Chargers end Demetrius Byrd experiment

Last year, the Chargers took a flier with a seventh-round pick on former LSU receiver Demetrius Byrd, who suffered serious injuries in a car accident only days before the 2009 draft.

Nearly a year later, the Chargers have decided to move on.

The team has announced that Byrd has been released.  Says the statement from the team:  “Despite the injuries, the Chargers selected him and generously extended him a contract for the season.”

And that’s the point where the Chargers blew, in our estimation, any goodwill resulting from their decision to take a chance on Byrd.  It’s not a charity; they drafted and paid him in the hopes that he’d fully recover, and that he’d become much more than any seventh-round pick ever is expected to be.  He apparently hasn’t recovered, and so the Chargers are moving on. 

So why not just call it was it is, instead of attempting to make themselves look far more altruistic than they ever intended to be?

Meanwhile, we wish Byrd well — and we hope he gets a chance to make a real contribution for an NFL team.  Preferably the Broncos, Raiders, or Chiefs.

33 responses to “Chargers end Demetrius Byrd experiment

  1. Chargers are bums… who puts that in a press release? Like the maid of honor giving the toast to the bride and talking about herself – classic. That’s southern Cal for you…

  2. RAIDERS! Reunite with JaMarcus and make him see what you can do with heart and a work ethic..
    Al – sign this guy..

  3. “So why not just call it was it is, instead of attempting to make themselves look far more altruistic than they ever intended to be?”
    Gee, sounds something a public defender would say when in court representing someone truly guilty, they know it, the defendant know’s it, only they have to defend the creep. Lawyers, go figure.

  4. What’s with the hate? The Chargers spent a lot of money helping this kid recover from his injuries, not to mention giving him a boatload of cash. And he never had to play pro football. Sounds pretty generous to me. Where do I sign my injured friends up?

  5. Ya, the chargers sure are dicks for paying him for a year to recover. How dare they?

  6. Oh get over it Florio. Yes it was a gamble but it was also extremely generous for an NFL team to do what they did. Now they are the bad guys who deserve scorn for it? Grow up.

  7. That’s AJ Smith for you. You know he was behind that dig just to cover his supposed brilliant drafting history. The guy is just a Dick, nothing more. Ya the guy seems to draft well but if you look closely, with the exception of Brees, all of his “stars” have personality defects. And by personality defects I mean they’re either thugs or attention whores. He let’s Brees get away and Brees proceeds to win a Super Bowl and cement his legacy as a future HOFer. The chargers contend because of AJ Smith but they’ll never win a Super Bowl because of AJ Smith.

  8. So some staff flunkie in the Chargers PR office inserts one (true) word into a press release, and suddenly the Chargers are heartless bastards? Nice logic, Florio.

  9. Why you hating on the Chargers Florio? They picked up a guy who was probably going to go undrafted because of his injuries and gave him a contract, which probably got him some much needed money to help with his hospital bills. They basically paid him to sit there and heal up. What is wrong with them dropping somebody who they feel they probably won’t need after paying him for a year to do nothing?
    Yes it is a little disingenuous to make it seem like they were not trying to get something out of the situation, but show me a team that isn’t playing the PR game. It sure ain’t your assault-coddling Steelers. Trying to create a scandal out of an NFL team releasing somebody they do not want on their team, which happens constantly during the off-season, is extremely sad on your part.

  10. I would like to see KC take a chance on this guy. We need some young talent at WR. Couldn’t hurt.

  11. “So why not just call it was it is,”
    What are they going to call was is what it was?

  12. Florio, why don’t you just get over the fact that when you put in calls to A.J Smith he just doesn’t want to return them? He thinks your a douche bag and your not worth his time.
    Look how bitter this has made you become, you hate a entire franchise because the GM only takes calls from reputable reporters.

  13. You have got this one right on, despite some negative commenters who sound like grade A marks to me.

  14. If you’d read any of this kids tweets, then you’d want to release him purely for character issues. I’m glad he won’t be on the team. The Chargers were justified in moving on, injuries or not.

