49ers announce "mutual parting" with McCloughan

49ers owner Jed York announced in a conference call commencing at 8:00 p.m. ET Monday that Scot McCloughan is no longer the General Manager of the team.

York also announced that director of player personnel Trent Baalke will run the 49ers’ draft, that he’ll have final say as to any picks or trades, and that director of pro personnel Tom Gamble will assist Baalke. 

Though York said that director of college scouting David McCloughan will remain at least through the draft, the fact that Gamble and not David McCloughan will assist Baalke implies that the relationship between the McCloughan brothers is at least disrupting the logical flow that otherwise would apply, since the draft falls within David McCloughan’s usual responsibilities, not Gamble’s.

York characterized the departure of McCloughan on multiple occasions as a “mutual parting,” refusing consistently to discuss the details of the move and explaining that he promised McCloughan that he wouldn’t comment on the matter for five days from last Wednesday.

The buzz words were “private personnel matter,” which at one point took on a “next question” vibe, eliciting exasperated laughter on at least two occasions from a couple of the reporters on the call.  Eventually, York admitted that the “personnel” issues arose only from a “personal” situation.  Still, he refused to get into the details.

York cited his own “integrity” multiple times in support of the decision not
to divulge details, but we think the reality is that York was concerned more about liability than integrity.  In our view, based on listening to the entire conference call, it sounds as if the 49ers gave McCloughan on Wednesday five days to consider whatever settlement offer the team had made, and that a deal was reached today, pursuant to which both sides promised full confidentiality.

York eventually conceded that McCloughan will not be permitted to work for another team before the draft, which tends to confirm our view that a settlement was reached.

York also denied that the move will affect the 49ers during the draft.  “Trent has all the information that we need,” York said.

Moving forward, York said he’s undecided regarding whether another G.M. will be named, and that decisions will be made regarding the structure of the front office after the draft.  York said unequivocally that neither he nor V.P. of football operations Paraag Marathe would become the next General Manager.

While York declined to get into details regarding the separation, he agreed to answer a question as to what he’d say if someone were to ask York for a recommendation regarding McCloughan.  “Scot is a very good personnel guy, and I care about Scot from a personal standpoint, and I hope he can get a job somewhere.  I hope for nothing but the best for Scot and his family,” York said.

Still, the existence of something other than best wishes lingers not far beneath the surface.  Asked early in the call how he’d describe McCloughan’s legacy, York said tersely, “You’d have to ask him.”

26 responses to “49ers announce "mutual parting" with McCloughan

  1. Watch, Idiots Jed York and P. Marathe are going to try to be GM’s. It’s why this organization sucks beyond sucking.

  2. Let’s see….he’s going through a divorce….probably poked the help….49ers did the right thing by ending the relationship. McC could id talent…not sure he was GM caliber though…doubt beyond doubt that Jed and Parag would take on that role…my guess is that they let Balke and Gamble run the show this year….then if the season is a failure they clean house and go after Cowher or Gruden.

  3. He got a few good players but they still haven’t broken .500. Why is everyone upset, it’s not like he took them on a super bowl run.

  4. He was so good that they havent made the playoffs or won the worst division in football since hes been there. Yeah great job! At least he signed big name free agents that really mattered like, Isaac Bruce, Nate Clements, Brandon Jones, Justin Smith, Walt Harris, Eric (Sodemy) Green, Shaun Hill (gone), Barry Simms, and resigned Alex Smith! GREAT WORK!!!
    Hes being credited with drafting Pat Willis (NO BRAINER) at #8, and Frank Gore (3rd rd passed by because of injury) whers the rest of the players he drafted??? Too many BUMS TO LIST!
    No playoffs and no winning seasons since hes been there, unless you count last years 8-8 a winning season???????? WORST DIVISION IN THE NFL, and he couldnt get it done! Someone had to go!

  5. McCloughan can probably get a job next door. Even if he goes elsewhere, Raider fans generally approve of Jed York.

  6. You are all very wrong. Once Scotty and his agent agree to a mutal settlement you will all learn the truth about Scotty McCloughan and his if I don’t get my way I will sabotage everything attitude.
    I actaully applaud the ninners on this one for handling this the right way. If daddy work was still in cahrge they would have messed this up. Once the settlement is reached the truth will start to come out. Scotty was not a pleasant man.
    By the way the 3 team Drew Rosenhaus has been talking too are the Redskins, Patriots and Jaguars. However the Jags are most likely unless they land a high end reciever in the draft. Yes it has everything to do with trying to sell tickets. Pats and Skins are just kickin the tires to see if there is tread.
    Florio, your spies are slippin.

  7. raiderrob you are an idiot. Your franchise is in way worse shape. worry about your team failing in the draft again (Russel, DHB, Gallery, etc.) and ridiculous signings (Javon Walker, Tommy kelly, etc) filling your stadium (40,ooo/60,000+). Doesnt matter who the Niner GM will be, they’ll be much better than that senile corpse who is running yours

  8. raiderrob, change ur login name if u want to hate on another teams draft picks, who have the raiders picked recently that is any good? and by the way pat willis was picked 11th not 8th

  9. Boy, is that “recommendation” bottom-heavy with innuendo! I hope he has other sources for recommendations –

  10. That interview was almost as pointless as Tigers “press conference” wish he would have said something we don’t already know… But I agree with JSpicoli up there on Larry Ellison!! Go Dubs!

  11. Do you think “personnel” matters means not like “team/player personnel” football related issues that were affected by personal matters, but instead like an EMPLOYEE Personnel aka “HR” matter? In any other business but football, personnel refers to employees. I’m confused and give up guessing. Not that it was ever any of my business to know. Just a strange parting or um mutual separation for whatever private personal personnel reason it was, given the timing. Oh well, on to the next fat person to make fun of.

  12. Sweet — we get Baalke Bartokomous running our draft. Is Cousin Larry going to be the head of scouting?

  13. LOL, the SF fan (San Francisco!) talking about guys sucking things. LOL. Good one.

  14. I think the main question is who did Scott DO?Was it Denise or Parag’s squeeze.BBrophy you are so right about it being a sex scandal.Remember Eddie D JEDS Uncle and confidant had a lady accuse him of inappropriate actions years ago.I think the 9’ers JED want no bad headlines.

  15. Mutual parting” sounds like something that Big Ben’s lawyers will say….oh, wait, that is mutual partying…sorry

  16. Its funny how the Raiders and 49ers fans are always bickering about baseball and football. But as far as basketball goes we are all on the same page. Ellison buying the Warriors!!! LeBron?

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