Cornwell says Roethlisberger "looks forward" to meeting with Goodell

In response to Commissioner Roger Goodell’s comments from earlier in the day regarding the sexual assault allegations made against Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger, lawyer David Cornwell has issued the following statement.

“I contacted the League as soon as the recent allegations were made against Ben,” Cornwell said.  “We agreed that I would keep the NFL apprised of all developments as they warrant.  I believe the Commissioner will allow us to focus on matters in Georgia, but we look forward to meeting with him and addressing any concerns he may have.”

In unrelated news, Roethlisberger eagerly anticipates a root canal, can’t wait for a colonoscopy, and loses sleep anticipating the mechanical removal of his first real kidney stone.

In all (some) seriousness, it’s encouraging that Roethlisberger, through Cornwell, is keeping the league office informed.  But the remarks from Goodell were as pointed as they were brief.  Big Ben is in big trouble, not just with the powers-that-be in Georgia, but with his employer.

If he hasn’t gotten the message this time, then he never will.

55 responses to “Cornwell says Roethlisberger "looks forward" to meeting with Goodell

  1. Ben is innocent! A single man gets a b.j. from a college chick who could not handle him and she says sexual assult? I say 95% of peopel saying he is guilty, wish that happened to them!

  2. Someone should tell Roethlisberger the meeting won’t be at a dance club with drunk co-eds and private bathrooms.

  3. He’ll get the message.
    Most folks on this board probably don’t remember, but I remember very well when Bradshaw wanted to continue his career, but Noll and the Rooney’s were sick and tired of his crap. The official reason for his career ending was his elbow injury, but the Steelers would not allow him to play again and refused to trade him even after he had given the bum arm time to heal.
    If a Hall of Fame, 4-time SB winner, 2-time SB MVP and 1-time NFL MVP can get shown the door by the Rooney’s, the should have no trouble giving Ben the boot if it comes to that.

  4. Its probably because Ben thinks Roger could line him up with some more young/vulnerable females he can take advantage of and get away with it.

  5. “we look forward to meeting with him and addressing any concerns he may have.”
    Hey Cornwell, Goodell doesn’t want to meet with you he wants to meet with Raperberger. I doubt Goodell actually lets you be in the room.

  6. Based on his style of writing I hereby give Florio the nickname of DunDunDun!. Or Fabio.
    You decide.

  7. Goodell wants tips on how to get in with the College girls. Where he plans to do the complete opposite of what Ben does.

  8. This is funny, Now answer me this, how can he be in trouble with the powers that be they can throw all the the inuendos they want but , unless he is charged , then how can he be in big trouble.
    Like I said before when did it become illegal for a man to have drinks and talk to women, Dont think it is, and if it is then he would have to suspend most of the players in the NFL.
    And as far as him being in trouble in GA that is still up for debate, This is still an accusation and no charges and almost 3 weeks. Not looking good Florio for you to get to go to GA to give us hourly updates.
    But if he is cleared and I say If, wouldnt want to rile the court of public opinion that done have him tried and convicted, will you report that with the same fervor, I doubt it, but thanks for the laughs and updates.

  9. @ Cbatchel
    Hey Cornwell, Goodell doesn’t want to meet with you he wants to meet with Raperberger. I doubt Goodell actually lets you be in the room.
    That is where you are wrong as his legal representation then he has the right to be in on all conversations with his client and make sure that is in the best interest and handled fairly.

  10. Roger should call him in for a meeting NOW and put the same question to Ben that he asked Vick: did you do it? BEfore waiting for an arrest/indictment, the commissioner should put the heat on Ben to tell the truth – or else. BEn knows that he will have to tel the truth to cop any plea agreement, so he would have to tell Roger the truth as well.

  11. Ben is fully qualified to be a Republican politician. He is probably totally against mental health care.

  12. Evidently, ol’ Ben Ruthlessbanger must be under the mistaken impression that “Goodell” is some fly slim he met in a bar somewhere…

  13. This Trailer Trash Thug will be working for McDonalds by the Fall – he’s done!
    Disgusting piece of garbage and the Trailer Trash that supports the abuse of women.

  14. Finally, Cornwell surfaces. He should have been the one making the first statement instead of letting that job fall to Ben’s agent. I’m sure Cornwell did contact the League when the allegation was made. What I don’t understand is why he didn’t or couldn’t impress upon his client the need to walk a fine line (which would not include reliving his college glory days) at least while the civil suit is pending.
    Since all evidence in Nevada shows McNulty is lying, Ben must have thought the chances of being accused again were comparable to the chances of being hit twice by lightning. But in reality, once McNulty had him roasting on the spit, it became a lot easier for someone else to just toss another log into the flame. If anyone should have been able to make him understand that possibility, it should have been Cornwell.

