Kraft says Tom Brady will be a Patriot beyond 2010

Patriots quarterback Tom Brady is entering the final year of his contract.  Patriots owner Robert Kraft, who previously has deferred commentary on Brady’s status, told a throng of Boston-area media on Monday in Orlando that Brady will be the team’s quarterback beyond the coming season.

Evidence of Kraft’s comments is popping up on various Twitter accounts of folks like Tom Curran, Albert Breer, Ian Rapoport, Mike Reiss and others who likely will be miffed that they didn’t get an express mention.

Curran’s tweet adds that Kraft said he’d prefer that “Boom-Boom” Brady be working out with teammates in Foxborough, but that Kraft “understands constraints.”

Though the future of the franchise tag is in doubt given the looming
expiration of the labor agreement (more on that coming later today),
it’s likely that the rules that will apply as of March 2011 will
continue to allow teams to squat on one unrestricted free agent per
year, in exchange for a high-end salary.  Thus, Kraft and the Pats most likely will be able to keep Brady even if a new long-term deal isn’t negotiated before the expiration of the current deal.

28 responses to “Kraft says Tom Brady will be a Patriot beyond 2010

  1. Didn’t Kraft get the memo that veteran qb’s don’t need to practice or train with their team?

  2. Thank you Kraft for saying you would prefer TB was at workouts with his teammates. So would a majority of us Pats fans.

  3. The guy is trying to spend some time with his son…Lighten up, huh? He ain’t in LA to learn how to box! He’s at least training! Unbelievable!

  4. Jamarcus Russell’s work ethic is better than Tom Brady’s right about now. Brady’s spending too much time in the hot tub with Matt Leinart and Nick Lachey.

  5. tom brady can walk up to kraft and sucker punch him and he would still be the pats QB for the next 4-5 years

  6. kennethnoisewater says:
    March 22, 2010 9:34 AM
    Jamarcus Russell’s work ethic is better than Tom Brady’s right about now. Brady’s spending too much time in the hot tub with Matt Leinart and Nick Lachey.
    Comment of the day and I am a huge PATS fan.

  7. hate the patriots,but for: kennethnoisewater
    to even mention brady and jamrcus bustell,in the samme sentence without an apology is completely crazy,im pretty sure everybody knows that you can miss a couple ota’s once you have been with a team for 10 years and win not 1 not 2,but 3 superbowl rings,has that fat tub of gue ever thrown more tds than int in a game,his work ethic is shit,he still needs to lose 50 lbs before he can start working on being a better qb[that is what they pay him for,right?!?!],,with that,i think brady knows what he has to do to get ready for a season

  8. Kenneth, Tom Brady works more in one week than JaMarcus has worked in his life. You are an idiot. For the sake of humanity, please refrain from procreating.

  9. Tom can’t do anything right, can he? He is working out and spending time with his older son. It is in his custody agreement that he must be in California during the offseason if he wants to be with the kid.
    People bash him and say he doesn’t spend enough time with the kid, now he is spending too much time with him?
    And for all those who called him fat in the boxing pictures, i think he had a flak jacket on. Remember the broken ribs?

  10. kennethnoisewater says:
    March 22, 2010 9:34 AM
    Jamarcus Russell’s work ethic is better than Tom Brady’s right about now. Brady’s spending too much time in the hot tub with Matt Leinart and Nick Lachey.
    Ahhhhhhhhhh I love the voice of the truely uninformed. I guess you were not aware of the fact that Tom Brady was in Foxboro for most of the winter working out at Gillette Staidium every day. Yeah…didn’t think you did. But keep showing your ignorance.

  11. You would have to think they would resign him before having to resort to a franchise tag. If they tagged him, teams would be lining up to give up two 1sts for Tom Brady with an un-matchable poison pill contract. Even if the franchise tag does go away and the new system still allows teams to go after these protected players, Patriots won’t have a chance.

  12. I’m not worried about Tom Brady catching lethargy addiction. He has earned some time with his family. He is recovering from injuries too. He’ll be ready for the season.

  13. It seems like more and more NFL players with hot wives are taking up boxing.
    I wonder if that has anything do to with Ben Roethlisberger

  14. Did anyone really think they weren’t going to sign him??? I’m never one to complain about PFT posting “non-stories”, but this is like saying “Report: Chris Johnson can’t read”

  15. Robert Kraft also said he fully expects Brady to be back in Foxbourogh with the team by this Wensday. To bad I had to go elsewhere to get the WHOLE story. This site continues to go WAY DOWN HILL. Pretty sure someday Florio will think back, “man I use to have it all and blew it.”

  16. The Pats owe Brady big cash. Brady has played the team game on salary for years now. He’s won three rings and gets paid way less than guys who haven’t even sniffed one. With the cap out the window right now, the Pats ought to pay up.

  17. A source close to Brady laid out the Patriots quarterback’s recent workout regimen: He’ll do two hours in a gym at 7 a.m., then two hours of boxing every afternoon while his son is napping. The source also said Brady is in great shape and is at times joined by teammate Wes Welker, who had offseason knee surgery, and former teammate Matt Cassel.
    What’s the BFD?

  18. Hey, kennethnoisewater:
    Procreate: The college that sends the most players into the NFL.
    C’mon. Really? JaMarcus Russell and work ethic in the same sentence? Russell only has work ethic at the buffet line.
    As far as Brady in the hot tub, Russell became the # 1 pick because he could show that he could throw from his knees.

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