Sims returns to the 49ers

Yet another free agent the Redskins looked at will be landing elsewhere.

Tackle Barry Sims chose to return to the 49ers on a one-year contract, according to Matt Barrows of the Sacramento Bee and Adam Schefter of ESPN.  The deal is worth up to $2.1 million with incentives.

Sims should remain a quality No. 3 “swing” tackle for the 49ers.

(And for the record, we don’t mind Washington’s new approach. We’re surprised more teams don’t do extensive tire-kicking.)

11 responses to “Sims returns to the 49ers

  1. Ok, so what’s the over/under that Danny Boy Snyder has the shakes right about now after not stroking his favorite appendage, his check book?

  2. For a split second, I was positive that said, “Tackleberry Sims” and I started having Police Academy flashbacks.

  3. Tackleberry WOW….That was awesome
    Anyway looks like Simms and Pitts will end up signing even without a GM. I just can’t figure out if this is a good thing for the 49ers.
    I will guarentee you one thing, in a few years, everyone will see that the 49ers are much better off without McCloughan and his attitude.
    Why is no one reporting what is going on in SF right now? How McCloughan was basically not showing up to work in order to force the 49ers to fire him because Singeltary and the scouts were telling him he can’t make draft picks this year based on his gut rather then following the draft board (Kentwan Balmer)? Or because he can’t just sign people like Brandon Jones because he fits your weight and height requirements even though no one else in the orginization wants him. Maybe you will all jump on the bandwagon once the 49ers start to let some of this stuff out after tonight. But my guess is they will take the high road.

  4. JSpicoli- “Didnt the Redskins win the Superbowl last year.”
    Was that supposed to be funny?

  5. Oh great.
    Let’s hear it for another round of “False Start #65” echoing through the stadium.
    At least he’s across the bay in another stadium now.
    Good riddance.

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