Twitter page might have prompted Chargers to clip Byrd's wings

So why did the Chargers cut receiver Demetrius Byrd?  We assumed it had a lot to do with his recovery, or lack thereof, from last year’s auto accident.

But then a reader sent a link to Byrd’s Twitter page.

Here’s one of the entries:  Hey twitt fam is it gay to like justin bieber?  Cuz
I’m not gay but I’m feelin dat baby sng dat shit rockin right now on my
cd also

It was made earlier today.  The same day the Chargers cut him.

Given that San Diego fined former cornerback Antonio Cromartie for complaining via Twitter regarding training camp cuisine, it wouldn’t surprise us to learn that, once the Chargers say the Justin Bieber tweet, they decided that it was time to move on.

33 responses to “Twitter page might have prompted Chargers to clip Byrd's wings

  1. To answer his question, no, it is not gay to like Justin Bieber’s music.

  2. Maybe it was less the comment itself but the fact that Byrd apparently speaks in a strange patois that seems to include elements of the English language yet is distinctly unique?

  3. Florio, are you suggesting they did in fact cut him because it is gay to like justin bieber?

  4. yes. yes, it is gay to like Justin Bieber. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. Except the liking Justin Bieber part.

  5. There was a lot of stuff on his tweets far worse than that…… I’m surprised he wasn’t let go sooner.

  6. Why do people think everyone else cares about their every thought? Did he really need to “tweet” that? Absurd.

  7. Yeah. That’s the problem.
    They cut him because he likes Justin Beiber.
    Dave Wannstedt used to cut people who hated Queen. True story.

  8. It’s not gay to like Justin Bieber’s music… if you’re a 12 year old girl.
    My daughter listens to his “music” almost non-stop. Buying her the album is probably one of the biggest mistakes of my life.

  9. I sure hope that’s why they cut him, because it would be pretty hilarious to see him go somewhere that’s not so self-righteous and destroy them.

  10. I’m sure that if Phillip Rivers said the same thing, he wouldn’t have been cut. Obviously the kid isn’t that important to the ‘bolts.

  11. Byrd over time has said alot more stupid things than that. Not too long ago he was posting pictures of naked chicks and talking about oral sex while talking that ghetto mumbo jumbo.
    Twitter isnt a smart thing to be on a lot when your an idiot. Shaun Phillips should take note, …though he is just making nonsense, out of left field posts as opposed to ignorant ones.

  12. Never heard of Justin Bieber, and am barely familiar with Demitrius Byrd. Obla-di, obla-da life goes on, brah.

  13. Okay, so how would this work?
    Some Barney Fife guy gets paid to watch the internet all day and then goes running down the hallway… “I got one! I got one! He said “gay” on twitter! I got one!”

  14. I go to LSU and have interviewed D-Byrd many times for my sports reporting job…he’s not a bad person like they are making him out to be. Who do you think actually follows the twitter page of an 8th string wideout on the unable to perform list anyway? He got cut because the Chargers are paying him to just sit around (kind of like JaMarcus Russell on the Raiders lol). He’s not worth what they were paying him. He’ll end up on some team as a training camp body…

  15. i doubt they cut him for saying the word ‘gay’
    they probably cut him for liking justin beiber though
    good cut chargers

  16. “Is it gay neither to know nor care what a Justin Bieber is?”
    No, but it’s gay to pretend like you didn’t Google it…

  17. Another stellar draft pick by AJ Smith. Nice waste of a sympathy pick when you run a franchise that can’t afford in any round to make sympathy selections. Moron.

  18. Hey D-Byrd, its all good. Seriously i wish you a good recovery and success where ever you end up playing at.
    Im just saying Twitter isnt the smartest avenue for players to be using when you want to say certain things or post certain pictures. Seems more players are getting in trouble that way but i doubt saying that about who ever Bieber is was what got them to release you.
    And yes i agree, the Raiders are wasting money on Russell. He just dont want to work to be one of the good QB’s in this league but as a Raider hater i like it that they drafted another bust. Thast experiment should be over.

  19. Does this guy speak english? Seriously, I had to read that “tweet” three times just to figure out what this moron was talking about.

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