Shanahans' offense "much more advanced" than Zorn's

The offense that new head coach Mike Shanahan and offensive coordinator Kyle Shanahan are installing in Washington isn’t that much different from the offense that head coach Jim Zorn ran the last two seasons.

But in the latest sign that the folks in the nation’s capital don’t have much respect for the way Zorn ran things, Jason Reid of the Washington Post reports that players say the scheme installed by the Shanahans is “much more advanced” than the offense Zorn ran.

Several players tell Reid they’re watching film of the Denver Broncos’ offense during Mike Shanahan’s tenure as head coach, and they’re coming away impressed every time by the Shanahan offense. Especially notable is the use of more option routes and more movement before the snap under Shanahan than receivers had under Zorn.

Reid writes that Zorn didn’t install his full offense because he was concerned with overloading players. The Shanahans’ attitude seems to be that they’ll install the offense they want, and players who can’t keep up won’t be around.

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  1. Ah, those clever players. The offense was pathetic under Zorn because the system was too simple. How soon we forget that they were inept before Zorn because of Al Saunders’ 700 page play book being too complex.
    Maybe this will be the Goldilocks Offense – just right.
    Or maybe the players just suck.

  2. Well in Zorn’s defense his offense was scaled down considerably based on the players not being familiar with his version of the WCO, but also the players not being very good either. Shanahan should benefit from having a team in place familiar with the WCO. All he needs is an 0-line to make it work.

  3. Something else completely unmentioned here, but Shanahan might be the only coach that doesn’t allow his QBs to audible because every play he calls is the right play or some nonsense like that.

  4. How complex or simple an offense is ISN’T the point. The Colts have one of the simplest offenses in the NFL and they seem to do ok! 🙂
    It is the players that run the system NOT the system that wins in the NFL. Just ask Spurrier!!!
    If this is Shanahan’s philosophy, they are in trouble. This is the main problem and why many QBs fail coming out of college……offenses in the NFL are too damn complex…….better to have 30 solid plays and audible off of those (as the Colts do) than have 700 plays and never have any of them run correctly.
    You don’t try to teach a 5 year old calculus.

  5. “All he needs is an 0-line to make it work.”
    And a QB, receivers and at least one runningback, but other than that……..
    I still can’t believe they signed LJ, DOH!

  6. The Redskins just need an O-line and some depth. They are in need of drafting 2 tackles in the draft at this point. But, if Bradford and Okung are gone by 4th overall pick they better draft Eric Berry 4th overall and get tackles in 2nd and 4th rounds. They should get something decent for Andre Carter/Carlos Rogers as well.

  7. I wouldn’t expect any miracles out of Washington this season.
    Shannie ain’t gonna save it all in one year…although I think they can supplant the Giants at numbah 3 in the division.

  8. What, wait? You mean they won’t be playing at “medium” anymore?
    This new offensive is going to take the NFC East by storm. They’ll never know what hit them…. unless the defenses game plan by watching Super Bowl XXXII and XXXIII.

  9. what’s wrong with shananighan? he and martz must come from the same pea pod. mold your schemes around the players you have. don’t try to force the players to excel at things they can’t/won’t handle. this goes for all educational institutes as well. don’t teach science; teach music and sex education; that’s all we’re interested in! oh, and football too!

  10. And it was complex, too, after Elway and he won bupkis, nada, nothing. “Ratface” will be 500 at Wash…again.

  11. As long as the “advanced” offense includes passes under 10 yards Jason Campbell is fine. 3rd and 9, Jason Campbell throws a 3 yard pass.

  12. dah da dah da dah…talking heads!
    How about ya get rid of ANYONE that dont show for team practices…voluntary or otherwise! Lets see a Coach with some brass, make this a team!
    Just doing that will give you a better season. Get rid of every prima donna in the bunch.
    Shanahan is going to do no better if he keeps the losers that he has and there are only a few but Haynesworth is one of them! A player needs to earn the rite to be critical of his team and coaches and I dont mean just grabbin money, I mean EARNING it!

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