Holmgren carves out new path

Bill Parcells was Mike Holmgren’s model for his current gig as Browns football czar, but the Big Show is taking it a step further. 

While Parcells visits spring training this week, Holmgren is essentially acting as the Browns’ owner at the annual league meetings.  Randy Lerner isn’t there, so Holmgren represents the team at all the ownership sessions.

“Let me tell you, that stuff is interesting . . . very interesting,”
Holmgren told Tony Grossi of the  Cleveland Plain-Dealer after sitting in on his first owner’s meeting.

Parcells sticks mostly to the football side of things, but Holmgren is immersing himself in everything from scouting to budgets.  He quickly has become all things Browns.

“I can tell you this, there’s been a couple nights where I thought
Parcells had it right,” Holmgren said.

We recommend reading Grossi’s whole article, which describes what is essentially a newly created executive position that isn’t so far from how old school owners like Paul Brown and George Halas would run things.

If Holmgren does it well, we could see other successful retiring coaches follow his path.

37 responses to “Holmgren carves out new path

  1. Well, then let’s hope he does it well. Having football people in these owner meetings could only be good I’d think.

  2. Man oh man I hope that Holmgren does it well. If you count the 3 years the Browns were gone it has been 12 out of 14 seasons that weren’t a winning season. 9-7 in 2002 and 10-6 in 2007. That is it!
    Get it right Holmgren, or you will just be the next man the Lerner family made very rich for failing miserably.
    Go Browns, ALWAYS!

  3. slow down minion… Parcells WINS where ever he goes, Holmgren is going to need to prove himself with what’s onthe field and how it translates to “W”s on Sundays before we can start thinking he’s going to be around long enough to create a process that other teams would want to follow.
    Have you seen anything the Browns do in the last 10 years get copied by another team???

  4. The “Cleveland Holmgrens” does not have quite the same ring to it.
    Paul Brown…..your safe.

  5. sounds alot like the only thing he wont be doing is calling shots from the sideline………for now.

  6. I like it.
    You have a qualified football guy hiring qualified football people to make football decisions.
    Also, Holmgren seems to have business sense to hire the right people on the business side, but he he has the correct blend of business people with football people so there is no interference.

  7. @ross’ssweetminus
    I guess I can understand why you have that opinion because he really hasn’t done anything in the league at all. You must be a shitsburg fan ready to lose rapelisburger and you’re clearly scared! What a pussy!

  8. “Randy Lerner isn’t there”
    And thus continues to maintain his position as one of the singular worst owners in football.
    These meetings have to be considered some of the most vital in many years with the CBA situation, and Lerner doesn’t think its worth his time to go ? He should be booted out of the league.

  9. Most former head coaches either wouldn’t want or wouldn’t be capable of the wide ranging responsibilties Holmgren is taking on. Besides the football background, he seems to posess both the intellect and executive temperament for the job.

  10. Of course Holmgren is carrying out all the duties of the owner. SOMEBODY has to! Right, Randy Lerner?

  11. Holgrem is a fat over-rated walrus. He could only win one championship with Favre in his prime. Cleveland will remain the laughing stock of the league. Maybe Holgrem should seek out Fat boy Rex’s gastric surgeon.

  12. # rayg says: March 23, 2010 9:39 AM
    Meet Al Davis. How’s that working out in Oakland?
    no offense but that was a dumb comment.
    1.) Davis owns the Raiders, Holmgren does not own the Browns
    2.) Davis is not a football guy, Holmgren is a football guy.
    3.) Davis has a history of terrible high draft pics, Holmgren has a history of finding talent late in drafts
    4.) Davis is 1 step away from kicking the bucket, Holmgren is still young and has many years left.
    yeah………….they are the same.

  13. I’m not a Browns fan by any stretch of the imagination but I believe the hiring of Holmgren for the front office was a big step in the right direction.

  14. This is what I admire about Randy Lerner: he is someone who delegates, stays out of the spotlight, and bankrolls the whole thing.
    That’s how he handles Aston Villa too, I’ve noticed.

  15. Having seen Holmgren up close and personal(you can do that in Green Bay) you will find the Browns moving in a forward direction very soon. He took over from Lindy Infante in Green Bay and largely took a horrible team to 9-7 the next year…yes, I know, he was the coach, but he knows how to get it done largely with the personnel already in place.
    Here’s a little known fact: without Mike Holmgren, Brent Gump(formerly known as Brett Favre) would never have achieved what he became. Gump was a strong armed undisciplined loaf when he came to Green Bay. Holmgren’s ego is bigger than Gump’s, thus enabling him to get Gump thinking about playing football.
    If Mangini can transform himself a bit you will see a team that blocks, tackles well, doesn’t make mistakes and controls the clock.
    Good luck to the Browns. Better days are ahead.

  16. This really does say more about Randy Lerner and less about Holmgren. I agree with the poster above who reminds everyone how “absent” in all ways this NFL owner has been since ‘inheriting’ the ownership title from the late, great Al Lerner. Randy Lerner’s not being present when there is so much stratagy to discuss by the owners at THIS VERY MEETING, really does show just how little he “wants to be the Browns owner.” Oh, I have no doubt how much he wants to bring the city a championship…but by his not being present (and yes, I will be curious to hear the excue/reason for him not being there, what, is there some soccer playoffs going on over in the UK??) he can’t even hide the fact “his ideas and opinions” are either non-existant or not worthy of even sharing with the other owners. Holmgren is NOT participating in these meetings, folks, he’s simply attending them so the team is represented and hears what the commish and other owners are thinking/feeling/planning.
    Lerner is a waste. The Browns and their fans deserve a great owner like the Rooney’s or Kraft.
    (And yes, I am a life-long, die hard Browns fan. )

  17. @ Atlanta Love:
    Wow, an intelligent comment on these boards…..nice to see every once in a while.
    I agree…..Holmgren is a big step in the right direction. The leadership in Cleveland, since their return in ’99, has been a complete abortion.

