William Joseph returns to the Raiders

As the free-agent market continues to cool off, a veteran player who entered the league as a first-round pick continues to find work, even if only as a reserve.

Defensive tackle William Joseph, a first-round pick in the 2003 draft, has agreed to terms with the Raiders on a one-year deal, per a league source.

Picked by the Giants, Joseph spent five years in New York and the last two in Oakland.  He appeared in six games with no starts in 2009, and eight games with no starts in 2008.

According to the source, Joseph’s one-year contract is for the minimum salary of $755,000.

19 responses to “William Joseph returns to the Raiders

  1. Figured he would come back after Warren was let go…Not going to have much of an impact, but at least it was for the veteran minimum.

  2. That ought to help beef op our already stellar run defense………
    The two biggest mistakes in the last decade, letting Gruden slip away. Second, I’ll go to my grave wondering why Uncle Al never even made a play for Drew Brees. We watched him two times a year since he was drafted, any half wit knew this guy was a player to build a team around.
    When is Al’s son Mark going to grow a pair, and take control. Are you telling me John Herrara is smarter and better equipped?

  3. The Raiders have this weird fascination with other teams 1st round picks almost the same way the Patriots have a chubby for most Raiders released. It doesn’t make sense and it’s annoying when the Raiders release statements to the press saying they have this many first round draft picks on the team. Yet, they’re usually setting new lows for offensive and defensive production year in and year out. Unbelievable.

  4. Atleast we retained someone who is familiar with our complex defense. Now, we don’t have to teach some other monkey how to get blocked and knocked backwards!

  5. @ justin
    Fans like you have this weird fascination with bashing everything Raider, without a thought to reality or that most teams try to do the same things. You are just bred to hate.
    Imagine if The Al had danced around the press box flipping off Pat Bowlen. You’d be having a coronary. Imagine of Ruthlessbanger were a Raider, or Pac Man, or ay other law infringing NFL’er. They are all on other teams, but WE have the rep of being law breaking turds? That is a 30 year old media stereotype that has zero bearing in truth. I read here on PFT how every single turd available is a “natural Raider”, but we never even sniffed at Vick, pacman, Tank or any others.
    That Plunkett thing didn’t really work out well did it?
    It is called trying to get value.

  6. He will serve well as a backup. He was a 1st round pick in 2003 and is playing for the league minimum. Alot of people will want to bash a move like this but hey, every team needs backups and depth so a move like this never hurts

  7. ” oaklandx510 says: March 22, 2010 7:32 PM
    At least we retained someone who is familiar with our complex defense. Now, we don’t have to teach some other monkey how to get blocked and knocked backwards!”
    Post of the month.
    I just wish it wasn’t so true.

  8. this guy is such a waste of money. He is gunna end up just sitting the bench again

  9. The two biggest mistakes in the last decade, letting Gruden slip away.
    Al didn’t let Gruden slip away. He was going to leave either way… Al got as much value for him as they could. And Gruden did sooo much in the time he had in Tampa. He took Dungy’s team to the SB, which he wouldn’t have won if he didn’t know the Raiders playbook, which dumba$$ Calahan didn’t think about changing… and then slowly destroyed that team. The reason Gruden had the success he had while he was here was Al’s decisions to pick up key veterans… Gannon, Garner, Wheatley, Rice, Romanowski, Woodson… all guys at the end of their career that Al brought together to take a shot at winning another bowl. Gruden still gets too much credit for doing nothing except motivating a bunch of guys that didn’t need outside motivation. Because of the past 7 years and how bad they’ve been, people look back at the Gruden years they way conservatives look at the 50’s. Through rose-colored glasses. In truth, Gruden’s conservative playcalling cost the Raiders the most important games… including the Snow job game. If he has the cojones to go for it on 4th and 1, Tom Brady never gets to build his legend.

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