We know how Scott Pioli feels about drafting safeties early

Eric Berry is likely the most highly touted safety since Sean Taylor.

But there remains a healthy debate about the value of the position and whether any safety is worth taking in the top 5-10 picks. SI’s Peter King got some telling quotes from Falcons G.M. Thomas Dimitroff on the subject in an especially info-packed MMQB.

“It’s been on my mind a lot lately,” Dimitroff said, “I realize I’m speaking out of both sides of my mouth here, but Berry’s a really good player . . . You want the good hitter with hip movement, able to turn and run, but then reality sets in.”

We’ve got Berry going
to Cleveland
in our latest mock, but many have him pegged to the Chiefs at number five.  Including Dimitroff:

“I was talking to Scott Pioli about Berry, and I said, ‘Scott, this guy’s your pick.’ And he said, ‘You know how I feel about safeties that early.’ And I understand.”

Pioli’s admission isn’t a surprise and it hardly means the Chiefs won’t take Berry.  But Pioli’s perspective shows how difficult it is for a safety to get taken in the top five.

40 responses to “We know how Scott Pioli feels about drafting safeties early

  1. 49ers will gladly take him at 13. Besides, you all need to grab all those LT’s and DT’s and a few QB’s up there…just pass over Berry.

  2. Lott, Easley, you can take Safeties that early when they are that talented and Berry seems to be.

  3. Good I hope he falls to the Browns, pick up Gibson from the Buckeyes in round 2 and you just got some playmakers on a defense last year that had none (besides Roth later in the year).
    Go Browns

  4. egoli is nuttin’ without his Belichick: 16 losses in ’09 affirming, another 16 to append 2010 his waterloo.
    FIRE egoli & his golf coach hailme – STAT!

  5. Scott Pioli’s drafting expertise beginas and ends with accidentally drafting Tom Brady in the 6th round.
    He has carved out a career in football all because of that one happy accident.

  6. If the Chiefs pass on him and the Brown’s get him the Chiefs might become my second favorite team.

  7. There are probably 5 positions I wouldn’t take in the top 10 before I wouldn’t take a safety. I stud safety can make a ton of difference, just look at the Steelers with and without Polamalu.

  8. Same twenty year old backwards thinking that still believes you need to run the ball and stop the run.
    A safety is more important now than ever, with all of the vertical pass first offense.
    A lot more important than a big fat defensive tackle that will get double teamed out of every play while his terrible defensive line teammates do nothing.

  9. 2002 top five and where Reed fell:
    1. Houston David Carr QB Fresno State
    2. Carolina Julius Peppers DE North Carolina
    3. Detroit Joey Harrington QB Oregon
    4. Buffalo Mike Williams OT Texas
    5. San Diego Quentin Jammer CB Texas
    24. Baltimore Edward Reed S Miami (FLA)
    2003 top five and where Polamalu fell:
    1 Cincinnati Carson Palmer QB USC
    2 Detroit Charles Rogers WR Michigan State
    3 Houston Andre Johnson WR Miami (Fla.)
    4 NY Jets Dewayne Robertson DT Kentucky
    5 Dallas Terence Newman CB Kansas State
    16 Pittsburgh Troy Polamalu SS USC
    I guess Ed Reed or Troy Polamalu wouldn’t be worth a top five pick…OC’s only game plan around them! You take the best player that will help your team. Who cares whether it is 1st overall or 32nd.

  10. And it will be difficult to watch a talent like Berry rot away in KC… kind of like having to watch Calvin Johnson in Detroit.

  11. Im sure Pioli’s really happy his former apprentice went yapping to everybody about this one…

  12. I’m sure Pioli is pleased with his ” buddy” Dimitroff running his pie hole about a confidential conversation they had about the draft.
    having said that, Chiefs go with Derrick Morgan, only way to go, we HAVE to beef up pass rush then anybody can play safety
    keep up good work Pioli

  13. debate over the value of the position?
    Ask the Steelers (Polamalu) the value….
    Ask the Ravens (Reed) the value….
    As the Colts (Sanders) the value….
    Arguably the 3 best safeties in the league and their defenses are VERY different w/o them.
    I think the Cardinals will find out this year just how valuable a safety is w/o Rolle back there.

  14. A good safety can be a game-changer. Only a fool (or someone for whom keeping the salary of a certain position artificially low) would NOT take a guy based on the position he plays. Someone who wants to win will take the best player available and if that’s a safety, you take the safety.

  15. Well, I can only dream the impossible dream of him falling to 32, or at least within trading range.

  16. @Icon… or, should I address Mr. 2.7/attempt…?
    You should definitely try getting back on the meds buddy. Watch the AFCW this year, it will be the Chiefs and Chargers.
    Enjoy DC fella, glad you’re gone.