  15. Vick looked forward to his meeting with Goodell too. Then he lied to his face. History does repeat itself.

  16. C’mon…what else is his lawyer going to say??? What? Roger Goodell wants to meet with my client…NO! Absolutely not!! We are scared he will suspend ben…ask again later….maybe in 7 or 8 years…

  17. Riddle me this? Articles are stating he didn’t buy her drinks and she was underage drinking. Reportedly he bought shots for other girls, why not her? He has the money! Articles are stating she ran and reported to police. She knows she is risking being kicked out of sorority, maybe disgrace at college for drinking but willing to incriminate herself to do the right thing with going to the police? Articles are stating she fell and hurt her head, why didn’t Ben, the gentleman, help her? It has been stated he was “surprised” she reported anything?! I know all this is up in the air and Ben is innocent until proven guilty but what about the accuser and her life now? Huh?!

  18. “The guilty barks louder than the innocent”
    It’s funny that the only lawyer that is in the news is Big Ben’s lawyer.
    That tells me that the accuser’s attorney is confident in the case.
    If Ben’s lawyer had a case, he would not need to speak to the media, since his client has not.

  19. Steeler fan here.
    If Ben held her head down so he could finish over her objections, to me that is rape and if that happened, he assaulted her and should go to jail.

  20. @ BlueEyeDevils,
    The alleged victim’s attorney will likely continue to say nothing, as this is currently a criminal investigation. I’m sure that her attorney will be banging the drum loud enough once the criminal proceedings are over, whichever way they go. The burden of proof in a criminal trial is much more stringent than it is in a civil trial, so even if he is proven innocent or the charges are dropped, he’ll most likely be writing this girl a check.

  21. It look like crap it smell like crap
    Ben is out of Pitt even Looney Skip Rooney the Socialest loving ass will toss old benny to the curb.
    Also Ben remember this young women has a father some place and I am sure he would like to meet you.

  22. @BlueEyeDevils
    You prove your ignorance yet again. Roethlisberger’s lawyer put out this press release in direct response to public comments made by the Commish earlier in the day. If comments towards your client are made public, you issue a public response. Makes sense to me.
    The District Attorney down in GA would have to be an absolute idiot to say ANYTHING about the case until (if) charges are filed. It’s an ongoing investigation, of course the DA’s office isn’t saying anything.
    Stick to your racist tirades, please. At least those are mildly entertaining, even if they too don’t make any sense.

  23. The accuser is in hiding waiting for a big check that will preclude any necessary return to college on her part.
    Everyone keeps mentioning Vick. That’s was a completely different case involving more than one individual who gave evidence against Vick for a lighter sentence. And there was the preponderance of evidence in the Vick case. The whole dog training camp behind his house with all the essentials needed for the crime. But I digress.
    Goodell has no qualms about punishing a player regardless of their value or to what team that player is on. In fact being a part of the Steelers organization may work against Ben. Goodell might want to make an example out of Ben. And Ben’s lawyer sounds like he’s whistling in the dark while passing a graveyard. If Ben’s lawyer is going to be at the meeting, you know it’s serious.

  24. BlueEyeDevils usually makes racist idiotic comments…
    but it may be onto something here…

  25. “If he hasn’t gotten the message this time, he never will.”
    That’s the most concerning thing to me – I don’t think he ever will. All the evidence shows the McNulty chick was lying; all he had to do was keep himself out of trouble and let the Nevada civil suit (that’s right CIVIL suit…no charges ever filed!) play itself out. But no, Ben had to at the least use really bad judgement once again, and at the most commit a crime against a woman.
    If he did it, I hope he fries. If he didn’t, the guy seems to be in some need of some serious counseling.

  26. Ben is in trouble!!! Yes, I’m singing the song. LMAO. Root canal, colonosopy, kidney stone – the guy is falling apart. LMAO LMAO.
    HE’S GOING DOWN and I don’t mean on a w***. If he held her head down, I would have bitten him. Yes guys, I see you cringe from here. However, he would be singing soprano right about now. I wouldn’t have spit it out on the floor either. I would have flushed it so no chance to reconnect. Let’s see if he can grow another, NOT. This would have been worse than jail. LMAO
    Also if he bought her drinks at age 20, he can not use the excuse I thought she was older. A judge would say, stupid, why didn’t you ask since this is a college town?

  27. Deb, thank you for the intelligent post.
    HJC, um….rape is a bit different than what you describe. Actually, a lot different. Get a clue.

