Carl Peterson makes an appearance at the league meetings

One of the various folks who have been spotted at the Ritz-Carlton in Orlando is none other that former Chiefs president and G.M. Carl Peterson, who has been out of the league for more than a year after leaving the team he led for two decades.

Peterson has been linked in the past to the Dolphins, who could look to Peterson as the eventual replacement to V.P. of football operations Bill Parcells.  Two years remain on the Tuna’s contract.

Perhaps Peterson is looking for other employment.  Or maybe he’s trying to scare up a market for his $4.25 million condo in Kansas City.

13 responses to “Carl Peterson makes an appearance at the league meetings

  1. If he’s not on anybody’s payroll, how the hell is he allowed at the meetings?

  2. Come back to us in KC Carl…we miss and need you as the empty suit who came after you – egoli – is doing a POOR POOR job for us.

  3. Stephen Ross has been quoted as saying that if Peterson ever joins the Dolphins, it would not be on the football side but on the business side. After his last several years in KC, all Dolphins fans sure hope that is the case and that the Tuna will stay for a long time to come.

  4. Icon,…..
    The “clever” name Egoli is neither funny, nor does it work.
    Carl Peterson is a good part of the reason we’re in this mess (chiefs fan/status/sucking, etc).
    Do us a favor and have your hands amputated and never post again.

  5. Stay away Carl… Leave Ireland alone, stop making him look over his shoulder. Bill is grooming him to take over when he leaves, and Dolphin fans are fine with that

  6. King Carl and Detroit are made for each other.
    If Stephen ross brings that asshat down to Miami after Parcells leaves (and we all know he will), I will be Rex-Ryan-sized pissed.

  7. Are you kidding me? $4.25 million in Kansas City? There’s residential real estate priced that high there? Really? Good luck selling that.

  8. Stone- believe it or not, but Kansas City is a great market for people w/ money to spend. Also, one of our suburbs (where most players live) is one of the wealthiest counties in America. It’s not as bad as some people think. It’s actually very nice out here.

  9. ya i kinda started to ignore icon’s comments…actually read that one tho and now im starting to think he might just be messing with us, you cant ask for that idiot back and not be joking. Hes the reason the chiefs are in this hole…he decided to draft LJ when vermiel wanted palamalu. He traded Jared Allen cuz Allen hated peterson……idk why anyone would want him anywhere near their football operation hes good with the buisiness side tho. just dont let him anywhere near decision making on players

  10. I assume by “led” the chiefs you mean “drove into straight into the ground”…that’d be a real upgrade, trade Tuna for Peterson who will, on arrival, identify the best members of the team, trade them for picks he will use to draft mediocre/bust players, and hire glorified position coach (i.e. herm) to run the show…get ready for a long 20 years ‘fin fans

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