  17. Habib youre wrong,
    the cheifs are making headway slowly but surely
    trust me
    6 and 10 to 8 and 8 this year and then the playoffs next

  18. gooboy, Derrick Morgan isn’t a good fit for a 3-4 defense.
    My bet is the Chiefs go after Okung if he falls, or Bulaga if not. They need to give Cassell some protection if they want him to pan out

  19. Pioli didn’t realize the luxury he had in Rodney Harrison when he was with the patriots… too bad for the chiefs.

  20. I think kicker, punter, and long snapper are the only positions where you wouldn’t draft a player in the top 10 based on position played.
    I also think the NFL GMs love talking to Peter King this time of year, because he’ll believe anything they tell him and report it as gospel.

  21. Draft Berry, Okung or trade down and get more picks. They can get one of the other 4 safeties that are capable of starting later and pick up some LB’s / OL later……..Maybe draft a NT low in 1st or high in 2nd if trading down. Pick up a WR and a TE and we should be good for rebuild.

  22. I didn’t know the 1st 5 picks of the draft was saved for QB’s, WR’s, RB’s or lineman.
    We should take Berry at 5. It’s the smartest move.

  23. I guess we should ask ourselves what do the Chiefs need more?
    Solid linemen or a once in a generation safety
    Which one will lead to a winning record faster?

  24. Pioli is bluffing. No way my Chiefs don’t take Berry if he is there. He is exactly what our defense needs. We, along with other teams, passed on Polamalu and Reed. Polamalu was drafted with our draft pick, we ended up drafting LJ. We passed on Ed Reed to grab all world bust Ryan Sims. Think we wouldn’t redo that one for a safety? If Berry is the best player there they need to take him. No question.

  25. Peter King does make a good point about the punishment these guys take, about how many games Polamalu, Reed and Sanders have missed. You can’t just discount that possibility when you’re talking millions of guaranteed money in a top 5 pick.

  26. Icon!
    What did we tell you about trying to come up with clever posts. Seriously. You’re not even remotely funny with the “Egoli” thing.
    You probably thought Herm Edwards was an AWESOME coach….and talk about the good old days when Frank Ganz was at KC.

  27. My Chiefs need Jimmy Claussen at #5 for we have no other QB on the roster other than Brodie Croyle… we do have a Steve Fuller, Steve Pelluer, Steve Bono and Elvis Grbac amalgam named mutt ca$$el, but mutt is so bad – 25th ranked in the NFL – Elvis is thinking of making a comeback – the both of them.

  28. Icon may very well be Larry Johnson. The writing is as ignorant as what I have seen come out of Larry (2.7) Johnson’s mouth on television. If thats a Penn State education then theres a REAL problem. I will say this about LJ……because he will work hard when he feels like it I suspect he can be pretty effective for another season or sore. I’ll also say that I’m glad the thug has moved to the East Coast as I would hate to see anymore women
    from the Kansas City area get abused by this penitentiary bound
    reprobate. Heard he bought a $300,000 watch after he got his
    big bonus……..hahahhahahahahah! Is that a fool?
    He’ll go down the hard way….another drunken incident when he body slams a woman or spits in their face if they reject his
    perv advances.

  29. saint33-Mayock doesn’t know everything, tamba Hali would fail that drop back into coverage drill also but it doesnt stop him from being a bad MF…you put Morgan on the other side and then you have two bad MF coming from both sides, OL got a lot better when Jamal charles got into the action, we got a franchise LT in Albert- O’Callahan and the 5th rounder from Mizzou can man the RT position, we need to get to the passer or we aint never getting to the playoffs

  30. @ Icon – I know it’s you. Enjoy your time in DC. Got your last contrcat. Remember your Tweet about not being able to stop your checks??? Maybe we didn’t stop ’em, but we can sure reduce the amount of money your getting. Unfortunetly for you the fans do pay your wages. Whether it be from tickets or from advertisers on TV. Go be a punk somewhere else. We got a real RB here in KC anyways. Did alot more than you can do anymore!

  31. Munze Konza: Lott was not drafted as a safety. He was taken #8 by the 49ers as a corner and didn’t move to safety until about 4-5 years later. Dennis Smith however was also taken the same year (’81) by Denver at #15. Pretty good group of DB’s in one draft class.

  32. ask the jags about taking a safety in the top ten…. i wish we could erase that pick

  33. Leave it up to the Chiefs to pass on Berry, a team that needs help at that spot, Chiefs have become a joke, they can’t draft.

  34. I’m dying for Berry at 7 for my Browns…soundmind, the AFCW will be the Chargers solely bro with no Chiefs to speak of, they’re terrible…Cue the “Browns suck too” comments.

  35. @SayItAintSoFlorio.
    Eric Wright was in there too. Those two Corners helped the Niners D go from 27th to second in the league in one season.

  36. Ha ha, Herms-the-man, surfaces here under the Icon moniker. Dude you’re pathetic, still bitterly hanging on to the loser Peterson/Edwards regime.

  37. I think if your a fan of team with playoff hopes but that team doesnt have a good safety you believe that there’s no problem with drafting 1 that high.
    The Eagles had alot of problems this year but the worst one was safety. Not having a good safety killed the team this year. Who knows how far they could have made it if they had a good player back there.
    If the Eagles had a top 5 pick I would have no problem with them using it on a safety because that might be the 1 position you need to improve to get you over the top.
    You may not think that position is that important until its holding your team back.

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