Harbaugh gives a backhanded compliment to Frank Walker

Baltimore Ravens coach John Harbaugh said today at the annual league meetings that the team might bring back free agent cornerback Frank Walker.

And he said he knows the fans in Baltimore wouldn’t be too thrilled with the move.

“It’s funny you ask the question and the whole fan base, everybody’s going to be like, ‘Don’t do it,’” Harbaugh said when asked by Jamison Hensley of the Baltimore Sun whether Walker coming back is an option.

Harbaugh acknowledges that the fans have a point: He knows Walker gets burned in coverage sometimes. But Harbaugh adds that Walker isn’t quite as bad as the fans think.

“Frank’s a better player than what people think,” Harbaugh said. “I get as frustrated with Frank as anybody does and Frank knows that. He’ll tell you about it and he’ll laugh about it. Frank has got as much talent as any corner in the league. He’s tough, he’s competitive, he’s a physical guy. He loves to play the game. When he gets carried outside of his technique he struggles just like any corner does. When he stays within himself and plays technique, he plays very well.”

Walker played for the Ravens in 2008 and 2009, starting six games over the last two years. Most people figured he was gone when his contract expired at the end of the 2009 season, but Harbaugh thinks he might be back.

“Right now, I’m not so sure that he’s not the best guy out there,” Harbaugh said. “He knows how we play. He knows how we practice. He knows the expectations. We’ve had him for two years. We’ve been through some moments as we all know. And those moments you kind of grow through those things. Hopefully, he understands now what’s expected of him.”

It’s not exactly a ringing endorsement. But it is an indication that Harbaugh would be willing to bring Walker back.

25 responses to “Harbaugh gives a backhanded compliment to Frank Walker

  1. Please, don’t bring him back.
    I don’t know how we managed to do anything with this guy and Corey Ivy at CB at times last year.
    He makes Jason David look like a shutdown corner

  2. I’m sure all of the Ravens fan-base feels good knowing that Frank Walker can laugh about how he gets habitually burned on big plays.

  3. It doesn’t matter who plays for the Ravens, they officials are going to throw flags on them.
    They would find a way to call roughing the passer ON the passer if he happened to play for the Ravens.

  4. i dont see the backhanded compliment in there at all,its the same thing he has been saying since walker joined the team,i dont think he is that bad,too many “fans” in baltimore have selective memories,all over the radio shows you hear them bitch and moan cause they didnt bring chris mac back,they only remember the good plays made by mccalister,never remembering every single tme he faced a speedy wr,he got burnt[every time],to me walker only commits those penalties to keep from letting them score,he is a good football,he is not a starter,i would challenge anybody to find a better 3rd string db in the league,the only reason why baltimore fans are bitching is cause we overpaid for foxworth[out of necesaty] and washington is always hurt,so the 3rd guy comes in and doesnt do as well,what did they think was gonna happen.. if he wasnt thrust into the starters role,and able to do what he is paid for,i think we would appriciate his talent alot more,that was a very long sentence,sorry

  5. I don’t get it with Harbaugh. You can get rid of Chris McAlister but you would bring back a guy that would burned in every game? Hell he shouldn’t have made the cut before last season. I would get that guy from Florida State what’s his name Pat Robinson then bring this bum back.

  6. when this dude was on the giants he made lots of plays but also lots of stupid penalties

  7. Frank can play, but he commits more obvious bone head PI infractions than you can expect a fan base to accept.
    I would much rather see him out there than Corey Ivy or some of those slappies we had in the past.
    Walker can run with anyone and hit better than most DBs, he just freaks out and grabs or goes for the jam after 5 yards, a lot.

  8. @Vox – and this website would be a much better place if your computer crashed and stayed that way.

  9. Frank The Freak Walker… Loved him as a Giant, but it’s good to know he still plays the way he used to.

  10. I think people may be missing the point with Frank Walker. Frank was in Green Bay during the 2007 season. He was in Green Bay for 1 role and 1 role only……Special Teams.
    Obviously it’s tough to keep guys only for their special teams, but with Frank you have a serviceable 3-4 corner.
    The reasons people HATE Frank in coverage are the same reasons coaches LOVE him on Special Teams. He is very high energy, has an outgoing-exhuberant personality, has (vocal) leadership qualities and really gets the other guys in his huddle JACKED UP! But, he is also a little reckless in everything that he does.
    Whereever he ends up (it will be Baltimore) watch him on ST. I guarantee he will be around the ball one way or another: either the guy in on the play, or the guy coming in late talkin’ trash to guys twice his size-but keeping his guys Jacked Up and potentially throwin’ the other team out of sync a little.
    If you are looking at Frank Walker as a CB FIRST, you are completely missing the point of who he is and why coaches want players like him on their team.

  11. Frank Walker gets a bad rap in Bmore. Walker is physical & tough but he lacks speed. Like Harbs says, we he gets away from his technique he cannot recover. The best & fastest can

  12. It wasn’t just a select number of plays… 198 CBs played last year and Frank Walker was ranked 109th according to profootballfocus.com (and the worst BAL CB… #12 Domonique Foxworth #16 Lardarius Webb, #59 (t) Corey Ivey, #59 (t) Cary Williams, #73 Chris Carr, #82 Fabian Washington). That made Frank Walker the 7th best CB on the Ravens. 7th BEST!!!!
    And when it comes to special teams, where he supposively “excels”… good ‘ol Frank ranked right in at 222 out of 277 that played in at least 5 games on special teams.
    Frank is the definition of a ‘mop’ and has no business on the football field… I would rather play with 10 men on the field than have him on the field playing defense. I have said it before. This goes back to 2008, when teams just flat out threw his way whenever he was in the game. He is a defensive liability, the whole NFL knows it… apparently except for Harbaugh.

  13. Frank Walker’s new nickname should be ‘Backdraft’ the way he gets burned on a regular basis. If I had a penny for every time I found myself cursing Walker for getting burnt, committing stupid PI penalties, or missing tackles last season, I would be a scillionaire. Cut ties with Frankie and draft Kyle Wilson to play with his fellow Boise State defensive backfield alum Chris Carr

  14. Please Harb’s hurry up and sign before someone else does….. ….
    Harbaugh should have just given a backhand….

  15. VoxVeritas says:
    March 23, 2010 4:31 PM
    The NFL would be a better place with John Harbaugh working at Home Depot
    Now THAT is funny!

  16. profootballfocus is a downright joke,those stats are shit,stats in football[by themselves are shit],numbers dont mean anything on their own,i watch football,i know what i see,i dont just depend on stat sheets,dont get my info from internet

  17. Everyone forgets th big plays he has. Forget San diago??? IDE keep him just to play in the red zone where he always does well. And at least 50% of his PI calls stopped the other team from scoring because he had no help. When landry and reed are playing well, no one has a problem with walker because he goes unnoticed, as a corner should. When the third string cb is getting help from the 2nd string safety he’s gonna get burned on any team

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