  18. Netdawg says” Have you seen anything the Browns do in the last 10 years get copied by another team?”
    I’m always impressed with people who use a rear view mirror as a navigation device.

  19. “2.) Davis is not a football guy, Holmgren is a football guy.”
    Allow me to beat the thousands of Raiders fans who are ready to jump on this: Al Davis is, most assuredly, a football guy. I’ll let them spell out his career path from assistant coach to owner.
    He may be a decrepit walking corpse now, but he is one of the most important figures in the history of professional football.

  20. @steelcarrot…
    I wouldn’t concern myself with Holmgren and the Browns if I were you. You’ve got to worry about Dennis Dixon and that sorry-assed offense in Pittsburgh.
    And a rape trial.

  21. One can’t help but laugh to see the fear posts by Pisspuke fans. You people are seriously pathetic.
    Holmgren is transitioning into a combo role of both business and football ops. Heckert will control the football side of things with Holmgren there to oversee and Haskell there for DaBoll to bounce ideas off of. He will be there for Coach Mangini as well for anything business or offense. Ryan, Mangini, and Heckert will control the defensive side of things.
    To this date, a very good working group and support system has been built for the Browns. I am currently happy with the set up, happy with the current offseason transactions, and excited to see the execution of the 12 picks (so far). I also look for the Browns to make a move on a veteran Wide Receiver very soon!

  22. So he couldn’t cut it as a GM in Seattle but now is considered a possible genius owner. What does that say about the Browns.

  23. @ trimitdan – No,that cancer called RossSweatAss is a Packer fan. One of their true pukes. He is just mad because anyone who aspires to be someone(Holmgren,Favre,Longwell,Sharper,Kampmann) gets the hell out of GreenBay and never looks back!

  24. I wouldn’t concern myself with Holmgren and the Browns if I were you. You’ve got to worry about Dennis Dixon and that sorry-assed offense in Pittsburgh.
    And a rape trial.
    You’d cut your balls off and eat em’ to have the Steelers sorrry ass offense. They’ll still win 5x as many games as the clowns even if Dixon is starting. 10-6. By the way, when was the last time your team won a playoff game let alone a championship. You sorry chump!!

  25. Hey Shart Stain (Pervy Harvin)
    Your correct i am a GB fan. GB fans know the walrus well. He made his name under Ron Wolf. When he tried Ron Wolf’s job in Seatle he failed. The guys a good play caller. Won’t call him a great coach. He’s a pretty good at being a head case. HE GOT WAY TO MUCH CONTROL IN CLEVELAND. This won’t work period!
    Another thing stick to the queen posts you clown!

  26. @ RossDumbass- I roam any and all team threads at my leisure. Dude, that shart stain thing is a direct reflection of your creative failure and stupidity. Go play in traffic.

  27. Pervy Harvin says:
    March 23, 2010 11:47 AM
    @ trimitdan – No,that cancer called RossSweatAss is a Packer fan. One of their true pukes. He is just mad because anyone who aspires to be someone(Holmgren,Favre,Longwell,Sharper,Kampmann) gets the hell out of GreenBay and never looks back
    Pervy–How’d we end up on a Brown’s thread? LOL
    You got it all wrong buddy–those guys all made their names IN Green Bay–just think of the Dynasty that could have been had they all stayed. Holmgren blew it when he thought he could be GM/HC. Didn’t work out to well in Seattle & if he would have just been patient he would have gotten his chance at it. I think the situation in CLeveland might be a little different though. We’ll see.
    Make’s me sick to think of how many SB’s Green Bay could have possibly been in contention for if only Holmgren could have checked his ego.

  28. Why are some of you so surprised and pissed that Randy Lerner blows off these meetings? Would you rather have a meddling, attention-hog owner like Dan Snyder or Jerry Jones, or a certifiably insane one like Al Davis?
    Relax, people. Randy knew he wanted to “chill,” collect his revenues, and tend to his other interests and endeavors. So, he found a guy to take the reigns and do the dirty work. If you could sit back and watch as other people make you money, you’d do it too.
    My only beef is that it took him too many years to figure it out.

  29. Hugified Wang says: March 23, 2010 9:21 AM
    “Somebody tell Cleveland that brown is the color of poop.”
    Unless you eat Trix cereal for breakfast.

  30. Before Holgren was hired the Plain Dealer was already reporting that Lerner needed to find a guy to do all the “face of the Browns” meetings and press conferences. So this shouldnt come as a shock to any actual Browns fan. I don’t live in Cleveland but I am a Browns fan….www.cleveland.com/browns . You should check it if you are going to post like you actually know anything about the Browns.

  31. At least Randy has his ego in check and enough sense to realize that just because he can afford (or inherit) a football team, doesn’t make him a Paul Brown.
    After 10 years of fumbling around, the Browns finally have professional people running the organization…just like any other business venture.
    It will take several years to “right the ship” but it will get done.

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