  28. BensAttorney,
    You may want to read the collective bargaining agreement before you can say the atty can be there. That agreement supercedes the courts. Check it out.

  29. In a side note my first ever colonoscopy is scheduled for Friday, April 16th.
    In the info they sent me I found out that I am REQUIRED to bring someone with me to drive me home. Even if I say I’m taking a cab home I still have to have somebody accompany me there.
    My strategy is to think of Florio to make it last longer. FTW.

  30. I just read on PFT that the Steelers are interested again in Leftwich. He is with the Bucs right now but they brought him in to take Batch’s place when he busted his collarbone. Interesting that the Steelers are now interested in another QB. The Bucs could cut him this year. The Steelers are going to scoop him up BIG time. 🙂

  31. @GiGi …
    You’re getting too caught up in gossip. Here’s all the Georgia AUTHORITIES have released:
    The woman and her party met Ben and his party while their groups were out clubbing. They continued to hang together from about 11:30 until about 2:00 at different establishments. The woman and her friends approached a police officer sometime after 2. She said she had been “sexually manipulated”–not raped–at the Capital City nightclub by a man at some point identified as Ben Roethlisberger. Police arranged for her to go to the hospital where she was contacted by a detective. Ben and his party were questioned at the nightclub.
    The police have not: said she was running when she approached them; confirmed who bought her drinks (and why does it matter? she chose to drink them); confirmed she suffered a head injury, nor whether Ben helped her. And the only confirmation that the Georgia authorities want to talk to the woman in Nevada has come from Nevada’s attorney.
    In 2010, women do not face GASP! disgrace at college from the discovery that they’ve been drinking. The Nevada woman has sued for $3 million. The Georgia woman has hired a plaintiff’s attorney whose only purpose would be to seek monetary settlement. A multi-million claim could probably offset the despair of being kicked out of her sorority for drinking should that be a concern. But given that the college has confirmed her sorority’s national leaders have ordered local members to remove their Facebook pages and keep mum, it seems they are supporting her. She has returned to school. And unlike Roethlisberger, a public figure who has been shredded by the media, she has never been named. So I’m not sure in what way she has “incriminated” herself.

  32. Reba’s posts when it comes to Roethlisberger are, at the least scary and, at the most rabid. (Inbetween they’re unninformed, nonfactual, and uninteligible). All over the place with “Hang him!” “He did this and a whole lot more!” “Steelers will win with Dixon!’ and now “Steelers will get Leftwich!” Dude can’t find a fact or get it straight if he/she does.
    Now the “Bucs brought Leftwich in to take Batch’s place when he busted his collarbone.” Really? I thought the Bucs never had Batch as a player, but jeez, that must be wrong. I thought the Bucs got Leftwich during the offseason last year, and that he worked himself into being the Bucs starter for them last year – jeez, Reba, I must have my football all screwed up. Thank God I’ve got you to help me get it all straight.
    You’re a skunk-smell on this site – why don’t you just go away?

  33. BuckFigBen says:
    March 22, 2010 8:35 PM
    “I hope Goodell has mace.”
    I hope before they meet that GODdell asks him if he has another TV that needs to be fixed.

  34. @ GiGi
    Re the accuser and her life, I guess figures the millions she is going for would sweeten her life.

  35. @ Deb,
    Thanx for giving me more info about what Georgia authorities have released than I’ve been able to find. It’s nice to hear another voice that isn’t just ready to crucify and throw away someone that has not been charged with a single crime.

  36. Deb:
    Do you seriously feel its “okay” for a 6′-5″, 280 pound man to sexually manipulate a young woman?
    Are you for real?

  37. I think Ben should hire Deb as his attorney…, I have learned more from reading her posts than any article on the web.

  38. NFLMMAfan says:
    March 22, 2010 11:32 PM
    Do you seriously feel its “okay” for a 6′-5″, 280 pound man to sexually manipulate a young woman?”
    As long as it’s not her weight!

  39. This is talking about Culpepper.
    “One place where he possibly could land is Pittsburgh. Mike Tomlin brought him in two years ago, after Charlie Batch busted a collarbone. Byron Leftwich was signed instead. This time around, with Ben Roethlisberger facing possible suspension and the Steelers reportedly interested in Leftwich, Culpepper could become an option if Leftwich isn’t cut by the Bucs.”
    Bite me.