  15. so the chargers give this guy a bank account full of cash to do nothing and they are the bad guys and now he is gonna reunite with jamarcis and beat the chargers with work ethic we know how hard russell works dont we lol wow how dumb can you be on both accounts

  16. Here…let’s try this. You sure are a vindictive little CREEP, aren’t you. (Didn’t know the P-word was taboo here, since it’s been said on network TV)

  17. The Chargers draft a kid that NOBODY else was going to draft because of his injuries. Was the motivation to get a good player with the draft pick … yep. Could the Chargers have signed the kid after the draft? … maybe. Was any other team willing to draft the kid and “generously” pay him? No.
    Say what you will, but the pick was in large part charity and its unfortunate you don’t see it.
    Chargers = 1
    The rest of the 31 team = 0

  18. So the other 31 teams who didn’t take a chance on him are A-okay by your logic. Give it a rest. This guy made a boatload of money last year. I’m glad to see someone took a chance on him.

  19. I love it.. The Chargers draft a guy who cant even walk on draft day, Pay him alot of cash that he probably needs to pay bills, helps him restore his faith in humanity, because even Byrd admitted it was a longshot what the chargers did, and now suddenly because hes not showing any improvement, the Chargers should keep him on their roster for another year? Why not write an article on all the Charger Fans who thought it was a stupid move to begin with, and then follow that story up with one on what the $$ the chargers paid him, help him accomplish to do? To easy???

  20. Chargers are so stupid. What a poorly run franchise, aswell their fanbase is a joke.
    What a bunch of jerks, they draft this kid and don’t even give him a chance to play football and live his dream of playing in the NFL. Instead they draft him and keep him from signing with any number of teams.
    Then they say that this kids body is destroyed and will never play in the league; Warning all other teams not to take a chance on him. Way to crush dreams and lives San Diego
    Stay Classy Sandiego

  21. # pft87 says: March 22, 2010 8:44 PM
    Ralph Gre Nader, AJ didn’t draft Brees. John Butler did. Way to know your stuff.
    Hey Smartass was John Butler the one who let Brees practically skip away? And to be completely honest if you think Im going to go research San Diego Charger Front Office history for my written presentation on the merits of drafting over free agent spending then youre a f–king moron.

  22. JaMarcus Russell #2 says: March 23, 2010 12:18 AM
    “Chargers are so stupid. What a poorly run franchise, aswell their fanbase is a joke.
    Then they say that this kids body is destroyed and will never play in the league; Warning all other teams not to take a chance on him. Way to crush dreams and lives San Diego”
    I was going to take offense at this until I realized that A.) Nothing was said about his “body being destroyed” and that “no team should pick him up”. They just released him. Sometimes teams release players, it doesn’t mean no other team wants them. Do you know how the NFL works? Oh wait, you’re a RAIDERS fan, which is actually the worst franchise in the NFL. Have you guys won more than five games this decade?

  23. Wow Capt. Tapp, nice job of assuming that he’s a Raiders fan. Maybe he’s an LSU fan…. No chance of a connection there huh….. And last I checked, the Raiders were in the Super Bowl in the last decade. What have the Chargers done………….. EVER???????

  24. @ Captain Tapp
    This decade? you mean 2010? Well no, the Raiders have not won more than 5 games in 2010 (which would be this decade) but neither have the Chargers. You just proved my point that Charger fans are a stupid joke!
    But in the past 10 years, at least the Raiders have won playoff games, they have even been to the SuperBowl. Which is a little more then I can say about the Chargers. How many Superbowls have the Chargers won? ZERO!

  25. ummm ppl thanks 4 dawgin me out like this wow thanks AJ 1st of all and to u other haters ummm if u follow me on twitter i am beggin u to help me by unfollowing urself please twitter is not skool there 4 i can say and write how i want its tru i’m not ready to play dis yr either but GODS plan is 4 me to finish skool….. Sorry to u sum what bolt fans with all this hatin yall doin just no the chargers made my dream come tru and cause they released me it will not be the last of DEMETRIUS BYRD (COMEBACK KID) JESUS SAID SO THANKS TO THE CHARGERS FRONT OFFICE 4 GIVEN ME HOPE I LOVE YALL THANKS AJ AND STUFF……

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