were dumped by the genius Rams.
    Hargrove is raw, rough, intuitive, violent. Carter was quick, cerebral, almost elegant, by DE standards. I’d take them both on my D line. The Rams, they said “no thanks” to both in English and 37 foreign languages.
    And then the Rams have tried to cover their blinding mistakes by making more mistakes: they drafted Carriker and Long in the first ten, and now maybe Suh. Carriker? He will prove to be in the Ryan Leaf category of picks, but nowbody knows that, because nobody cares about post-Martz Rams. Long? Picked for cultural/social reasons. Nice guy, good player. Emphasis on “good.” Years and millions are spend fixing bad mistakes. Oops, excuse me. TRYING to fix bad mistakes.
    And if the Rams are not the first pick in NEXT year’s draft i might just be so surprised I’ll bust an infidibulum. Lions, Browns, you have it easy. The Rams will elevate you.

  10. I dont think Detroit will sign him to an offer sheet. They will most likely try to make a trade for him (thus avoiding giving up their 3rd round pick) just like how the Seahawks wanted to do with Brandon Marshall, so they didnt have to trade away their 6th overall pick.

  11. Let’s look at D linemen of the Rams. Chris Long was selected by the dismal Rams because he was the best football player out there? No. Because he was white, had cultural context, was the son of a HOFer. He was selected because even if Rams mis-judged him in terms of talent, he would always be popular. The fans in STL go bananas if he gets a sack. He has got a couple, as it turns out. But this is a horrible, mind-numbing, paralyzing, idiotic draft pick. Long has performed at a 5th-round pick level. Good for him. Shame on Rams.
    Hargrove is so much better. And the Rams sent Hargrove off, they crinkled up their noses, and they never even thought that being a provider of talent to the other teams in the NFL might actually be deterimental to their own success (really, look at ex-Rams around the league, and you will see why the the Rams suck.)
    And the Rams threw out Martz. A powerful, charismatic leader, a winner. Dumped him. And we see the result. Even Martz’s worst year was far better than anything after that.

  12. Stll think the Lions must take Suh if they make this signing. The fans need hope with a defensive playmaker. LT or OL can be addressed in later rounds. Baltimore won for years with their defense. Tennessee won with defense. We need to focus on having an above average defense which will help Stafford.

  13. Vanden Bosch Williams Suh Hargrove as the starters…
    with Jason Hunter, Landon Cohen, Sammie Lee Hill, and Cliff Avril off the bench would be a nice little D-Line rotation…
    Just like the Rosenthal says it would give them a identity on the defensive side of the ball and much needed depth…
    When’s the last time they had any kind of identity on defense…???
    Looking at that D-Line I think opposing offenses would know that they better bring their lunchpals cause it’s going to be a long freaking day…

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