  40. @NFLMMAfan …
    I don’t feel it’s “okay” for a 5’3″ 120 lb. man to sexually assault a woman young or old. Nor did I say anything to indicate I would find that “okay.” I simply stated the accusation that appears in the police incident report.
    Do you have a problem with reading comprehension?
    Incidentally, I have no idea what the accuser is alleging as the term “sexual manipulation” has no meaning for me. Sexual assault, since the police have said this excludes intercourse, could mean anything from digital rape, to oral sex, to rubbing up against someone, to grabbing of breast, buttocks, or crotch. If a man of ANY size forced a female of ANY age to do any of those things, I would want him to go to prison.
    But call me crazy, NFLMMAfan, I would actually need to see some evidence of wrongdoing beyond a woman pointing her finger and saying he did it. And I’m afraid the presence of semen isn’t enough if he’s saying a consensual sex act occurred. I know many many women who have been raped. And I know many many cases of men being wrongly accused of rape. The evidence shows Ben was wrongly accused in Nevada by a woman hoping to extort money. That makes me skeptical of Georgia–especially since she’s already taken steps to go after money. The fact that so many NFL fans hate the Steelers and so many pissed-off Steelers fans are ready to throw Roethlisberger under the bus is not enough to convince me of his guilt.
    If I hear credible evidence that Ben assaulted this woman, I will be a fierce advocate for the maximum penalty. Until then, he is innocent in the eyes of the law and in mine.

  41. @ladybucs@steelersnut …
    No problem. It’s easy to get caught up in all the stuff floating around. Someone reminded me the other day when I was talking about the head injury that it originated with an unnamed source. And my brother pointed out today that the police have never confirmed they wanted to talk to Andrea McNulty. That’s all come from her attorney, who has an agenda to make his client seem more credible. I know in other high-profile cases things have been reported, and everyone’s taken them as gospel. Then when the facts finally emerged, those original reports turned out to be bogus. The initial police incident report doesn’t say anything about a head injury. That doesn’t mean there wasn’t one, but the officer didn’t mention it. Some of the other stuff being reported may be true, but I’m trying to take everything not released by the authorities with a grain of salt.

  42. “Cornwell says Roethlisberger “looks forward” to meeting with Goodell.”
    In New York, Roger Goodell Googles “How to tie a hangman’s knot.”
    In Atlanta, David Cornwell Googles “Chasing ambulances.”

  43. First off, this Reba is obviously a flaming whacko, and her post about what she would do is sick. Recall all of her posts when the Nevada issue came out. She was spewing the exact same venom about Ben, and from what has been reported about that it seems Ben was being taken advantage of by McNulty. Now Reba is on her mission again, again before all the facts are out. Maybe at one point Ben rejected HER???
    In any event, all of this investigation nonsense is going on too long now. It leads me to believe that there is not enough evidence to charge Ben, but they won’t give it up. Maybe somebody has something policical to gain in GA if they can charge him. After all these weeks, they could have watched every inch of video and picture taken and interviewed the entire town. multiple times And yet, nothing is happening.
    Again, I have said time and again Ben made a huge mistake in getting involved with whatever he did there and has to change his behavior immediately and permanently. He also owes the Steelers and fans a major apology. If this results in no charges, I expect the public apology to come immediately, and I expect disciplinary action from the league and the team under his contract. And that will be deserved, even if it is a suspension for a period of time. Then, although his reputation is shredded right now, after a quarter of solid play in the first game he does play in, the fans will begin to rally behind him, and time heals all wounds although he likely will never be the sponsor attraction he once was.
    But come on, either charge him already or admit there is not enough evidence to charge him. Only 2 good answers in the world–yes and no. Maybe is painful to everyone.

  44. ampats says:
    March 23, 2010 7:30 AM
    Maybe you need to start another site called DRT.
    Deb Roethlisberger Talk”
    I could understand your venom if she was cluttering up a non-Ben related story, but in this thread not so much. Why do you care?

  45. WOW,
    There are , how many comment’s on this post?? Of the 52 comments, there are maybe 3-5 that actually make any sort of sense…. I would sure hate to be on trial for anything these days. You all have Ben wearing striped orange P.J.’s already, and nothing has been charged yet!
    Comments such as , is it really fair for a 250 lb man to have mutual sex with a women of her size?????? Lock him up people, because he is a Big man…..
    I am 6’3″ 225, have pumped tons of women full of milk, so lock me up too??????????
    You people are retarded…..I sure hope you are not the bright people we change my oil, or stocky the groceries @ Cub foods…. I serioulsly want to smack most of you!!!!

  46. Yeah, talk about me all you want. Yada, yada, yada and actually the attention’s not bad. LOL. Focus on the problem and that is Ben Roethlisberger. How I say something is not as important as what the message is.
    When you have dealt with something like this personally, then you would have venom too and the type is Black Mamba style venom.

  47. @Ravenmaniac …
    Appreciate the positive comments from you guys, but I’m definitely not qualified to be anyone’s attorney 🙂

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