Compensatory picks revealed

The Cincinnati Bengals were the big winners when the NFL awarded compensatory picks Monday, according to ESPN’s Adam Schefter. 

Cincinnati was one of three teams to get a third-round compensatory pick (No. 96) and received the only fourth-round pick (No. 131) to boot.  T.J. Houshmandzadeh, Stacy Andrews, and Eric Ghiaciuc were among the players to leave the Bengals last offseason.

Tennessee and Atlanta also got extra picks in the third round.

Here is the full list of compensatory picks awarded according to Schefter, with the overall pick next to each:

Round 3

Cincinnati — 96
Tennessee — 97
Atlanta — 98

Round 4

Cincinnati — 131

Round 5

Pittsburgh — 164
Atlanta — 165
Pittsburgh — 166
Minnesota — 167
San Diego — 168
Green Bay — 169

Round 6

Carolina — 202
Jacksonville — 203
Carolina — 204
New England — 205
San Francisco — 206
Tennessee — 207

Round 7 

Indianapolis — 240 
Tennessee — 241 
Pittsburgh — 242
Philadelphia — 243
Philadelphia — 244
Seattle — 245
Indianapolis — 246
New England — 247 
New England — 248 
Carolina — 249 
New England — 250 
Oakland — 251
Miami — 252 
Tampa Bay — 253
St. Louis — 254
Detroit — 255

35 responses to “Compensatory picks revealed

  1. Did New England not stock pile near a thousand picks over the past couple drafts? Do they really need any more, I bet Bellicheat is behind this…

  2. Mike – shouldn’t the first comp pick in Round 3 start with 97? Or did someone lose or forfeit a pick in that round or one previous? could you refresh our memory. thank you.

  3. please explain how PJ doucheyourmomma is worth a third but dawkins only nets them a 7th?

  4. cant believe the birds only got 2 7th rounders after looseing dawk who had a pro bowl year. n i understand they got by the FA u signed that year too but stacy andrews did jack shit. n we traded for jason peters so that shouldnt factor in. we really didnt have any impact FA last year that would equal out to dawkins season. this is BUSH!

  5. The Packers get a 5th round compensation draft pick for losing Colin Cole last year ???
    Holy crap. Boy, talk about your WIN WIN !!!

  6. it’s a shame the Bears don’t get anything in return for the death of Gaines Adams

  7. Seems like the Eagles got a little ripped off here when you compare. Dawkins signed for good money, played all the games, and made the Pro Bowl. Then they also let go of Sean Considine, LJ Smith, Tra Thomas, and Correll Buckhalter, who played, so it seems like a little more than two seventh rounders are in order when you consider the Bengals got a 3 and 4 for those three guys. Housh and Dawk have to be comparable in playing time and Stacy Andrews didn’t play enough.

  8. salty- get facts straight…
    compensatory picks are based on the value of the free agents u lost the year before..has nothing to do with your hatred of the Steelers and Pats
    canadian vikes fan- based on the way Hoodie has drafted lately, who cares how many picks we have..If we have 12 he may draft 2 good players…awful drafter the last 3 to 4 yrs.. awful

  9. Its a shame Dallas gets nothing for Canty who was injured all last season. He’ll bounce back next year and Dallas will have nothing to show for it.

  10. Gautam says:
    March 22, 2010 5:22 PM
    Polian’s going to turn those 7rd picks into starters
    As soon as he can figure out what a 7rd pick is, maybe he will.

  11. Redskins forfeit a pick for Jeremy Jarmon in the supplemental. Case and Point why the pick is number 96. How do the steelers never get anything higher than a 5th rounder. They lost Leftwich, Bryant McFadden, and Larry Foote. Then a few years back we lost faneca and didnt get a high pick but Houzamamma gets a third. Horrible, and who the hell is Eric Ghuiacic and Stacey Andrews is garbage.

  12. The Redskins forfeited their 3rd round pick when they took Jeremy Jarmon in the Supplemental Draft last year, thus, only 31 picks in the 3rd round.

