Cops have interviewed all of Ben's entourage

Though it’s not known whether authorities in Georgia will charge Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger with sexual assault, the investigation is moving closer to completion.

The folks at TMZ report that all of the folks who were with Roethlisberger on the evening of March 4 have been interviewed.

Of course, one key figure in the investigation has not been interviewed.  Roethlisberger himself.

Though the quarterback’s agent vowed that there would be full cooperation with authorities after the alleged incident occurred, lawyer Ed Garland has not yet made his client available.  We considered last week the possible reasons for the decision not to allow Roethlisberger to be interviewed.  Regardless of whether those reasons or other reasons apply, the fact remains that Roethlisberger has not yet consented to talk to authorities.

Whether he ever does remains to be seen.

51 responses to “Cops have interviewed all of Ben's entourage

  1. What does he have to gain by talking to the authorities? Nothing….he obviously did SOMETHING that he should not have done or else he would be talking…..he’s history.

  2. All this clearly means that he is guilty, is not a star for the Steelers, and will be cut…… or not. Stay tuned to PFT to find out…. Maybe…… or not……. We’ll let you know all the possibilities as they arise, and tell them to you as if they have happened that way.
    FYI Terry Bradshaw has died. And the Steelers clearly let that happen because they did not see him as an important part of the organization. Just look at Mean Joe. They let him live and he has a bad attitude. Just like the Steelers to impose a double standard using standards that I just made up on the site.

  3. @Florio – “the fact remains that Roethlisberger has not yet consented to talk to authorities”
    Go away Ben. Give me Tebow, Dixon and Batch – I’ll like the Steelers chances against the Dog biscuits, the Ben-Gals, and the Rat-Birds.
    I wonder if the Steelers can trade Ben while he’s still worth something? A couple 12-packs of Iron City Light?

  4. Ok everyone with Ben was interviewed but him. Something isn’t right. Notice the people with him who obviously did nothing wrong were quick to speak with police. If a woman accused me of such horrible things that I know I didn’t do I couldn’t give my side of the story to the cops fast enough….

  5. My guess is the last interviewee will be Roethlisberger’s banker. Once he’s been “checked” out, this should wrap up nicely.

  6. It’s real obvious they are building a case against him…he would be an idiot to give them any more ammo!

  7. Easy way to get him to talk to the authorities is to charge him. If they do not have enough evidence to do so then they will probably never get their chance.

  8. hello???????
    this is why i was laughing about your post earlier, will he slip under the rug or be given a swift kick in the rear….hmmmmm…
    money money money, monnnnnnney
    and i love dennis dixon.
    and by the way, this is starting to feel like Tiger. F**^&ing interview already…
    and lastly…did he have any red flags coming out of HS? i mean top ten pick. two super bowls. and hardly anyone knew his name in college

  9. BlueEyedDevil and Big Ben are teaming up in a new sitcom.
    The Rapist and the Racist.
    Check your local listings.

  10. So, basically they have interviewed everyone that has ever visited Georgia or the adjoining states, except for Ben. Well, what the hell would you expect Ben to say? Even if he was guilty, would you expect him to admit it?
    For goodness sakes, the DA has to put this matter to an end. They either have enough evidence to charge him or they don’t.
    Florio, you are on a roll today with this subject. How many morons do you have trolling the internet for anything remotely related to this? I expect to see additional meaningless filler stories at 4:30, 6:15 and 8 pm tonight, so don’t let us down.

  11. Florio says:
    “Though it’s not known whether authorities in Georgia will charge Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger with sexual assault” (I have already tried and convicted him without any factual information.)

  12. Anyone that thinks Big Ben is guilty are totally IDIOTS …and have NO clue how the system works… Let me put it real clear…Do you think there was a reason the feds indicted all the baseball stars under for steroids….and NEVER have indicted a PRO Body Builder… where there is NO doubt they take juice(that’s slang for steroids for all you slow learners) ….it’s ALLL ABOUT MONEY!!!!!

  13. He talked the night of the incident…if the police really wanted to talk to him ,they can charge him n put him on the stand. its simple.. but without any evidence they cant charge him. I wonder if they interviewed her again?? while shes sober??Id like to know why they continue to keep her name private but slam him? is that really fair?
    And OMG how did the Police interview all those men without Florio knowing that very hour???

  14. Why do I have a feeling that you had all of the information on BR at one time, and chose to parcel it out a little at a time in several different articles so you could generate the most hits, because you know us lemming posters will just have the same argument over and over again.
    Well, you manipulative dick head, I think I’ll stay out of it this time.
    Have fun, everybody.

