Seahawks likely won't host Monday night game in Week One

We’ve been trying to predict the teams that will participate in the prime-time games to be played in Week One of the 2010 regular season.  The weekend typically ends with a Monday night twin-bill, and the second game usually features division rivals from the AFC or NFC West.

Last night, we suggested the Seahawks, led by former USC coach Pete Carroll, hosting the Cardinals, quarterbacks (presumably) by former USC signal-caller Matt Leinart.  But there’s a flaw in that hypothesis.  As a reader points out, the Seattle Mariners host the Boston Red Sox that night.

So why not play the game in Arizona?

There’s our current prediction:  Seahawks at Cardinals.  With Arizona possibly poised to disintegrate in 2010, it makes sense to showcase them early, before the wheels come off.

Which might explain why the Raiders often end up hosting the second game of the Monday night double-dip.

26 responses to “Seahawks likely won't host Monday night game in Week One

  1. As an AZ season ticket holder…sign me up for this one.
    Seattle sucks and we can again show our domination over the NFC West!

  2. I completely agree with his one. But Cardinals and Rams might also be a good match-up. And they can both celebrate Kurt Warner in whatever way they see fit.

  3. Yeah………Seahawks vs. Cardinals……….A bonafide ratings bonanze…..Every married woman in America will suddenly ask herself……Why the hell is he in the mood whem MNF is on?

  4. Who really cares?
    I can think of alot better things to discuss than trying to guess who will play opening weekend.

  5. The A’s play on Sunday, so the Raiders will either have to be on the road for Week One or play on MNF.

  6. The league should schedule over the MLB schedule and put them in their place. BASEBALL SUCKS.

  7. Correction: The A’s play Sunday AND Monday, both at 4:05pm (ET). Therefore, count on the Raiders being away in Week One.

  8. Honestly, I think I speak for the rest of the fans that a Warnerless Cardinal team whos talent has been almost completely removed this offseason against an anemic Seattle team, would make for one of least exciting and least anticipated games ever.

  9. Raiders deserve 0 prime time games until they show they can compete at the NFL level consistently and without the circus.

  10. Dominance? What dominance? You guys won the West two years in a row after decades of mediocrity and just lost Warner, Boldin, Dansby, and Rolle off this year’s squad. Better yet, I guarantee you just recently became a season ticket holder. Freaking bandwagon Cardinals fans.

  11. I told you. It’s going to be San Francisco or Oakland. GUARANTEED. This game helps out with scheduling for the Bay Area television market, which runs into scheduling trouble if they both get a home game the same weekend.

  12. AZ Red Bird open your eyes!!
    Not only will the Seahawks kick your Cardinals A–, You no longer have a QB that can beat us!! Only way you guys will win is if DA is the starting QB and long-bombing it to Fitzgerald all day!!
    NFC WEST will finish like this!!

  13. It’s the AFC and NFC West who cares?
    Bad enough we have to have the jets in the early game
    How about Denver and the Whine and chesse crowd from SD.
    Any rerun will do vs what the first monday night games are going to be.

  14. No. I can pretty much guarantee you two things: First, the game will not be Seahawks-Cardinals. Second, it will almost definitely feature someone (probably the Seahawks) playing the 49ers at Candlestick.
    Thus far, every week 1 Monday Night doubleheader has featured a Bay Area team, since the Raiders and 49ers are never scheduled at the same time and a 10am local kickoff is out of the question.
    Work with me here, and do the math for 2010. Raiders and 49ers have 16 home games total between them, 16 on the road. Of those 16 road games between the 49ers and Raiders, Oakland has 4 games which can be played in the 1pm Eastern window, SF has 5. The other 6 games are made up by scheduling unwatchable games featuring the Raiders and/or 49ers in primetime, especially during the week 1 NNF doubleheader, the same reason the Raiders featured on Thanksgiving last year instead of San Diego. Captive audience. People are going to watch regardless.
    The fact that an insider such as yourself isn’t clued into these things that come up every…single…year is puzzling. Thank me tomorrow when it’s announced that the 49ers will be featured.

  15. Seahag and forty-hiner fans, it is sad that Lienart is still the best QB in the NFC West! Losing Rolle is no big loss, he quit on plays. dansby never made a pro bowl and Kerry Rhodes is much better than toilet rolle and Porter will talk so much crap to Willis he will get him kicked out in pre game warmups and Craptree will eb afraid to go over the middle! Put Cards-seachickens on so everyone can see Petey Carrol cry when he is getting his ass beat down!

  16. (hayward giablommi )
    I hope you right my man. 49ers will start the season off with a W. rather its on prime time tv, or a black out.

  17. first of all…flo’s cards hate continues…to the rest of the cardinal haters…face it the chickens and the whiners are too be considered nothing more than a zit on the collective cards ass…boldin, misses 4 games a year and breaston and doucett will easily make the move up the depth chart…dansby not only takes plays off, he took games off…porter will fill in just fine…rolle, drafted has a cb, bottomed out and moved to s, burned numerous times…rhodes is an upgrade…warner is warner…leinart will manage the game…and I guess that weak NFC West is the reason the Cards have a 4-2 record in the last two tourneys, only falling to the last two Super Bowl winners…so dig this, 3 time NFC West Champion Arizona Cardinals…

  18. Now, there’s something to look forward to – Cardinals vs. Seahawks on MNF! What do we call it – the super bowl losers consolation bowl?
    The fans of these 2 major loser organizations could have a whining contest at halftime. That should be enjoyable for all NFL fans to tune in!
    Cardinals fans: “There were 15 illegal blocks on Harrison’s return that should have been flaffed.”
    Seahawks fans: “The refs were definitely handing the game to the Rooney’s”.
    Etc, etc.
    What a bunch of losers. With these 2 franchises, it’s always somebody else’s fault – the refs, the weatherman, …. Why not just admit that the better team won?
    I’d rather get a root canal than watch that game!

  19. Joey Porter in a new Jersey looking to prove himself on Monday Night…..sign me up! All the haters of the Cardinals are gonna be pissed when they make another run in the playoffs this year! And Va Steel calm down…..I’d rather have an unproven Matt Leinart then a rapist at QB!

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