  13. Devils Advocate says:
    March 22, 2010 5:21 PM
    Mike – shouldn’t the first comp pick in Round 3 start with 97? Or did someone lose or forfeit a pick in that round or one previous? could you refresh our memory. thank you.
    Redskins lost a #3 last year in the supplementary draft to choose DE Jeremy Jarmon of Kentucky.

  14. Yah ninjapleazee it is. The redskins never got anything when sean taylor was murdered and he was drafted #5 overall and one of the best in the league. The broncos also got nothing for when darrent williams was murdered and he was a good a corner.

  15. hahah – typical eagles fans don’t realize how compensatory formula works and overrate dawkins on an average year. It has to do with the age of the player, the amount of money he is signed for, and the number of free agents the team gained/lost.
    Eagles signed Weaver, Andrews, Babin. They lost Thomas, Dawkins, Buck, LJ, and Runyan. Thomas and Dawkins canceled out by Weaver and Andrews. Buck and LJ get you to 7th rounders barely. Runyan and Babin cancel each other out.
    And I am an eagles fan for over 25 years, but just sick and tired of these morons making all eagles fans look like drunk, idiotic morons.

  16. Tigerlilac…don’t try talking sense when there’s conspiracy theories presiding over the discussion. God forbid these fools LEARN something about how teams stay on top.
    These picks can’t be traded so maybe they’ll find some diamonds like Edelman or Troy Brown in the later rounds, but mostly they’re guys to groom on the PS or game day inactives that can be developed to allow some FAs to leave thereby generating (drum-roll please) compensatory picks! The gift that keeps on giving. WOW, investing in your future. What a concept!

  17. The redskins used their 3rd round pick in the supplemental draft over the summer, that is why the first comp pick is 96. By the way for the Eagles fans complaining, you guys signed Stacy Andrews to a max contract basically i mean you guys gave the guy a 40 million dollar contract and the contract is the major factor in determining which picks you get and since you signed Andrews as much as you all don’t like it he cancels out Dawkins. The Bengals didn’t get anything for Chris Henry passing away, so why would they give the Bears anything for Gaines Adams passing away. Adams just died and all you care about is getting something in return, pretty inconsiderate if you ask me.

  18. Friggin Blows…Skins are denied again!
    @ DANSNYDER…Totally agree on the ST #21 deal…While he could never be replaced, I feel as though because that happens, the league should address this. Why not? Stuff like this happens and can set a team back years. While much of the setbacks of the Skins have been our own faults, ST’s murder by the CRACKHEAD FOOL was out of our control.

  19. thunderdog: “The Lions will get to take Mr. Irrelevant. How appropriate.”
    As compared to the Lions usually taking Mr. Irrelevant at the beginning of the draft (excluding Stafford… for now).

  20. The Falcons compensation for free agent losses after the ’08 season seems sorta low. CB Domonique Foxworth and LB Michael Boley received huge contracts with the Ravens & Giants while DT Grady Jackson and LB Keith “Whine & Cheese” Brooking received modest deals and starting jobs for the Lions & Cowboys. A 3rd & 5th PLUS another couple of lower selections sounds more like how it should be. Out.

  21. For those of you complaining about the Bengals comp picks, I will give you those picks for a string of winning seasons and a playoff win. The Bengals get these picks because they let good players go, and then dont sign anyone to replace them. Some say its smart but most fans would say its cheap, and that is why the bengals haven’t won a playoff game sine 89′, and have only been to the playoffs 3 times since 89.

  22. The Eagles get nothing Dawkins because Stacy Andrews canceled him out. It doesnt matter how good the free agent played it only matters how much you payed him.

  23. How do the Ravens get no compensatory picks at all, I know they signed Dominique Foxworth and Matt Birk, but they lost Bart Scott, Jim Leonhard, Jason Brown, three players that were signed to big deals. I’m sure the NFL knows what they are doing I just wondered if anyone knows?

  24. Dirka28,
    Baltimore should just build museums instead of building an NFL team. (sarcasm)

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