Dolphins may move on from Jason Taylor

We haven’t heard a lot about Jason Taylor in free agency.

That shows he’s not viewed as a priority signing for any team, including the Dolphins.  Coach Tony Sparano didn’t exactly stump for Taylor’s return when asked Tuesday.

“I enjoyed him. I enjoyed having him on my team. I really did. I enjoyed
coaching him,” Sparano said to Miami reporters.

It appears the team will move forward with Cameron Wake and Charlie Anderson as starting outside linebackers, possibly allowing Taylor can finally fill the long-rumored “aging vet that wants a ring” role for the Patriots.

Junior Seau graduated from that, right?

22 responses to “Dolphins may move on from Jason Taylor

  1. Taylor already said he would never play for the enemy
    see u on the next ‘Dancing with the Stars’ reunion
    he’s done

  2. i think his free ageny thing is ruined,that stint in washington prolly left a bad taste in any GMs mouth,i wish the ravens would bring in his vet presence and his skills,but when he wnt to washington,how can anybody trust he is not just in it for a paycheck

  3. Hahaha taylor has way more class than to work for the patsies. Especially since they arent even a guaranteed playoff team anymore. Hes retiring a fin.

  4. “Screw taylor”? Seriously? That’s a little far…
    He’s a great guy, but he’s past his prime. Last year we got some good production out of him, I’d expect slighly less production this year. The problem isn’t he can or can’t play, it’s that he’s on a decline and takes up a roster spot/place on the field for a younger developmental player for the future.
    So no hard feelings, Jason. Maybe consider coaching? I’d love to keep you around in some capacity, just not on the field. 🙂

  5. outside pass rush for two years—comb the rookie for a little—keep titletown hopes alive—patriots aren’t done yet friends—

  6. GOAT you bring the IQ level on the entire board down by about 30 points every time you post. I have yet to see a single thing you’ve said that shows the slightest amount of actual football knowledge.
    You and Oaklandx510 might want to review what Taylor did last year –
    42 tackles, 7 sacks, 3 forced fumbles and an interception, better than many younger players at his position.
    He still has some juice left in his tank and he’ll look mighty good in a Pats uni, hopefully Belichick will sign him.

  7. Wow the Dolphins best player out the door, ha ha ha, Jason Taylor he was good in his day, good luck Taylor & thats all I can say I’m a JETS fan…

  8. I still remember when Jason Taylor was bitching after his Dolphins choked and lost that game to the Saints. He said “man I’m not gonna give them any credit, we made some stupid plays out there today” haha. What a dumbass, of course you did Jason, that’s why you lost. You didn’t have to give the Saints credit then, they ended up winning the Superbowl, and now you’ll be looking for work elsewhere as a backup “looking for a ring”. Maybe you can go on the celebrity apprentice, or celebrity survivor, or celebrity washups.

  9. Taylor will be back with Miami
    but not until after the draft
    last year the plan with taylor was to use him as a pass rush specialist – with the joey porter drama/injury – matt roth affair – taylor was forced to be a 3down player.
    he doesnt have the legs of a young grasshopper anymore, still he got some pretty nice pass rush moves and as mentioned is one of the classiest guys you ll find on the field

  10. I have seen Cam Wake play up here in BC and WOW that guy is a machine. Just give him reps and watch out Overrated Julious Peppers. Cam Wake will turn heads!
    I want to leave with four words

  11. I think the Saints should take a good look at this guy. We could use a D.E. now that Charles mostoverrattedplayerever Grant is gone. That would be a good fit if he doesn’t think he is too pretty to switch to a 4-3. Williams would love a weapon like that in his arsinal.

  12. You dont have to tell me what Jason did last year. Tell that to the people who hire players over in Miami. Getting mad at me cause he got let go. Or atleast wont be brought back.
    Clearly teams are going younger now a days and want to dump old players. He’s a better role model for perfect teeth than he is a NFL player now a days.
    He should stick to what pays him.

  13. Fans aside, Jason has alot of respect for BB and TB! BB sought him out to tell him how great he’s been over his career…
    We also know that Taylor has alot of respect for Brady. He said he’d trade the entire “Fins Draft, for Brady!”
    He very well could wind up in New England!

  14. if taylor don’t play in miami (wait untill the draft is done) he will not be a patriot or jet you can bet on that.

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