Rosenhaus says he's talking to three teams about T.O.

When free agency launched on March 5, only two teams (presumably the Ravens and Bengals) showed an immediate interest in receiver Terrell Owens.  After Baltimore traded for Anquan Boldin and Cincy signed Antonio Bryant, the market apparently dried up.

But maybe it didn’t.

Per Jason La Canfora of NFL Network, agent Drew Rosenhaus says he’s in “active discussions” with three teams regarding Owens, that there’s “no set number” for a contract, and that a deal might not be done until the eve of training camp.

In our view, interest in T.O. probably is tied to the outcome of the draft and/or the availability of Broncos receiver Brandon Marshall.  If the Seahawks, for example, don’t get Marshall, they may want Owens.  And if the Broncos move Marshall, T.O. could be an option.

We also wouldn’t rule out the Redskins, for the right price.  Four years ago, it was then-Denver coach Mike Shanahan who first kicked T.O.’s tires.  But Shanahan wanted a bargain; Owens held out for — and got — a three-year, $25 million contract from the Cowboys.

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  1. You can’t beleive anything that comes out of Rosenhaus’ mouth. He lies more then farve does.

  2. (That means he is at Starbucks, and his cousin is to give him a call every 45 minutes or so.)

  3. Raiders are waiting! Help develop Murphy and DHB. Install the work ethic and preparation. Cannot deny TO that…

  4. Stupid Cincinnati front office.. T.O. Shouldn’t even be on the market right now…

  5. can’t believe anything that comes out of florio’s mouth. Denver doesn’t want to pay brandon marshall (26 or 27 years old) the money he wants but they want to bring in TO (55 years old) and pay him. ha ha. Florio is dumb.

  6. T.O. still plays football?? Oh yeah, that’s what they were attempting to play in Buffalo last year

  7. T.O to the Browns, I’d love it! Cincy is going to regret passing on Owens for Bryant.

  8. The only slack I’ll give rosenhaus on this one is that he said “there is a team that is interested” when that loser owens was booted from Dallas. What do you know, soon after he was signed by Buffalo. It was then that I said this guys career is over. I don’t know who the three teams are, but they must be missing a whining, crying, me, me, me player. Oh, wait, are we talking about the NFL?

  9. hey Florio i bet u’d enjoy it if TO would sign with the Vikings wouldn’t u

  10. Do you have any idea how much cash TO alone has made this dork? This is what…his 19th contract???
    Drew is going to cry when Owens finally retires at age 42.

  11. shadowman1433:
    Man, you love you some Favre huh?? If he gave you a hug would you feel better??

  12. thats odd.. I’m talking to 3 teams right now too and I’m asking for 5.1 million per season also

  13. Rosenhaus is a lying dog.
    He said the same thing last year right before Me-O wound up with Buffalo, because no one else wanted him then.

  14. As much as I cant stand TO, I cant believe Chicago hasnt actively pursued this guy. With that debacle of a trade they made for Cutler, they virtually have nothing to work with in this draft and last… and now especially with the signing of Peppers they’ve shown that want to win NOW.
    TO just wants a QB that will chuck it down field and Cutler is that man. Lineup TO and Aromashodu on the outside, split up Knox & Bennett in the slot (Hester can go back to returning kicks)… and I think CHI would have something.

  15. It would be easier to figure out which teams, if there are any actually asking about his services, by narrowing down where he definitely won’t go. Of the 32 squads, you can rule out Buffalo, Dallas Philly and San Fran for obvious reasons. That leaves 28.
    At this point in his career, he might only sign with a squad that has a legitimate shot at winning the Super Bowl, so we can rule out most teams that had dismal records last year and no real hope this year. Gone are Oakland, Jacksonville, St. Louis, Tampa Bay, Cleveland, Kansas City, Seattle, Carolina, Detroit and Washington. Now we’re left with 18.
    You could also nix the idea of T.O. going to a franchise without an established QB. All that’s left are the Giants, Jets, Pats, Steelers, Ravens, Packers, Vikings, Saints, Texans, Chargers, Bears, Broncos, Bengals and Dolphins. Of those, only a few would actually sign another WR. T.O.’s next suitor is somewhere in there.

  16. Did La Canfora happen to mention whether Rosenhaus is conducting these disscussions over the phone or made the trip to Canada?

  17. Inside sources revealed the team in question: The Florida Tusker, Las Vegas Locomotives, and Boise Burn!
    Hey Rosen-douche…I am coming for you, sucka….not much longer before i start poaching your clients. Noone wants to sign with satan. Every player you have will ditch that zero and get with the hero!

  18. Three teams huh ?
    Ring ring
    GM#1 – “Hello”
    Rosenslime – “Hey GM #1, I’ve got TO available and all he wants is 5 mil a year”
    Ring ring
    GM #2 – “Hello”
    Rosenslime – “Hello GM #2, I wanted to call you about TO and let you know he’d love to pay for you and all he wants is 5 mil a year”
    Ring ring
    GM#3 – “Hello”
    Rosenslime – “Hi GM #3, just calling about TO. He’d absolutely LOVE to play for you this year and its a mere 5 mil a”
    Yeah, active talks indeed.

  19. EdgarSnyder says:
    March 22, 2010 7:46 PM
    notice how he didnt say NFL teams.
    just saying….
    That’s what I was thinking. Florida Tuskers, California Redwoods, Las Vegas Whatever-the-Hell-They’re-Calleds…

  20. I’d like T.O. to come to Pittsburgh, but we all know that won’t happen. So I could see him going to St. Louis or Giants who are having problems get the ball in the endzone and T.O would help either team with that. I’d like to see him go to the Texans cause he might help them finally get to the playoffs.

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