Willie Parker wants to be a Ram

Free agent running back Willie Parker is still waiting to find out where he’ll play in 2010.

But he’d like it to be in St. Louis.

Willie enjoyed the visit, enjoyed the coaches and the people he met,” Parker’s agent, Douglas Hendrickson, told the St. Louis Post-Dispatch of his visit with the Rams. “He liked the possibility of teaming up with Steven Jackson in the backfield.”

But Parker left St. Louis without a contract offer, and it’s unclear how much the Rams like the possibility of teaming up Parker and Jackson.

Parker has played his entire six-year career with the Steelers. He’s coming off a season in which he carried just 98 times for 389 yards, and he’ll turn 30 in November.

18 responses to “Willie Parker wants to be a Ram

  1. My friend lost his job, he would also like to be a ram – but only if he cant play for any other team in the league.

  2. Willie would LOVE to be on ANY team…obviously he hasn’t been overwhelmed with offers.
    The Rams are a perfect fit for “fast” Willie. They win one or two games a year.

  3. Parker wants to be with a team that broke his leg and ruined his career? Plus the worst team in the NFL??

  4. It didn’t take long for Tomlin to see that you were notorious for a plethora of drive killing -2 to 2 yard runs. But thanks for allowing Ben to have the best 3rd and long conversion percentage since he’s been in the league.

  5. He could play for cincy if he claimed to be a thug or druggy….. he could even change his name to bkat….

  6. Go back to the Steelers for cheap Willie!! As a Steeler fan I would like to see you back in the Black and Yellow.

  7. Willie Parker wants a job. How sad is it for him to think Mike Bell got a contract before he did; yep Mike Bell Willie.

  8. Of course he wants to be a Ram. When no one else wants you, the Rams become all that more appealing, the money also would help too.

  9. Yeah, it tells you he has no other offers. Why would anyone want to play for a horrible team that plays in a dingy dome, and might move to another city…including the dreadful London talk.

  10. “Go back to the Steelers for cheap Willie!! As a Steeler fan I would like to see you back in the Black and Yellow.”
    Dude, NO Steeler ‘fan’ would ever say “Black and Yellow”. Get a clue or pick another team – whichever comes first.

  11. I doubt he is serious about this. He is probably doing this to get another team to ramp up an offer
    Why anyone would want to go to a no-OL, no-QB, no-WR, no-Defensive team is beyond me
    Nobody ‘wants’ that in a team

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