Wilf doesn't want overtime change, but is keeping an open mind

It’s one of the most important measures in recent memory, potentially.  The proposed rule to modify overtime for the postseason would change dramatically the manner in which ties are resolved in playoff games.  And it apparently has been spurred by the manner in which the Saints advanced to the Super Bowl nearly two months ago.

Earlier tonight, it was reported that the coach of the team who didn’t get a shot at matching or beating that first-drive field goal is on the fence regarding whether the rule should be changed. 

His boss, however, has one leg close to the ground.

Judd Zulgad of the Minneapolis Star Tribune reports that Vikings owner Zygi Wilf currently isn’t in favor of changing the rule.  However, Wilf could reconsider before the vote comes on Wednesday.

In the end, only nine nay votes will kill the proposal.  We wouldn’t be surprised if the measure is tabled until May, as Lions CEO Tom Lewand suggested on Sunday.

10 responses to “Wilf doesn't want overtime change, but is keeping an open mind

  1. they’re still working on counting to 11….. don’t throw to much at those dimwits they’ll be confused for a long time

  2. Who the flip cares what this clown thinks? He is sitting at the NFL Franchise equivalent of “the little kids’ table.” How far up the ass of the hack rag Star Trib have you climbed, Florio?

  3. I’m a Vikings fan and my team was just on the worst end of the current rule. Lose the coin flip, other team gets long phantom PI call on 3rd down, lose the game. It was super lame.
    But honestly I don’t think the rule should be changed to what they are proposing. To me if two teams go 60 minutes and are tied then neither one of them is any more or less deserving of the win. The game is coming down to some luck no matter what. The NFL OT rule is pretty tense and exciting of a finish.
    If they are going to change it, I’d say go to the college system but only start the teams 10 or 15 yards further away. There might be reasons why this wouldn’t work as well in the NFL that I’m not thinking of off hand but the college system is fun to watch. It is almost like a shootout in hockey or something.

  4. No change. Sudden death.
    I know “play defense” apparently won’t be allowed into the discussion. Will “don’t throw a pick on the last drive” be admitted Judge Florio?
    Have we all forgotten Hasselbeck so soon?

  5. They can change all the rules in the world, and the Vikings will still find a way to choke. It’s what they do.

  6. If during the season a game ends in a tie then let it go into the books as a tie. In the playoffs, have them play another 15 min. period.

  7. Even with the OT loss the Vikings are right in not wanting a rule change. Sour grapes isn’t good 4 anyone.
    It’s a bitter pill to swallow when a team gets a first down on a 4th & 1 when they were clearly stopped short followed a couple plays later by a pass interference that was a flat out bad call to pretty much seal the game. Add on blatant late hits and holding on almost every single offensive play. Sad really. That game was decided by bad officiating and that’s what needs to be fixed not the rules.
    It would have been better for everyone if the Saints had returned that idiotic Farve INT into field goal range and end the game in regulation than to have it prolonged into OT & handed to the Saints on a silver platter by the ref’s.
    Why can’t the NFL just admit they need to make a change to the ref’s instead of changing a rule to cover it up.
    Also, if that fat headed idiot Steve Hutchinson called Tails like you are always suppossed to on coin flips then this rule would never even have been up for change.

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