  15. Only a matter of time now before the arrest warrant is issued. I spose this will be a crazy week for Steelers fans.

  16. @ HawgNSonsTV
    There’s no shame in asking for help posting if you’re struggling to put coherent thoughts together, friend.

  17. Did anyone else watch the South Park from last week?
    “Don’t do da gurlz in da public battroomz…”

  18. just tell him that there’s a kegger for an 18 year old’s birthday. he’ll be there with bells on.
    somehow the term “ass bag” just doesn’t cover it.

  19. I wonder who rolled over on Ben and ratted him out? I’m sure he came out of the bathroom bragging like most men do. Tune in to find out! LOL

  20. Boysroll
    Don’t be too happy – saying the Steelers make the Cowboys look good is like saying Joan Rivers makes Jerry Jones’ facelift look good.

  21. Steeler-lady
    There are many steps in the law that attys do before Ben gets to the witness chair. They are called depositions. Since the police have interviewed many people, it would be fair to say there will be many depositions. They may even call people from NV. I’m sure the NV defense atty will be in contact with the prosecution.
    Besides, Ben won’t testify. He would incrimidate himself and most likely would be guilty of perjury anyways and it would be added to the list of broken laws he has commited.

  22. Doesn’t “entourage” mean camp followers or ass kissers, if so they will lie for Big Ben or get the scraps he throws to them cut off.

  23. ItalianArmyGuy – give me Tebow? Come on, I thought you were a Steeler fan. Tebow isn’t gonna make it as a starting QB.

  24. I’m sure there is one guy in that group that’s jealous or Ben crossed him once or twice. Maybe even one would have a conscience.

  25. Bigbluefan
    You would think he would have learned something from the motorcycle accident. His own mom died in a car wreck when he was 8.

  26. Just what is Ben accused of? Weere are the specifics? Sexual assault is a very broad category…is this a rape accusation? Or just a BJ? She could have bitten it off and kept the evidence….

  27. I have to laugh at people saying this means he is guilty
    Some people are really clueless about law and what clients should do when in Ben’s position

  28. It’s not the job of a football agent to promise anything with regard to a criminal investigation … you should know that, Mike.
    And Ben was interviewed by police at the Capital City nightclub immediately after the accusation was made. If he chooses to exercise his right to remain silent from now on, good for him. That’s what he should do.

  29. The agent was probably speaking on behalf of his client. This would mean Ben ok’d what the agent said.
    We’ll see when Ben meets with the Commish if the atty is there or not. That collective bargaining agreement is STRONG and supercedes the courts in many cases. If Ben appears with his atty with the Commish, that’s going to be another nail in the coffin. Although if I was the girl’s atty, I would subpoena Roger him for information. Hmm. Maybe Ben will go and meet with him with his atty present, if possible, and say nothing. Hmm. This meeting will be quite interesting because Roger will ask him point blank as he did Vick, did you do it? “I will exercise my right under the 5th amendment.” LOL Wonder what the Commish will do then? He will meet with Ben at some point because the media, local and otherwise, is not letting this story just go away. Talk radio in Pitt is running with this ball.

  30. Cont..
    If Ben doesn’t answer Roger’s questions to his satisfaction, he can suspend Ben based on the Conduct Policy. It really doesn’t matter then if charges are filed or not.
    This is going to be very interesting. Again, Roger will meet with him. It’s only a matter of time. There are two things here, the bargaining agreement and the justice system. One doesn’t really have anything to do with the other normally. The entire meeting will be of interest to the prosecution because Roger will ask him what happened and ask him if he did it. Ben is an employee of the NFL via the Steelers. He must comply with the company’s policies.

  31. stnmmc
    Nice language – you idiot.
    I don’t hate men. I hate Roethlisberger and I hope he ends up where you suggested.

  32. Hey stmnmmc, your evaluation was dead on, and I won’t dignify the target idiot by naming her, which only seems to stroke her imagined sense of worth.

  33. Pittsburgh Post Gazette, want ad section.
    Able-bodied men and women for outdoor work. Must work well in a team environment. Must be available to start immediately. Sturdy shoes and clothing are required as well as job tools (pitchforks, branch/rag torches, etc.)
    Job objective. Lynch mob.
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  34. WAIT! ! ! ! …… see if he’s guilty….hello, this America……what’s left of it……..if he is, then hang him….if he isn’t, hang the girl……

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