Akeem Jordan signs tender

Eagles linebacker Akeem Jordan was the latest restricted free agent sign his tender, the team announced Monday.

Tendered at the second round level, Jordan will make $1.684 million this year.  Jordan would have been restricted in any year because he’s only a third-year veteran.

A report that Eagles guard/center Nick Cole signed his tender looks premature for now.

9 responses to “Akeem Jordan signs tender

  1. This dude knows how to hit. You hear every tackle this guy makes. Hope he steps it up Birds need a huge year from this kid.

  2. who is akeem jordan? he has to be pumped to be making 1.6 mill next year after having accomplished nothing in his career.

  3. Jordan’s a good football player but he’s nothing special. I’m more concerned with Cole getting taken care of. He provides crucial depth for us in several positions of the line (both sides on guard, center). I know there was a lot of criticism of his performance in the game against Dallas but give him an off-season and he’ll be drastically better. I’d prefer the Eagles go after someone… Mawae may be 39 but he only has to last until Jackson comes back. I’d also like to see Fraley come in and help out. Other than Cole our guard position is weak outside of Herreman’s. Hopefully, Stacy Andrews can live up to the hype he made last summer… otherwise he’ll end up like Shawn

  4. Cheesehead, keep your ignorance to yourself. Hes been a starter for the last two years, and hes only been in the NFL for three. You probably would say the same thing about Stewart Bradley.

  5. lucky for you Eagles fans, management knows that he’s a solid player. Wish the Redskins could get him.

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